Elderly woman with crucifix roughed up by the cops

Elderly woman with crucifix roughed up by the cops. This is our Budapest 1956, the Medico-Stalinist Tyrants and their enforcers trampling on free speech & religious liberty! This was a peaceful Hugs Over Masks Rally.

Surely, somewhere in Rexdale or Jane/Finch, there’s a rapper who is just turning his life around about to be shot in the never-ending gang violence. But, hey, gentle middle age people, young idealists, joyous religious folks are low hanging fruit. That’s where the cops are today.

Dictator Doug & Tyrant John Tory, you should be proud. You’ve squashed freedom of religious practice, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly!

Freedom of Speech & Assembly Crushed in Ontario COVID Police State

Freedom of Speech & Assembly Crushed in Ontario COVID Police State

Hamilton police charge ‘Hugs Over Masks’ protest organizers in two separate events

The Canadian Press Staff

Contact Published Tuesday, January 12, 2021 1:03PM EST Hamilton Police

A Hamilton police cruiser is featured in this file photo. (Andrew Collins)


TORONTO — Hamilton, Ont., police say they have charged two organizers of an anti-mask protest group for holding events that allegedly violated public health rules.

Police say the events were held in downtown Hamilton on Jan. 3 and Jan. 10.

The force alleges that 40 people attended first event and 60 attended the second.

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Current provincial restrictions limit gatherings to a maximum of 10 people outdoors.

Police say they informed the “Hugs Over Masks” organizers that the planned Jan. 10 gathering would result in charges, but they went ahead with the event.

They say a 27-year-old man and 38-year-old woman are facing charges under the Reopening Ontario Act that carry a minimum fine of $10,000 if convicted.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 12, 2021.

Anthony Gagliardi, Organizer of Hugs Over Masks Rally in Hamilton, Victim of Police State Fine

Anthony Gagliardi, Organizer of Hugs Over Masks Rally in Hamilton, Victim of Police State Fine

Lockdown protest organizer CHARGED vows to return: “Come and fine me again”

Anthony Gagliardi, 26, organized a protest for Hugs Over Masks in Hamilton on November 8 — a demonstration that later saw the protesters march to the headquarters of the Hamilton Police Service.

Alas, police would later have something to present to Mr. Gagliardi — namely, a ticket under the Reopening Ontario Act. The amount? A minimum of $10,000, with a potential a maximum of $100,000! Their reason was that the Hugs Over Masks demonstration exceeded the COVID-19 restricted gathering limit of 25 persons.

We caught up with Anthony recently in his hometown and given that he potentially faces a financial penalty of either five- or six-figures, he was remarkably nonchalant. In fact, Anthony says he plans to stage future Hugs Over Masks rallies, feeling that it is his right to do so and he will not be deterred by the threat of potentially huge financial penalties. 

Anthony ponders why an anti-lockdown protest is verboten in the eyes of the authorities yet, say, a Black Lives Matter protest receives glowing approval from these very same politicians.

Others obviously feel the same way when it comes to the Wuhan virus double standard, given that Anthony says he already has legal representation lined up who will be working pro bono on his case. His first court appearance is slated for Feb. 22, 2021.

As well, Anthony says he has no remorse for his actions, claiming that it is his constitutional right to protest and that his human rights will trump any action under the Reopening Ontario Act. 

He’s confident the charge will be thrown out when he has his day in court — wonder if he will have to mask up that day? And rest assured Rebel News will cover this trial. Stay tuned!

Police State Fines Speaker $1,200 at END THE LOCKDOWN Rally of 500 in Steinbach, Manitoba

Police State Fines Speaker $1,200 at END THE LOCKDOWN Rally of 500 in Steinbach, Manitoba

Ticket handed out to speaker at Manitoba anti-mask rally


Danton Unger Editorial Producer – Digital

1:56PM CST Last Updated Saturday, November 14, 2020 5:22PM CST

anti-mask rally

An anti-mask rally in Steinbach drew a large crowd Saturday afternoon. (Source: CTV News/Danton Unger)


WINNIPEG — Hundreds of Manitobans gathered in Steinbach to protest COVID-19 restrictions implemented across the province, which led to at least one of the rally’s speakers being handed a $1,200 ticket for violating the very orders they were protesting.

