Yesterday Sung to the tune of the Beatles’ hit song

Sung to the tune of the Beatles’ hit song

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Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away.
Now it looks like hyper third world immigration is here to stay.
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly, this is not half the Canada it used to be.
There’s a shadow of thought control hanging over me.
Oh yesterday, came sudden-ly.

Why Anglo-Celtic Canada had to go away, I don’t know—-politicians wouldn’t say.
I said something politically incorrect so I long for yesterday.

Yesterday, freedom of speech was such an easy game to play.
Now I need a place to hide away, is there a Euro-Canadian ethno-state where I can stay?
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Why free speech had to go, I don’t know—–the Thought Police wouldn’t say.
I said something Islamophobic, now I long for yesterday, day, yeh yeh.

Yesterday, Euro-Canadian pride and patriotism was such an easy game to play.
Now I need a place to hide away, is your bunker A-OK? Eh?

Oh I believe that European Canada will once again have its day……mmmmmm…..

Tim McCartney Murray
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Anglo-Celtic Canada R.I.P.

Help CAFE Assist the Victims and Support Free Speech in Canada


Help CAFE Assist the Victims and Support Free Speech in Canada

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Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director

MonikaSchaeferTruth Revealer

​                              Monika Schaefer on CAFE Speaking Tour in Ontario

September 1, 2016

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

This has been a hectic few months for freedom of speech and this Fall promises to be no different.

A Mean, Vicious, Nasty Country

OK, the headline may be a little harsh, but some of our fellow Canadians are narrow-minded vindictive bullies who care not a wit for freedom of speech. Frankly, you and I have a lot to do to turn people on to freedom of speech, to remind them of our proud heritage of individual freedoms now so battered by the Maoist Red Guards of political correctness, and to stand up for the victims of persecution.

Monika Schaefer

Consider Monika Schaefer. She is a violin teacher and four time Green Party candidate from Jasper, Alberta. She has lived in that community for 35 years. She raised her daughter there. She was a community activist and volunteer, devoting hours of her time and fiddling to support worthy causes and entertain at benefits. An open, honest friendly woman, Miss Schaefer had many friends in this small Alberta mountain town. She doesn’t have as many today. In mid-June she posted a short video on You Tube — Sorry, Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust 4m48s. Monika was the daughter of post war German immigrants. As a girl, she was mocked and occasionally called “Nazi” by school children. She bought into the indoctrination and the Hollywood version of World War II. She even scolded her mother and wondered why she hadn’t “done something” about what was happening to Jews in  WW II. Over the years, Monika grew skeptical about many things. She became a major doubter of the official line about 9/11. Beginning in 2014, she began reading and came to reject the standard doctrine about the “holocaust.” Her video on You Tube went viral — over 120,000 hits in two months.
“Free speech. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.” Those were the values of the Real Canada — OUR Canada, yours and mine. These are not the values of the pinched, censorious fanatics of political correctness. Punishment came quickly:
* Monika was a big hit at last year’s Dominion (Canada) Day festivities in Jasper. This year, she was uninvited. There had been some anonymous threats of a protest. [In healthier time, the RCMP would have been informed and these exceedingly well paid officers would have been on hand to keep any protest peaceful.]
* The President of the local Legion banned Monika from being on the premises. The Legion is a favourite local gathering place for musicians. So, this ban in quite serious. When Monika tested the ban, an officious bartenders called the cops.
* The Legion president made complaints to the Canadian and Alberta Human Rights Commissions, to the RCMP and the German Embassy (what? Monika was born in Canada!). “It is a hate crime,” proclaimed Ken Kuzminski, the Legion president and former NDP candidate, about Monika’s soft spoken video. Kuzminski had been a longtime acquaintance of Monika’s.
* Several longtime musician friends cut Monika off cold, There have been threats against her livelihood as a violin teacher.
* The Green Party was in a panic. The office of Leader Elizabeth May, a friend of Monika’s, was in a tizzy and promised that she would be expelled. [Ironically, Monika had quit the party more than a year before over Zionist influence within a group that prides itself on “telling truth to the powers that be”.]
* Monika, ever the community activist, had lobbied for several years for the town to permit busking; that is, musicians can perform in parks or on sidewalks and receive donations from passersby. This Spring the town council approved busking. Monika applied for a permit and was turned down. Dave Baker, Director of Habitat for the Arts, told her:“We have considered your application for a busking permit in Jasper. In light of your recently publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs we have decided to decline a permit to you at this time” “Non-inclusive beliefs”? Any belief is “non-inclusive” as it rejects other beliefs. If you’re a Buddhist, you reject Islam, and are, therefore, “non-inclusive.” The charge is Orwellian and nonsensical.

CAFE’S RESPONSE: Throughout her ordeal CAFE and our supporters have rallied to Monika’s defence on the Internet, with letters to the offending parties, with videos — thanks Brian and Lawrence. We are getting the story of her case out there on You Tube. CAFE organized a quick tour of Ontario (London and Toronto) in August; we have more meetings planned for Vancouver and Edmonton over the next few weeks. Needless to say, this costs money.

