Maxime Bernier Celebrates Huge Success of the 1 Million March 4 ChildrenThe line in the sand has been drawn

Maxime Bernier Celebrates Huge Success of the 1 Million March 4 ChildrenThe line in the sand has been drawn

This week’s protests against radical gender ideology were an amazing success!

Far left extremists can try and transform our society, but indoctrinating our children crosses a line.

On Wednesday, the 1 Million March 4 Children saw tens of thousands of concerned Canadians take to the streets in cities across the country!

Canadians of every religion, background, and age proudly marched together. Chants of “no more silence” and “leave the kids alone” echoed through the streets.

I was in Ottawa where the turnout was amazing! 10 thousand people by my estimate. By far the biggest protest we’ve seen since the Freedom Convoy.

The protest in Toronto saw a similar turnout, and the support for the PPC was obvious!

And that was just the tip of the iceberg! Thousands more came out in Saskatoon, Vancouver, Halifax Montreal, and many more cities from coast to coast!

It was a beautiful day that helped restore my faith in Canada. But that was just the start of the week!

On Friday, I joined my friends Josh Alexander and Billboard Chris in Toronto for their second Education Over Indoctrination protest.

Hundreds showed up to continue to push back against radical gender ideology, far outnumbering violent ANTIFA counter-protestors.

As the lunch bell rang, students poured out of school and joined in our protest, it was beautiful to see!

A common question at both protests was: Where is Pierre Poilievre?

Despite his grassroots supporters passing a resolution rejecting gender ideology at the CPC policy convention just weeks earlier, Poilievre refused to support or even acknowledge these important protests.

In fact, he issued a memo to all of his MPs requiring them not to speak to the media or even post on social media about either of the protests!

The truth is, Poilievre does not want to speak about this issue.

He does not care about what the organizers and volunteers in his party want.

He does not care about the overwhelming grassroots movements growing.

He does not care about doing what is right.

He only cares about one thing: power, and his out-of-touch leadership team is too afraid of losing support from leftists in big cities or smears from the mainstream media to take a stand on this issue.

He won’t take any risk to defend parents and children.

He will continue to do the bare minimum on this issue, saying as little as possible and only when forced to.

But do you trust him to do anything about it if he were to win power?

I sure don’t.

I have been speaking out against radical gender ideology for years now, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Not until the medical transition of minors is made illegal!

This is the biggest child abuse scandal in our nation’s history. The mainstreaming of gender ideology is having a profound impact on a generation of children, the full impact of which we won’t know for years to come.

I will continue to defend the rights of parents and the innocence of children.

I don’t care what the media says about me. I don’t care what downtown Toronto leftists think of me.

This is the right thing to do and it is a battle I will fight until the end.

A society that doesn’t protect the innocence of children is lost.


Maxime Bernier



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Thank you to all the AMAZING folks that keep FREEDOM alive. Mary Lou is away for a few weeks and is so happy others have stepped in to keep our Sunday’s a Freedom Day. ~ Thank you!!!

Thank you, Mike, for hosting this rally ~ We APPRECIATE YOU!!

Now being held at Lakawanna Park during the summer months This will be the final park rally then we will return to Warren and Main.

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  -While visiting other rallies in my travels, I noticed that everyone’s attendance is still down, but the most effective rallies are those with a lot of signs. Vernon, for example, has more signs than people holding them, all lined up along the sidewalk. So… WE’RE HAVING A COUPLE OF SIGN-MAKING PARTIES!! Thank you to Derrie Selles for opening her studio to us for these events and to Derrie, and Bob and Geraldine for sign supplies for the events. Bring your own water or other beverages, and snacks to share.     Please make 4 or 5 signs each so we have a supply to hand out to late-comer volunteers, students, and parents, on-site. LOCATION: Art Up Studios, 94 Ellis Street, Penticton. 250-462-8783  Thursday, September 14 at 3:30 p.m. Monday, September 18 at 6 p.m. SIGN IDEAS (Whether you come to the party or make them on your own, here are some ideas. Just a few powerful words, straight to the point: ARSON FIRES ARE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE DO NOT COMPLY (WE WILL NOT) (WITH UNREASONABLE ORDERS) GOVERNMENT ORDERS ARE NOT LAWS QUESTION AUTHORITY SAY NO TO JABS FOR JOBS STOP THE POISONOUS CHEM TRAILS MASKS = OXYGEN BARRIERS. BREATHE FREE! PROMOTE PEACE and LOVE (Peace sign and a heart) GOVT. LEGALIZES FENTANYL, BANS COVID CURES (??? Scattered on the sign) NO MORE MANDATES. NEVER AGAIN. And for the September 20 1MillionMarch4Children event and our rallies: SAY NO TO SEX ED IN SCHOOLS GIVE PARENTS BACK THEIR RIGHTS LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE STOP INDOCTRINATION OF CHILDRENBAN SOGI 123 IN SCHOOLS & LIBRARIES     ——————————- o0o————————————-   September 20, 2023 – September 20 – Action Countdown More info to follow.

