Political Prisoner Leroy St. Germaine Sentenced to a Year’s House Arrest for Satire

Political Prisoner Leroy St. Germaine Sentenced to a Year’s House Arrest for Satire
Political Prisoner Leroy St. Germaine was sentenced to a year’s house arrest bu Judge Richard Blouin. He cannot leave his house except for medical or legal appointments, church, or four hours a week shopping. Lawyers will seek bail pending appeal for leroy next week.

Seven days in Twitter jail for this. Twitter protects Moslems not Christians from criticism

Seven days in Twitter jail for this. Twitter protects Moslems
not Christians from criticism..

We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for:
Violating our rules against hateful conduct.
You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.

Paul Fromm


“MORE LIES… Ilhan Omar issues terse denial on allegations of affair with married DC consultant https://t.co/HB1n0eeGOU”

Political Prisoner Dr. James Sears Out on Bail

Political Prisoner Dr. James Sears Out on Bail


On August 22, 2019, a lower court judge unexpectedly sentenced our Editor-In-Chief Dr. James Sears to ONE YEAR IN JAIL for cracking jokes about women and Jews. After the judge read out his sentence, Dr. Sears was swarmed by guards, one flashing handcuffs. Dr. Sears calmly handed everything in his possession to his wife and 4 year old son, except for his crucifix which he clutched as the guards handcuffed him and led him off. He was standing tall and beaming with pride. His final words to us were “See you guys!”

But what the lower court judge didn’t know is that ever since he convicted us back in January, Dr. Sears has been studying case law. So after spending 5 days in jail, on August 27, 2019, like Jesus, Dr. Sears rose again! He took the paddy wagon from the jail to the courthouse, and handed a kick-ass “Notice of Appeal” to a Superior Court judge. Dr. Sears accused the lower court judge of being biased and giving insufficient reasons for convicting us, and making other legal errors. The Superior Court judge agreed with Dr. Sears that his appeal has merit, and she quickly released him on “Bail Pending Appeal”. He walked out of the court and back into the arms of his wife and son, fresh handcuff marks still on his wrists in the same spots where Jesus was wounded when he was nailed to the cross.

One of his bail conditions was to convince me to temporarily take down the Your Ward News website until the appeal is heard in a few months. I agreed to do it to help keep my Christian comrade out of the slammer. I get sentenced on August 29, 2019, and I’ll be joining him in an appeal of my conviction and sentence. I’m confident we’re both going to win our appeals. When that happens, the website comes back online and we get a brand new trial. And this time around, we’re going to win it!

If you have any questions you can contact us at BailPendingAppeal@YourWardNews.com or 647-748-4421.

Leroy St. Germaine
Owner and Publisher
Your Ward News

Canadian Politics Controlled By Ethnic Hustlers: Jagmeet Singh And Jenny Kwan  


Canadian Politics Controlled By Ethnic Hustlers: Jagmeet Singh And Jenny Kwan


by Dan Murray

NDP Jagmeet Singh and Jenny Kwan: ‘White Racists Need to understand that we Asians are the Future of Canada!’

As Canada approaches a fall Federal Election, politicians’ misunderstanding of immigration’s role in Canada becomes more and more ominous. Traditionally, Canada’s politicians believed that immigration had to serve the needs and interests of its majority population. After all, if Canada’s politicians did not look after the needs and interests of its majority population, who would?

However, as Canadians have observed over the past 30 years, Prime Ministers such as Chretien, Martin, Harper and Trudeau have refused to end Canada’s high and unnecessary immigration intake. As a result, the interests of recently-arrived immigrants such as Muslims, Sikhs, Chinese and others have taken priority over the needs and interests of Canada’s majority population. In other words, the question that most recent PM’s have dealt with is not “Should we bootlick?”, but “Can we get down to bootlick faster than our opponents?”
 All those PM’s have degraded the PM’s office and the entire country with their boot-licking. With only four years in office, Justin Trudeau has out-done all of his boot-licking predecessors. And, contrary to what Trudeau thinks, boot-licking is not something to be proud of.

