RAW: Maxime Bernier gives powerful speech at Worldwide Freedom Rally in Toronto

RAW: Maxime Bernier gives powerful speech at Worldwide Freedom Rally in Toronto

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  • May 18, 2021

The Toronto Fake News media all but ignored a huge freedom rally at Queen’s Park, Saturday, May 15, featuring People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier. Here is The Rebel’s report. — Paul Fromm

News was downtown Toronto again this past weekend to cover the weekly Freedom Rally. 

The crowd seems to be getting bigger and bigger every weekend with thousands of people filling the streets. This past weekend, as part of the Worldwide Freedom Rally, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier joined Torontonians and delivered a powerful speech discussing the rights of Canadians. https://www.rebelnews.com/raw_footage_maxime_bernier_speaks_at_weekly_toronto_freedom_rally


Maxime talked about how “freedom is nothing less than the basics of our civilization.” He went on to talk about the destruction that lockdowns have caused on our children and what this means for our society. 

Bernier’s speech ended on a hopeful note, concluding that “in the end, freedom will win!”

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Christian Lady Judith Lam Arrested & Handcuffed at END THE LOCKDOWN Rally in Toronto for Carrying a Megaphone

Christian Lady Judith Lam Arrested & Handcuffed at END THE LOCKDOWN Rally in Toronto for Carrying a Megaphone

Judith Lam has been a regular at Torontos END THE LOCKDOWN rallies. She always brings a tray of her home baked goodies to hand out to the freedom fighters.

Last Saturday 10 Toronto police surrounded her at the END THE LOCKDOWN rally staging ground in Queen’s Park, handcuffed her and led her away. She was not allowed to contact her son who was already on the march. They alleged she had violated release conditions from a previous ticket. [The way our soft tyranny courts restrict people who have not been found guilty is with brutal bail or release conditions] She was not to use a megaphone! Talk about a gag order. Her lawyer had already got this condition amended or removed. The cops would not let her get the document to verify this. In order not to be hauled off to the police station, she was coerced under protest to sign a ticket which also forbad her from marching in the protest. [Wasn’t freedom of movement and the right to peaceful assembly somewhere in Trudeau I’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Here is her statement. The video makes painful viewing. Notice, hovering inthe background during her arrest are a dozen mounted police, the riot cavalry, all to intimidate a peaceful rally of freedom fighters.

 ” Here’s the vid with my full exchange with the police.https://we.tl/t-jfVoj6UnZ5


I’m sûre the cops pulled me out of the march because I announced we should go through Chinatown again to wake up my ethnic group.  They claimed I breached the conditions of the 1st  arrest  (Feb 6th).  The cops denied receiving my lawyer’s March 19th variation of my arrest conditions where I had boundary limits and couldn’t speak into a Megaphone (even though my lawyer told me it was approved by the crown so of course the police would have it!)

They threatened to take me to the station (and who knows how long I would be in jail) if I didn’t sign that form (Form 10) that had new boundary limits and again no use of megaphone. I couldn’t even call my lawyer  BEFORE signing!  Presuming me to be guilty and not allowing me to present evidence otherwise!  I’m still shocked that the cops can just lie and arrest people without just reasons! 

If I had really broken bail conditions, they would have put me in jail for breach and not just give me new conditions!! “

Police Harass END THE LOCKDOWN Rally in Toronto

Canadian News

BREAKING: Anti-lockdown protests continue in Toronto this weekend, several arrests made

The weekly anti-lockdown protest once again defied the provincial stay-at-home order, calling again for an end to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns which have correlated with a sharp rise in unemployment. 4 Beth

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Police were quick to try and disperse protestors from Queen’s Park, telling them there is a stay-at-home order and they can’t gather in groups larger than 5. Protestors were adamant they were exercising their rights, and at least two people were quickly arrested.

Protestors then began their “Essential Exercise March” to avoid further arrests, since exercise being deemed essential under the current lockdown rules.

Toronto police posted a statement to the public warning protesters that if they violate the order against gatherings more than five individuals they will be subject to fines or summonses.

“While we recognize the right to lawful protest, the existing emergency orders prohibit large gatherings of more than five people,” the statement reads.

The order says that police will be “enhancing” their enforcement of the order against large public gatherings and officers will be “dispersing” attendees of large gatherings. https://aa04a09d70ca5a3f4d3233f8996fe123.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

“Organizers of events also risk tickets or summonses,” the statement

A man was seen poking his head out of his window to to flip off the anti-lockdown protesters marching in the street.

Police made a final arrest as the demonstration began to disperse. https://platform.twitter.com/embed