Lady Renouf’s Trial For Telling Truths at Dresden Memorial Opens on May 15


Lady Renouf’s Trial For Telling Truths at Dresden Memorial Opens on May 15Renouf on Trial – May 2020

“Michèle, your fearless and direct utterances in Dresden, unfortunately forbidden to all Germans, blew open the window of truth in one blast.”said Gerard Menuhin, son of legendary violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin, in February 2018
On 15th May 2020 an Australian-born Briton goes on trial in Dresden for “incitement” – not for terrorism or threats, but because of a 10-minute speech given to 300 mourners at a commemoration of the Allied terror bombing of Dresden in 1945.
The charges have been brought under Germany’s draconian volksverhetzung law – Para 130 of the criminal code, against Lady Michèle Renouf, former wife of New Zealand banking tycoon Sir Francis (‘Frank the Bank’) Renouf who was honoured with the Verdienstkreuz by the then West German government. In 1990 the engaged couple travelled to Bonn for the award of Sir Frank’s medal, and as his fiancée Lady Renouf was given a Verdienstkreuz lapel ribbon. This honour related to Sir Frank’s pioneering role in persuading the German federal government to relax its conservative policies and invest its financial surplus on world markets. (For similar reasons he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.)
In February 2018 Lady Renouf attended a public commemoration in central Dresden, marking the anniversary of the 1945 terror bombing by the Royal Air Force and the USAAF. Responding to an anti-British comment by someone in the crowd, Lady Renouf was invited to give a brief spontaneous speech in which she acknowledged Britain’s shame for its deliberate wartime policy of targeting civilians.
During this speech she referred to the following facts:
a) Many influential Britons at the time condemned Churchill’s barbaric terror bombing policy and the associated demand for unconditional surrender – such people included Lord Hankey (formerly Sir Maurice Hankey, founder of the modern civil service); the Rt Rev George Bell, Bishop of Chichester; Labour MP and future minister Richard Stokes; and government scientist and future bestselling novelist C.P. Snow.
b) The terror bombing of Dresden was a literal Holocaust in which tens of thousands of civilians were burned alive. We shall never know the atrocity’s exact death toll, because the city was packed with refugees – uncounted and undocumented – fleeing from the advancing Soviet Red Army.
c) The wider relevance of the Dresden war crime – Renouf emphasised – is that so-called ‘moral bombing’ of Dresden by the Second World War allies has effectively acted as a precedent for postwar crimes against civilians including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which in turn has prompted unprecedented floods of refugees into Western Europe.
d) The Allied justification for this targeting of civilians was that Britain and America were at war with Germany, yet this factor is ignored when discussing what has become known as the ‘Holocaust’, an unchallengeable dogma taking the place of history.
e) The simple fact that Jewish civilians were interned in camps is today regarded as a ‘war crime’ and part of ‘genocide’, regardless of what did or did not happen in the camps themselves, a topic which Lady Renouf did not address, knowing that it is illegal in Germany to debate such matters. It is odd to condemn internment itself as criminal, bearing in mind that both Britain and America interned enemy aliens. It is scarcely surprising that European Jews were placed in this “enemy alien” category, given the actions of the self-styled leaders of World Jewry who had as early as 1933 declared economic war on Germany. Moreover the future founders of Israel such as Chaim Weizmann were actively engaged in a campaign of covert warfare, some of it contrary to international law, in collaboration with Britain’s Special Operations Executive. In itself it was not unreasonable for the German authorities to intern large numbers of European Jews as potential collaborators in this covert war.
It is for making these points in her brief impromptu February 2018 speech that Lady Renouf was arrested and now faces trial in Dresden on 15th May 2020 for offences which carry a maximum prison sentence of five years.
Her trial will focus press and public attention on the extraordinary German laws that deny normal historical debate and rational argument. These and similar laws in many other European countries (though not so far in the UK) were condemned more than a decade ago by a coalition of eminent historians and other academics writing under the label ‘Appel de Blois’: these critics included the late Eric Hobsbawm; Jewish journalist and author Geoffrey Alderman; Italian historian Carlo Ginzburg; and the Oxford professor Timothy Garton Ash.
Lady Renouf’s own background is not as an historian, scientist, lawyer or politician. So how did someone whose lifelong career since early childhood was as a model and advertising actress come to be on trial in Germany charged with having expressed forbidden opinions and having uttered forbidden historical facts?
Born in 1946, Michèle Mainwaring was directed mainly to classical ballet studies from the age of 3 to 23, eventually for a licentiateship at the Royal Academy of Dancing in London. Her earlier four years of undergraduate art studies at the National Art School were partly financed by her parallel modelling career (beginning at age 7) and prizes in beauty contests, including winning Radio 2HD’s Miss Beach Girl, Miss Newcastle & Hunter Valley, and Miss Zhivago. (The latter title, twenty years later was to bemuse Dr Zhivago’s co-star Omar Sharif, when he and Lady Renouf enjoyed gaming at London’s Ritz Hotel casino.)
At age 14 Michèle Mainwaring was performing as Gretel in Hansel and Gretel at the Sydney Conservatorium when the world-famous former Ballets Russes dancer and choreographer Kiril Vassilkovsky came backstage seeking to recruit her “ethereal quality” for the role as Clara in his production of The Nutcracker. However her mother would not allow her to leave school to joint the company!
The young Michèle performed as Radio 2HD’s Shirley Temple, singing and tap dancing for the station’s famous children’s radio presenter Twink Storey as an infant performer and symbol of innocence in the postwar years. While the actual Shirley Temple became a US Ambassador, Lady Renouf in later life was to have a rather different involvement with diplomacy and politics – considered by some to have an ‘ambassadorial’ role as a champion for the rights of historical revisionism without exceptionalism!
The future Lady Renouf came to England in the late 1960s shortly before her marriage to the late Daniel Griaznoff, descendent of a Russian noble family. During the 1970s and 1980s she used her marital title of Countess Griaznoff in association with many charitable activities and became well-known in London society. Prolific romantic novelist and socialite Barbara Cartland delighted in entertaining Count and Countess Griaznoff at her country home. Actors Edward Fox and his wife Joanna David generously contributed their celebrated artistry to charity soirees and balls hosted by the Griaznoffs at their Hampstead home.
Meanwhile from age 15 Lady Renouf had been recruited into an international career as an advertising actress in television commercials alongside her modelling career. This led to magazine and television advertisements worldwide for products and companies as diverse as Deutsche Post, Tchibo coffee, British Airways, Cable & Wireless, Nissan cars, Lenthéric perfume, and hundreds more.  On screen she appeared with such legends as the Muppets and Dick Emery.
In the mid-1990s Lady Renouf become a member of the fundraising advisory board for the reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe on Bankside, chairing the principal fundraising event. As a professional designer of garden mazes and knot gardens, she had also designed an Elizabethan knot garden and labyrinth for the Globe approved by the project’s head Sam Wanamaker, intended as part of the re-education of the general public in the coded poetic messages of flowers, familiar to a Tudor mindset but now lost: her knot garden project was featured in a major article for the Sunday Times.
In this invited role Lady Renouf mobilised a range of contacts among London’s diplomatic corps (built up as a longstanding member of the Ladies’ Committee of the European-Atlantic Group) to assist in the Shakespeare’s Globe project, including Adm. William Crowe, US Ambassador and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who became a family friend; and Australian High Commissioner Neal Blewett. After completing raising funds for the construction of the Wardrobe of Robes room, behind the Globe’s stage (marked today by a bronze plaque) – Lady Renouf’s private tribute to her mother, who was a designer of ballet costumes – she also invited another family friend Buzz Aldrin, second man on the Moon, to include his contribution to a time capsule buried beneath the reconstructed theatre.