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Petition in Support of Natural Health Products
The Federal Conservative Party of Canada has issued a petition in support of Natural Health Products. They have taken a strong stance against Health Canada, whose clear purpose is to bankrupt the NHP industry and eliminate all the ‘alternative” Natural Medicine Practitioners who rely on NHP’s. Please consider signing and sharing widely:

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  WORTH A LOOK      Stolen Water – Waging War on Water Rights and BC Food Security   ——————————- o0o————————————-        Are you on their list?    Freedom Rising is a successful Canada-wide initiative where leaders across the country have met for the past two years to strengthen the efforts of individuals, organizations, independent media, and citizen journalists. As a result, hundreds of individuals and groups work together more collaboratively and effectively. We are excited to announce that BC Rising has been created for leaders to facilitate a similar type of momentum right here in our beloved province of British Columbia.      BC Rising will strive to embrace the efforts and values of the nationwide Freedom Rising, with the intention to build connections across the province of BC and to focus on issues and initiatives specific to BC.    Sign up and be INFORMED!!    Website:   ——————————- o0o————————————-      image.png

THIS IS IT!   If you have been waiting for an extra powerful issue of Druthers to have delivered to your community, this is the one.   Druthers Neighbourhood Mail service is truly the easiest way to make a tremendous difference in your own local area. Just tell us which postal code area you would like delivered to, how much of a budget you have to invest in waking up your community, and then let us know. We will handle the rest and within a week or two, your neighbours will have this important issue of Druthers delivered anonymously to their mailboxes. Order here or get more info:   CAN WE MAKE IT ANY EASIER? Yes we can! To make this as simple as possible, you don’t even need to place an order on the website. Just send us an etransfer for one of the amounts referenced below, include a postal code as a note in your etransfer and we will manually enter the order. Send etransfer to YOU WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS! Your neighbours & Canada Post will NOT receive your info, meaning the papers will be delivered and nobody will know it was you who ordered it for them. BONUS OFFER: To give you a little more encouragement and a bit of an extra thanks, everyone who orders neighbourhood mail service this month will be offered the 1st year of our collectors packs for free. (See the collectors packs here) This is a great way to explore the roots of this project. You will receive a reprint of each of our first 12 issues from December 2020, to November 2021. To recieve your collectors pack, be sure to email us your mailing address after you place an order for Neighbourhood Mail.  

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Let’s make this weekend AMAZING!!


Mary Lou Gutscher


Where each party stands on life, family, and freedom

Where each party stands on life, family, and freedom

CitizenGO legally cannot tell you which party to vote for, and we cannot tell you which candidate to vote for.

We will, however, say that it’s very important that you let your voice be heard on Monday, and do what you can to vote for the candidate that best represents your values.

It’s been the aim of CitizenGO from the very beginning to fight for the common good and for the dignity of every human person. We strive to protect life from conception to natural death, the recognition of family and the most basic and natural unit of society, and freedom.

For this reason, we think it’s important to break down the platforms of each federal party, so that you know how each party winning could affect our country when it comes to issues of life, family, and freedom:

Liberal Party:


  • Plans to revoke charity status to pro-life organizations, including crisis pregnancy centres who provide care and counseling to women who have chosen life
  • Plans to penalize provincial governments who refuse to fund abortion outside of hospitals (such as in the case of New Brunswicks’s Clinic 554)
  • Plans to give legal protection to any business or organization in Canada that demands that all their employees be vaccinated
  • Plans to ban all forms of conversion therapy, banning the work of groups such as Courage International, who non-coercively help people ro live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality


  • Almost every Liberal Party MP voted for Bill C-7, which radically expanded Canada’s euthanasia law, allowing euthanasia for reasons of mental illness alone, and for the incompetent who cannot provide consent but have signed an advanced directive (Source)
  • Every Liberal Party MP (in attendance) voted against Bill C-233, which would have banned the barbaric practice of sex-selective abortion (Source)
  • The Trudeau government introduced Bill C-10 and Bill C-36, both of which aimed to censor Canadians on the internet (Source)

Conservative Party:


  • Plans to repeal Bill C-7, a bill which expanded Canada’s euthanasia law, allowing euthanasia for reasons of mental illness alone, and for the incompetent who cannot provide consent but have signed an advanced directive
  • Plans to ban conversion therapy, but clarifies that non-coerceive conversations will not be criminalized
  • Though the platform claims to support the conscience rights of medical professionals, Erin O’Toole has since clarified that he believes in effective referrals. This means that if a patient wants to be killed through euthanasia, but a medical professional objects to killing them, the medical professional must still violate their conscience by referring their patient to a doctor who is fine euthanizing the patient (Source)


