Is the Election Eve Arrest of Populist Candidate Chris Sky Elite Interference in the Election?

Is the Election Eve Arrest of Populist Candidate Chris Sky Elite Interference in the Election?

On June 13, on the eve of the crucial Toronto mayoralty by-election, populist candidate  Chris Sky (Chris Saccoccia)  was arrested for “uttering threats.” He surrendered to police and was released. As usual, the lamestream media and police failed to tell us against whom the threats were made or what exactly these threats were, so that the public could decide.

Why was Mr. Sky arrested, just 13 days before the election? Could police not have arrested him after the vote. The arrest serves to smear his name. Sadly. many people mistake a charge for a conviction. He must be guilty, they think, or the police would not have charged him.
Are the police acting as hitmen for the woke elite? Chris Sky is a populist leader and businessman. He is among about a dozen serious candidates, among 102, for Mayor. He has an impressive election headquarters, has many charge election signs, a sharp website and has held many meetings.
The woke elite detest him. Chris Sky was a key leader of the freedom rallies in Queen’s Park Toronto that began in 2020. His energy and youthful social media savvy made him a powerful icon. His approach was summed up in a short book he wrote Just Say No. Also, he has expressed doubts about some of the common claims about Jewish experiences in World War II. Even the populist Rebel Media tried to pillory him in an ambush interview with Ezra Levant and David Menzies. All they wanted to talk about is the new religion of holocaust, which has become the religion of the woke elite that sneers at Christianity. Misled about the purpose of the interview, Chris walked out on them.

Chris has been persecuted for his leadership. Although a peaceful man, he was placed under a flight ban (usually reserved for terrorists). He had to drive across the country to attend his own meetings in Western cities, including Vancouver. He has been charged 71 times, but there have been no convictions. Charging a dissident is a great way for the elite to restrict or silence a dissident. Broadcaster Leslie Bory is in his fourth month in prison for “uttering threats.” The courts have denied him bail. At one point, several years ago, one of Chris Sky’s bail conditions was that he not enter the City of Toronto (Be out of Dodge City by sunset).
We know the elite was outraged by the massive peaceful Truckers’ Freedom convoy last January. A shaken tyrant Justin Trudeau, applauded by most of the Fake News media, invoked the police state Emergencies Act, to smash dissent and freeze dissidents’ bank accounts.
So, was the arrest of Chris Sky just before the election a similar measure to hobble dissent?

Toronto mayoral candidate Chris Saccoccia arrested for allegedly uttering death threats

Chris Sky

King City resident Christopher Saccoccia is seen in this photo. (Instagram)




Aisling Murphy, Web Content Writer
Published Tuesday, June 13, 2023 12:00PM EDT

Toronto mayoral candidate Chris Saccoccia has been arrested for allegedly uttering death threats, Toronto police confirmed on Tuesday.

Saccoccia, best known by his internet moniker Chris Sky, has made headlines in the past for his protests against COVID-19 vaccinations and mask mandates. He was arrested in 2021 for threatening to shoot elected officials such as Doug Ford and members of the public, and according to a video shared to his Twitter page on Monday, he has been charged with a crime 73 times.

“I am quite confident that I’ll be exonerated,” Saccoccia says in the video. “The best thing that anybody watching can do, is go out, share this video, and tell everybody to vote for me.” Saccoccia adds in the video that this arrest is the latest in a series of ploys by the “deep state” to render Saccoccia “unelectable.”

In a follow-up video posted Tuesday morning, Saccoccia spoke directly to the youth of Toronto, encouraging them to vote while apparently en route to surrender himself for his arrest.

In a statement to CP24, a representative for the Toronto Police Service confirmed that Saccoccia had been arrested for uttering threats of death or bodily harm, following allegations of text and voice messages sent on June 5 that included a death threat.


Tom Marazzo writes:

“In my opinion, Chris Sky Saccoccia for Mayor is not getting a fair shake. Hated by both elites and politicians, Chris is completely ignored by the legacy media, but his popularity on social media and with the under thirties is undeniable. AND the middle class is increasingly embracing his honest and straightforward no BS style.”

