Report November 2 Arthur Topham Trial

Arthur Topham’s Defence Lawyer Barclay Johnson Cross-Examines Len Rudner formerly of the Canadian Jewish Congress

. We learn he helped write a complaint in 2007 to try to get Arthur Topham charged by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for “hate”. Thus, he is not an objective “expert” witness.

He admits sending a letter to an ISP to get Arthur’s website kicked off, in 2007, to “inconvenience him.”

He says the number of Jews killed in WW II is between 5.3 and 6-milloon. He admits Yad Vasham in Israel is a centre expert in the holocaust and is confronted with their figure of 2.6-million Jewish deaths.

Rudner is flummoxed when confronted with fiery quotations from the Torah and Passover prayers calling for the genocide of the Jews neighbours.


Crown admits Rudner is being paid $195/hour for his expert testimony and preparation, not the $95 that was mentioned on Friday.