“Anti-Racist” Free Speech Haters Cancel A Venue for a Christine Anderson Talk in Ottawa

German MEP Christine Anderson Forced To Find New Venue For Ottawa Stop

The event is scheduled to take place tonight at a new venue. Management has not responded to requests for comment. Posted on November 29, 2023

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Christine Anderson and Eva Vlaardingerbroek pictured together on the promotional poster for the Make It Your Business North American Tour. Source: Trinity Productions

A member of the European Parliament for a far-right political party is attempting to move ahead with a speaking date in Ottawa tonight after one capital city venue cancelled the booking following pressure from local activists.

Christine Anderson, an MEP with Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative For Germany – AfD), has already appeared in Vancouver and Winnipeg. The final planned Canadian stop on the tour is in Ottawa on Wednesday. 

According to a social media post by the organizers, the event is now taking place at the Preston Event Centre, in Ottawa’s Little Italy neighbourhood. 

Anderson has brought Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a far-right political pundit, with her for each Canadian appearance, as well as a number of local speakers for each stop.

The locations of Anderson’s events are not revealed to ticket holders until two days before they are scheduled. 

Initially planned to take place at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre, an email shared by Tammy Peterson on Twitter — the wife of Jordan Peterson — purports to show an email from the venue cancelling the event. The post was reshared by two of the founders of Trinity Productions, the organizer of this and previous talks by Anderson. 

“At the time of your booking, there was no disclosure to OCEC of the nature of the event Trinity Productions intended to hold at our conference centre,” the email read. “Today it has been brought to our attention that your event features two speakers, Christine Anderson and Eva Vlaardingerbroek commonly associated with hate speech and beliefs that are antithetical and completely unwelcome to OCEC, its management, employees and others who use our conference and event centre.”

OCEC did not respond immediately to a request for comment. 

A post by Ottawa antifascist activist Joe Morin shows an email he received from the venue thanking the Ottawa community for informing the venue about the people involved and that they were unaware when the event was scheduled.

“This booking has been cancelled,” the response reads.

Dubbed Christine Anderson’s Make It Your Business North American Tour, it does include a single stop in New Jersey, the only US date scheduled. 

“I think in one way it’s a victory in terms of making them scramble to find something last minute,” Sam Hersh, a member of the advocacy group Community Solidarity Ottawa told the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. “Of course, it’s disappointing to know that, especially where we live, there’s a business that is willing to take this [event] on. I think the fact that this particular place, Preston Event Centre, agreed to take this on so last minute, says a lot about what I think their values and principles are.”

Before leaving the capital, Anderson will also be appearing on Parliament Hill at 10 pm on Thursday to speak and participate in a march to Confederation Park. 

Hersh adds that he would like to see local politicians raise the issue of events like the one featuring Anderson and Vlaardingerbroek.

“It would be great to see them take leadership,” he said. “We need to start seeing these folks materially support efforts to stop these types of things from happening.”

A follow-up to February’s What Would Christine Anderson Do tour and a shorter spate of speaking engagements in Southern Ontario in June, her previous visits included meeting with Conservative MPs Colin Carrie, Dean Allison and Leslyn Lewis. In response, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre issued a statement calling Anderson’s views “vile” and do not have a place in Canadian politics. 

“Frankly, it would be better if Anderson never visited Canada in the first place. She and her racist, hateful views are not welcome here,” the statement said, according to the CBC.

The Ottawa stop will be the largest lineup on the tour with six speakers besides Anderson and Vlaardingerbroek. Among those scheduled to appear is Josh Alexander, who appeared on Anderson’s last tour. During his previous appearance, she not only endorsed the young activist but literally embraced him. Alexander has organized a series of anti-2SLGBTQ+ protests, some of them in front of schools, after being suspended from a school in an Ontario Catholic board for what he says are his religious beliefs.

A parent of a transgender student at the school told City News that Alexander had been suspended for harassing her child. 

“You know what guys, this is what we need,” Anderson said from the stage before hugging the 17-year-old. “Young people standing up for what they believe in.”

Maxime Bernier Celebrates Huge Success of the 1 Million March 4 ChildrenThe line in the sand has been drawn

Maxime Bernier Celebrates Huge Success of the 1 Million March 4 ChildrenThe line in the sand has been drawn

This week’s protests against radical gender ideology were an amazing success!

Far left extremists can try and transform our society, but indoctrinating our children crosses a line.