“At 39, Chris Sky is a guy who gets things done. A developer and businessman for twenty-years, he knows his way around City Hall from the outside in. Vice President of Sky Homes Corp. Chris is educated is both Building Design and Development and Sports Medicine. Over the last three years, Chris helped business and families get out from under the fallout of lockdowns, out of his own pocket, because he truly cares about the people.” 

“With a well laid out plan for CHANGE, Chris will never embrace the concept of 15-minute cities. He will lead Toronto out of debt and create a new Toronto that will be a blueprint for growth not only in Canada but around the world.”

“The world needs change! Chris Sky is the Mayor for a positive future! I say, ignore the mainstream media and on Monday, June 26, 2023 regardless of line ups or delays get out and vote Chris Saccoccia for Mayor of Toronto.” 

“You won’t be sorry.”

Tom Marazzo

Massive Repression Coming, Warns Chris Sky

Massive Repression Coming, Warns Chris Sky

Toronto End the Lockdown leader, Chris Sky, now a political exile from COVID repression in Canada, warns of the coming tripledemic , an excuse for remasking. He warns of the global digital ID which will allow government to monitor and control you. “I’m never wearing a mask again!”

“People are not complying!” Resistance is NOT futile.

He’s the author of “Just Say Now” a book available for $25.00 from C.A.F.E., P.O. Box 332 Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada.

Thoughtful Analysis of the END THE LOCKDOWN Rallies & Chris Sky’s Strategy by Longtime Victoria Freedom Fighter Gordon Watson

“I went down to the demonstration, to get my fair share of abuse …” **  

Our usual GATHERING at the Legislature. had a bit more bother on Oct 16th.    The presence of cops on scene afterward was payday for the provocateur who’s shown up lately to counterprotest us.      At noon – our meet up time – there were only three of us dissident voices.  But it didn’t matter.   I’ve been coming out for over a year, to have my say, regardless what else goes on.      An important part of our gathering is big hugs all ‘round.  We are a support group for folks who find ourselves anathema to friends / family,  shunned for refusing to buy-in to the official nonsense. After a year in place this group is a beacon … the only game in town ..  an ongoing witness against Medico-Stalinsim.  By 1:00 pm, there were 46 warm bodies fellowshipping on a beautiful fall day

In the last few weeks we’ve been irked by provocateurs such as a guy spraypainting our signs, a skateboarder dressed all in black.  That day,  Victoria police were there in minutes, and took him away. Already in handcuffs, the fool started to fight them!  So, he was wrestled to the pavement. To me, it looked contrived , as if he was putting on a show for dramatic effect.    I suspect antifa.   

We guessed right about the one who showed up week after week,  standing in our ‘midst, holding her sign :  VACCINES SAVE LIVES.    Having seen such street theatre in ‘other movies’ [ my longtime political activism ]   it was obvious the stage was being set for a made-for-media-moment.    Sure enough, on Oct 6th the professional tv camera set up across the street, focused on her.  On the news the next evening, the storyline was : ‘valiant little waif bullied by cranky refusniks’

The clip shown on CHEK TV was a textbook example of how a hit piece is done.  Go out and gather raw footage, then edit it so our group is smeared for criticizing the Central Party Line.    Give the devil his due, though.   The money shot opens with a woman striding down the sidewalk towards the camerawoman screeching  “I am Satan !!”. As crazyhot as it gets.   The intrepid journalists then interviewed the target of the Screecher, namely Nell Saba, the pro-VaXX counterprotester –  afterwards,  in the green room.  So the troublemaker came off as the sweet, cool voice of reason.  Utter nonsense, of course, but the role of the LugenPress is twisting reality for mass consumption.     Several of our regulars won’t come out anymore after that public relations disaster. 

Yesterday, there was a bit of a punchup. Most of us protesting the Lockdown, were within earshot of  20  counterprotesters standing 50 yards away at the intersection.  Usually, the core of our demo. is in the middle of the block, with people spread out, holding signs curbside for the length of the block.  One of our own group, unhappy with how things have gone lately,  chided us for standing at the usual spot.   She demanded we all go to the intersection and challenge the counterprotesters.  I declined to get in to such a petty turf war.   What crossed my mind was what old Georgie Gordon taught us ;
             “you can avoid a lot more trouble than you can get yourself out of”. 

