Report November 3 Arthur Topham Trial

Shocking: Judge ordersĀ  Defence’s Expert Witness report re-written and his curriculum vitae revised (to exclude favourable reviews of his book The Wandering Who)

Shocking: Judge Brian Butler says: “Freedom of expression is not relevant. Freedom of speech is not at stake.”

Over half a day lost due to Crown’s inability to produce properly prepared and legible documents for books of evidence.”


Defence lawyer Barckay Johnson slapped down for “personalizing” Arthur Topham (68-year old grandfather who lives on a farm with his wife). Mr. Johnson says Mr. Topham willnot be testifying: “In this country, we don’t have to be cross-examined on our opinions.” It is Mr. Topham’s freedom of expression that is at stake. Freedom is definitely an issue for Mr. Topham. You the jury have only seen a small portion of what is on his huge website.”


Witness Gilad Atzmon was born and raised Jewish in Israel and now lives in England and is a scholar (B.A. in philosophy from Tel Aviv; M.A. and Ph.D. studies in psychology from the University of Essex) and is a gifted Jazz musician who has played with Paul McCartney.. “Unlike Mr. Rudner, he is not being paid for his testimony.”

Gilad Atzmon finally begins his evidence late in the day. He indicates Jewish identity can be a religion or ancestry or ideology (Zionism) The latter can and should be open to criticism.