Former Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer, President of Truth & Justice for Germans, Defends Florida Principal

High School Principal Fired over noncommittal answer about holocaust – open letter

What follows is an open letter from the Truth and Justice for Germans Society to board and staff members of Spanish River High, a school in Boca Raton, Florida which serves a large Jewish population. William Latson was the principal of that school before he was fired, re-instated but fired again because he replied to a parent in 2018 that he could not confirm whether the Holocaust really happened.

Here is a link to an article in the South Florida Sun Sentinal, for background on the story.

The Letter

2021, January 5

To School Board and Faculty, Spanish River High, Florida,

They say that TRUTH is the first casualty in war. Wars have often been triggered and fought on the basis of deceptions. It is, therefore, not unreasonable to expect that the history books about those wars also contain some truths, some half-truths and some lies and deceptions. Victors write the history books. Even the grade school teachers talk about that from time to time. When they tell us that the victors write the history books, they are not just talking about the choice of font with which they write the story.

We, at the Truth and Justice for Germans Society, are appalled about the case of William Latson having been terminated from his job as school principal, simply because he could not confirm the holocaust story. It must be noted that he did not deny it either. Apparently, for the Jewish community, this neutral stance is a serious enough crime to have this school principal fired.

What other event in history is so untouchable, that even a neutral stance on it will have a teacher dismissed for saying they cannot confirm that it happened? There is none. Why is this holocaust story so sacrosanct that there cannot be any discussion, debate, questioning, and now there cannot even be a noncommittal answer to the question?

For your edification, let us just examine one aspect of the official story, to put this story into perspective.

The 6 million number.

At Auschwitz, the main “extermination” camp according to the official narrative, there was a plaque which said 4 million died at the hands of the “NAZI MURDERERS” between 1940 and 1945.

That plaque was later replaced with this one, which lowered the number significantly.

Just as the 4 million figure was made up, the 1.5 million figure was also made up. According to the records the approximate number that died was 100,000, more Roman Catholics than Jews. Contrary to the popular story that the “Nazis” destroyed written records, that is not true. The Soviets seized the “Death Books” from Auschwitz at the end of the war, and these were released 45 years later following glasnost. Detailed records were kept for every prisoner that died, including Doctor-signed death certificates.

Let us look at the records for another of the “notorious” concentration camps. Here are the numbers, down-graded over time, for Majdanek.

Despite the changes to the official numbers killed at Auschwitz and Majdanek, amounting to a reduction of 2.5 + 1.9 = 4.4 million, the 6 million figure for the number of Jewish victims has not budged.


The changing numbers and mathematical impossibilities constitutes just one aspect of the problematic nature of the holocaust story. The official narrative is also not backed up by the physical, chemical, topographical, architectural and documentary evidence. I encourage you to visit or for more information.

Even if none of you individually wish to further educate yourselves on this topic, please consider the fact that when a teacher or principal of a school says that they cannot confirm a historical narrative, that leaves space for the student to think for themselves, to pursue information and seek answers on their own.

Here are some ideas for the curriculum: they could be taught that the “holocaust” is a controversial topic, and that many people have gone to jail for questioning the official narrative. They could be taught that evidence is illegal [see this article for example] in some “holocaust trials”. They could be taught that the numbers of “holocaust survivors” keep going up instead of down as might be expected over time. They could be taught about methods of social control, such as Ritual Defamation, which is applied to anyone who does not go along with “political correctness”, on this topic and many other topics too.

We should be encouraging students to engage in the thoughtful pursuit of knowledge, instead of spoon-feeding or force-feeding them one single narrative – no discussion and no debate allowed – forever more.

Do not bow to the pressure of lobby groups. Please do the right thing and reinstate William Latson into his position, with full backpay and compensation for damages.


Monika Schaefer
President of the Truth and Justice for Germans Society



The new religion of holocaust is an amazing imposition of another group’s tribal history on the West. Western political elites who snear or scoff at Christianity behave like fanatics in their belief and insistence on imposing that belief on their people in the tribal history of another group. One can sneer at Christianity and face no consequences, indeed, even attract much approval. If you express disbelief in Irish tribal history — Cuculain, etc. — you won’t lose your job. However, express doubts about some accounts of what happened to Jews in WW II and unemployment, banning and ostracism quickly follow.


In the July 9 episode of THE ETHNOSTATE, commentators William Johnson, Paul Fromm and Kenn Gividen briefly discussed the story of a Negro Florida principal who told a parent who was demanding more Jewish tribal history of holocaust studies in the curriculum that not everyone believed in the Hollywood version of World War II. Specifically,  Principal William Latson told a parent, ‘I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee,’ adding that ‘not everyone believes the Holocaust happened.'” All hell broke loose. Despite the fact that the shell shocked principal went and spent several days of penance touring the Washington D.C. holocaust museum, he was reassigned.


Host producer Kenn Gividen opined that there should be no sacred cows and that all historical positions can be questioned or debated.

You Tube, enforcing the new religion of holocaust, swiftly deleted even this tiny whiff of heresy.