The Medico-Stalinist Tyranny in Toronto: Toronto police target protesters holding signs, megaphones at anti-lockdown rally

The Medico-Stalinist Tyranny in Toronto: Toronto police target protesters holding signs, megaphones at anti-lockdown rally

\When I visit Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square or Queen’s Park these days, I can only think of nature films. You know, those videos that document a pride of lions on the African Serengeti, stalking a massive herd of wildebeest. But even for the king of the jungle, a wildebeest makes for a formidable opponent, and so it is that these big cats patiently observe the herd, looking for the old, the young, the sick and the injured. Easy pickings.

And that’s kind of what we’re seeing in Hogtown these days when it comes to anti-lockdown protests, with the demonstrators playing the role of the prey, and the rank and file of the Toronto Police Service in the role of the predators. Except the cops aren’t looking for the sick and the weak — they are cherry-picking those who have big mouths — you know, people carrying signs or barking into megaphones. Those are the demonstrators who tend to get arrested and tossed in paddy wagons, because apparently, being a “big mouth” is strictly verboten in Tyrant Tory’s Toronto, even though it is a Charter right to be vocal.

And so it was that we returned to the snow-covered lawns of Queen’s Park to see which members of the herd would get arrested by those predators wearing police badges. And true to form, those with flags or signs, or who were simply voicing their opinions, were the ones the police descended upon and ticketed and arrested and tossed in paddy wagons.

It was, in a word, disgraceful. Especially considering these very same police officers took part in Black Lives Matter demonstrations last summer by bending the knee in solidarity with the demonstrators. Same place, same virus, same police. But apparently if one espouses a different political mindset, the ‘new normal’ rules when it comes to the Wuhan virus safety protocols do not apply.

Thus, welcome to the hypocritical double standard that now thrives in John Tory’s Toronto in 2021. But please, folks, never forget: “We’re all in this together.”

John Tory’s Anti-END THE LOCKDOWN Rally Goon Squad — “It Felt like Tienamen Square, Not Toronto”

John Tory’s Anti-END THE LOCKDOWN Rally Goon Squad — “It Felt like Tienamen Square, Not Toronto”

This past Saturday, police were out in full force at Yonge-Dundas Square yet again to violently shut down Toronto’s weekly anti-lockdown protest. 

As one protester succinctly put it, Yonge-Dundas Square was more reminiscent of Tiananmen Square than the bustling downtown plaza we’ve come to know and love.

Unlike the week before, however, protesters weren’t even able to enter the area, as police had it completely cordoned off — forcing the crowd to peacefully assemble across the street where they were picked off, one by one, for exercising their right to protest. There seems to be a whole new litany of things citizens cannot do in the vicinity of Yonge-Dundas Square. These include (and we’re not making this up): Standing alone on the sidewalk Waving a Canadian flag Chanting anti-lockdown rhetoric Painting anti-lockdown messages on one’s minivan 

The police also made sure to harass, shove, and bully Rebel News reporters who were there to do what the mainstream media was unwilling to do — cover and report on the rally.

Where was this reaction during the Black Lives Matter protests this summer?If you recall, Toronto police refused to condemn those protests, choosing to capitulate and take a knee instead. I made sure to ask every police officer I talked to about that, but unsurprisingly, they had little to say about the matter.In any event, the protesters remained defiant and continued with their plans to march around the city. 

You can watch my entire report right hereMore than 100 police officers greeted the protesters who were brave enough to return to Yonge-Dundas Square. And just like at the start of the protest, officers continued with their pugilistic enforcement tactics.

Toronto police have reached a new low and have obliterated whatever public trust still remained. They’re no longer upholding their oath to serve and protect the people, preferring to do the bidding of our political elites instead.  What were they trying to accomplish with this disgraceful abuse of power and how much did this farce cost the taxpayers? To what end exactly? 

More importantly, what do Mayor Tory’s thugs have in store for us this weekend?  We’ll be back this Saturday to find out. Stay tuned. Yours truly, David Menzies

Police State: Toronto Cops Lock Down Protestors – Clash at Yonge/Dundas Square

Police State: Toronto Cops Lock Down Protestors – Clash at Yonge/Dundas Square

by David Menzies, Rebel News – January 19, 2021 Duration of video is 30 minutes The Lockdown Lords (namely, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Toronto Mayor John Tory) set their sights on Yahoo Nation this past Saturday. And things got ugly — assuming you’re a fan of silly little civil liberties such as freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

The anti-lockdown protesters who comprise the rank and file of Yahoo Nation have been protesting the economic lockdowns since last April. And they’ve rightfully been allowed to do so. Until Saturday, that is.