As for MP’s, most people who aspire to become one have abandoned the traditional idea that immigration should serve the interests of Canada and its majority population. For example, the contrast between the nationalist immigration views of the NDP’s founder (J.S. Woodsworth) and the NDP’s recently-elected leader, Jagmeet Singh and other NDP MP’s such as Jenny Kwan is one of many examples of how disgraceful politicians’ behaviour has become.

Singh is an ethnic Sikh and Kwan is an ethnic Chinese. Their primary loyalties are to their ethnic groups, not to Canada. Their primary goal is to increase the numbers of their groups through high immigration. Kwan demonstrated that several months ago in her role as the NDP’s immigration critic when she led a charge to remove health restrictions on immigrants.

Essentially, Kwan argued that if a potential immigrant is sick, Canada should not prevent that person from entering Canada. In her view, such a practice would discriminate against sick people!! That view is one that NDP founder Woodsworth and traditional NDP’ers would have vehemently opposed.

Kwan went even further. She spoke in favour of a new law that establishes every April as Sikh Heritage Month. To most Canadians, the biggest “heritage’ that Sikhs have in Canada is the bombing of Air India, an incident that killed 329 Canadians. Why is this group, whose members are responsible for the largest mass murder in Canadian history, to be honoured? If anything, they should rot in Canada’s “Hall of Shame” forever.

Kwan may have heard Woodsworth’s name, but she definitely knows little about the traditions bequeathed by Woodsworth and the early NDP to her political party and to Canada. Woodsworth was a Canadian patriot who was very proud of Canada’s founding French and UK settlers. Woodsworth revealed his nationalist outlook about immigration in his 1909 book titled “Strangers Within Out Gates”.

‘White Supremacists have no right to complain about Chinese millionaires controlling the real estate market: get used to it, Vancouver now belongs to the Chinese!’

Like the current NDP leader and many NDP MP’s, Kwan has probably never even heard of Woodsworth’s book, let alone read it. In her most notorious statement as an elected politician , she defended Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneur tax evaders when she stated : “The Chinese are very private about their money.” When some legislators discussed a law to make Chinese millionaire immigrants pay their share of income taxes, Kwan objected :”This law (against Chinese tax evasion) goes against our culture.”

As for Singh, in his acceptance speech as the new NDP leader, he virtually declared that Canada’s two founding groups had no right to be in Canada. In his contempt for Canada’s majority population, Singh has obviously alienated NDP donors and probably tens of thousands of traditional NDP voters. In fact, Jagmeet and his clawing and grasping Sikh supporters, in their crude grab for power, may well turn the NDP into dog meat in the Fall election. Jagmeet himself could well become dog meat.

‘Nothing gives me more pride than my Sikh heritage in my country Canada…There is no place in Canada for EuroCanadian Pride!’
In his 1909 book,  Woodsworth foresees that immigrants are becoming a political force and that their interest in getting the franchise and in voting will make them a stronger force in future. He quotes American researcher Preston F. Hall on immigrants impact on the U.S. :

The heterogeneity of these races tends to promote passion, localism, and despotism, and to make impossible free co-operation for the public welfare. (P.208)

Trudeau and other politician boot-lickers should take special note of Woodsworth’s support of Preston. What Preston and Woodsworth are saying is that Diversity is not the strength of immigrant-receiving countries. In fact, it is a significant societal weakness which leads to passion (= violence), localism (= the triumph of local tribal concerns over national ones) and despotism (= an overall lack of social cohesion).

In addition, Woodsworth is saying that the lack of social cohesion can lead to the break-up of countries who currently allow extremely foolish and naive high immigration intakes.

Are We Entering into a Post Truth World?

Are We Entering into a Post Truth World?