On Wednesday, the 1 Million March 4 Children saw tens of thousands of concerned Canadians take to the streets in cities across the country!

Canadians of every religion, background, and age proudly marched together. Chants of “no more silence” and “leave the kids alone” echoed through the streets.

I was in Ottawa where the turnout was amazing! 10 thousand people by my estimate. By far the biggest protest we’ve seen since the Freedom Convoy.

The protest in Toronto saw a similar turnout, and the support for the PPC was obvious!

And that was just the tip of the iceberg! Thousands more came out in Saskatoon, Vancouver, Halifax Montreal, and many more cities from coast to coast!

It was a beautiful day that helped restore my faith in Canada. But that was just the start of the week!

On Friday, I joined my friends Josh Alexander and Billboard Chris in Toronto for their second Education Over Indoctrination protest.

Hundreds showed up to continue to push back against radical gender ideology, far outnumbering violent ANTIFA counter-protestors.

As the lunch bell rang, students poured out of school and joined in our protest, it was beautiful to see!

A common question at both protests was: Where is Pierre Poilievre?

Despite his grassroots supporters passing a resolution rejecting gender ideology at the CPC policy convention just weeks earlier, Poilievre refused to support or even acknowledge these important protests.

In fact, he issued a memo to all of his MPs requiring them not to speak to the media or even post on social media about either of the protests!

The truth is, Poilievre does not want to speak about this issue.

He does not care about what the organizers and volunteers in his party want.

He does not care about the overwhelming grassroots movements growing.

He does not care about doing what is right.

He only cares about one thing: power, and his out-of-touch leadership team is too afraid of losing support from leftists in big cities or smears from the mainstream media to take a stand on this issue.

He won’t take any risk to defend parents and children.

He will continue to do the bare minimum on this issue, saying as little as possible and only when forced to.

But do you trust him to do anything about it if he were to win power?

I sure don’t.

I have been speaking out against radical gender ideology for years now, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Not until the medical transition of minors is made illegal!

This is the biggest child abuse scandal in our nation’s history. The mainstreaming of gender ideology is having a profound impact on a generation of children, the full impact of which we won’t know for years to come.

I will continue to defend the rights of parents and the innocence of children.

I don’t care what the media says about me. I don’t care what downtown Toronto leftists think of me.

This is the right thing to do and it is a battle I will fight until the end.

A society that doesn’t protect the innocence of children is lost.


Maxime Bernier

More Persecution of Traditional Christians: Josh Alexander’s Parents Suspended from School Jobs http://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=8770


Josh Alexander says his parents have been suspended from their Ontario school board jobs

‘My parents are under attack simply for having raised me. They couldn’t get to me so they’ve attacked my family.’ Featured Image Josh Alexander / Twitter


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Tue May 9, 2023 – 2:13 pm EDT Listen to this article 0:00 / 4:12 BeyondWords

RENFREW COUNTY, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian Catholic high school student Josh Alexander has said that his parents have been suspended from their jobs with an Ontario school board and are under investigation, something he suspects is in retaliation to his outspokenness against gender ideology. 

On Monday, Alexander posted a tweet disclosing that his parents are “under attack,” following his own suspension last year from school after asserting that God made only two genders: male and female.  

“I have been informed that both my mother and father have been put on leave and removed from the classroom,” he wrote. “My parents are under attack simply for having raised me. They couldn’t get to me so they’ve attacked my family.” 

In a recent interview, Alexander gave more information saying, “This morning I found out that my mom has been put under investigation and removed from the classroom indefinitely.“

According to Alexander, his father had been removed from work two weeks earlier and is likewise “under investigation,” although it is unclear exactly for what reason his parents are being investigated. Alexander believes his parents are being attacked “simply because they’re my parents.” 

“I’m a young man; I’m ready to face the consequences of my actions,” he continued. “I just really wish it was me facing those consequences. I mean they arrested me; they put me in cuffs in the back of a cruiser a couple of times, but I don’t care. I’m still fighting and that’s not going to discourage me.” 

“But it’s just wrong that my family has to pay the price for that just simply because I said that God made male and female in my classroom,” Alexander said, adding, “And the consequences have been fairly significant up to this point.”   