  • O’Toole says that a Conservative government would not interfere with New Brunswick’s decision to not fund abortions that are not in hospitals (Source)
  • Though the majority of Conservative MPs voted for Bill C-233, which would have banned the barbaric practice of sex-selective abortion, Erin O’Toole voted against it. He has repeatedly referred to himself as pro-choice. (Source) (Source)
  • Every Conservative MP (in attendance) voted against Bill C-10, a bill which threatened to censor Canadians by applying broadcasting regulations to social media users (Source)

New Democratic Party:


  • Plans to interfere with provincial governments who refuse to fund abortion outside of hospitals (such as in the case of New Brunswicks’s Clinic 554)
  • Plans to increase access to abortion in rural areas and in the North
  • Plans to ban all forms of conversion therapy, banning the work of groups such as Courage International, who non-coercively help people ro live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality
  • Will use the government to crack down on what the NDP believes to be the spread of disinformation and “fake news”


  • Every NDP MP (in attendance) voted for Bill C-10, a bill which threatened to censor Canadians by applying broadcasting regulations to social media users (Source)
  • The NDP supported Bill C-7, which expanded Canada’s eiuthanasia laws, but opposed it and voted against it when the Senate added multiple amendments to it (Source) (Source)
  • Every NDP MP (in attendance) voted against Bill C-233, which would have banned the barbaric practice of sex-selective abortion (Source)

People’s Party of Canada:


  • Plans to repeal C-16 and M-103, and oppose C-10, and C-36, which are all bills that either censor Canadians or compel/condemn the speech of Canadians who express politically-incorrect views
  • Plans to ensure that Canadians are not discriminated against because of their moral convictions
  • Plans to withhold federal funding from any post-secondary institution shown to be violating the freedom of expression of its students or faculty
  • Opposes vaccine mandates and vaccine passports

Bloc Quebecois:

  • Every Bloc Quebecois MP (in attendance) voted for Bill C-10, a bill which threatened to censor Canadians by applying broadcasting regulations to social media users (Source)
  • Every Bloc Quebecois MP (in attendance) voted against Bill C-233, which would have banned the barbaric practice of sex-selective abortion (Source)
  • Every Bloc Quebecois MP voted for Bill C-7, which radically expanded Canada’s euthanasia law, allowing euthanasia for reasons of mental illness alone, and for the incompetent who cannot provide consent but have signed an advanced directive (Source)

Christian Heritage Party:


  • Plans to protect innocent life from conception until natural death
  • Plans to restore traditional marriage
  • Plans to repeal euthanasia and assisted suicide
  • Plans to protect free speech
  • Plans to defend the conscience rights of all Canadians, and especially those of medical professionals

Green Party:


  • Plans to ban all forms of conversion therapy, banning the work of groups such as Courage International, who non-coercively help people ro live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality
  • Plans to legalize prostitution
  • Plans to expand programs in “reproductive health, rights, and in sexual and reproductive health education”

Jonas Smith, the Latest Victim of Cancel Culture: O’Toole Has No Tolerance for Dissent on Vaccine Passports & Company Vax Mandates

Jonas Smith, the Latest Victim of Cancel Culture: O’Toole Has No Tolerance for Dissent on Vaccine Passports & Company Vax Mandates

Disqualified Conservative Yukon candidate Jonas Smith to run as independent

By Andrew Lawton – August 17, 2021 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Linkedin

The Yukon candidate disqualified by the Conservative Party of Canada over opposition to vaccine passports and employer vaccine mandates will be running as an independent.

Jonas Smith, a mining industry advocate and former Conservative national councillor, was removed as a candidate last week over what the Conservative party said was an “unwillingness to support public health guidelines.”

Smith said it was about his “opposition to calls for implementation of mandated workplace vaccinations and vaccine passport requirements in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Smith ran for the Conservatives in 2019, but lost to Liberal Larry Bagnell by 153 votes. With Bagnell retiring, Smith was set to seek the seat for the Conservatives again when Canadians go to the polls Sept. 20.

Sources connected to the Conservative Party of Canada tell True North the party’s National Candidate Selection Committee formally approved Smith’s disqualification on the weekend. The nomination rules allow a candidate to appeal disqualification to National Council, though Smith said this path would be fruitless.

“I have undergone some of the process available to me, but it’s clear to me that when the central campaign doesn’t want you on, then regardless of the outcome of any process, that sentiment remains,” Smith said in an interview with True North.

Smith said he’s optimistic he can win as an independent, noting that Yukon has elected members of parliament from all three major federal parties in the past.

“This is an opportunity to represent Yukoners regardless of party stripe,” he said. “I’m doing this in response to the overwhelming outpouring of encouragement for me to do so. I narrowly lost the last election and I’ve got thousands upon thousands of supporters here in the territory that want me to do this.”

Smith pointed to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s success in 2019 as an independent candidate after being kicked out of the Liberal caucus, suggesting voters respond favourably to principled politicians.

“Integrity transcends politics,” Smith said.

