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Good For Alicia Hirter Who Found A Way Around Ford’s Business-Killing, Job Killing Lockdown: Her barbershop reopens despite provincial lockdown using loophole

Ontario barbershop reopens despite provincial lockdown using loophole

Sean Davidson Multi-Platform Writer, CTV News Toronto

@SeanDavidson_ Contact Published Thursday, January 21, 2021 2:08PM EST Crome Artistic Barber

Owner of Crome Artistic Barber Alicia Hirter is seen cutting a client’s hair on Jan. 21. (Supplied)


TORONTO — An Ontario barbershop has reopened during the provincial lockdown using a loophole that the owner claims allows them to operate legally.

Chrome Artistic Barber in St. Catharines is cutting hair again after they said they revamped their salon to become a production and film studio. 

Owner Alicia Hirter set up cameras, lights and microphones in her shop and said people who come in for haircuts are now auditioning for a part in a future TV show or podcast. 

COVID-19: Toronto Coverage

Under Ontario’s provincial lockdown laws, which came into effect on Dec. 26, film and television productions are allowed to continue operating.

“We’re not offering haircut appointments, we’re offering full auditions,” Hirter told CTV News Toronto on Thursday. 

According to their website, clients can book adult auditions or child auditions. The booking details say the guests will receive a “complete haircut, neck shave, blow-dry and style all while candidly discussing life, its ups and downs and all in between.”

“Auditions will be recorded for intent (if chosen) to later use in a podcast and/or documentary format.”

Hirter said when guests arrive for their appointment, they must sign a talent release form and undergo a COVID-19 screening test. Guests are also required to wash their hands when arriving. 


She said that clients are not required to wear masks while receiving their haircut because the government rules say performers are exempt.

Hirter said she needed to keep her business, which she has operated for 18 years, open because she could not survive another extended closure.

“I’m a single mom, I’m not about to move into low income property with my son,” she said. “As a business owner and a mother, I had to make my own call … I’m not a criminal.” 

She said she’s also furious that big-box stores in the province are allowed to continue operating when her business should have closed.

“You’re telling me Walmart can sell bananas that 17 people have touched but I’m not allowed to operate? It’s morally wrong. You can’t expect us to shut down.”


She said she doesn’t consider the move to stay open a “dirty loophole” and added it “took a lot of preparation and money to get this started.”

In an e-mail to CTV News Toronto, Director of Planning and Building Services for St. Catharine’s Tami Kitay said an investigation has been launched into Chrome Artistic Barbering. 

“We appreciate that these are challenging times; however, businesses that do not comply with the Provincial Orders and Regulations will be investigated and can anticipate consequences,” Kitay said in a statement. 

Niagara Region Public Health told CTV News Toronto they are also aware of the situation and opened an investigation. 

“Our staff are working in close collaboration with our counterparts at the City of St. Catharines and other agencies to ensure we continue to enforce the Provincial Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and the Reopening Ontario Act in a consistent and fair manner.”

Hirter said that while her business has not been shut down, city officials have told her she could soon face charges.

“I will continue to operate,” she said. “I will take the fines.” 

TV Journalist Peter Akman — Latest Victim of Cultural Marxist Thought Police

TV Journalist Peter Akman — Latest Victim of Cultural Marxist Thought Police

A simple joke in a tweet with a picture of his Chinese barber got CTV  journalist Peter Ackman fired. All he said, beside his barber with a surgical mask was: “Hopefully, ALL I got today was a haircut.” That was enough to trigger the Twitter crazies with howls of “racism”. Of course, he quickly apologized for what, it’s hard to know. But it did no good.  Peter Akman no longer has a job. So much for CTV and freedom of speech. Corporate cowardice in defence of basic freedom is corrosive.

