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Defence Witness Gilad Atzmon Defends Topham on Controversial Quotations
Defence expert witness Gilad Atzmon continued his testimony today, despite repeated interruptions by Judge Bruce Butler, trying to restrict his comments. He emphasized his belief that Jews who identify as such by religion (adherence to the Talmud and Torah) or by ancestry are not problematic. It is those whose Jewishness involves beliefs such as Zionism who are the problem.
Mr Atzmon revealed that many early Zionist leaders denounced many of their own people as parasites and worse. They saw a Jewish state as a way to make Jews like other people. For instance, Theodore Herzl, the founder and father of modern Zionism, echoed some of the warnings of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, when he said: “Wealthy Jews rule the world and set nations against one another. Any way, the Jews get rich.” Herzl was critical of his own people, Mr. Atzmon, said, but that did not mean he wanted a genocide. Another early Zionist said: “The Jew is a caricature of a normal human being both physically and spiritually. He throws off social obligations,” in a major Kibbutzim magazine.
Mr. Atzmon explained that the accusation that Jews were “parasites” in Eustace Mullins’ The Biological Jews was a metaphor. An early Zionist accused Diaspora Jews (those who did not go to Israel) as “parasitic characters inclined to usury and parasitic capitalism.” The Labour socialists envisioned a land of Jewish workers and farmers, a way, said Mr. Atzmon, “to civilize the Jews and make them into a people like all others.” And, he added, “if Zionists can talk about these issues, so can a man like Eustace Mullins” or Arthur Topham.
Hate law victim Arthur Topham poses with excellent write up of GERMANY MUST PERISH in Quesnel-Cariboo Observer.
One of the books  on Arthur Topham’s website attacked by the Crown is the satire Israel Must Perish. “Mr. Topham,” said Gilad Atzmon, “wrote Israel Must Perish to be a mirror to Jews not to repeat the errors of Europe. It is a criticism of Zionist Jews. Abba Eban, a long-time Israeli foreign minister and an arch-Labour Zionist, was very critical of the holocaust being made into a business. He said: ‘There’s no business like shoah [holocaust] business.’ What is happening is that the domineering behaviour of Jews in some countries. They make The Protocols look almost naïve. My problem is that the Protocols put the blame on a group of rabbis but it is political Jews like AIPAC [the powerful Jewish lobby in the U.S.] not Orthodox Jews who are the problem.”
The day concluded with a powerful challenge from Mr. Atzmon: “If Jews are allowed to say something critical of Jews, shouldn’t Arthur Topham who is married to a Jewish woman (Shasta) be allowed to criticize Jews?”