Oddly the first steps towards Lady Renouf’s involvement with “political” questions came as the result of a Jewish member of her Shakespeare’s Globe committee insisting on the entire menu at a fundraising dinner being kosher. Merely the appearance of a non-kosher item on the menu sent this woman into a rant about “tyranny” and “anti-semitism”.
Understandably Lady Renouf was puzzled by this inexplicable reaction, and this led her into further investigations of the taboo subject of “anti-semitism”. She carried out extensive research into the composer Richard Wagner’s attitude to the Jewish question, and in 1997 published the monograph Richard Wagner’s Art-works of the Future and Judaism: Inspirational or Conspiratorial.
At the end of the 1990s Lady Renouf visited Palestine with her high society chum the Bey of Haifa, Jeannot Khayat, who informed her for the first time about the outrageous “absentee law” whereby Palestinian homes can be confiscated by the Israeli state if their owners leave the country even for a holiday.
Early in the 2000s she met and recorded interviews with British veterans of the war against Zionist terrorism in Palestine, 1945-48. These included unique interviews by the late Phillip Knightley with British Army veteran and author Eric Lowe – now archived at St Antony’s College, Oxford. Some of these landmark interviews (in cooperation with anti-Zionist Neturei Karta rabbis, Palestinian diplomats, and commentators including Israel Shamir and Gilad Atzmon) appeared in Lady Renouf’s first documentary film projects, Palestine Scrapbook and Israel in Flagrante: Caught in Acts of Twistspeak, screened at the House of Lords and House of Commons, under the auspices of Dr James Thring and Lord Stoddart.
In 2000 Lady Renouf attended the London trial of a libel case brought by the British historian David Irving against the Jewish-American author Deborah Lipstadt: this was the first she had heard of debates around the “Holocaust”, but she later became aware of a worldwide campaign of persecution against historical sceptics, notably the jailing of Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Wolfgang Fröhlich, Gerd Honsik, Monika and Alfred Schaefer, and Ursula Haverbeck – including their lawyers Horst Mahler and Sylvia Stolz.  In 2006 she attended David Irving’s trial in Austria, where he was sentenced to three years imprisonment, eventually being released after one year thanks to an appeal filed by celebrated Viennese attorney Dr Herbert Schaller. (In the recent film Denial, an actress plays the part of Lady Renouf, seated on the court bench as the sole observer on Irving’s side of the court throughout the hearings.)
During the summer of 2001 Lady Renouf arranged a meeting between Irving and Prince Fahd bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, eldest son of the present King Salman. Prince Fahd was owner of many racehorses including the 1991 Derby winner Generous, who was celebrated in a hillside maze garden designed by Lady Renouf, a friend of the Prince and Princess, at their Harewood estate in Surrey where Queen Elizabeth II had planted a tree. In a telephone call from Riyadh following their meeting, Prince Fahd confirmed his intention to purchase the entire property including Irving’s flat in Duke Street, Mayfair, and turn it into a “Real History Institute”, but he died suddenly a day later aged only 46.
One consequence of Lady Renouf’s defence of Irving was that a cabal of opponents engineered her expulsion from the Reform Club in 2003, following an earlier unsuccessful attempt to expel her in 2002 (when she was defended by eminent pollster Sir Bob Worcester). Lady Renouf had invited Irving to an event at the Reform Club (alongside family friend Count Nikolai Tolstoy) in the week of the Lipstadt trial verdict.
Since 2006 Lady Renouf’s Telling Films has produced many DVDs on the stifling of historical debate and the persecution of revisionist historians, scientists, authors, publishers, and latterly even their lawyers. These documentaries include Jailing Opinions, focused on the prosecutions of Irving in Vienna (Austria), Ernst Zündel in Toronto (Canada), and Robert Faurisson in Paris (France), and later documentary films such as Dresden Holocaust 1945 – An Apology to Germany is DueOut and Unbowed, about Ernst Zündel’s trials and imprisonment; Mourning the Victims, Naming the Culprits about the British torture centre at Bad Nenndorf (Germany); and many others.
In 2006 Lady Renouf attended and spoke at the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust, hosted in Tehran at the instigation of Iran’s then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The topic of her conference address was “Psychology of Holocaustianity” – an echo of her postgraduate studies in Psychology of Religion a few years earlier at London University’s Heythrop College. Veteran revisionist scholar and literary document analyst Professor Robert Faurisson said that he gave Lady Renouf’s speech “20 out of 20”!
Nominated by Prof. Faurisson, Lady Renouf was elected to serve on a five-member international fact-finding committee created at the end of the Tehran conference to advance research and support informed historical debate.
Between 2006 and 2020 Lady Renouf has been interviewed in many television and radio debates and discussions opposite (for example) Prof. Norman Finkelstein; former CIA officer Dr George Lambrakis; Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom; the Rev. Stephen Sizer; and Dmitry Shimelfarb, former adviser and press spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In 2005 she was honoured with the George Orwell Award by the Canadian Free Speech League, and has spoken at conferences in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Several of these speeches, films and interviews have focused on Lady Renouf’s campaign to raise awareness about the first, pre-Israel Jewish Homeland option in Birobidjan – the Jewish Autonomous Region created in 1928 in the former Soviet Union and still flourishing to this day in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.
When the Australian revisionist Dr Fredrick Töben was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport in October 2008 and subjected to a European Arrest Warrant seeking his extradition to face criminal opinion charges in Germany, Lady Renouf mobilised a defence team that successfully opposed the warrant as invalid, forcing the German authorities to back down and accept his release. The Töben case proved an important precedent in relation to the traditional Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, who was convicted in Germany for answers he gave to a Swedish television crew in November 2008, but who as a consequence of the success in Töben’s case, could not be subjected to a European Arrest Warrant. On Bishop Williamson’s return to London in 2009 he was met at the airport by Lady Renouf, who gave interviews to BBC Radio 4 and the World Service later that day, in which she debated the issues involved with Deborah Lipstadt and the late Greville Janner of the World Jewish Congress.
Now those same German authorities are seeking revenge in a wholly unwarranted prosecution of a British citizen for a perfectly normal and reasonable (though unplanned and unprepared) speech in Dresden two years ago, a speech intended as a humble acknowledgment of British guilt and contrition for a terrible crime against German civilians committed 75 years ago.
By this politically-motivated prosecution, the moribund Merkel government’s servants in the German state apparatus dishonour their own dead, and discredit themselves before the world’s media.
Lady Renouf’s former husband Sir Frank Renouf was a prisoner-of-war in Germany for four years following his capture after parachuting into Greece on 26th April 1941.  His time in an officers’ prisoner-of-war camp in Bavaria was well spent learning German from a friendly guard with the aid of Schiller’s poetry, building a tennis court, enjoying Red Cross food parcels, and conducting a correspondence course with Worcester College, Oxford, where he was admitted for a postwar degree.  His German connections were strengthened after the war as a friend of British Prime Minister Edward Heath and eminent figures in European banking including the British Lord Kindersley (a director of the Bank of England) and the German Hermann Abs (a director of Deutsche Bank). The Renoufs’ matrimonial home at 37 Eaton Square, Belgravia, had during the 1930s been the home of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who immediately before the Second World War rented out this same property as the home of German Ambassador Joachim von Ribbentrop – the first prisoner executed by the Allies at Nuremberg in 1946.
It remains to be seen whether 21st century Germany will be as hospitable to Lady Renouf as wartime Germany was to her former husband!
– Friends and international observers will be welcome to attend the trial. Twitter and blog accounts carrying regular updates on the Renouf case will be online soon; check for details.