The Conservatives have not yet named a replacement candidate in the Yukon riding.

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Unlike the mainstream media, True North isn’t getting a government bailout. Instead, we depend on the generosity of Canadians like you.

How can a media outlet be trusted to remain neutral and fair if they’re beneficiaries of a government handout? We don’t think they can.

This is why independent media in Canada is more important than ever. If you’re able, please make a tax-deductible donation to True North today. Thank you so much.

O’Toole’s Gay Candidate Calls Cops & Has The Rebel’s Reporter David Menzies Arrested for Asking Questions

Thornhill CPC candidate Melissa Lantsman has David Menzies arrested for asking prickly questions

In politics, they call summer the silly season. Hardly anything of substance seems to happen, and the politicians are typically in their ridings having BBQs and whatnot.

Such was the case on Sunday in Thornhill, Ontario, just north of Toronto. The outgoing MP, Peter Kent, was having a summer shindig in the parking lot of the Promenade Mall. I dropped by not so much for Mr. Kent, but to interview the replacement candidate for the federal riding of Thornhill, Melissa Lantsman.

I assume most people don’t know who Melissa Lantsman is, but they should. She was Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s war room director in 2018 and helped create slogans like “For the People” and “Ontario: Open for Business.”

Alas, we all discovered that when the COVID pandemic hit last year, the Doug Ford PCs were not “for the people,” and Ontario was very much closed for business. Oh, not all businesses, mind you. If you were a U.S.-based multi-billion dollar conglomerate such as Costco or Walmart, it was business as usual.

And speaking of Walmart, by 2020, Lantsman had resumed duties as a lobbyist. And she lobbied mightily for the Arkansas-based superstore chain. Lantsman went to Premier Ford and successfully ensured Walmart would be exempt from any lockdown rules.

So now that Lantsman is the Conservative Party candidate for Thornhill in 2021, I wanted to ask her a simple question: how can she possibly run to be the MP to represent the people of Thornhill when she was personally responsible for engineering a lockdown policy that caused so many businesses to fold and so many people to be thrown out of work? I mean, her nickname is actually “Lockdown Lantsman.” How do you recover from that? And it was hard to believe this woman is a professional communicator, given how tongue-tied she got when it came to answering hard questions.

And then I wanted to know how she became the representative for the Thornhill riding in the first place. You see, a few months ago, Ontario PC MPP Gila Martow was vying for this position. Martow is a veteran politician who is well-liked and well-respected. I think she would’ve been a slam dunk to win the riding in the next federal election. When Lantsman was declared the winner, it was a shock to everyone — including Lantsman herself, who did not have a victory speech prepared! So, either those exit polls were mightily flawed or this was a screw job of Herculean proportions.

So, I reached out to members of the Martow camp, none of whom want to be named. Why would the Conservative party go with a candidate who has more baggage than the Arrivals terminal at Pearson International Airport?

And the answer was this: it had everything to do with Melissa Lantsman’s sexual orientation.

You see, the Erin O’Toole Conservatives are obsessed with the party being a so-called “Big Tent” operation – it’s not just a bunch of old white guys anymore, you see. They’re sick of the CBC calling them names.

And what better way to prove that point than to promote a LGBTQ candidate representing the Conservatives in the suburbs? Wow, look at that diversity!

Now, folks, I personally do not give a rodent’s rectum if a candidate is a lesbian or a Martian. I think it’s irrelevant. But Lantsman and the Conservatives can’t stop talking about her gayness — it was their main selling point. Is the Conservative Party now fully invested in identity politics and playing the race card and gender card and sexual orientation card? What about who is the best person for the job — no matter what

So, I asked Melissa: is she the candidate for Thornhill based on merit, or her sexual orientation? She sort of answered the question and didn’t object to it. I asked it again, and she ignored me. And that was that.

I had more questions about Walmart, but then I was interrupted — by police! The Lantsman campaign called the cops on me. But there is no crime of asking prickly questions, so they lied to the police, making accusations that I assaulted people. It was the other way around. They were purposely bumping into me and trying to block me. They knocked my hat off. They threw water on me. And for what? Asking questions

And how about this slice of unethical behaviour: while I was being arrested and handcuffed by police, one of them stole my clipboard notebook and took photos of my notes. What’s the deal with that? What kind of political party has a reporter arrested, and then steals their notebook and takes pictures of it?

It looked awful on the Conservatives — especially having me arrested. So after ten hours, they decided to revise history. They say I engaged in homophobic slurs against Lantsman? What? I did not — you can see my question and her answer to it. It wasn’t homophobic, and she obviously didn’t think it was at the time — until later, when her spin doctors needed a way to change the subject from having me arrested, throwing things at me and stealing my notebook.

My final question to Lantsman was this: when Erin O’Toole was running to be the Conservative leader, he was the pro-free speech/anti-cancel culture candidate. And then he becomes leader, and it turns out he is pro-cancel culture/anti-free speech. So I asked Melissa what’s the deal with that?

