TRUTH JIHAD: Gilad Atzmon bears witness to the trial of Arthur Topham

TRUTH JIHAD: Gilad Atzmon bears witness to the trial of Arthur Topham 

by Dr. Kevin Barrett

November 15, 2015 


TRUTH JIHAD: Gilad Atzmon bears witness to the trial of Arthur Topham
By Kevin Barrett on November 14, 2015
Trial was Alice-in-Wonderland meets Franz Kafka – judge, jury & crown unable to grasp concept of “satire”


Gilad Atzmon, expert witness, with Defence Attorney Barclay Johnson
Canadian publisher Arthur Topham will likely be appealing his conviction on one count (accompanied by an acquittal on the other) of “promoting hatred toward the Jewish people.” The conviction appears to have been the result of the prosecutor, judge and jury’s inability to understand the concept of satire. Check out Arthur’s article “Guilty/Not Guilty” for details. If and when Arthur appeals, I will be happy to volunteer my services as an expert witness. I have four advanced degrees in literature (three MAs and a Ph.D.) and have done extensive work on the literary theory of Bakhtin, whose work provides the best possible basis for an accurate understanding of what satire is and how it works.
Meanwhile…Shortly before the verdict came in I recorded this interview with ex-Israeliphilosopher-musician Gilad Atzmon, who may be the world’s leading expert on Jewish identity politics. When Arthur Topham was charged with “willfully promoting hatred against the Jewish people,” hauled into court, and menaced with a possible two-year prison sentence, Gilad flew to Quesnel, British Columbia to appear as an expert witness. (Read Gilad’s description of his testimony, “The Expert Witness“).
Arthur Topham (who has appeared on Truth Jihad Radio) is a kind, decent person without any apparent hatred in his heart. It is his love of justice, not his hatred of anyone, that led him to criticize Zionism and the dark side of Jewish identity politics. Arthur and his wife Shasta, who is Jewish, have behaved with amazing restraint and decorum during their eight-year ordeal, during which their remodeling business was destroyed.
What was Arthur Topham’s alleged crime? Parodying Zionist Jew Theodore Kaufman’s book “Germany Must Perish!” by changing “Germany” to “Israel” throughout the text. This tiny change produced the satirical masterpiece “Israel Must Perish!” – and led Canada’s Zionist Power Configuration to have him jailed on “hate crime” charges!
Who is the REAL hater here – Arthur Topham, or the Zionists like Kaufman who wanted to commit genocide against Germany, and are now committing genocide in Palestine with the full support of the governments of the US and Canada?
And how has Jewish identity politics morphed into genocidal Zionism? If anyone can explain that, it would be Gilad Atzmon.
Also check out my interviews with Arthur Topham:

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Free Speech Takes a Slam in Arthur Topham Verdict

Free Speech Takes a Slam in Arthur Topham Verdict

QUESNEL, BRITISH COLUMBIA, November 12, 2015. An eight woman, four-man jury delivered its mixed verdict at 11:27 this morning in the Arthur Topham free speech trial. M,r. Topham was charged with two counts of “willfully promoting hate” against a privileged minority, specifically Jews, under Canada’s notorious Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code — the hate law. The jury acquitted him on one count but convicted him on the other.
Almost immediately Crown Attorney Jennifer Johnston was on her feet wanting Mr. Topham’s bail conditions amended and his website shut down.
Not so fast, Judge Brian Butler ruled. She was told to file and application which will be heard Thursday November 19 by video hookup, with the judge in Vancouver and defence lawyer Barclay Johnson in Victoria.
The defence had sought to file a constitutional challenge at the start of proceedings. Judge Butler ruled that the challenge must await the end of the trial and a guilty verdict, should such be the case. Barclay Johnson explains that the judge said a constitutional challenge would have to await the establishment of “a factual context” is this case. “This case is very different in context from the Keegstra case in which the Supreme Court, in 1990, while finding that Sec. 319 does violate freedom of speech, did, by a narrow margin, uphold the law. “In Keegstra,” says Mr. Johnson, ” Jim Keegstra was teaching his views to a high school class, a captive audience. In this case, Mr. Topham ran a website. People had to willingly seek it out to read his opinions.”
The constitutional challenge will be filed within the 30-day limit.
Frederick Fromm's photo.
Mr. Topham, still in good spirits, pronounced himself a bit disappointed and puzzled by the jury’s decision.”It was so odd to find me guilty of one count but not both.  I think the jury thought I wrote a call for the genocide of Jews in the satire Israel Must Perish. it’s not even my book. I took the wording directly from Theodore Kaufman’s book Germany Must Perish” written in 1941. “This would seem to confirm indirectly that Germany Must Perish is a work of hate and written by a Jew.” yet, although then Detective Const. Terry Wilson of the B.C. Hate Squad said he’s been aware of Germany Must Perish for some years, no charges were ever laid.
“Despite the acquittal on one count, this is a sad day for freedom of speech in Canada,” said Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression which has supported Mr. Topham from the beginning in 2007, when he first became the target of Zionist groups trying to shut him down for his criticism of Israel. “After today’s verdict, it becomes just a little more difficult to criticize privileged minorities in Canada. However, the battle to rid this country of this thought control legislation will continue,” he vowed.

