Government-funded school pamphlet warns against Conservative Party, free speech, Trump & Labels the Red Ensign “Hate”

Government-funded school pamphlet warns against Conservative Party, free speech, Trump & Labels the Red Ensign “Hate”

This report should be on front pages everywhere. The booklet, entitled Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools, is said to be a tool against online hate, and is slated for government distribution all across Canada. It is a step toward turning publicly funded schools into Leftist indoctrination camps, with traditional values presented as “hate.” The booklet is a companion to the unprecedented Liberal Internet censorship bill which recently sparked a backlash.

Despite being presented as fighting “hate,” the new booklet instead fuels further hatred and division in Canada.

Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen was once Canada’s Immigration Minister; he sought to “massively ramp up” refugee intake, and that he did. He also sought to “lead the charge” on the UN’s global migration pact.

In addressing the “core values” that Hussen advocates teaching “our kids”: These are some highlights of the shocking 53-page propaganda booklet, created by the so-called “Anti-hate” network led by Bernie Farber, a member of the Trudeau government’s “expert” advisory group on online “safety.”

  • Freedom of expression is presented as a cover for “hate.”
  • Trump’s border wall to stop illegals is presented as “hate.”
  • Mainstream Conservative parties are singled out and presented as being “infiltrated” by bigots, “groypers,” and “white nationalists.” The inappropriate pamphlet actually states: “While the majority of Groypers are white, there are a growing number of youth of colour involved in the movement, as they engage in antisemitism, anti- feminism/misogyny, anti-2SLGBTQIA+, Islamophobia, and anti-Black racism.”
  • The book openly names people such as Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy.
  • It makes the claim: “In our work, some of the most extreme neo-Nazis have been teenage girls.”
  • It condemns a “specific Canadian flavour” of the “worldview”  that is “seen on many college campuses, often under the banner of “Canada First.” 
  • In a chapter on “hate promoting symbols,” the booklet names the Red Ensign flag as offensive, even though it was used as Canada’s national symbol until 1965.
  • Condemns concerns about terrorism and crime as “anti-immigrant.” 
  • References  Trump as a “problematic politician”and condemns his border wall as “racist.”
  • Warns and alerts about students who may inquire “why there aren’t any straight pride parades, or a white history month during class discussion.
  • Without context, anti-police sentiment is taught as the pamphlet teaches that “Black residents are 20 times more likely to be shot by Toronto police than white counterparts.”
  • The booklet ironically utilizes intersectional tropes and stereotypes “people of colour,” stating that “shared beliefs in misogyny, anti-2SLGBTQIA+, Islamophobia, and anti-Blackness will often attract and unite people of colour to hate groups.”
  • It heavily promotes the Marxist, anti-nuclear family Black Lives Matter movement.

Parents need to take note of the violation of their children’s minds with Left/Marxist indoctrination. The material presented as “anti-hate” is the most divisive encroachment into the school system to date, singling out and stereotyping any thought that isn’t conducive to its radical agenda. The booklet is in step with Canada’s rapid descent into totalitarianism.

Government-funded school pamphlet calls Canada’s Red Ensign a “hate symbol”

Another Nationalist Website Banned by the Facebook Censors

Another Nationalist Website Banned by the Facebook Censors

“You can’t use this URLThis URL goes against our Community Standards on spam.

To protect people on Facebook from spam, we don’t allow content that contains such URLs.”

Facebook, apparently, feels putting Canada first violates their squishy “community standards.Clearly, they put freedom and Canada far back, maybe even last!