Mein Kampf, Stalag Edition, 4 More Books Banned by Amazon

Mein Kampf, Stalag Edition, 4 More Books Banned by Amazon

 Amazon has, under direction from Jewish Lobby pressure, banned another 5 books from its listings, including all editions of the 86-year-old Mein Kampf—except, of course, the awful and woefully inaccurate translation by the Jew Ralph Mannheim ( which also contains a “foreword” and “commentary” by Abraham Foxman, the former head of the ADL).This means that the only authorized English translation of Mein Kampf—the “Stalag edition”—will no longer be sold by Amazon or any of the book outlets it controls.In addition to the historically important Mein Kampf, a further four books—all more than 60 years old—have also been banned by Amazon in that organization’s ongoing efforts to suppress any and all historical accounts which are not in line with that demanded by the Jewish lobby.The five books which have been banned are:   Mein Kampf: The Stalag Edition—The Only Complete and Officially Authorized English Translation Ever Issued By Adolf Hitler. This is the only complete, unabridged, and officially authorized English translation ever issued by the Nazi party, and is not to be confused with any other version. Translated by a now-unknown English-speaking Nazi party member, it was printed by the Franz Eher Verlag in Berlin for the Central Press of the NSDAP in limited numbers during the years 1937 to 1944. Most copies were distributed to the camp libraries of English-speaking Prisoner of War (POW) camps, and became known as the “Stalag” editions (Stalag being a contraction of the German word Stammlager, or POW camp) because they all carried a camp library rubber stamp on the title page. Contrary to postwar propaganda, Mein Kampf does not contain a “plan for world domination” and instead consists of a short autobiography, the effect of the First World War upon Germany, a discussion of race and the Jewish Question, the constitutional and social make-up of a future German state, and the early struggles of the NSDAP up to 1923.$25.95 hardcover available Click here to order 

Communism with the Mask Off and Bolshevism in Theory and PracticeBy Joseph Goebbels. Two dramatic speeches, made by the German Minister of Propaganda, at the famous Nuremberg rallies of 1935 and 1936, which sum up the National Socialist interpretation of Communism and its threat to the world. In Communism with the Mask Off (1935), Goebbels describes in detail the Jewish origins of Marxism and Communism, and lists the Jewish leaders and instigators of that ideology in Russia, Germany, many European nations and even China. In Bolshevism in Theory and Practice (1936), he discussed the practical social, political and economic consequences of Marxism—and how Germany had broken that menace.$8.95 hardcover available. Click here to order Der Untermensch / The Underman in English and German By Jupp Daehler. A superb-quality digital copy taken from the original: contains the full original German and combined with the first fully professional completely accurate and complete English translation. Der Untermensch (“The Underman”) is possibly the Third Reich’s most famous, misquoted, and misrepresented publication ever. First issued in 1942 by the SS head office under the direct orders of Heinrich Himmler, The Underman has ever since been portrayed as “anti-Slavic,” “anti-Russian,” and “anti-Jewish.” In fact, only the third allegation has any truth to it. The “anti-Slavic” and “anti-Russian” claims are merely the product of postwar propaganda, reliant on the fact that almost no one would have the chance to read the publication for themselves.$14.95 also available in hardcover. Click here to orderAlso available in English and German language only editions. 