Could you imagine a real leader such as Donald Trump saying “no comment,” and even running away? Can you imagine a politician of substance calling the cops to have a reporter criminally charged? And that’s what Lockdown Lantsman did on Sunday — she or her minions called the cops. She later issued a press release saying it was a safety issue. A “safety issue” — yeah, my safety! I was pushed, shoved, splashed with a liquid and arrested.

And in the department of perverse irony, check out the tweet Mr. O’Toole issued around the same time I was being stuffed into a police cruiser based on lies from the Lantsman camp: “If you don’t support free speech, you have four parties to choose from. If you do, you only have one: Canada’s Conservatives.” Sorry, Mr. O’Toole. Sorry, Lockdown Lantsman. Actions speak louder than words. And just like Andrew Scheer, you are already blowing this election. Big time.

Petition to Stand With Derek Sloan

Petition to Stand With Derek Sloan

Right now in the Conservative Party, we are seeing a clear case of dirty politics.

On January 20th, MP Derek Sloan was kicked out of the Conservative caucus. He will no longer be allowed to run as a Conservative Party member in future elections and will now sit as an Independent MP.

This happened after Erin O’Toole initiated a caucus vote which resulted in a majority of Conservative MPs voting to remove him from the caucus. This vote was initiated because Derek Sloan had apparently accepted a $131 donation to his 2020 leadership campaign from a white nationalist named Paul Fromm.

As many quickly pointed out, there are factors around these allegations that don’t hold up. For example, the Conservative Party took a cut from this donation and they weren’t even able to flag his name.

Additionally, the donation was apparently made under the name ‘Frederick P. Fromm’, so even if Sloan was expected to recognize the name of this obscure white nationalist, the donation was made under a name most would not recognize as his.

Derek Sloan is likely being thrown under the bus for being an extremely vocal social conservative.

Derek Sloan has spoken out unequivocally against abortion, euthanasia, attacks on religious freedom and many other vital issues to conservatives and faithful Christians, many of whom see him as their voice on Parliament Hill.

Erin O’Toole has always claimed to want a big tent party in the Conservative movement, but clearly Derek Sloan has been too successful at mobilizing people who agree with him on these issues for O’Toole’s liking.

Sign our petition to tell Erin O’Toole that you stand with Derek Sloan. We want him back in the Conservative caucus – and we want to know everyone who voted him out in the first place so we can support more tolerant conservatives in upcoming primaries and elections.

To make matters worse, the Conservative caucus vote that resulted in Derek Sloan being ejected was confidential. No one knows who voted to suppress Derek Sloan’s freedom to represent his constituents, and who voted in support of his freedom.

If you’re represented by a Conservative MP, don’t you think you deserve to know if they voted to suppress one of Canada’s most outspoken social conservative politicians? Don’t you feel that how a Conservative MP voted on this reflects on whether they’re capable of truly representing religious and social conservative constituents, such as yourself?

There may be good reasons why the Conservative Party would need to hold confidential votes at private meetings. But on issues like deciding what beliefs can be represented in the party, there needs to be transparency.

Join our campaign to get O’Toole to release the names of those who voted to eject Derek Sloan from the Conservative caucus. We must also demand that he do everything in his power as party leader to bring Derek Sloan back into the party.

O’Toole was quick to say after kicking out Sloan that this is not meant to be a condemnation of social conservatives in general. I’m sure O’Toole is internally justifying that he is only kicking out Sloan because he’s divisive and is causing a lot of negative media attention.

But the fact is that the mainstream media in Canada will always ensure that the beliefs of social conservatives will be divisive. These organizations have close ties to Canada’s left-wing parties, and so a socially conservative politician can either hide their views or cause negative media attention through their honesty.

You also cannot kick one of the most outspoken pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty candidates out of caucus and not expect a severe backlash from people who hold these values.

When CitizenGO sent out surveys to candidates of the Conservative leadership race last year, Derek Sloan was the only candidate to respond with a full endorsement of the values we surveyed him on.

O’Toole may not be as left-wing as our Prime Minister, but when he says that people like Derek Sloan are not welcome in the Conservative Party, I cannot help but feel he’s attacking the values of CitizenGO and our supporters.

Please sign to stand with Derek Sloan: Erin O’Toole must rectify this poor decision that he initiated. He must allow Derek Sloan back into the Conservative caucus and be transparent about who all voted to kick out Sloan in the first place.

Thanks for all you do,

James Schadenberg and the entire CitizenGO Team

P.S. Remember, if it weren’t for social conservatives, Erin O’Toole would’ve lost to Peter MacKay. Social conservatives are necessary for the success of the Conservative Party and its leader. We must demand to be respected.

