Mother of Transgendered Serial Litigant Jonathan Yaniv Tries to Assault Reporter Sheila Gunn-Reid

I received a very credible tip that Jonathan Yaniv was going to be in court yesterday for something we couldn’t find out about — despite hiring lawyers to hunt down why!

It turns out that this vexatious and violent transgendered “activist” was supposed to be in court for some special unknown reason… I just had to check it out.

So, I hopped on a pre-dawn flight to Vancouver, hired two security guards and headed to the courthouse.

I had to be careful. Yaniv has a history of violence and has already viciously assaulted two of my colleagues, David Menzies and Keean Bexte.

In fact, we’re suing Yaniv in civil court for these attacks — please v to read more and to help us fight this case.

After arriving at the courthouse, I waited and waited before I finally had my chance to ask Yaniv about him punching my colleagues and friends.

Here — check it out:

Did you see that?

When Yaniv had an actual woman asking him tough questions, he ran away. He was scared of me. He must still know that it’s wrong for a man to hit a woman.

Now, as for Mama Yaniv, I’m really grateful that I had those two security guards to stop her from ripping my face off.

But here’s the really crazy part: despite catching the whole thing on my phone camera, my GoPro and an overhead security camera, Yaniv still called the cops and said we were to blame. The cops then fell for it and detained me — if you can believe it!

Thank goodness I had it all on video, and a lawyer by my side, because the cops eventually let us go.

Yours truly, 

Sheila Gunn Reid

P.S. We’re incurring a lot of costs to expose this madman for what he is an abuser of the system.

Since Yaniv has assaulted both Keean and David, I was the one who had to fly out to Surrey to catch him at the courthouse. 

And I had to do it with two security personnel and a lawyer to keep me safe… Yaniv has four inches and 100 lbs on me! 

So now I have legal costs as well.

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