Where’s the “racism”? The acknowledged source of Coronavirus is Red China and is tied to an aspect of Chinese culture — the widespread desire for fresh wild meat. the wretched wild animals — bats, monkeys, civet cats, snakes are kept in horrid conditions in markets. cages stacked on top of each other have these terrified, wretched  creatures urinating and defecating on each other. These are facts. Yes, yes. many Chinese do not support such practices. Yes, most Chinese do not have the virus, but, thus far, all the 180 acknowledged deaths and almost all those ill from the virus are in China and, of the four cases thus far in Canada, all four are Chinese who recently flew in from Wuhan. There’s no “racism” here, just facts.

It’s time to take Canada back from the cancel culture fanatics and the “anti-racist” (really, anti-White) wrecking crew and the apostles of Minorityitis, who put the tender feelings of privileged minorities above basic Canadian rights like freedom of speech.

At the end of this article, I have included some sample comments from the online Georgia Straight (January 30, 2020) version of this story. Most are really very common sensical about the issue.

Paul Fromm



On January 26, CTV investigative journalist Peter Akman tweeted a photo of himself standing in front of an Asian man wearing a mask with the caption “Hopefully ALL I got today was a haircut.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is XQWH1LY-IVQ5fbyO1dQ-KINpoXVARFiLgpJT75zuSdRN1g31AfP28OvdacHiDmKRWrrMRDTLF2JH9gulY0dquHmNMOOQusRsMVqtWOCFBcu4n3ydGIxKi5_fBc9mFFzC3So_jsnM

The now-deleted tweet was poorly received, quickly amassing dozens of accusations of anti-Chinese racism and insensitivity in the face of what has just been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization. 

Akman quickly apologized, responding to the backlash with a repeated copy-and-paste of his explanation of the situation. The man in the photo was apparently a barber in Akman’s city of Toronto and had been offering masks to patrons.

The statement was equally condemned by Twitter users, with many accusing Akman of refusing to acknowledge the racism behind his initial tweet:

It wasnt insensitive. It was straight up racist.— meg fenway (@megfenway) January 26, 2020

It was racist, dude. Say it.— Robin LeBlanc, from work (@TheThirstyWench) January 27, 2020

Today, a source speaking to The Post Millennial provided information that Peter Akman was no longer working with CTV. The journalist’s profile no longer appears on CTV’s W5 Team Bios page, where it did just two days ago, according to the Internet Archive. His CTV profile has also been removed from the website.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is QMpdeXnhRu5hPyOb2vrF2QJpboo_yhJO9XCVVe3td1dqjQRCsXSMF_jMGqxAEMqYpgurbV-NSDttonZHkDta_XXz75QScoaBlMhxgpAk1tVdIu_3m-cxRdGvBFUSsHxyU98Id-EZ

Peter Akman had been an investigative journalist with CTV since 2013 after leaving CBC in 2006, and had gained some notoriety for reporting live from international sites such as Afghanistan, Israel, Kuwait, and Libya.

_____________________________________________David ChristieCanada is going towards being a dictatorship if this is the trend we face. Funny thing everytime a differnt country steps on there people for saying something that somebody didnt like. Canada starts yelling. Human rights, human rights , well people of canada we are looseing ours everyday with changeing the laws to the point that if you look at somebody or say anything your going to be in shit by somebody. Or if you go online and say anything your employer has a right to fire you. Our country is very broken and at the rate were going we might as well cut our tongues and blind ourselves so we dont offend anybody..Like · Reply · 1h

Donalda Kyryluk MaunakeaIt was a JOKE! WTF!!! I am sorry I have Chinese relatives that would NOT be offended. This is totally ridiculous.Like · Reply · 1 · 2h

Aki SanWidespread outradge? Yeah, I doubt that. It’s more like a few triggered went on a tweet rampage and the network caved.
Sorry to hear this. Canada is going into the dumper real quick with this type of over reaction of trivial shit.Like · Reply · 2 · 2h