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Are We Entering into a Post Truth World?

I just watched ufologist Richard Dolan’s Aug. 18, 2019 members only video, off his website at https://richarddolanmembers.com/members-content/members-weekly-wrap-into-the-darkness-and-disclosure/?mc_cid=32aed6c6ea&mc_eid=2055ae6008 .


I want to comment on several good points that he raised.


One part I played four times was when Richard said that the financial powers who control the world are likely the same powers controlling the UFO situation. I felt sympathetic that he wouldn’t say the Jewish bankers, as I do but I am pleased that we both agree that the financial powers are the ones suppressing UFO disclosure. That is enough justification for my Bitchute playlist of videos, “Jewish Control Over Ufology” at: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/1pL6AsgsDnIN/


He talked about how society is being degraded and what can we do? He said he believes in universal justice. He didn’t use the word karma but he expressed the Buddhist conviction in taking refuge in the security of the law of karma. He said he had an insight in his twenties that his dog is higher than an ant and he’s higher than his dog so he realized that there is likely some higher intelligences than humans. I believe that is devas and aliens. He believes in a higher power and in goodness and doing good so that is Buddhist enough for me. He also has a statue of the Buddha sitting behind him and his wife Tracey when they make their videos.


He said that many in the UFO field do not feel free to speak their minds. So, I feel sympathetic to him, Kerry Cassidy, Linda Moulten Howe and others who I can see are curbing their own speech more than I do, so they can stay on YouTube and keep publishing their books.


He talked about how Elon Musk used to speak out against the dangers of AI but now he’s leading the idea of his company introducing brain implants with a chip and microfibers connected to the brain to receive visual and audio imagery. That could lead to a Matrix-like world. He regards Elon Musk as a danger, as I do too!


He said that the higher powers could not have predicted how the Internet has changed the intellectual discourse in our society and the free exchange of ideas. So to curb all this free speech, since 2009 they are trying to pull it back with political correctness and accusations of hate speech, greater surveillance and censorship by Facebook, Twitter, etc. In the 1970s only a few big companies controlled information distribution but one advantage we had back then was privacy. Now and the in the future we are losing our privacy in a 24/7 surveillance world.


He said that maybe the Mayan predictions about 2012 were right. Maybe future historians will look back to the era around 2012 as the dividing line between a former era and a “post truth era”. He said there was a big change around 2010 or 2013, 2014 and I feel it too! My big personal wake up happened around then too. On March 17, 2013 I made my first bold step forward into speaking the truth on YouTube about the truth about Adolf Hitler.


I appreciate Richard Dolan’s frequent videos and I always feel he is holding back the words that would censor him. If I had the time and inclination, which I don’t, I could create a series telling the audience the truth behind what Richard is saying. I am interested in taking my audience to the pinnacles of truth so I will continue to comment upon what others in the field of ufology are saying. Same goes with any subject vital to truth in the world.

This is Canada Not Cuba

This is Canada Not Cuba
Here ,unfortunately, cowardly corporate interests collaborate with the immigration lobby to limit Canadians’ right to learn where the People’s Party of Canada stands on a key issue.
Pattison Outdoor Advertising, which controls 55% of the billboard market in Canada has lined up squarely with censorship.
We shall remember. A Canada First government should prosecute them with interfering in an election, just as Bell Media did in refusing to sell advertising to populist candidate Faith Goldy in last year’s Toronto Mayoralty race.
ts a sad day in Canada when a small group can censor a candidate for PM and completely trash the charter. So much for freedom of expression Regardless of who you support, censorship of this kind should be denounced #cdnpoli

Canada’s Cultural Marxist Tyranny:  Political Prisoner Dr. James Sears Sentenced to One Year for “Hate Speech” 

Canada’s Cultural Marxist Tyranny:  Political Prisoner Dr. James Sears Sentenced to One Year for “Hate Speech” 


Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, on the Brian Ruhe Show.