LifeSiteNews reached out to Alexander to acquire more information about the alleged situation, but has yet to receive a reply. — Article continues below Petition — Stand with Josh Alexander against school that allows boys to use girls’ bathrooms   Show Petition Text 18959 have signed the petition.Let’s get to 20000! Add your signature: Keep me updated via email on this petition and related issues.

Alexander continues to charge against LGBT activism in schools

Despite being suspended from school indefinitely for his defense of Christian teaching against LGBT ideology, Alexander continues to rally support for his cause. 

On May 17, an “I Stand with Josh Alexander” international walkout protest in support of Alexander will be held across North America, as announced by Liberty Coalition Canada (LCC). The event will be held at 10 a.m. in the local time zones.  

Roughly three weeks ago, Alexander officially filed a human rights complaint against his Catholic school board, claiming his “creed” beliefs have been discriminated against.  

LCC attorney James Kitchen said that, “Kicking Josh out of school for expressing his Christian beliefs regarding sexuality and gender is unlawful religious discrimination.”  

Alexander told LifeSiteNews last month that, in accordance with Christianity and the Bible, he believes that there are only two sexes and that this is a reality worth defending.  

In March, LifeSiteNews reported that the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board claimed that barring Alexander from class is a “human rights” issue because gender-confused males have a “right” to use girls’ bathrooms.  

While Alexander was first suspended and banned from attending classes at St. Joseph’s High School in Renfrew, Ontario, last November, the crusade against the young man really began to heat up on February 6 of this year, when Alexander was arrested and charged outside his school’s building for trying to attend class. 

His arrest came after the school had issued him a trespass notice  following his indefinite suspension, warning him that he would be criminally charged if he attempted to attend class. 

Catholic school student arrested in Canada for saying men and women are different

Catholic school student arrested in Canada for saying men and women are different

By Mike on • ( Leave a comment )

STOP PRESS ~ BREAKING: Police in the Canadian province of Ontario has arrested and detained a student at a local Catholic school, Josh Alexander, who had previously come into conflict with the school administration because of his Christian beliefs. 

As Alexander himself said in an interview with the channel, during a discussion at school, he said that men and women are different, and he was forthwith forbidden to appear on the territory of the educational institution, and when he tried to come to classes, the school staff handed him over to the state police. 

The high school student did not rule out that, because of his views, he would not be able to get a secondary education in the end. Few Americans are interested in Canada – even if this country suddenly takes and disappears, we will not report about it even on the evening news. But we are still monitoring the situation in Canada – and all because we are amazed at how quickly such a good country turned into a totalitarian state. Shouldn’t we take some lessons from this?

And here’s an example for you: in Canada, a high school student was arrested for saying that men and women are different. The student’s name is Josh Alexander, and he attended St. Joseph’s High School, a Catholic school located in Renfrew, Ontario, but was banned from the school grounds for claiming that God created only two genders. The statement is understandable: it, in general, corresponds to Christian teaching, and to common sense too. And when the student nevertheless came to class, he was detained by the police – you can watch how this happened on your screens. 

Well, it seemed to us that it would be good to talk with him – therefore, Josh Alexander himself and his lawyer James Kitchen get in touch with us. Thank you both for visiting us. Josh, the first question for you, were you arrested for walking into a Catholic school after claiming that men and women are different? Are we exaggerating anything?

JOSH ALEXANDER, high school student: No, you’re not exaggerating – that’s exactly what happened. However, this point has been reached in several stages. Several female students from our school complained to me, confessing that they were worried about the fact that male students came into their bathroom. 

This question eventually grew into an intra-school discussion, and I decided to stand my ground in it, and to reinforce this point of view, I used quotations from the Holy Scriptures. Then I was forbidden to appear in the school building until the end of the school year – and when I tried to come to class, I was detained, and charging me.

Did you remind yourself that your school is Christian, and your thought is one of the ideas underlying Christianity since it is contained in the main book for this religion, which some also call the Bible?

JOSH ALEXANDER: Of course. I even tried to discuss it with the school administration, but they refused to talk to me.

Mr Kitchen – by the way, please accept my regrets about what happened to your, in my opinion, beautiful country – but what legal means can you resort to in Canada in this case?

JAMES KITCHEN, lawyer: Of course, we have a limited arsenal, since our country has a much weaker constitution, and besides, there is much less piety in relation to the personal rights and freedoms of citizens, both from a legal and cultural point of view and the government is much more interested in doing whatever he pleases. And yet, in this case, we have the opportunity to appeal to the Ontario Commission on Human Rights: we believe that there was religious discrimination against Josh’s Christian beliefs, and in this regard, we will file a complaint with the commission. In addition, there is an option to act directly through the School Board to challenge relevant disciplinary actions, and we hope to explore this option as well.