Indeed, one could feel the chill in the air on social media on Saturday morning. For example, Mayor Tory tweeted: “Stay home. Full stop.” Odd, given how His Honour had nothing but excuses and even platitudes for his buddy, ex-Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips, when Roddo buggered off to St. Barts at Christmastime…

The Toronto Police Service also tweeted out the following: “Participating in large gatherings, including protests, is not just in contravention of these (emergency) orders, but also puts attendees and the broader community at risk. When these events happen, police will be present and prepared to respond appropriately.” (Odd how Toronto police didn’t break up Black Lives Matter protests last summer, but rather, took part in these events by bending the knee!)

In any event, the police made good on their warning by arbitrarily arresting and ticketing individuals for protesting, and then forcibly removing people from Yonge-Dundas Square. It was bizarre. And disturbing.

Bottom line: much like the infamous G20 summit protests back in 2010, the crackdown on the anti-lockdown protesters will serve as a dark and troubling chapter in Hogtown’s history.

Elderly woman with crucifix roughed up by the cops

Elderly woman with crucifix roughed up by the cops. This is our Budapest 1956, the Medico-Stalinist Tyrants and their enforcers trampling on free speech & religious liberty! This was a peaceful Hugs Over Masks Rally.

Surely, somewhere in Rexdale or Jane/Finch, there’s a rapper who is just turning his life around about to be shot in the never-ending gang violence. But, hey, gentle middle age people, young idealists, joyous religious folks are low hanging fruit. That’s where the cops are today.

Dictator Doug & Tyrant John Tory, you should be proud. You’ve squashed freedom of religious practice, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly!

Shocking City of Toronto Employees Surveille & Compile a Dossier on Rebel Media for Covering Lawless Occupation of City Hall Square

Shocking City of Toronto Employees Surveille & Compile a Dossier on Rebel Media for Covering Lawless Occupation of City Hall Square

Remember that delightful encounter we had with those “peaceful” protesters that occurred back in June?

In case you don’t recall, here’s an abbreviated backstory: Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square had been taken over by a collective of ne’er-do-wells known as Afro Indigenous Rising. And I do mean taken over. Think of this group as a poor man’s version of Antifa and/or Black Lives Matter.

Par for the course, they were vulgar and violent and their makeshift tent city was filthy. Oh, and they were also breaking some 11 sections of the Trespass to Property Act. (Even though it took authorities weeks to enforce it…)

When Rebel News went to the square to report, given that it was clear the mainstream media would be sitting this one out due to political correctness, our staff were physically assaulted. But even worse, City Hall security sided with the lawbreakers, actually charging us with trespassing. Yes… trespassing on the public square… a public square that had been surrendered to thugs…

We never did bend the knee. And even though the squatters didn’t want us there, nor the security guards, nor the police, we stood our ground and reported on the chaos at City Hall nevertheless.

But get a load of this: we recently issued a Freedom of Information request regarding this shameful story, and we were shocked to find out that the city had compiled an almost 300-page long dossier — not on the thugs, but on Rebel News staff, complete with bios, spy photographs, and personal information.

The emails that city employees sent back and forth regarding our reporting were astonishing. You see, it became clear that the goal from the get-go was not to remove the violent squatters (who the bureaucrats continually refer to as “peaceful protesters”), but rather to come up with schemes that would limit freedom of the press!

But that’s how they roll in John Tory’s sanctuary city — reward the takers; penalize the makers.

In the meantime, the question arises: why was the city compiling such a database on journalists who were simply practicing journalism? Who has access to this database? And what will it be used for in the future?

Looks like we’ll have to issue yet more Freedom of Information requests to find out

Ford/Tory’s Medico-Stalinist Police State Changes the Lock on A Businessman’s Door, Hauls Him of n Handcuffs & Cops Illegally Block a Road for Hours to Prevent Supporters from Rallying to His Defence

LIVE UPDATES: Adamson Barbecue owner put in handcuffs

Nov 26, 2020  •  Last Updated 6 minutes ago  •  2 minute read

Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly is led away from his restaurant by Toronto Police as supporters tried to wrestle him away on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun


Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly, who has been refusing to follow a provincial lockdown order, has been arrested after officials locked him out of his restaurant Thursday.

Skelly had told the Sun that police told him if he messed with the door that had its locks changed he would be charged with obstruction of justice. He was taken away in handcuffs.

Toronto Police confirm that arrests have been made and officers remain at the scene. “We continue to ask for calm and cooperation,” the force tweeted.