 Germany RebornBy Hermann Goering. This book, written by the man who would ultimately become Adolf Hitler’s deputy, was one of the first attempts to explain the National Socialist revolution to non-Germans. Goering, who was simultaneously Minister of the Interior for Prussia, president of the Reichstag, and Reich Commissioner of Aviation, was a famous figure in the Anglo-Saxon world because of his leadership of the “Flying Circus” World War I fighter squadron. He starts out by briefly but skillfully sketching out the background to the coming of power of the NSDAP, from the time of the end of the First World War, through the tumultuous Communist uprisings to the breathtaking political struggle of Hitler in ultimately gaining power against all the odds. Along the way, Goering openly addresses many of the burning issues of the time—from Jewish Communism and cultural subversion to practical economics. He also forcefully answers common objections made in other nations against tactics and policies employed by the NSDAP in its path to power and afterward.$9.95 hardcover available. Click here to order. 

The Myth of the Twentieth CenturyBy Alfred Rosenberg. Regarded as the second most important book to come out of Nazi Germany, Alfred Rosenberg’s Der Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts is a philosophical and political map which outlines the ideological background to the Nazi Party and maps out how that party viewed society, other races, social ordering, religion, art, aesthetics and the structure of the state.The “Mythus” to which Rosenberg (who was also editor of the Nazi Party newspaper) refers was the concept of blood, which, according to the preface, “unchains the racial world-revolution.” $19.95 Hardcover available. Click here to order.Earlier, Amazon also banned two other important books:  Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany and The Nameless War.

The Ongoing Torment of Christina Preacher Bill Whatcott by the LGBTQ Thought Control Lobby

Yaniv vs Whatcott, Oger vs Whatcott, & hate crime trial


by Bill Whatcott » Mon Feb 24, 2020 4:30 am


Jonathan Yaniv being a creep and taking a selfie of himself (and several unsuspecting real females) in a women’s bathroom


Jonathan being creepy while talking to a young girl on Facebook, demonstrating that he is a porn addicted biological male who should not be allowed into women’s bathrooms and changerooms

Dear Friends,

The $35,000 pseudo human rights complaint against me by serial litigant Jonathan Yaniv has been “deferred.” In actual fact I think it is safe to say Mr. Yaniv’s complaint against me is effectively being dismissed by the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT). Here is the letter delivered to my Gmail inbox and cc’d to Mr. Yaniv.


British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal

1270 – 605 Robson Street British Columbia Vancouver BC V6B 5J3
Phone: 604-775-2000
Fax: 604-775-2020
TTY: 604-775-2021
Toll Free: 1-888-440-8844

January 30, 2020
Bill Whatcott

Re: Jessica Yaniv v. Bill Whatcott (Case Number: 19374)

I am the Tribunal Member assigned to adjudicate the above-noted complaint.

In October 2019, the Tribunal ordered Ms. Yaniv to pay $6,000 in costs to various respondents because she had engaged in improper conduct by: filing complaints for an improper purpose, misleading the Tribunal in respect of a publication ban, being untruthful with respect to a central aspect of a complaint, engaging in extortionate behavior, and making scurrilous attacks on counsel for the respondents: Yaniv v. Various Waxing Salons (No. 2), 2019 BCHRT 222.

Ms. Yaniv has notified the Tribunal that the costs award has not been paid to the respondents to date.

The Tribunal has therefore, on its own motion, deferred this complaint pursuant to Rule 16 (1)(b) of the Tribunal’s Rules of Practice and Procedure until the costs award is paid or until six months has elapsed, whichever comes first. In other words, Ms. Yaniv is prohibited from pursuing her complaint during this period.

If, after six months (i.e. by July 29, 2020), the costs award has not been paid, the Tribunal will determine next steps, including whether a further deferral or dismissal of the complaint is warranted.

Paul Singh
Tribunal Member

cc: Jessica Yaniv

The BCHRT realizes it is highly unlikely Mr. Yaniv is coming up with $6,000 to pay off the costs awarded against him, so they are banking on having what they think is a legitimate excuse to dismiss his complaint against me in six months time and then forever wash their hands of him.

Having Mr. Yaniv’s case against me dismissed is a small relief I suppose. Mr. Yaniv’s nuisance suit was not going to develop any new case law and it was more probable that hell was going to freeze over than Mr. Yaniv was going to collect $35,000. However, Mr. Yaniv was an unwanted distraction and in the grand scheme of things, I prefer to focus on the far more important cases on my plate, so it is nice that Mr. Yaniv is out of my life.


Mr. Ronan Oger, tweeting (in the capacity of Vice President of the BC NDP) his initial support of Jonathan Yaniv’s vexatious human rights complaint demanding that 16 female estheticians be forced to wax his male genitalia

Mr. Ronan Oger’s BCHRT complaint which resulted in a $55,000 judgment against me for correctly gendering him during the last provincial election is a far more important case than Mr. Yaniv’s nuisance suit. Ronan’s case is extremely important for all Canadians, and is one that should concern everyone who cares about freedom of speech during our elections. Ronan’s case for me is not so much about the $55,000 judgment. I have lost as much sleep over Ronan trying to collect $55,000 from me, as I have lost over Mr. Yaniv trying to collect his $35,000, or the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission trying to collect their $17,500 judgment, or Regina Planned Parenthood trying to collect on their $50,000 lawsuit, or Doug Elliot trying to collect from his $104 million lawsuit. The fact of the matter is I have not lost one minute’s sleep over any of these litigants. Beyond preparing legal defenses or putting out more flyers exposing them, not one of these litigants have actually affected my day to day life in a meaningful way. I am currently unemployed, I own nothing in my name, and if I lose my hate crime trial I am looking at 18 months in an Ontario jail in about 3 months time; so the reality is Mr. Oger is as likely to collect his $55,000 from me as Doug Elliot was likely to collect his $104 million, or the estheticians are likely to collect their $6,000 from Mr. Yaniv. Ronan can have at suing me, but I would suggest he should not hold his breath when it comes to collecting.

