Social Media Erupts After Skittles’ ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ Packaging Goes Viral

Social Media Erupts After Skittles’ ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ Packaging Goes Viral

ByZach Jewell•Aug 12, 2023•

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Skittles is facing backlash after images of its “Pride” packaging, featuring pro-trans statements, went viral on social media Friday. 

The candy packaging that Skittles advertises on its website features slogans such as “Joy Is Resistance” and “Black Trans Lives Matter.” Skittles, which is owned by Mars, partnered with GLAAD, a media monitoring organization that espouses radical gender theory, to reveal the packaging for Pride Month earlier this year.

This past June was the fourth year Skittles partnered with GLAAD “to support the LGBTQ+ community by amplifying and celebrating their stories,” according to its website. Skittles said it will “donate $1 for every Skittles Pride pack sold to GLAAD in support of their ongoing efforts to work through media to combat anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination.” 

On its website, Skittles also promoted a podcast called “Queery” hosted by Cameron Esposito, who focuses on LGBTQ topics and activism. 

“Stay tuned for a special Pride-themed miniseries of Queery where we dive deeper into queer storytelling and the artists that designed this year’s SKITTLES Pride Packs,” the candy brand says.

For a short time in 2020, Skittles “gave up” the rainbow that famously dons its colorful packaging for a black and white package to “give the rainbow back” to the LGBTQ community for Pride Month.

Conservatives ripped Skittles after images of packaging went viral on social media, saying the candy brand is targeting children with a pro-trans agenda. Skittles is a favorite brand among children and young adults, with over 75% of Gen Z adults holding a favorable impression of the brand, according to a Morning Consult survey released last year. 

“[Skittles] is trying to turn your kids into BLM & LGBTQ+ activists,” popular account Libs of TikTok wrote on X. “Their packaging also features a drag queen. Skittles have gone completely woke.”

“WTH? Skittles is Now Marketing Woke Idiocy To Children On Their Candy Wrappers!” another person said. “This isn’t an Adult Beverage, Like Bud Light They Warned us They Were Coming After Our Kids- Let’s Make Sure They Hear Our Response Loud and Clear On This One Skittles- And

Others said Mars, Skittles’ parent company, will get “the Bud Light treatment” after pushing radical gender theory on its customers. Bud Light’s maker Anheuser-Busch lost billions in market value after partnering with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, who showcased a can with his face on it in a viral video. 

Mars isn’t the first candy company to face backlash this year for pushing radical gender theory. In March, Hershey’s faced a boycott after featuring Fae Johnstone, a man who identifies as transgender, as part of its International Women’s Day promotion. In response, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing launched Jeremy’s Chocolate, featuring He/Him and She/Her chocolate bars.

Shocking City of Toronto Employees Surveille & Compile a Dossier on Rebel Media for Covering Lawless Occupation of City Hall Square

Shocking City of Toronto Employees Surveille & Compile a Dossier on Rebel Media for Covering Lawless Occupation of City Hall Square

Remember that delightful encounter we had with those “peaceful” protesters that occurred back in June?

In case you don’t recall, here’s an abbreviated backstory: Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square had been taken over by a collective of ne’er-do-wells known as Afro Indigenous Rising. And I do mean taken over. Think of this group as a poor man’s version of Antifa and/or Black Lives Matter.

Par for the course, they were vulgar and violent and their makeshift tent city was filthy. Oh, and they were also breaking some 11 sections of the Trespass to Property Act. (Even though it took authorities weeks to enforce it…)

When Rebel News went to the square to report, given that it was clear the mainstream media would be sitting this one out due to political correctness, our staff were physically assaulted. But even worse, City Hall security sided with the lawbreakers, actually charging us with trespassing. Yes… trespassing on the public square… a public square that had been surrendered to thugs…

We never did bend the knee. And even though the squatters didn’t want us there, nor the security guards, nor the police, we stood our ground and reported on the chaos at City Hall nevertheless.

But get a load of this: we recently issued a Freedom of Information request regarding this shameful story, and we were shocked to find out that the city had compiled an almost 300-page long dossier — not on the thugs, but on Rebel News staff, complete with bios, spy photographs, and personal information.

The emails that city employees sent back and forth regarding our reporting were astonishing. You see, it became clear that the goal from the get-go was not to remove the violent squatters (who the bureaucrats continually refer to as “peaceful protesters”), but rather to come up with schemes that would limit freedom of the press!

But that’s how they roll in John Tory’s sanctuary city — reward the takers; penalize the makers.

In the meantime, the question arises: why was the city compiling such a database on journalists who were simply practicing journalism? Who has access to this database? And what will it be used for in the future?

Looks like we’ll have to issue yet more Freedom of Information requests to find out