PROFESSOR ROBERT FAURISSON (video): One of the patriarchs of the revisionist movement, residing in France.


One of the patriarchs of the revisionist movement, residing in France.

PROFESSOR ROBERT FAURISSON (video):  One of the patriarchs of the revisionist movement, residing in France.
For more than 30 years Robert Faurisson has been Europe’s foremost historical revisionist scholar. Dr Faurisson was professor of modern and contemporary French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Lyon 2, where he specialised in the “critical appraisal of texts and documents (literature, history, media).” In 1979 he was permanently banned, de facto, from teaching.
In the course of his independent research into “the Holocaust” Faurisson discovered, on March 19, 1976 in the Auschwitz State Museum archives, the building plans of the camp complex’s morgues, crematoria and other installations. He was the first to make known those documents, which had been kept hidden since the war, and to point out their vital significance. It was in two pieces printed by the prestigious French daily Le Monde in December 1978 and January 1979 that he succeeded in revealing his findings on “the problem of the gas chambers” to the general public. Faurisson played an important role in both of the Ernst Zündel “Holocaust trials” in Toronto, Canada (1985 and 1988); his most noteworthy contribution to Zündel’s defence in 1988 may well have been his securing of the participation of Fred Leuchter, an American gas chamber specialist. He was also instrumental in arranging for Leuchter’s forensic examination of alleged homicidal gas chambers in Poland, and in publishing  the American’s remarkable conclusions.
For years French government agencies and influential private bodies have waged a concerted campaign to silence him. He has had to defend himself many times in court for his candid and uncompromising writings and statements, being convicted on numerous occasions under a despotic law specially drafted against him. He has suffered at least ten physical assaults, one of which was a nearly successful attempt at murder.  He has seen his bank account frozen and had visits to his home from court officials threatening him and his wife with seizure of their belongings to cover damages imposed by civil judgments against his “heretical” publications. His family life has been repeatedly disrupted and thrown into turmoil by such harassment. His health has suffered terribly.  In a December 1980 interview with the French radio network Europe No. 1, Faurisson summed up the results of his study of “the Holocaust” in a sentence of about 60 French words. In English it reads: “The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety.”  “That sentence,” he declares 33 years on, “needs no changes.”

JIM RIZOLI, Producer/Interviewer (Assistant, Diane King) of the Series, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY REVISIONISTS:  Hard core historical revisionist. Jim and his brother, Joe moved from combating the illegal immigrant hordes in their cable shows to dealing with the fundamental and pervading issue of the holocaust. Their immigrant battles led them to the plight of Ernst Zundel in Canada, being prosecuted for having reprinted *Did 6 Million Really Die*! Thus Jim and Joe’s efforts and cable shows also turned toward the issue of the holocaust.  That’s when their troubles accelerated. In 2002 – 2003 they began producing numerous videos dealing with the issues surrounding the Holocaust. Thousands of videos, 100s of videos about the holocaust. YouTube videos (700) under the name of Jim Rizoli were banned. His name was banned on Facebook. In 2010, their cable shows were suspended. They returned and then were permanently removed in 2014. They are back to provide a venue of freedom of, telling the story for tried-and-true revisionists and Germans throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

    By the rude lie that arched the world,
    His flag to Toronto’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled Faurisson stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.
    Recomposed by Fred Leuchter
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Paul Fromm Reports on the First Two Weeks of the Arthur Topham Thought Crimes Trial in Quesnel, B.C.

Welcome! This video is of Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association of Freedom of Expression. Paul just returned after two weeks at the trial of Arthur Topham, held is Quesnel, BC, Canada. He gives his account of the trial experience as he saw it unfold and he describes key testimony such as Gilad Atzmon’s who spoke in Arthur’s defence. [Part of a meeting of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Vancouver, November 7, 2015)

Frederick Fromm's photo.
Defence expert witness Gilad Atzmon, Richard Warman free speech victim Terry Tremaine,defendant Arthur Topham and Defence lawyer Barclay Johnson



On Monday, the prosecuting attorney Jennifer Johnson delivered her summation to the jury in the Arthur Topham free speech trial. Mr. Topham is charged under Canada’s notorious “hate law” (Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code) for “willfully promoting hatred against a ” privileged group — in this case Jews.
Defence lawyer Barclay Johson had presented  his summation on Friday afternoon.
Tuesday both lawyers discussed the judge’s charge or instructions to the jury with him. These were delivered by the Judge Brian Butler Tuesday afternoon.  The jury deliberated until 9:00 p.m.
Frederick Fromm's photo.
The jury continued deliberations this morning. Barclay Johnson reports that they returned to court to ask the judge whether “hate” can be willfully conveyed, if there is no malice.

Paul Fromm Reports on the First Two Weeks of the Arthur Topham Thought Crimes Trial in Quesnel,, B..C.