“The ransom of a man’s life is his wealth, but a poor man hears no threat.” Proverbs 13:8

But Mr. Oger’s BCHRT case against me is really important as it pertains to the development of Canadian case law, and it should matter to Canadians who care about election freedom, gender ideology, parental rights, Oger’s fitness to hold a political office when he inevitably runs in the future, etc… If you are a Canadian who cares and who owns property, has a steady job, and if you aren’t crazy and don’t want to lose everything that a serial litigant such as Mr. Oger can potentially go after than Oger vs. Whatcott is a serious infringement on your freedom of speech already.

Canada has already become a strange new country where we can’t critically discuss a transgender activist candidate’s so-called gender identity during an election. Most Canadians aren’t even aware of this change, never mind comprehending the magnitude of this change yet.

While I am happy that Mr. Yaniv is out of my life and as far as I can tell he is no longer able to torment people with frivolous police complaints and so-called human rights lawsuits anymore, the reasoning used by the BCHRT to de facto dismiss Mr. Yaniv’s vexatious complaint is quite concerning to me. In fact there are a number of troubling things in this BCHRT letter written by Mr. Singh and addressed to myself and Mr. Yaniv that I would like to comment on.

The first and most obvious problem is the BCHRT adjudicator Mr. Singh (just like the adjudicator Ms. Cousineau in the Oger case, just like Justice Marzari in the BC Court of Appeal who ordered a father to call his gender confused teenaged daughter a boy) stubbornly pushing the false gender narrative that biological sex is subservient to so-called gender identity. This problem is evidenced in the above letter where Mr. Singh refers to Jonathan Yaniv as “Jessica Yaniv” and “Ms. Yaniv.” As long as our courts refuse to acknowledge that we human beings are made in the image of God and that He made us “male and female” (see Genesis 5:1,2), and so long as our courts refuse to affirm the truth that we are not able to switch our sex/gender as we see fit; these crazy aberrations such as Jonathan Yaniv suing 16 estheticians, a deaf woman getting raped in a Toronto women’s shelter by a biological male who identified as a “transwomen,” a father being forced to refer to his daughter as a boy, and our elections being subverted by a gender confused tyrant like Ronan Oger are going to continue to afflict our society.

I don’t take any comfort in Mr. Yaniv’s complaint against me being “deferred.” This deferral (which the BCHRT is calculating will really be a dismissal) is merely a cynical attempt to get rid of Mr. Yaniv, as the BCHRT realizes Mr. Yaniv’s very public sociopathy is an absolute public relations nightmare for them. Free speech and more importantly reality its self is still being denied by our courts and so-called human rights tribunals. As soon as a “respectable transwoman” shows up and files a human rights complaint against a business, church, individual, etc… that has failed to affirm the fake narrative that girls can be boys and vice versa, the crazy show trials and financially life altering judgments will begin again.

The second, serious, though not as profound concern I have with Mr. Singh’s dismissal of this complaint is the pretext he used to do it. I actually looked up Rule 16 (1)(b) of the BCHRT Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Rule 16 – Deferral of Complaint

Requirements for deferral

(1) The tribunal may defer consideration of a complaint until the outcome of another proceeding or a date set by the tribunal, if it determines that:

(a) another proceeding is capable of appropriately dealing with the substance of the
complaint; or

(b) it is fair and reasonable in all of the circumstances to do so.

I’m no fan of any of Jonathan Yaniv’s complaints and I have no desire to help him out. However, if I actually broke the law when I preached in front of the BCHRT by referring to Mr. Yaniv with a male pronoun, why is it “fair and reasonable in all of the circumstances” to defer his complaint until he pays the estheticians he wronged $6,000? What does Mr. Yaniv’s conduct in his first hearing and failure to pay $6,000 to those wronged women have to do with whether or not I illegally “misgendered” him? It is concerning to me that an allegedly impartial, quasi-judicial, body can deny someone “justice” on such a specious pretext. Referring to Rule 1(b) and citing Mr. Yaniv’s bad conduct in a previous and unrelated hearing should not be a legitimate excuse to deny Mr. Yaniv legal protection, if in fact I committed an offense against him. In actual fact Paul Singh is making a political decision and is throwing Mr. Yaniv under the bus to get rid of the public relations nightmare that the Tribunal its self created by prosecuting Mr. Yaniv’s repugnant complaints in the first place.

The BCHRT is demonstrating by declining to prosecute Mr. Yaniv’s “misgendering” complaint against me that it is a political, rather than an impartial, judicial body. The rulings of the BCHRT are political rulings that are often at variance with facts and reality. They are not impartial rulings dedicated to finding and upholding what is true. The BCHRT’s treatment of Mr. Yaniv’s victims and Mr. Yaniv himself demonstrates the Tribunal’s complete lack of ethics and grasp of reality. The procedural rulings and judicial rulings of the BCHRT cry injustice and falsehood and should be a wakeup call to Canadians to demand that politicians do whatever it takes to shut this political Tribunal down so it can’t harm anyone else.

As for my so-called hate crime trial? No ruling yet on the Crown Prosecutor’s motion to introduce nearly 20 years of my social media and flyer history into evidence to prove my alleged “deep and complex hatred of homosexuals.” While I am not a lawyer, my God given common sense leaves me wondering why anything I said five years ago, or 19 years ago, or last week, would have anything to do with anything I said 3 years ago in my “Zombie Safe Sex” package at the Toronto unGodly Pride parade. Anyways, the judge seems to be struggling with making a ruling. He told the Crown and my Defense at the end of my last hearing that his ruling would be rendered within a week. Now we are past a month since the hearing and there is still no ruling. Will keep everyone posted when the ruling comes in. Pray that the judge looks at things my way and deems my publicly expressed opinions over the years on homosexuality, homofascism, homosexual activism, disease rates, etc…. irrelevant as to whether or not my flyer disguised as a “Zombie Safe Sex” package in 2016 is illegal.

The trial remains scheduled for June 1, 2020 at the 361 University Ave, Ontario, Superior Court, in Toronto….

