Protesters Call for Criminal Charges Against CBC

Protesters Call for Criminal Charges Against CBC

Yesterday in downtown Toronto, we stood up and spoke up for Canada’s children.

CBC Drag Kids Protest

Seventy-five outraged Canadians, concerned for the well-being and protection of our children, joined me in front of CBC’s Toronto broadcast headquarters to protest the recent airing of the “Drag Kids” documentary.

Protesters at the CBC HQ

We continued our ongoing call for an investigation into CBC’s promotion and glamourization of child sexual exploitation in the form of child drag. By airing material that presents children as sexual objects, in homo-erotic performances, in the company of mostly naked men, CBC is effectively broadcasting child pornography, which is a violation of section 163.1(3) of the Criminal Code.

These actions are not only reprehensible, irresponsible, and immoral, they are criminal.

No Kid a Drag Kid

So far, over 21,000 citizens have signed our petition calling for an investigation.

It is very telling that there were no counter-protesters on-hand for our protest.

I was not surprised. Child drag is not something anyone wants to be seen “supporting”. How could anyone stand up against us and dare to endorse homo-erotic drag for children? It is a losing argument!

And yet, the media was also nowhere to be seen, showing themselves both unwilling to support and unwilling to denounce child drag. I believe this is out of fear of offending the LGBT community.

CBC - Criminal Betrayal of Children

We are hopeful that our protest yesterday will help bring the danger of child drag to light. We are also hopeful it will be the impetus for an investigation and possible criminal charges being laid against Ms. Sandra Kleinfeld, the Senior Director responsible for “Drag Kids”.

You can watch my message at the protest here, where I call for a criminal investigation:

David Cooke's Message

Yours for Life, Family, and Freedom,

David Cooke and the Entire CitizenGO Team

David Cooke

P.S. I want to say a special thank you to everyone who was able to come out and take a stand for our children in Toronto yesterday. Your presence was a powerful witness for the truth. I believe God will use it and bless it.