My intuition was borne out within minutes.   Story I got, is  a man sidled up to a woman who was standing at the curb.  He used his body to bump her in to the street. Not sure yet,  if she was Nell Saba, or one on our side.   Jeff Harris then went over to that guy,  remonstrating.   Video taken by a bystander shows Harris being punched first.  Mr Harris then punched back.    Nothing like fresh bright red blood all over a white face for shock value.  The guy who’d done the bumping, that is.  after the scuffle, I went up to Victoria Police officer Kersti, advising her that there are 4 witnesses to what had gone on.  She waved at the security cameras up all ‘round, saying: “It’s all on video”.  The cops did not take formal witness statements.

Witnesses told me a very curious factoid : vis, a black Tesla was stopped in the inside lane on Belleville Street at the very spot when the man bumped the woman into the street.  After the punching happened,  a guy came out of the melee, got in that car and drove away.  Another strand of circumstantial evidence that the altercation was scripted.

Apparently Nell Saba’s sister Rose, is a reporter for the Trawna Globe& Mail.  There you gO: linkage to an employee of the “legacy” media which received $61 million in subsidies, to puke-out the Central Party Line. What an amazing !! coincidence, eh?

In the US of A, the content and style of  The Screecher  [ supposedly on our side? ]  would be freedom of speech in a public place.  But it’s different in Canada.   Both content and her style are at the margin of ‘qualified speech’ in this country.  Because of the decibel level of her screeching,  I’d warned her previously that she was in jeopardy of being charged with ‘Causing a disturbance by shouting’.    To which she sneered :  “This is what a protest looks like”. Direct quote.      One wonders why this woman shows up at the same place and time to hang around with mild-mannered Canadians not on the same page as her?    No doubt that clip will be used as evidence against us in the in-evitable court cases to come

The EVENT scheduled for Saturday Oct 16th in Duncan, was prohibited from convening on the big field by the Aquatic Centre, as we did in previous END the Lockdown rallies.    Instead, participants were directed to stand alongside the highway holding signs. The RCMP told organizer Brian Egan that if any participants actually go on the field,  the school board – which owns it –  will consider them trespassers.  

So the SitzKreig is over.   Word went out from on high that public display of opposition to public health diktats,  is to be stifled.  The NDP administration is doing what thugs in power always do as their house-of-cards comes unglued  — create pretext for gaoling Truthtellers.     “bubble-zones” are to be imposed around schools and hospitals. Apparently, those who work there are so fragile that encountering a message contrary to myth about SARS2/Covid19 will be traumatized … the socalled Minister of Public Safety’ making teachers and healthcare workers “safe”  by outlawing criticism of his government!    Next stage, is … AG Eby calls on the Criminal Justice Branch.      So, discussion of the rationale for official response to the foundational myth of SARS2/Covid19 gets submerged in the criminal INjustice racket.

Not waiting for the ink to dry on the Order paper in the House, Premier Horgan has drawn the battle lines.  However they word it, his no-free-speech zones are an affront to what used to be called ‘common sense’.      The NeeDiPpers know that resentment is festering against their assinine policy.   Unable to admit they blundered badly,   they are hipchecking political opponents in to the briarpatch of the legal racket.    Ever  since GrandWitch Bonnie bleated that our presence on the doorstep of the Ministry of Health headquarters was “unacceptable” –  the pathetic-excuse for-a-newspaper in the province’s capital city the Timely Colonic (Victoria Times-Colonist)  disparages us with letters to the Editor.  The latest one comes very close to breaching section 319 of the Criminal Code :  bringing a definable group into contempt.   That would,  us, walking around UNvaxxed, having the temerity to proclaim ourselves “naturally-immune. The non-GMO control group’ in this vast medical experiment

I can hardly wait to see what the NDP pretends as color of law for their regulation, illegal as it will be ab initio.   As my old friend Doug Christie used to put it:  FREEDOM OF SPEECH   IS   THE ISSUE.  

This old warhorse = moi =  welcomes Horgan’s announcement. It brings the issue to a fine point.  I am soliciting a ‘flying squad’ of individuals who have a good grasp of the right to freedom of expression. If confronting the problem at Ground Zero is your idea of a good time,   contact me.