More information:

Controversial MP Derek Sloan ejected from Conservative caucus (CTV News)

“This is ridiculous,” Derek Sloan refuses to leave CPC without a fight

“This is ridiculous,” Derek Sloan refuses to leave CPC without a fight

By True North Wire – January 19, 2021 Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin ReddIt

Conservative MP Derek Sloan says he will fight efforts by Erin O’Toole to kick him out of caucus.

“If I am guilty of something, they are guilty of something. This is ridiculous,” Sloan said in a Facebook video on Monday.

“I’m not going to go down without a fight.”

On Monday, O’Toole said he has begun the process of removing Sloan from caucus after it was revealed that Sloan’s leadership campaign received a donation from known white supremacist Paul Fromm. 

“Racism is a disease of the soul, repugnant to our core values. It has no place in our country. It has no place in the Conservative Party of Canada. I won’t tolerate it,” O’Toole said in his statement.

However, the MP for Hastings – Lennox and Addington is accusing the party of hypocrisy. 

According to Sloan, Fromm was a party member and voted in the party’s recent leadership contest — something that would have been known to all leadership candidates, including O’Toole, and party headquarters as well. 

In a statement on Twitter, Sloan says he was unaware of this donation and that nobody made any effort to contact him.

“His donation was processed without either my campaign or the CPC realizing who had made the donation,” said Sloan.

“The Party must check each donor to ensure they have not exceeded the maximum, I did not hear from them, ever, on this matter.”

Sloan said it’s absurd to expect that any politician to be familiar with the names of every single one of their donors. Fromm’s donation of $131 was one of 13,000 donations to Sloan’s leadership campaign. 

Leadership campaign donations are processed by both the campaign staff and the Party. 

Under the Reform Act, O’Toole can initiate a vote within the party to remove a member of caucus should they lose the confidence of the party.

FROMM GATE: Conservative Party Accepted Fromm’s Membership Application, Mailed Him Leadership Race Ballot, Accepted Returned Ballot Says Sloan

Conservative Party Accepted Fromm’s Membership Application, Mailed Him Leadership Race Ballot, Accepted Returned Ballot Says Sloan

NewsSpencerFernandoJanuary 18, 20210

How can they justify booting Sloan when it appears responsibility actually rests with the central party.

With Conservative leader Erin O’Toole pushing to remove Derek Sloan on a weak pretext, Sloan is pushing back.

In a letter shared online, Sloan went through the chain of events.

He also made some quite interesting points, including saying that the Conservative Party of Canada approved Paul Fromm’s (going under the name Frederick P Fromm) application to be a party member, mailed him a leadership race ballot, and accepted his ballot when it was returned.

As Sloan notes, “Therefore the Party, and the O’Toole campaign, failed to uphold the same standards to which they are now applying to me.”

He also points out that even after O’Toole said he would investigate what happened, he never even contacted Sloan.

You can read Sloan’s full letter below:


Call to Action to Defend Freethinking Immigration Critic Derek Sloan from Expulsion for Criticizing Theresa Tam

Conservative Party Pressured to Expel Derek Sloan from the Caucus It seems that the left-wing media and some anti-life extremist conservative MPs, such as Michelle Rempel (Calgary Nose Hill), are pressuring the Conservative Party to remove MP Derek Sloan as a Conservative leadership candidate because of his criticism of the questionable actions of Dr. Teresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer.
Below is an email distributed yesterday by Campaign Life Coalition that discusses this matter. It should be read immediately and acted upon.