Cops say a second man was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly is led away from his restaurant by Toronto Police on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun

More to come…

Mayor John Tory appeared on CNN Thursday morning, making it clear Adamson Barbecue will not be serving its slow-cooked beef on this day.

“He won’t be opening today, I can assure you that,” Toronto’s mayor told the American network on that country’s Thanksgiving.

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Not long after that quote started to move around Toronto media came word that the city had raided the Queen Elizabeth Boulevard restaurant with hired locksmiths.

The city told reporters on the scene that under order of public health they had changed the locks on the restaurant.

Skelly was joined by a crowd of supporters outside his restaurant. “Need locksmith & other hands at Etobicoke asap,” he had posted in an Instagram story earlier.

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On Wednesday, he told the Toronto Sun he not only fully intended to open today but would bring “five times” the amount of food to serve everybody.

He said this despite receiving nine tickets for various alleged (non criminal code) violations under several jurisdictions.

Skelly was ignoring earlier rulings from the province and then a closure order from Toronto’s medical officer of health Dr. Eileen De Villa.

Toronto Polcie officers block the side door outside Adamson Barbecue on Queen Elizabeth Blvd. Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun

Meanwhile, a man named Barry McNamar has started a GoFundMe account to help Skelly with his legal costs.

“I don’t know him but I do know that guys like him are in short supply during this overblown COVID nonsense and he deserves our support.”

Skelly has been a major big thorn in the side of Premier Doug Ford and Mayor John Tory this week.

Supporters and Toronto Police outside Adamson Barbecue on Queen Elizabeth Blvd. on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun

“I was nice to the guy yesterday, but buddy, let me tell you something, you’re putting people’s lives in jeopardy,” Ford said Wednesday.

Tory’s frustration abut the situation was highlighted in a news release late Wednesday that said, “Neither Mayor John Tory nor city council direct enforcement of any kind,” however, “following (Tuesday’s) confusing series of events, caused in part by the fact the regulations are brand new, the mayor indicated he was dissatisfied with the outcome of the Adamson matter, asked repeated questions, and was assured at this morning’s COVID-19 Strategic Command Table meeting that there was alignment and that the various authorities were ready for an anticipated repeat opening.”

This occurred Thursday morning with the changing of the locks of Adamson Barbecue.

Tory CandidateDerek Sloan Asks “Which Canadian big-city mayor has gone totally W-H-O?”

9:02 PM (2 hours ago)

Toronto Mayor John Tory is really excited about Ontario entering Stage 3 of reopening and bars and restaurants opening up again.

Actually, what he’s really excited about is slapping a whole lot of regulatory restrictions on them.

On Sunday, Tory sent a letter to Premier Doug Ford containing six recommended rules to be imposed on these establishments, which have absorbed a catastrophic financial hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tory is calling for mandatory masks for all staff and patrons, earlier closing hours, occupancy restrictions, and for all patrons to provide contact information that is to be kept for 30 days, to allow for tracing as needed.

Wow! Where to begin?

Asking everyone for their contact information is not going to go over well. That’s a bit of a safety issue. They might get a lot of false information.

Again, as with the mandatory facemask rules, you have to wonder whether recommendations like these are really about protection—as is claimed—or politics.

Tory says that “experts” believe that masks keep people safer and that restaurants and bars pose a higher level of risk for the spread of the coronavirus.

Are these the same experts who were saying back in March that masks weren’t necessary outside of hospitals, and that anyone who suggested that the borders should be closed was a racist?

We all want to stop the spread of COVID-19. We’ve all made extraordinary sacrifices toward that end. No businesses have been hit harder than the hospitality industry. Many of them have closed and are never coming back.

In some cases, establishments built by generations of hard work and dedication are gone forever.

A recent Leger poll shows that a national average of 22% of Canadians will avoid bars and restaurants for as long as masks are mandatory there.

We all need our country’s economy to rebound from this setback, and bars and restaurants must be part of the resurgence. We don’t need politicians like John Tory making the hard road back even more difficult for them.

Mayor Tory’s recommendations are evidence of state overreach, which has reared its ugly head during this crisis. Using the pandemic as a cover, it imposes draconian limitations on our freedoms in the name of the common good.

Those who voice opposition are shouted down as selfish and reckless, and the statists consolidate their power.

Once given up, these freedoms will be difficult to regain.

John Tory is also calling for mandatory masks in residential apartment buildings.

Canadians who feel more comfortable wearing a facemask should be by all means do so, but masks should not be made mandatory.

