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Hello my Druthers Brothers & Sisters, my Freedom Family. Just a quick note to send my gratitude & love and to give you an update.

First thing, this month we printed 200,000 copies of Druthers and they are being freely distributed by 100’s of volunteers all over the country! Literally coast to coast. It is so beautiful to watch this magical project unfold as it is. You are all blowing my mind with all the love, support & encouragement you are pouring into Druthers and into sharing honest news & information with our fellow Canadians.


The fact that CBC, CTV, Toronto Star & others have been down talking Druthers indicates they are feeling threatened by the incredibly rapid growth of Druthers. We must keep the pressure on and keep this project growing! We the people ARE the new media and mainstream media is taking notice.


We are aiming to print 300,000 copies in April and your help is very much needed and appreciated. To print and distribute that many papers comes at a cost. And that cost is just 10 cents per paper.

How many dimes are you willing to contribute toward waking up more Canadians?

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Druthers is growing incredibly fast and that is only because of all your continued love & support. Thank you, truly. We are making a difference. Let’s keep it going!!

Big thanks & lots of love,
Shawn Jason & the Druthers Team

The New Intolerance: Social Justice Warriors Shut Down Toronto Eatery

The New Intolerance: Social Justice Warriors Shut Down Toronto Eatery

Have you seen my latest video?

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns, a Toronto Star editor caused the closing of a Toronto eatery because of “cultural appropriation.” 

So much for “we’re all in this together” right?

The Toronto Star’s Evy Kwong went on Twitter to complain about the owner of Ripe Nutrition, a white woman, because she dared to sell food from another culture. 


Have you ever cooked food from another culture? 
Did you ever think you were committing “cultural appropriation?” 
Of course not.

I’m so tired of cancel culture.
This is why True North will never hesitate to call these social justice warriors out – especially when they’re targeting small businesses at a time when so many Canadians are struggling to stay afloat.

Legacy media outlets like the Toronto Star receive thousands of taxpayers’ dollars courtesy of the federal government to pursue their leftist pet causes. 

Unlike the legacy media, True North is not part of the government’s media bailout. We depend on Canadians like you to stand up for the truth and freedom. 
If you’re comfortable doing so, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support True North today.
Thank you,
Lindsay Shepherd Fellow, True North