The URL to a video record on the scuffle at the Leg. on Saturday October 16th. was posted on FaceBook, but I cannot locate it now.     It does show a proVAXX guy throwing the first punch.     But that doesn’t really matter.   Little Miss Saba and her handlers – she’s not on her own doing this — got what they came for. 

Finally : I see The Real Chris Sky (c) trademark is heading West, advertising his trip as the ROSA PARKS 2021 MOVEMENT.  I find it hard to believe that Mr Soccaccia ( real name) and  his handlers didn’t do their homework so as to know that The Real Rosa Parks was a card-carrying commie.     Her notoriety arose from a piece of agitprop sponsored by the Communist Party USA.    One is entitled to ask : is that the inspiration for Mr Sky’s project?

Indeed, he does have some good points speaking to crowds, but the circus that goes on around him – his “new Jersey dude bro thug act’ – disgusts me. . My take on it, is = the cartoon of Sky as celebrity spokesman for the End the Lockdown movement, is from the bag of tricks of Liberal Party ‘attack dog’ Warren Kinsella.  One bit of circumstantial evidence, being Sky’s attack on the People’s Party, at Victoria on July 25th. He was invited to talk on condition he would NOT get political.  But he did, spending 15 minutes of his hour on stage, slagging Maxime Bernier by name. Confer with lawsuit for defamation brought by Maxime Bernier against Warren Kinsella. 

** As Mick Jagger sang back in 1969,  on Let it Bleed

Gordon S Watson

October 17 2021    Metchosin    British Columbia

Chris Sky Calls for United Non-Compliance at Huge London Rally

Chris Sky Calls for United Non-Compliance at Huge London Rally

LONDON, Ontario. October 16, 2021. It seemed like a NO MORE LOCKDOWNS rally had divine blessing. It had rained hard on Friday and was raining again Saturday morning. However, as the noon hour approached for the rally there were blue skies and a brisk Autumn wind. Organizers estimated that over 3,000 people from all over Southern Ontario attended the rally in downtown London’s Victoria Park.

The rally was called to support police who oppose forced vaccination and enforcement of the mandatory masks and, for many venues, vaccines,
A dynamic star of the END THE LOCKDOWN movement, Chris Sky called for “united non-compliance” with the forced vaccination mandates. He urged people to ride public transit en masse on October 30, without masks or vaccine passports. “Just say NO,” he enthused. There are also plans to form civilian convoys to drive by four major airports in Canada to bring air travel to a halt. That’s the day the Trudeau government will require proof of double vaccination to board a plane. Yet, there will still be mandatory masking on the flights. Many airline employees oppose the vaccination requirement.

Mr. Sky believes that the government is running scared at the unexpected opposition it faces. “Listen to the quiver in Trudeau’s voice as he talks about the latest government forced mandate.. He is scared.”
A number of speakers from various parts of Ontario spoke of local resistance to government. Derek Saulnier from Windsor said: “Medical without your consent is assault. Imposing a vaccine on an unwilling persons is cruel and unusual punishment.” He added that there are many medical professionals in Windsor refusing to take the vaccine. They have been threatened with firing.

The owner of Peterburgers in Peterborugh told of the struggle at his restaurant. “We opened three weeks before COVID struck,” he said. At first, the restaurant obeyed all the rules — the long lockdowns, the limited reopenings. However, when they were allowed to reopen recently, they decided there wold be no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, masks or vaccine status. ” word spread, our business has tripled,” he said. Health authorities have harassed them and fined them $3,000 thus far for not enforcing masking and proof of vaccination.

In his talk, Chris Sky shouted: “We’re done with your masks; we’re done with your lockdowns and we’re done with your vaxx mandates!”

Almost ignored by the Fake News media is that END THE LOCKDOWN rallies are occurring regularly all over the province. A spokesman for the Grey-Bruce Freedom Fighters told of a rally in the town of Dundalk two weeks ago. |”We had 2,000 people attending in a town of 5,000,” he said.

For much of the afternoon a large drone, believed to be police surveillance, hovered just east of the rally. Many people turned around and gave the snoops the finger.