In Christ’s Service,
Bill Whatcott

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:11-13

Ps: Please pray for Jonathan Yaniv. Mr. Yaniv is one of the most unsympathetic human beings I know of. Mr. Yaniv’s social media behaviour, lies, malicious litigation, menstruation fetishes, attempts at getting the city of Surrey to host underage topless pool parties, and more, are all disgusting. Yet, Mr. Yaniv is a human being made in God’s image. While Mr. Yaniv’s bad choices and cruelty towards vulnerable immigrant women and girls has rendered him a hated person, rejected and despised by people on the political right and left alike, still for Christians we are called to see that the God of miracles can do a miracle and redeem even a man such as him. The day Mr. Yaniv repents and admits he is a sinner in need of redemption is the day the Christian Church should open its doors to him and let him know he is loved and welcome.

While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, ‘Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?’ On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.””
Matthew 9:10-13

We Live in a Bizarre World

We are living in a Bizarre World:
• If a mentally-ill dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him.
• Some how It’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America.
• Russians influencing our elections are bad, but illegal Mexicans voting in our elections are good.
• It was cool for Joe Biden to blackmail the President of Ukraine, but it’s an impeachable offense if Donald Trump inquires about it.
• Twenty is too young to drink a beer, but eighteen is old enough to vote.
• Illegals aren’t required to show ID, but citizens can’t buy cough medicine without it.
• Citizens are fined if they don’t buy their own health insurance, and then they are forced to buy it for illegals.
• People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves. 
• People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for useless degrees.
• Immigrants with tuberculosis and polio are welcome, but you’d better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated.
• Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate Central-American gang-banger who jumps the southern fence is welcome.
• $5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care for illegals is not.
• If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free.
• Politicians who say that the President is not above the law put illegal immigrants above the law.
• People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.
• Illegals don’t pay taxes, but they get tax refunds.
• We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, and it seems like a great plan to us.
• Voter suppression is bad, but not allowing the President to be on the ballot is good.
• Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now.
• Criminals are caught and released to hurt more people but stopping them is bad.   When will I wake up from this nightmare world??

Another Assault on Religious Freedom Parental Rights

Federal Liberals introduce bill aimed at cracking down on conversion therapy

OTTAWA — Justice Minister David Lametti has added another bill to the government’s agenda, tabling new amendments to the Criminal Code, to crack down on the practice of conversion therapy in Canada.

The legislation — a campaign promise and evolution on the government’s position last parliament — is proposing to prohibit unwanted religious counselling seeking to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual; gender identity to cisgender; or reduce non-heterosexual behaviour, nationwide.

The 11-page bill proposes five new Criminal Code offences, but leaves the door open to allowing adults who willingly want to pursue what has also been called  reparative therapy, to seek that assistance. But that remains possible only under limited circumstances.

What the government is looking to make a crime:

  • causing a minor to undergo conversion therapy;
  • removing a minor from Canada to undergo conversion therapy abroad;
  • causing a person to undergo conversion therapy against their will;
  • profiting from providing conversion therapy; and
  • advertising an offer to provide conversion therapy.

Bill C-8, as it’s been titled, would also allow courts to seize conversion therapy promotional material and order it removed from the internet, though it also presents the same restrictions on matters “alleged to be obscene, child pornography, a voyeuristic recording, an intimate image, an advertisement of sexual services.”

Based on the proposed changes the government has put forward, the maximum punishment would be five years in prison for some offences, and up to two years in prison for others.

The practice has been widely discredited and disparaged by several health and human rights groups, but these therapies are believed to still be offered in Canada.

Lametti and Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth Bardish Chagger made an announcement about the bill on Monday afternoon.

In announcing the bill, backed by several LGBTQ community members and MPs, Lametti called the proposed legislated ban the “most progressive and comprehensive in the world,” and referenced how the discriminatory practice has led to life-long trauma for Canadians.

“Conversion therapy is premised on a lie, that being homosexual, lesbian, bisexual or trans is wrong and in need of fixing. Not only is that false, it sends a demeaning and a degrading message that undermines the dignity of individuals,” Lametti said.

Though, the government is specifying that the new offences “would not apply to those who provide support to persons questioning their sexual orientation, sexual feelings or gender identity,” such as teachers or school counsellors, pastoral or faith leaders, doctors or mental health professionals, and friends or family members.”

As well, the bill clarifies that the new measures are not meant to “include a practice, treatment or service that relates to a person’s gender transition; or to a person’s exploration of their identity or to its development.”

When asked about these exclusions, Lametti said that a “legitimate conversation with an open end in helping someone to explore their sexuality” is not covered by this legislation, saying that “those kinds conversations are absolutely necessary as people move forward in life.”

Asked about why the legislation allows for adults to still willingly pursue this activity, Lametti said that the government “felt that a competent adult could conceivably defend the right in a court to consent to this kind of activity and we felt that we couldn’t move ahead with that, in that case scenario, simply because the Charter of Rights.”

The pair of ministers were mandated to move forward with a ban on conversion therapy, after Trudeau promised action on eradicating the “harmful and scientifically disproven practice,” during the 2019 fall federal election campaign.

In addition to the bill, the government will be taking additional steps in line with the provinces and municipalities given the span of jurisdictions and potential enforcement requirements, such as bylaw changes.

Some provinces and municipalities in Canada already have measures in place, such as specifying that conversion therapy is not an insured health service, and indicating that they expect health professionals to ensure that conversion therapy is not practiced in their jurisdiction.

Before coming out with the promised ban during the campaign, the Liberal’s position had been that health regulations are a provincial and territorial responsibility and implored the provinces to take this initiative on.

Currently, some offences like kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault or even fraud may apply to those conducting conversion sessions, but the government has indicated that the Criminal Code as it stands could go further to explicitly deter and punish those who engage in this practice.

LGBTQ community reaction

Appearing alongside Lametti and Chagger, conversion therapy survivor Erika Muse delivered an emotional reaction to the legislation, saying that she lives with the damage of conversion therapy daily. She questioned whether the bill as drafted will help people in all circumstances.

“I can’t say that this is a ban that would make me safe,” she said, encouraging parliamentarians to make changes to the bill.

Asked about her comments, in an interview on CTV’s Power Play, Chagger said that the conversation is just beginning, and that there’s time to “work on” the legislation.

In a statement ahead of the details of the bill being known, The Trevor Project — a U.S.-based suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth — said it’s proud of the Canadian government for moving to end the practice.

The organization is advancing an initiative aimed at ending conversion therapy in the United States, while similar initiatives to stop the practice are underway in Germany, Mexico and Chile.

