Tory Leadership Candidate Derek Sloan Has Some Goood Free Speech Planks in Is Platform

Derek Sloan: Conservative. No Apology.


Today is Earth Day. More than just Earth Day, it’s the 50th Anniversary of the very first Earth Day.

That means that environmentalists, celebrities, and especially environmentalist celebrities, are celebrating by scolding the rest of us for living on the Earth and for not being as virtuous as they are.

And make no mistake, if you’re not on board with their radical, leftist, anti-life, unscientific climate-alarmist, ideological agenda, approved with great enthusiasm by the UN—and the WHO—you are not as virtuous as they are. Or so they say.

You’ll hear them screaming the same things this year that they said last year, and you’ll hear them say those things again next year. You can’t say they aren’t committed to recycling.

I, too, am celebrating Earth Day today, albeit in a slightly different manner.

I’m celebrating Earth Day by recognizing the wonderful countries that make up this earth, especially the country of Canada! I celebrate by proudly standing for Canadian sovereignty. As Prime Minister:

  1. I will get Canada out of the UN Migration Compact;
  2. I will oppose any legislation that enshrines the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) into Canadian law;
  3. I will stop Canada’s funding of the World Health Organization (WHO);
  4. I will stop Canada’s funding of international abortions; and
  5. I will revoke Canada’s signature from the Paris Agreement (of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) and will repeal the federal carbon tax, which is meant to fulfill Canada’s “obligations” under this agreement.

I am also celebrating Earth Day by recognizing the families that make up our beloved Canada (and every other country on Earth) and the integrity of the invincible family unit, always besieged by corrosive leftist social ideas. The family is the irreplaceable fundamental building block of every free society. As Prime Minister:

  1. I will encourage a debate on abortion in Parliament and vote for whatever measures will help protect the unborn;
  2. I will always support human life, especially against those who push agendas of forced population control;
  3. I will always work to maintain the integrity of the Canadian family and the right of parents to make decisions about how their children are raised and educated, against the forces of state overreach into their children’s lives;
  4. I will oppose and repeal any legislation that prohibits so-called “conversion therapy”; that is, I will oppose and repeal any legislation that interferes with parental rights when it comes to protecting children from unscrupulous efforts of certain forces bent on changing the “gender” of our children.

Finally, I am celebrating Earth Day by standing up for freedom in our country and in our party. As Prime Minister:

  1. I will immediately repeal the “pro-gender ideology, anti-free speech” Bill C-16 because Canadians value free speech, not forced speech, and we recognize the fabrication and junk science that underpins this left-wing “gender ideology”;
  2. I will oppose left-wing, anti-free speech initiatives such as motion M-103, which contain the seeds of eventual “blasphemy laws”, laws that are not compatible with a free and democratic society; and
  3. I will continue to fight against the “cancel culture” in Canada, and within the Conservative Party itself. Our very own Red Tory, “Liberal Lite” faction, at every level of the party, continues to eliminate those who espouse views they find objectionable. This anti-democratic, leftist, elite persecution of the conservative grassroots must end.

Earth Day is far too important to be left exclusively to those who love the planet but hate the wonderful human beings who live here.

Do you agree, Frederick?

Vote now!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Be fruitful and multiply!

And please be careful! Wear a mask when in public until we are through this COVID-19 pandemic.


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