Impressive 14 min. video from Chris Sky today + his Oct. 16 event on Oct. 16 in London

Chris Sky gives us a very detailed update on the situation with the police forces that have joined with him to fight the government against the tyrannical actions they are taking against its members and the citizens of Canada alike.

Chris has purchased 3000+ items of special navy blue merchandise to have available for donations to support the first responders legal defence.Navy T-Shirt with $30 donation or more, Hoodie with $60 donation or more at the CHRIS SKY – THIS IS IT! 

October 16th Victoria Park London Ontario 12 NOON!Chris also talks about the next stage in this movement which is our Rosa Parks 2021 moment. Everyone on October 30th Saturday instead of going to Rallies and dancing in the streets needs to get on their local transit system v pass free and assert your rights to be on the bus just like Rosa Parks did!!!We can win this!!! Let transit call police, if everybody does this they won’t have enough resources nor will they want to police such nonsense!!! Stand up together in united non-compliance and just say NO!! We can win this we WILL win this war!!!!Let’s all unite with Chris Sky and JUST SAY NO!!!

Chris Sky, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson headline Alberta’s largest anti-lockdown protest — 3,500 outside Alberta Legislature

Rebel News
Chris Sky, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson headline Alberta’s largest anti-lockdown protest — 3,500 outside Alberta Legislature

Chris Sky, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson headline Alberta’s largest anti-lockdown protest

  • By Rebel News
  • |
  • May 29, 2021

Wednesday evening in Edmonton, Alberta, 3,500 people rallied at the Alberta legislature against the COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Speakers from all across Canada and from all walks of life, including Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Mark Friesen and Chris Sky, told the enthusiastic crowd that ending the COVID-19 restrictions on freedoms and civil liberties begins with them and their peaceful resistance to public health regulations.

The atmosphere was festive, with musicians, games for the kids, and even face painting.

There was a heavy police presence on hand but no tickets were issued for violating the COVID-19 restrictions that limit outdoor gatherings to just five people.

Rebel News reporter Daniel Day was on hand and he waded into the crowd of Alberta’s largest anti-lockdown protest yet to ask them why they continue to fight for freedom in the face of enormous lockdown fines.

New Book Just Out by Freedom Fighter Chris Sky — JUST SAY NO: “Guide to Asserting Your Rights and Preserving Your Freedoms.”

You can now get a limited edition copy of Chris Sky’s “Guide to

New Book Just Out by Freedom Fighter Chris Sky — JUST SAY NO: “Guide to Asserting Your Rights and Preserving Your Freedoms.


You can now get a limited edition copy of Chris Sky’s “Guide to Asserting Your Rights and Preserving Your Freedoms.” This is the 2nd edition that has limited copies available exclusively here.


They have done everything they can to try and suppress me in this battle to restore our rights and freedoms, both in Canada and around the world. I’ve been charged and arrested multiple times in the last year.

My home was raided by dozens of police in the middle of the night without a warrant. My verified Instagram with nearly 250k followers was removed.
My personal website was attacked and taken down.
My phone was mysteriously “disabled” before going live at the largest freedom rally in Calgary. And most recently, they tried to stop our freedom convoy that went from Vancouver across to the East Coast by slapping me with a bogus warrant so that they could arrest me on the day it was to start.

All of these attacks on me have been manouvers of desperation, and this shows me that the momentum is shifting in a big way…
I’m not going to give up. We’re not going to give up.
There were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Canadians marching through the streets on Montreal with me in solidarity, to JUST SAY NO.
We need to keep pushing. Harder. Now is the time for us to make it absolutely clear that we do not accept what they are trying to implement.

Let’s win this fight.

-Chris Sky-

Ontario Police Harassment Couldn’t Stop Him: Chris Sky Gave A Fiery Speech ion Vancouver May 23, 2021

Ontario Police Harassment Couldn’t Stop Him: Chris Sky Gave A Fiery Speech ion Vancouver May 23, 2021

Chris gave a fiery speech tonight in Vancouver!!! He mentioned Dr. Hoffe’s experience and the American Red Cross!!! Ontario cops failed to sabotage his trip.




There is a worldwide awakening that is being suppressed by the media. We are not going to let this tyranny continue. We are done with the lies. It is now time to take our Country back. Take the day off, do whatever it takes.