Welcome! This video is of Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association of Freedom of Expression. Paul just returned after two weeks at the trial of Arthur Topham, held is Quesnel, BC, Canada. He gives his account of the trial experience as he saw it unfold and he describes key testimony such as Gilad Atzmon’s who spoke in Arthur’s defence. [Part of a meeting of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Vancouver, November 7, 2015)

Frederick Fromm's photo.
Defence expert witness Gilad Atzmon, Richard Warman free speech victim Terry Tremaine, defendant Arthur Topham and Defence lawyer Barclay Johnson

View November 4 Paul Fromm Report — Arthur Topham Trial


Defence Witness Gilad Atzmon Defends Topham on Controversial Quotations
Defence expert witness Gilad Atzmon continued his testimony today, despite repeated interruptions by Judge Bruce Butler, trying to restrict his comments. He emphasized his belief that Jews who identify as such by religion (adherence to the Talmud and Torah) or by ancestry are not problematic. It is those whose Jewishness involves beliefs such as Zionism who are the problem.
Mr Atzmon revealed that many early Zionist leaders denounced many of their own people as parasites and worse. They saw a Jewish state as a way to make Jews like other people. For instance, Theodore Herzl, the founder and father of modern Zionism, echoed some of the warnings of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, when he said: “Wealthy Jews rule the world and set nations against one another. Any way, the Jews get rich.” Herzl was critical of his own people, Mr. Atzmon, said, but that did not mean he wanted a genocide. Another early Zionist said: “The Jew is a caricature of a normal human being both physically and spiritually. He throws off social obligations,” in a major Kibbutzim magazine.
Mr. Atzmon explained that the accusation that Jews were “parasites” in Eustace Mullins’ The Biological Jews was a metaphor. An early Zionist accused Diaspora Jews (those who did not go to Israel) as “parasitic characters inclined to usury and parasitic capitalism.” The Labour socialists envisioned a land of Jewish workers and farmers, a way, said Mr. Atzmon, “to civilize the Jews and make them into a people like all others.” And, he added, “if Zionists can talk about these issues, so can a man like Eustace Mullins” or Arthur Topham.
Hate law victim Arthur Topham poses with excellent write up of GERMANY MUST PERISH in Quesnel-Cariboo Observer.
One of the books  on Arthur Topham’s website attacked by the Crown is the satire Israel Must Perish. “Mr. Topham,” said Gilad Atzmon, “wrote Israel Must Perish to be a mirror to Jews not to repeat the errors of Europe. It is a criticism of Zionist Jews. Abba Eban, a long-time Israeli foreign minister and an arch-Labour Zionist, was very critical of the holocaust being made into a business. He said: ‘There’s no business like shoah [holocaust] business.’ What is happening is that the domineering behaviour of Jews in some countries. They make The Protocols look almost naïve. My problem is that the Protocols put the blame on a group of rabbis but it is political Jews like AIPAC [the powerful Jewish lobby in the U.S.] not Orthodox Jews who are the problem.”
The day concluded with a powerful challenge from Mr. Atzmon: “If Jews are allowed to say something critical of Jews, shouldn’t Arthur Topham who is married to a Jewish woman (Shasta) be allowed to criticize Jews?”





Report November 3 Arthur Topham Trial

Shocking: Judge orders  Defence’s Expert Witness report re-written and his curriculum vitae revised (to exclude favourable reviews of his book The Wandering Who)

Shocking: Judge Brian Butler says: “Freedom of expression is not relevant. Freedom of speech is not at stake.”

Over half a day lost due to Crown’s inability to produce properly prepared and legible documents for books of evidence.”


Defence lawyer Barckay Johnson slapped down for “personalizing” Arthur Topham (68-year old grandfather who lives on a farm with his wife). Mr. Johnson says Mr. Topham willnot be testifying: “In this country, we don’t have to be cross-examined on our opinions.” It is Mr. Topham’s freedom of expression that is at stake. Freedom is definitely an issue for Mr. Topham. You the jury have only seen a small portion of what is on his huge website.”


Witness Gilad Atzmon was born and raised Jewish in Israel and now lives in England and is a scholar (B.A. in philosophy from Tel Aviv; M.A. and Ph.D. studies in psychology from the University of Essex) and is a gifted Jazz musician who has played with Paul McCartney.. “Unlike Mr. Rudner, he is not being paid for his testimony.”

Gilad Atzmon finally begins his evidence late in the day. He indicates Jewish identity can be a religion or ancestry or ideology (Zionism) The latter can and should be open to criticism.

Report November 2 Arthur Topham Trial

Arthur Topham’s Defence Lawyer Barclay Johnson Cross-Examines Len Rudner formerly of the Canadian Jewish Congress

. We learn he helped write a complaint in 2007 to try to get Arthur Topham charged by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for “hate”. Thus, he is not an objective “expert” witness.

He admits sending a letter to an ISP to get Arthur’s website kicked off, in 2007, to “inconvenience him.”

He says the number of Jews killed in WW II is between 5.3 and 6-milloon. He admits Yad Vasham in Israel is a centre expert in the holocaust and is confronted with their figure of 2.6-million Jewish deaths.

Rudner is flummoxed when confronted with fiery quotations from the Torah and Passover prayers calling for the genocide of the Jews neighbours.


Crown admits Rudner is being paid $195/hour for his expert testimony and preparation, not the $95 that was mentioned on Friday.