Copenhagen, A Chaotic Victory: Antifa Fails to Shut Down the Scandza Forum

Copenhagen, A Chaotic Victory: Antifa Fails to Shut Down the Scandza Forum

Dear Friends,


As you can imagine, these last few days have been buried in work and correspondence, so you will understand why this letter reaches you a bit later than intended. I had also planned to write you with a very detailed discussion of what happened last Saturday, but since you already know most of what transpired, let’s keep to the essentials.


I want to make a few things clear:


  1. The Scandza Forum is an arena for private, peaceful meetings and debate seminars—we are not involved in public demonstrations or political agitation of any kind. We believe in free speech and we seek to primarily involve intellectuals in our work. Thus, you can immediately dismiss any descriptions of our meeting as a “demonstration” and the antifa aggressors as “counter-demonstrators” or “protesters.” That is a false narrative trying to frame us as having the same status as the criminals who seek us out and attack our guests. These attacks are completely one-sided, since they came to us while we were having a private meeting.
  2. There is a clear distinction between protesters, on the one hand, and a violent mob, on the other. Protesters have a legitimate place in our society — you are perfectly free to hold signs or voice opinions about other political groups. What you are not allowed to do is, assault people who have opinions you disagree with, use violence for political purposes (for intimidation, etc.), or physically try to prevent others from exercising their right to freedom of speech.
  3. The antifa crowd were not protesters. They were physically blocking the street in front of the venue where we had our private meeting (blocking it for both vehicles and pedestrians), they were physically preventing attendees (and one speaker) from getting to the venue, and they were physically assaulting guests who were trying to pass them in order to get to the venue. They were punching, shoving, pulling clothes, and spitting. They also attacked a complete outsider who was attempting to deliver food.
  4. The use of violence and/or the threat of violence for political purposes, is by definition terrorism. The antifa are terrorists.


A few words on how the police handled the situation:


  1. Already two weeks before these events, the antifa announced publicly that they were going to commit a crime against us (they were going to “stop” us from meeting, using “creative methods”; what those “creative methods” involve can easily be seen by a quick glance at their history, and what transpired last Saturday). At the same time (i.e., two weeks in advance), they also announced where they were going to meet in preparation of this crime (Folkets Park).
  2. We made sure that this was brought to the police’s attention, so that the Danish police had at least two weeks to prepare and prevent these publicly announced crimes from happening.
  3. The antifa has a several decades long history of using extreme violence (car bombs, arson, assault, rioting) against people whose political views they disagree with. They are a clear-cut terrorist organization whose only purpose is to silence political speech through violence and the threat of violence. The Swedish police security service, Säpo, has released a report describing them as one of the greatest threats against domestic security. The antifa has a long history of delivering on their threats, so the police had every reason to take these threats (the planned attacks) seriously.
  4. Still, the Danish police did nothing to prevent the publicly announced crime from being committed, before it was committed. (E.g., the police could easily have prevented this criminal group from going from the scene where they were gathering in preparation of the crime, Folkets Park, to the scene of the crime, where they were going to attack our guests.)
  5. The antifa were free to come to the scene of the crime, where they (as promised) were assaulting guests who were trying to get into the venue. During the entire day, the police looked on as the violent mob was preventing our attendees from getting to the venue, and as they assaulted those who made an attempt. During the entire day, the police made not a single attempt to disperse the violent mob that was involved in an ongoing crime against our guests. Not even when the antifa mob attacked an outsider, the driver, did the police disperse the aggressive mob that was blocking the street.
  6. The conclusion is that the police were complicit in the crimes committed that day. They could easily (as they had two weeks to prepare) have prevented a serious crime against our freedom of assembly and our freedom of speech; they could have prevented several cases of physical assault; and they could have prevented financial losses for us, for the restaurant, and for all of those guests who had travelled all the way to Copenhagen, but were prevented from entering the venue. Yet the police did nothing to prevent those crimes from happening.


In spite of all this chaos however, I am pleased to say that the show did go on, the majority of you (the attendees) did get in, most of the speeches were delivered as planned, and we made our voices heard that day. From those of you who were prevented from getting to the venue, I have heard many stories of how you spent the entire day networking with each other, in view of how serious our situation is; so I am confident that everyone came home with valuable experiences. Some even came up to me afterwards and told me that this was the best event they have ever participated in.


We are involved in a struggle for the future of Europe, and no-one said it was going to be convenient. It is when things don’t go as planned that you learn something about yourself and the world around you, and everyone I have talked to came away from this weekend more motivated than ever. I am proud to say that not a single person has complained to me about what happened, which tells me that everyone is aware that we do what we do because it is our duty, not for our own entertainment.


I want to thank everyone who made this memorable event possible. All of you who helped me announce the event; all the speakers; everyone who helped me with practical details in preparation of the event; our security guys who did stellar work throughout the day; Samantha who stayed in touch with all of you while I was buried under other work during the day; and, most of all, all of you who showed up, who gave your financial support, your moral support, and encouragement before, during, and after the event. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Since the event, we have uploaded all three speeches to Youtube (WoesCollettSunic) as well as a Sunday conversation in Copenhagen, between myself and Millennial Woes. Last night I did two live streams on Youtube about the events last Saturday: The Patriotic Weekly Review (with Mark Collett, Laura Towler, and Greg Johnson, who were also in Copenhagen) and Red Ice with Henrik Palmgren. Just a few hours after the interview with Red Ice, their Youtube channel, with almost 350 000 subscribers, was shut down (you can still see their videos on Bitchute). I do not yet know why the channel was shut down, but it is obvious that someone is very hostile to our freedom of speech. My very best wishes to Henrik and Lana and the others at Red Ice!


Since the chaos started on Saturday, I have received literally hundreds of emails, and I will start to go through them — and I am sure you understand that it will take some time. Samantha Hilton has also done a fantastic job of staying in touch with you and keeping you informed.


Now, I must move on to the work in preparation of the next Scandza Forum, which takes place in Oslo on November 2nd, just over two weeks from now.


Thank you all for your support — together, we can create an impact greater than we can ever imagine!



Fróði Midjord

Scandza Forum

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