The left wing in this country, consisting primarily of liberal journalists in the media but even some red tory “progressives” within the Conservative Party like MP Michelle Rempel, is trying to pressure Andrew Scheer into expelling pro-life MP Derek Sloan from the Conservative caucus.   
And they are succeeding.
The media has been foaming at the mouth with fake outrage at their own false accusation that the socially conservative Sloan was “racist” for criticizing Justin Trudeau’s top health care bureaucrat, Dr. Theresa Tam, who happens to be of Asian descent, over her bungling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr. Tam gave unsound and likely, lethal medical advice that may have caused the deaths of many Canadians. She parroted the talking points of the Chinese Communist Government-controlled World Health Organization (WHO), where Tam, not so coincidentally, also works in a top leadership position.
Trudeau’s “top doctor” – as the media likes to call the bureaucrat – actually:Discouraged Canadians from wearing face masks, saying that they don’t work;Advised Justin Trudeau not to shut down air travel from COVID-19 hot spots, including from Wuhan, China, were the virus originated;Repeated the false WHO claim that the virus was NOT contagious if people are not showing symptoms (it is)Covered up the Chinese state dictatorship’s lies and underreporting with respect to infections in that countryAt first, Andrew Scheer brushed off media suggestions that Sloan should be ejected from the Conservative Party caucus and blocked from continuing to run as a Leadership candidate, saying that he would not comment on Sloan’s critique of Tam. He said he’d leave it up to the party membership to decide who they wanted as the new Leader.  Good for Andrew, so we thought.
But after a few days of intense hounding by journalists, Scheer finally cracked, and on Monday April 27th he held a press conference in which he condemned Sloan’s perfectly appropriate criticism of Tam’s incompetence and blind adherence to scientifically unsound WHO propaganda. 
In the press conference, Scheer refused to say whether or not he would expel Derek Sloan.  CLC has been around the block enough times to know that means that expelling the pro-life, pro-family MP is definitely in discussion by Scheer and the Party.
And when one combines Scheer’s refusal to say he would not expel Sloan, together with LEOC’s shameful track record of disqualifying social conservative leadership candidates, first Richard Decarie and then Jim Karahalios, we are certain that is the direction that Scheer and the corrupt red Tory establishment is wanting to go.
If you’re a Conservative Party member or supporter, and you happen to have a Conservative MP representing your riding, please email and call your local MP and demand that they defend Sloan against any effort to either disqualify him from the Leadership race or to expel him from caucus. 
Find your local MP by entering your postal code here. Or even better, contact all 35 of the federal Conservative MPs for Ontario listed below. His Ontario caucus mates are in the best position to defend him.
RidingNameEmailPhoneAurora – Oak Ridges – Richmond HillMP Leona AlleslevLeona.Alleslev@parl.gc.ca905-773-8358Barrie – InnisfilMP John BrassardJohn.Brassard@parl.gc.ca705-726-5959Barrie – Springwater – Oro-MedonteMP Doug ShipleyDoug.Shipley@parl.gc.ca705-728-2596Brantford – BrantMP Phil McColemanphil.mccoleman@parl.gc.ca519-754-4300Bruce – Grey – Owen SoundMP Alex RuffAlex.Ruff@parl.gc.ca519-371-1059CarletonMP Pierre 692-3331Chatham-Kent – LeamingtonMP Dave EppDave.Epp@parl.gc.ca519-326-9655Dufferin – CaledonMP Kyle 499-3678DurhamMP Erin O’TooleErin.OToole@parl.gc.ca905-697-1699Elgin – Middlesex – LondonMP Karen VecchioKaren.Vecchio@parl.gc.ca519-637-2255EssexMP Christopher LewisChris.Lewis@parl.gc.ca519-776-4700Flamborough – GlanbrookMP David Sweetdavid.sweet@parl.gc.ca905-574-0474Haldimand – NorfolkMP Diane Finleydiane.finley@parl.gc.ca1-866-496-3400Haliburton – Kawartha Lakes – BrockMP Jamie SchmaleJamie.Schmale@parl.gc.ca705-324-2400Huron – BruceMP Ben Lobbben.lobb@parl.gc.ca519-524-6560KenoraMP Eric MelilloEric.Melillo@parl.gc.ca807-468-2170Lambton – Kent – MiddlesexMP Lianne 871-9773Lanark – Frontenac – KingstonMP Scott Reidscott.reid@parl.gc.ca613-257-8130Leeds – Grenville – Thousand Islands and Rideau LakesMP Michael BarrettMichael.Barrett@parl.gc.ca613-498-3096Markham – UnionvilleMP Bob SaroyaBob.Saroya@parl.gc.ca905-470-2024Niagara FallsMP Tony BaldinelliTony.Baldinelli@parl.gc.ca905-353-9590Niagara WestMP Dean Allisondean.allison@parl.gc.ca905-563-7900Northumberland – Peterborough SouthMP Philip LawrencePhilip.Lawrence@parl.gc.ca905-372-8757OshawaMP Colin Carriecolin.carrie@parl.gc.ca905-440-4868OxfordMP David Mackenziedave.mackenzie@parl.gc.ca519-421-7214Parry Sound – MuskokaMP Scott AitchisonScott.Aitchison@parl.gc.ca705-788-4406Perth – WellingtonMP John NaterJohn.Nater@parl.gc.ca519-273-1400Renfrew – Nipissing – PembrokeMP Cheryl Gallantcheryl.gallant@parl.gc.ca613-732-4404Sarnia – LambtonMP Marilyn GladuMarilyn.Gladu@parl.gc.ca519-383-6600Simcoe – GreyMP Terry  DowdallTerry.Dowdall@parl.gc.ca705-435-1809Simcoe NorthMP Bruce 527-7654Stormont – Dundas – South GlengarryMP Eric DuncanEric.Duncan@parl.gc.ca613-937-3331ThornhillMP Peter Kentpeter.kent@parl.gc.ca905-886-9911Wellington – Halton HillsMP Michael Chongmichael.chong@parl.gc.ca519-843-7344York – SimcoeMP Scot DavidsonScot.Davidson@parl.gc.ca905-898-1600
To be doubly-sure that you’re lobbying all the right people who may have the power to decide on Derek’s fate, please also email the Conservative Party’s National Council Committee members, and tell them you support Derek Sloan and that they must not pull another disqualification trick like they did on Decarie and Karahalios:
National CouncillorEmailJurisdictionMr. Scott Lambscottlamb@conservative.caPresidentMs. Shir Barzshirbarzilay@conservative.caOntarioMr. Simon Chapellesimonchapelle@conservative.caOntarioMr. Mathijs Van Gaalenmatthijsvangaalen@conservative.caOntarioMr. Bert Chenbert@bertchen.caOntarioMr. Wayne Bensonwaynebenson@conservative.caManitobaMr. Emile Mercieremilemercier@conservative.caQuebecMs. Valerie Assoulinevalerieassouline@conservateur.caQuebecMr. Jimmy Yujimmyyu@conservative.caQuebecMs. Marilyn Elliottmarilynelliott@conservative.caAlbertaMr. Steven Dollanskystevendollansky@conservative.caAlbertaMr. Barry Firbybarryfirby@conservative.caSaskatchewanMr. Robert Bathersonrobertbatherson@conservative.caNova ScotiaMr. Kevin Pricekevinprice@conservative.caNew BrunswickMr. Don Nightingaledonnightingale@conservative.caBritish ColumbiaMs. Sylvia Poiriersylviapoirier@conservative.caPrince Edward IslandMr. Karl Sullivankarlsullivan@conservative.caNewfoundlandMr. David Connellydavidconnelly@conservative.caNorthwest TerritoriesMr. Ted Lakingtedlaking@conservative.caYukon