David ChristieOmfg people need ta grow the f__k up. It was a joke cause the guy was wearing a mask. There is no hope for this world with all the touchy feely bs that is happening when ya cant say a damn thing anymore. What the hell happened to the people on this planet???? When the hell did everybody become a race of wimps…..Like · Reply · 4 · 2h

Kristina SoucyI think this is over punishing… this is a person’s livelihood that was taken away over saying something dumb… I would have thought a public apology would have been more appropriate… people commit suicide over this… like how is he going to pay his bill’s? And what if he has children?!? I really think his job was worth wayyyyy more then his comment.
Give him his job back and make him publically apologize or something like that.. smh people are way to sensitive…
Steffan IlemanPeter Akman is a great journalist with a sense of humour. We’d be honoured to have him at CanadaChronicle.comUnlike · Reply · 6 · 4h · Edited

Steffan IlemanIdiots are running this country.Like · Reply · 6 · 4h

Gus BedaywiThis is getting ridiculous… I hope this increase in sensitivity is not the new normal, because it’s pathetic. Who remembers the days of the comedy show “mind your language”…if shown today to the masses it will start a world war 😃Like · Reply · 5 · 4h

Jennifer GouldI’m not sure about his tweet being racist or worth losing his job over but I personally don’t think that this Coronavirus is in any way funny or something to joke about. God Help us all.Like · Reply · 6h

Julian WrightThe media has overhyped this strain of flu, just like the global ensueing climate catastrophe…it is truely pathetic that people (I guess sheeple would now be the correct monica given the shite the gullible populas believes) buy into fucking unsubstantiated made up stories. Wake up people and lighten up too!Like · Reply · 1 · 4h

Anca BostinariuHe did not wear the mask given to him by the barber.Like · Reply · 6h

Mark FisherLighten up, EVERYBODY.Like · Reply · 7 · 6h

Lezelle RavadillaWe Canadians can be hypersensitive. It seems like an innocent joke. Ugh political correctness sometimes sucks.Like · Reply · 6 · 7h

Steffan IlemanHyper-hypocrites would be more appropiate.Like · Reply · 1 · 4h

Mancher DebooIt was just comment. Why are we getting so sensitive about such matters.Like · Reply · 5 · 7h

David KennyI’m sorry that he felt he had to apologize for what is obviously a joke. This whole woke culture needs to go back to where it came from….. irrelevanceLike · Reply · 6 · 7h

Joanne PhillipsRidiculous to be fired over that remark!Like · Reply · 7 · 8h

Malcolm WrightWhat the hell? Everyone becoming a whiner. PC Police need to be fired not the journalist. He apologized, get over it. Last Sunday I attended a comedy show. A black comedian referred to me (a whitey) as his Niggah. Did I get offended? No…it was funny. Everyone laughed. Chill.Like · Reply · 4 · 8h · Edited

Louis PaquetteSay goodbye to free speech in Canada, thanks to the PC Police.Like · Reply · 5 · 8h

Don StewartToo many people getting offended over everything .Like · Reply · 6 · 8h

SteercalamityPeople need to chill out a bit. Jeeeeesus. That was not racist. Yes the virus is scary. We need to have fun and get laughs in even during serious times. More so than ever probably.

I have my first child on the way. I fear that when he grows up, he will not be allowed to have an opinion about anything or be able to have a sense of humour. I hope that the world doesn’t become that bleak.

Ending a persons career over that pic? Shameful and scary.Like · Reply · 6 · 8h
Like · Reply · 2 · 9h

Weo WestThis sensitivity to just about anything that someone does or says is getting ridiculously out of hand. I have no desire to live in a world that bans humour, especially black and off the cuff humour. It’s not living if we keep heading towards a humourless existence. His tweet was funny, along with the selfie, and if you can’t see the humour in it, then I would take a long look at yourself in the mirror, because a narcissistic psychotic is looking back. Errr, sorry, that’s Trump.Like · Reply · 4 · 9h

Carol Allen