Re-openings of businesses should be done responsibly and safely, but without being hamstrung by statists who, having had a taste of authoritarianism, are hungry for more.

I remain 100% opposed to making any eventual COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for Canadians.

I will continue to guard against any unjust limitations of our rights introduced in the name of public safety or other invocations of the “common good”.

Faith Goldy Rejects White Guilt & Explains That Toronto Wasn’t Stolen from the Indians

Faith Goldy Rejects White Guilt & Explains That Toronto Wasn’t Stolen from the Indians


Faith Goldy sets the record straight. At 24:08, she says: “We are on the tract of land are on the traditional land of the settlers of Upper Canada, formerly known as York, legally purchased from the Mississaugas.” This is a great refutation of the lying guilt mongering intro to this and other public meetings that suggests we stole the land from the Indians.
————————————————- FREE BIRD MEDIA 🦅 ————————————————-…


To practise the politics of exclusion, a downtown elitist cabal and their shadowy minority quarterbacks have tried to exclude populists Dr. James Sears and Faith Goldy from all debates. The tactic works this way. Leftist challenger Jennifer Keesmaat only wants to debate mushy middle soft lefty Mayor John Tory. Coward Tory is terrified of facing the glamorous and clever Faith Goldy on such topics as his collaborating in the invasion by Trudeau illegals and filling up all available homeless shelters while Haitians and Nigerians who fill places homeless Canadians should have or Dr. Sears’ critique of the Mayor’s handling the Greektown Massacre: why did Tory choose to visit the very mosque frequented by killer Faisal Hussain, shortly after the fatal shootings?
So, Tory insists he’ll not participate in any debate where Dr. Sears or Faith Goldy appear. Thus, most establishment debates have been boring affairs with the two media-chosen front runners Tory and Keesmaat clashing with three minor “diverse” candidates invited to add, shall we say, some multiculti colour. Some of Faith Goldy’s supported have crashed debates from which she has been excluded and heckled to draw attention to this elitist control and, of course, are then  thrown out.
Much to their credit, the Markland Woods Homeowners Association refused to play the elitists’ game and invited all 35 mayoral candidates, plus Ward 2 candidates for councillor and school board, to a forum at St. Clement’s Church, Wednesday, October 10. The packed church basement was standing room only. The forum was briskly run with each candidate allotted five minute.
By my count, a dozen mayoralty candidates of the 35 attended. Tory and Keesmaat were no shows. Every candidate was interesting. A few were comical like perennial candidate Kevin Clarke, a Negro with a preacher’s voice, who used much of his five minutes to deliver a moving tribute to the late Mayor Rob Ford.
Most of the candidates had something interesting to say. However, in most debates that succumb to the Tory rules, voters will never hear what these folks have to offer. For instance, Thomas O’Neill argued: “All candidates running for office, no matter how offensive their views, should be given impartial media coverage. We cannot pre-select someone with no respect for the democratic process.” Especially cutting was his remark aimed at those who would limit debate if it offends snowflakes: “The news media is there to inform not persuade. I don’t care about anybody’s feelings.”
Dr. James Sears and Paul Fromm
Dr. Sears presented a charming picture of himself growing up and now becoming a father. He spoke of the key role of his satirical YOUR WARD NEWS, Canada’s leading anti-ZioMarxist publication. He was clearly not the monster media smears had prepared the crowd for. “I like this guy,” the gentleman beside me said.
Faith Goldy, who is extremely tall, took the mike with the assurance of the broadcaster/videographer she is. “I am tough on crime, easy on taxes,” she announced. “I shall put the public safety before political correctness.” It would have been fun to see the mushy Mayor Tory wince. “I will bring back carding. We don’t care about the colour of your skin but the criminality of your character,” she added. That would have made the establishment indulged, Soros funded Black Lives Matter turn blue. The City’s budget spends 70 per cent on salaries and just 10 per cent on serving the public. “As Mayor, I am going to demand performance for those salaries,” she said.
CAFE Director Paul Fromm interviews Faith Goldy
And had no show Tory been in attendance, he’d have yelped to hear :  “Thanks to Justin Trudeau’s policies, illegal immigrants are coming to Toronto and 55 per cent of the beds in the homeless shelters are illegals. I’ll be bringing to Toronto a ‘Toronto First’ mentality so that every homeless Canadian man or woman has a warm bed to sleep in.” One can see why the Mayor wouldn’t want to be there.”
And, of course, the real losers were the voters who, in most “all candidates” [not]  debates, would not have heard these voices and ideas. — Paul Fromm