We cannot allow the party establishment swamp to eliminate a third, socially conservative Leadership candidate! Therefore, I thank you for being pro-active in pre-empting that from happening. For life, family and freedom,

Jeff Gunnarson
National President
Campaign Life Coalition

Tory Leadership Candidate Derek Sloan Has Some Goood Free Speech Planks in Is Platform

Derek Sloan: Conservative. No Apology.


Today is Earth Day. More than just Earth Day, it’s the 50th Anniversary of the very first Earth Day.

That means that environmentalists, celebrities, and especially environmentalist celebrities, are celebrating by scolding the rest of us for living on the Earth and for not being as virtuous as they are.

And make no mistake, if you’re not on board with their radical, leftist, anti-life, unscientific climate-alarmist, ideological agenda, approved with great enthusiasm by the UN—and the WHO—you are not as virtuous as they are. Or so they say.

You’ll hear them screaming the same things this year that they said last year, and you’ll hear them say those things again next year. You can’t say they aren’t committed to recycling.

I, too, am celebrating Earth Day today, albeit in a slightly different manner.

I’m celebrating Earth Day by recognizing the wonderful countries that make up this earth, especially the country of Canada! I celebrate by proudly standing for Canadian sovereignty. As Prime Minister:

  1. I will get Canada out of the UN Migration Compact;
  2. I will oppose any legislation that enshrines the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) into Canadian law;
  3. I will stop Canada’s funding of the World Health Organization (WHO);
  4. I will stop Canada’s funding of international abortions; and
  5. I will revoke Canada’s signature from the Paris Agreement (of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) and will repeal the federal carbon tax, which is meant to fulfill Canada’s “obligations” under this agreement.

I am also celebrating Earth Day by recognizing the families that make up our beloved Canada (and every other country on Earth) and the integrity of the invincible family unit, always besieged by corrosive leftist social ideas. The family is the irreplaceable fundamental building block of every free society. As Prime Minister:

  1. I will encourage a debate on abortion in Parliament and vote for whatever measures will help protect the unborn;
  2. I will always support human life, especially against those who push agendas of forced population control;
  3. I will always work to maintain the integrity of the Canadian family and the right of parents to make decisions about how their children are raised and educated, against the forces of state overreach into their children’s lives;
  4. I will oppose and repeal any legislation that prohibits so-called “conversion therapy”; that is, I will oppose and repeal any legislation that interferes with parental rights when it comes to protecting children from unscrupulous efforts of certain forces bent on changing the “gender” of our children.

Finally, I am celebrating Earth Day by standing up for freedom in our country and in our party. As Prime Minister:

  1. I will immediately repeal the “pro-gender ideology, anti-free speech” Bill C-16 because Canadians value free speech, not forced speech, and we recognize the fabrication and junk science that underpins this left-wing “gender ideology”;
  2. I will oppose left-wing, anti-free speech initiatives such as motion M-103, which contain the seeds of eventual “blasphemy laws”, laws that are not compatible with a free and democratic society; and
  3. I will continue to fight against the “cancel culture” in Canada, and within the Conservative Party itself. Our very own Red Tory, “Liberal Lite” faction, at every level of the party, continues to eliminate those who espouse views they find objectionable. This anti-democratic, leftist, elite persecution of the conservative grassroots must end.

Earth Day is far too important to be left exclusively to those who love the planet but hate the wonderful human beings who live here.

Do you agree, Frederick?

Vote now!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Be fruitful and multiply!

And please be careful! Wear a mask when in public until we are through this COVID-19 pandemic.


Derek Sloan's signature

Derek Sloan Member of Parliament