“This legislation will save countless LGBTQ young lives,” said The Trevor Project’s Troy Stevenson. Based on a national survey the organization conducted in 2019 in the U.S., LGBTQ youth who experienced conversion therapy were more than twice as likely to attempt suicide.

“Countries across the world are taking active steps to address the devastating harms caused by conversion therapy,” said Shannon Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, in a statement.

‘No doubt’ conversion therapy happens

A now-retired Senator, Serge Joyal has already introduced a bill in this Parliament, aimed at cracking down on the practice. His proposal, in Bill S-202 was to make it an offence to advertise conversion therapy services and to obtain financial or other material benefits from providing conversion therapy to anyone under the age of 18.

In a previous interview with Joyal said that he wanted to get the ball rolling and push the government to “stand by their electoral platform commitment,” and would be happy to have his proposal — now being spearheaded by Independent Sen. Rene Cormier — to be superseded by a government bill.

“There is no doubt that the practice is still in existence in Canada. It’s not visible, it’s like a submarine. It’s below the water level. But everyone knows that it’s there,” Joyal said.

According to a report published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, in Canada more than 20,000 LGBTQ and two-spirit Canadians have been exposed to conversion therapy treatments or other efforts aimed at repressing or changing their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Conversion therapy is opposed by several health and human rights groups including the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization, which in 2012 said that these conversion programs “lack medical justification and represent a serious threat to the health and well-being of affected people.”

The Canadian Psychological Association also opposes conversion therapy as it is “based on the assumption that LGBTQ identities indicate a mental disorder,” and “can result in negative outcomes, such as distress, anxiety, depression, negative self-image, a feeling of personal failure, difficulty sustaining relationships, and sexual dysfunction.”


Raychyl Whyte is raising funds for CAFE on St. Patrick’s Day


Tuesday March 17 will be Raychyl’s 14th annual 42 km trek from Toronto to Oakville, and she is pleased to raise funds for CAFE again this year. The walk will commence at 9 AM at Toronto City Hall on Tuesday March 17 2020, and conclude sometime between approx. 4:15-4:50 PM at Mo’s Restaurant & Tavern in downtown Oakville, 234 Lakeshore Rd. E., where CAFE members are welcome to join in the celebration with Raychyl. There will be green beer & pub grub… while the participants of the walk will be groaning in pain & exhaustion! LOL. 
~ Wear something green. ~

Please donate directly to CAFE. 
Mail your cheque to:CAFE,P.O. Box 332,Rexdale, ON.,M9W 5L3CANADA..In the info line mention, “RAYCHYL’S WALK”.Thanks for your support!

Breitbart News Reports Federal Funds Used to Spy on “Hate Speech” on Gab

Federal Funds Used to Research ‘Hate Speech’ on Gab


scientists with clipboards

Allum Bokhari1 Mar 2020700 3:04

Researchers at USC used federal funds to compile a “corpus” of “hate speech” on Gab, the First Amendment-friendly social media network that provides an alternative to increasingly censorious platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Titled “The Gab Hate Corpus: A collection of 27k posts annotated for hate speech,” the project involved over a dozen researchers and was sponsored by funds from the National Science Foundation, a federal body that distributes taxpayer money to fund scientific research, including “social sciences.”

The current NSF director is an Obama appointee, France A. Córdova. The NSF’s budget in 2020 was increased by 2.5 percent on the previous year, to $8.28 billion. Part of that taxpayer money, it seems, is now going to study “hate speech” on Gab.

“The growing prominence of online hate speech is a threat to a safe and just society,” declares the study. “This endangering phenomenon requires collaboration across the sciences in order to generate evidence-based knowledge of, and policies for, the dissemination of hatred in online spaces.”

The report also claims to “establish baseline classification performance for each using standard natural language processing methods.” Natural language processing is a subfield of linguistics, AI and computer science that among other things involves training AIs how to recognize and analyze human speech.

In a statement, Gab slammed the researchers for “cherrypicking” items of speech from its website.

“These researchers used federal funds to highlight 27,000 posts out of more than 93,000,000 on our site (0.029%) to promote the online censorship of American citizens,” said a Gab spokesman.

“Gab has over 3 million visitors, users, and customers from around the world. Our fastest-growing markets are the United States, India, and Spain. Our users have diverse ideological, cultural, and social perspectives. Studies like this seek to gaslight millions of great people in our community based on a negligible fraction of posts on the site.”

“For years now yellow journalists and shoddy researchers have consistently cherry-picked individual users or small groups on our site in an effort to discredit our mission, which is to protect the First Amendment online and empower everyone to speak freely and securely.”

“They have failed and will continue to fail. Gab will continue to build people-powered solutions to Big Tech bias and online censorship.”Are you an insider at Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other tech company who wants to confidentially reveal wrongdoing or political bias at your company? Reach out to Allum Bokhari at his secure email address

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News.

Red Tory Elite Keep Social Conservative Out of Party Leadership Rce
Despite support from thousands of CPC party members, the unelected LEOC has disallowed my candidacy and will not allow my supporters to cast their ballots for me. No reasons were provided to me by the committee.

It seems my candidacy was viewed as a threat to the establishment of the CPC and to the kind of leader THEY want to select. Thus far I was the only candidate who took a strong position in support of traditional marriage and who proposed to defund abortion federally as health care.

True Blue Conservatives, including those with traditional values, are a major force within our Party. They are a force with or without my candidacy in this leadership contest. I continue to work with all True Blue conservatives who support and take action in the conservative movement, and within the CPC regardless of how uncomfortable this makes the unelected Red Tory elite.

I believe in a CPC that welcomes all True Blue conservatives and offers a clear alternative to the Liberals. The CPC began on these principles. I helped build it from its founding, especially in Québec. I urge all my supporters to keep pressing on towards that goal.

The work continues! For a True Blue Conservative Leader, Richard DECARIE
Richard DECARIE Campaign

Are Social Conservatives Unwelcome in the Tory Party?

Conservative Party blocks controversial candidate Richard Décarie from running for leadership

Brian Platt 10 hrs ago Former Liberal cabinet minister Rich Coleman to retire from politics 3 new COVID-19 cases announced in Ontario

a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera:  Richard Decarie, a social conservative whose views were widely condemned by some senior Conservatives, has been barred from running the party's leadership race.