What happens – your country was captured by the son of Fidel Castro, and it suddenly turned into Cuba? Simply amazing. Josh, I’ll quickly ask you: the police officers who detained you, a high school student, for quoting the Bible on the territory of a Christian school, must have been ashamed of what they are doing – at least I hope they are. Did they look embarrassed?

JOSH ALEXANDER: I wouldn’t say that. In recent years, I have repeatedly had to come into close contact with the police – at the “Convoy of Freedom” and other actions of this kind – and I can say that the police in our country are in a rather shameful state. So, in my case, they acted as usual. Will you continue your studies at school?

 JOSH ALEXANDER: I will certainly try to continue it – I hope my personal beliefs do not deprive me of the opportunity to get an education. But it looks like that is exactly what will happen.

Just an ugly story. Hope you both stay on the air. Thank you! Josh Alexander and James Kitchen were with us.

Donate: It is the generosity of our supporters and members that makes our vital work possible. As the storm clouds of crisis and the pain of injustice and persecution loom over our people, the potential and importance of our work grows day-by-day. There is no George Soros figure out there for nationalists, so we can only do what good people like you help us to do. Thank you for your faith and your generous commitment: contact Michael Walsh euroman_uk@yahoo.co.uk

MIKE WALSH is a journalist, broadcaster and the author of LIFE IN THE REICH, MY LAST TESTAMENT – LET GOD JUDGE ME, HEROES HANG WHEN TRAITORS TRIUMPH, and other book titles. These best-selling books are essential for the libraries of informed readers.

Catholic School Suspends Teen For Stating God Created Two Genders And Protesting Against Transgender Students Using Girls’ Bathrooms

Catholic School Suspends Teen For Stating God Created Two Genders And Protesting Against Transgender Students Using Girls’ Bathrooms

Western societies today, telling the truth regarding human biology can have detrimental consequences. A so-called Catholic School suspended a conservative Canadian teenager named Josh Alexander for the remainder of the school year because he refused to abandon his correct beliefs on gender and for standing up for girls uncomfortable with biological males in their restrooms.

No one should be surprised this happened in Canada, either. The country is led by a globalist authoritarian who has declared war on both people of faith and conservatives.

Alexander, 16, was first suspended back in November by St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario after organizing a demonstration against transgender students using girls’ restrooms. He said he launched the protest because two girls expressed their discomfort to him over biological males in their washrooms.

Alexander made clear to school officials he had no intention of starting conflicts with transgender students but simply wanted the freedom to express his views. The school, however, rendered their final judgment that Alexander’s mere attendance on school campus would damage the “well-being” of transgender students.

The school refused to consider the well-being of female students forced to share bathrooms with boys.

Here is the story from The Epoch Times:

Josh Alexander, 16, is not allowed to attend school for the rest of the year after saying he would continue to express his belief that God created only two genders. The school told him his presence would be “detrimental to the physical and mental well-being” of transgender students, Alexander told The Epoch Times.

He told St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario, he would not intentionally engage or start conflicts with transgender students, but he would continue to express his belief. He and his lawyer are bringing this matter to an Ontario human rights tribunal, calling it religious discrimination.

“Offence is obviously defined by the offended. I expressed my religious beliefs in class and it spiraled out of control,” Alexander said. “Not everybody’s going to like that. That doesn’t make me a bully. It doesn’t mean I’m harassing anybody. They express their beliefs and I express mine. Mine obviously don’t fit the narrative.”

He hasn’t attended school since November, when he was first suspended. He had organized a protest against transgender students using the girls’ washrooms. Alexander said he launched the demonstration after two girls at his school confided in him that they were uncomfortable sharing bathrooms with biological males.

He had also said in class discussions that there are only two, immutable genders.

When his suspension was lifted the beginning of January, he was instead “excluded” by the principal, which has the same effect as suspension but is considered non-disciplinary. He was told this week that he will be excluded for the rest of the school year, and he’s not sure if that will end up extending into the next school year as well.

Alexander’s lawyer, James Kitchen, told The Epoch Times the school has characterized Alexander’s actions as “bullying.”