Arthur Topham & — Constitutional Challenge to be Heard Oct. 3-7 in Quesnel

One of the most pressing cases is Arthur Topham’s “hate law” — Sec. 319 —  case resulting from postings on his website Last November, after a 12 day trial, a jury convicted him on one count of “hate” and acquitted him on another. Now comes the second phase — his challenge to the constitutionality of the “hate law”. In the Keegstra appeal in 1990 argued by the late Doug Christie, the Supreme Court by a narrow margin upheld the constitutionality of the “hate law”, agreeing that it was an infringement on free speech but was justified because of the allegedly deleterious effects of “hate propaganda” on “vulnerable minorities.” Arthur is arguing that the context is different. Mr. Keegstra had a captive audience in an Alberta classroom. As Doug Christie argued, the Internet is a completely different context. People have to seek out the posts on a website and can exit at any time. Also, evidence presented by Dr. Persinger at the Marc Lemire Internet Sec. 13 case established that the science which the Supreme Court relied on in 1990 was junk science. Neuropsychology has established that the alleged effects of “hate speech” on “vulnerable” minorities — fear, depression, withdrawal from society, booze, drugs — do not exist. Indeed, many of the “vulnerable” minorities, especially Jews and the LGBTQ crowd, hold privileged and powerful positions in society. This challenge is crucial.

CAFE’S RESPONSE: From the start, we have backed Arthur’s principled struggle for free speech. We were an intervener in the Sec. 13 Canadian Human Rights case — abandoned after the law was repealed in 2012. When “hate charges” were laid after complaints by Harry Abrams of B’nai Brith and Richard Warman, neither of whom bothered to show up at the trial their mischief-making had set in motion, CAFE has been actively involved in Mr. Topham’s defence. We have helped raise money. Last Fall, I provided daily e-mail and short video reports on the trial. I shall again be attending the proceedings in Quesnel and providing daily reports. If you are not already on my e-mail list and want to receive these reports, contact me at

Brian Ruhe Loses Two More Teaching Jobs

Brian Ruhe, a gentle Buddhist instructor and lecturer on meditation in Vancouver, now turned prolific revisionist videographer has, over the past year, lost a number of part-time lecturing positions at Vancouver area universities, colleges and school boards. He has been the victim of a campaign headed by B’nai Brith’s Harry Abrams who publicly proclaimed his desire effectively  to impoverish Mr. Ruhe and deny him an income. Abrams wrote to Georgia Straight (August 28, 2015): “I have written to the Vancouver parks Board and have asked them to replace this unsavory fellow ASAP. According to Ruhe’s own postings, his Capilano teaching gig was discontinued soon after an important local [Jew] o complained to them too. Also worrying are his associations with white supremacist leaders like Paul Fromm, who himself was disqualified from teaching in Ontario for neo-Nazi racial activism.”  The price for dissenting from political correctness would seem to be penury. As we go to press, Brian has been  fired by the Delta School District.  Reasons provided by the Board state: “ The YouTube videos compiled under your name present a very public expression of conduct that runs contrary to the policies and values of Delta School District. … As well, Delta School District’s Values statement, part of its overall Vision statement, is ‘Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Community, and Excellence’, with ‘acceptance’, ‘equality’, and ‘inclusion’ key terms within that statement.” Apparently, acceptance and inclusion do not apply to accepting and continuing to include Brian, despite a successful 15-year track record with the Board.

CAFE’S RESPONSE: CAFE has written numerous letters of support for Brian through his long battle. We have offered advice and have co-produced numerous You Tube videos with this personable and talented videographer.

McCorkill Defeat

The McCorkill will case was one of the most important ones in which CAFE’s been involved. The McCorkill will — a bequest to the U.S. White nationalist National Alliance — was nullified  by the New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench in 2014. We appealed to the New Brunswick Court of Appeal. In a dismissive, contemptuous one page decision, in 2015, they denied our appeal and slapped us with $9,000 in costs to the various parties. We took a chance and risk and sought leave to appeal this vital freedom of speech, freedom of belief and property rights case to the Supreme Court of Canada. On June 9, in a decision without reasons, a three-person panel of the Court denied us leave and slapped us with costs — about $6,000. All I can say is that we tried  hard and had a very well-prepared and aggressive lawyer, Andy Lodge of St. John, New Brunswick. That leaves us with almost $35,000 in unpaid bills.

CAFE is moving with the times and producing several You Tube videos monthly on  free speech issues.

None of this work  can continue without your help.

Please use the attached coupon to send us your most generous donation to help fund our Fall activities. For a donation of $100 or more we’ll send you the dvd of Monika Schaefer dynamic speech (and fiddle playing) at the CAFE meeting in Toronto, August 23.

As well, if you have not already renewed your subscription ($15) to the Free Speech Monitor, please do so.CAFE’s 34 years of free speech activism have only been possible because of the generosity of a small band of free speech supporters like yourself.
Thanking you in advance,

Paul Fromm

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