© @RichardDECARIE/twitter Richard Decarie, a social conservative whose views were widely condemned by some senior Conservatives, has been barred from running the party’s leadership race.

OTTAWA — The Conservative Party has released a “final list” of candidates approved to run in the leadership race, and Richard Décarie is not on it.

Décarie had prompted outrage last month after he went on national TV and said that in his view being gay is a choice, among other inflammatory remarks. His comments were strongly condemned by many Conservative MPs and leadership candidates including Peter MacKay, Erin O’Toole, Marilyn Gladu and Rick Peterson.

The Conservative Party’s leadership nomination committee interviewed Décarie on Thursday, which indicates he had fulfilled everything else needed to enter the race, including a $25,000 fee and 1,000 signatures from party members. (To stay on until the final ballot, he would have needed to pay a further $275,000 and collect 2,000 more signatures by March 25.)

Also watch: MacKay on cannabis laws, Huawei & where he’ll run (Provided by CBC)

Décarie’s campaign team told the Post on Friday that they had met the basic entry requirements and expected Décarie would be approved to run.

“No reasons were provided to me by the committee,” said a statement from Décarie on Saturday. “It seems, then, that my candidacy was viewed as a threat to the establishment of the CPC and to the kind of leader that THEY want to select. Thus far I was the only candidate who took a strong position in support of traditional marriage and who proposed to defund abortion federally since it is not health care.”

Party spokesperson Cory Hann would not confirm on Saturday why Décarie was not on the final list of applicants, saying that reasons for approving or disqualifying a candidate aren’t released. Hann did say that the final list has been signed off on by the full leadership election organizing committee (LEOC).


A party official with direct knowledge of the matter, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the rejection was not specific to Décarie’s TV interview, but related to his application as a whole. The application includes a lengthy questionnaire and various screening measures such as background checks and scanning social media feeds, previous activities and written work.

The official also pointed out that other socially-conservative candidates (Leslyn Lewis and Derek Sloan) are in the race, so the party is not looking to block people with those views.

Video player from: YouTube (Privacy Policy)

According to the leadership race rules, there is no further route of appeal for Décarie now that the entry deadline of Feb. 27 has passed.

“All decisions of the LEOC are final and are not subject to internal appeal or judicial review,” the rules say.

a lit up city at night:  A man is silhouetted walking past a Conservative Party logo before the opening of the Party’s national convention in Halifax on Thursday, August 23, 2018.

© Darren Calabrese A man is silhouetted walking past a Conservative Party logo before the opening of the Party’s national convention in Halifax on Thursday, August 23, 2018. The leadership questionnaire that had to be filled out by all candidates did include questions that could have formed the grounds to block Décarie , such as whether the candidate has ever “been accused of, or been engaged in, activities that promote discrimination or hatred against people on the basis of…sexual orientation.”

Décarie’s statement said his supporters, who he called “True Blue Conservatives” with “traditional values,” will still be a force in the party and this leadership race.

“They will continue to be with or without my candidacy in this particular leadership contest,” he said. “I will continue to work with all True Blue conservatives who want to support and take action in the conservative movement, and within the Conservative Party of Canada regardless of how uncomfortable this makes the unelected Red Tory elite.”

The list of eight candidates approved to run are:

Marilyn Gladu

Rudy Husny

Jim Karahalios

Leslyn Lewis

Peter MacKay

Erin O’Toole

Rick Peterson

Derek Sloan

Look Who’s trying to Tell An Independent Country What Sort of Parade It Can Hold


Belgian Carnival parade goes ahead despite criticism

Israel urged Belgium to ban the traditional Carnival parade, which featured floats depicting caricaturistic images of Orthodox Jews. The mayor of Aalst defended the festivities, saying “it is not an anti-Semitic parade.” Watch video 03:08

Charges of anti-Semitism darken carnival in Belgium’s Aalst

The Belgian city of Aalst went ahead with its traditional Carnival parade on Sunday, despite calls from Israel to ban the event over its anti-Semitic floats and costumes.

This year’s parade included participants dressed in costumes of caricaturistic Jewish stereotypes, with some wearing hooked noses, insect costumes, and exaggerated outfits meant to depict Orthodox Jews. One of the floats also included three Jewish caricatures placed alongside gold bars. Some revellers were also dressed in costumes meant to represent Nazi officers.

Lawmakers in the European Parliament had urged officials in Aalst to make sure this year’s parade was free from “manifestations of hatred.”

Earlier this week, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz called on the Belgian government to ban the “hate-filled” parade altogether.

The city’s Carnival parade lost its UNESCO cultural heritage status last year over the “recurrence of racist and anti-Semitic representation.” Revelers then dressed in Nazi costumes, making fun of the move.

Mayor defends parade

The city’s mayor dismissed criticism and calls for a ban on the festivities, saying “let Aalst be Aalst.”

“This is not an anti-Semitic parade,” Mayor Christoph D’Haese told reporters on Sunday. “Aalst is not an anti-Semitic city.”

D’Haese, of the right-wing nationalist New Flemish Alliance party, added that the goal of the parade is “not to hurt anyone.”

City authorities have repeatedly defended the parade as an expression of free speech and saying the costumes and floats are intended to be “satirical.”

The US Holocaust Museum tweeted “24,000 Jews living in Belgium were murdered in the Holocaust. Today, deadly anti-Semitism is on the rise again throughout Europe. Events like the Aalst Carnaval parade that promote anti-Semitism and stoke hatred and potentially violence must be denounced by all segments of society.”

One of this year’s floats featured Orthodox Jews next to gold bars

Sunday’s parade in Aalst also took place despite the threat of strong winds gusting up to 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph). Several other Belgian cities postponed or canceled their parades due to the severe weather.

The Aalst Carnival celebrations, which are more than 600 years old, were given UNESCO cultural heritage status in 2010. Last year’s parade prompted a wave of criticism from the EU and from Jewish groups after a float included Jewish caricatures with bags of money that were surrounded by rats.

According to the World Jewish Congress, Belgium is home to a small Jewish community of around 30,000 people out of the country’s total population of 11 million.

rs/aw (dpa, AFP)