Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson — Incremental Shoving Back Against the ‘Trans’ Insanity


Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson — Incremental Shoving Back Against the ‘Trans’ Insanity


I had a mind to drive for Pearson College, which is just around the corner from me in Metchosin.  It would have been a good gig … but their policy on GENDER DIVERSITY is so bad it’s laughable … insanity writ large.

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September 10 2019

Pearson College UWCAttention :
Tyrone Pile ; Deana Cuthbert ;  Shelley Seysener ; Susan Duffel-Warthe ; Reese Harrison

from : Gordon Watson
This is my notice that I hereby withdraw my application to be an on-call driver for the College.Having read the documents delivered by surface mail,  it is clear that my own position within the so-called “trans” controversy is antithetical to your  GENDER DIVERSITY POLICY    to the extent that I am not able to co-operate with such insanity.
I am a long-time political activist, lately on the front line of court actions to do with the “transgender” nonsense being pretext for outlawing freedom of expression.   I could submit a few hundred pages explaining why the whole “trans”  thing is a textbook example of mass hysteria, but one quick overview will suffice :   following by regular surface mail will be the essay   “Transgender is a fad worth rejecting”

I recommend that the College make  “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” by Charles Mackay,  required reading for all-concerned … it’s the classic work explaining how human beings go crazy in herds, then regain common sense one person at a time.

As King Solomon said “this too shall pass”.  Meanwhile,  the College better pay attention to the lawsuits now underway in which parents of children who suffered at the hands of quacks in the ‘transgender’ racket,  are suing those practitioners and also the institutions which enabled medical malpractice.    As I write this, a lawsuit is being prepared by parents of children who were in care of the BC Children’s Hospital with that cause of action.  Being in the place of a parent for its students,  Pearson College has the duty to inform thy-self as to ALL of the readily available information on this topic before presuming the science is settled ; it most certainly is not.  In light of expert opinion on the harms done to individuals who once did present as “transgender”, then regained their sanity,   the College ought to get professional legal advice re    counselling an indictable offence /  ‘criminal negligence’

Yours truly
Gordon Watson