On Saturday afternoon, an estimated 500 people gathered for a ‘Hugs over Masks’ car rally in Steinbach, a city that is currently experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases. According to provincial data, the Southern Manitoba city has 263 active cases, and has reported 14 deaths – the highest number of any area in the Southern Health region.

CTV News has previously reported that Steinbach has one of the highest infection rates in the country. Three kilometres away from the rally is Bethesda Regional Health Centre, which is also currently dealing with spiking cases.

Lewis Weiss, the elected Reeve for the RM of La Broquerie, was among the speakers at the rally.

“It seems very strange that our loved ones are being allowed to die when there are medicines available that very quickly and easily can cure this,” he said.

Weiss was joined at the rally by a number of speakers including a pastor, a former chiropractor, and other community members.

Minutes after the rally ended, a provincial conservation officer handed Weiss a ticket of $1,296 for violating public health orders. This is the maximum amount an individual can be fined under current orders in Manitoba. 


Conservation officers wrote Lewis Weiss, a speaker at the rally and Reeve of La Broquerie, a ticket. (Source: CTV News/Danton Unger)

Weiss told CTV News he believes he “put a target on my back” by speaking out.

Rally attendees responded by yelling, honking and berating the officer, surrounding provincial personnel and media. A person at the rally appeared to back their car into one of the responding provincial officers.

A spokesperson for the province told CTV News enforcement officials were on the scene and issued tickets, saying Manitoba Justice will provide more specific information once all the tickets have been processed.

“Our government finds it particularly disappointing to learn that excessive verbal abuse was directed at enforcement officials who were on site and issuing tickets,” they said. “These enforcement officials should be commended for doing their part to help keep Manitobans safe from the kind of irresponsible behaviour that was on display today.”

They did not say how many tickets were issued.

“Each person here in this country is so incredibly important, and I have nothing but compassion for everybody here, regardless of what side you are on, regardless of your beliefs,” said Kayla, one of the attendees at the rally.

“What we’re seeing here is people gathering from all different races, nationalities, backgrounds, careers and they all just want one thing, and that is freedom.”

Not all those in attendance at the rally were there to support the group.

Bambi Bertholet, a resident of Steinbach, was at the rally and had decorated her car with messages urging people to follow public health orders, including wearing a mask.

“Honestly, it does make me angry and it makes me really sad, and I feel like it is a huge disrespect to healthcare workers right now,” she said. “It is scary right now and I don’t know what they don’t get?”

Bertholet said she was told to leave by RCMP officers who were at the rally.

She was not the only one at the rally who was against the anti-mask movement. 

“I’m really quite alarmed, discouraged by the ability of large groups of people to act against science and against the best interest of the public all in the name of personal freedom,” said Dennis Hiebert, a professor of sociology at Providence University College and a resident of Steinbach. 

“I think it is very troubling.”

Speakers at the rally continued to call out the media for how it has covered the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming local news organizations covering the rally were spreading government “propaganda” and said, “media is the worst virus of them all.”

“The mainstream media has abandoned the people,” said former chiropractor Gerry Bohemier, who was speaking at the rally. 

Following the rally, an organizer berated the local media who were covering the gathering. 

The Anti-Lockdown Revolt is Spreading: 250 Freedom Fighters Rally in Duncan, BC, Sunday, November 8

Reporter and freedom fighter Gordon Watson

The Anti-Lockdown Revolt is Spreading: 250 Freedom Fighters Rally in Duncan, BC, Sunday, November 8

My own highlight of the anti-lockdown rally in Duncan was =  the group hug I shared with a couple of gals.  If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then that moment of warmth communicated volumes in this climate of govt.-induced psychosis.  I didn’t get the name of the one wearing the Hugs over Masks shirt,  so = thank you “Miss SuperSpreader” !   Angel spreading Joy and Truth,  that is.   Heather and I were blessed. 

For openers, the master of ceremonies announced that we were expected to ‘social distance’ and that the police had told him they would be handing out tickets. Which was greeted with restrained mirth by the crowd of about 250.    ‘So what?!’  went unspoken.  I glanced at the 6 RCMP officers standing up on the bank, no hats,  all dutifully masked like desperadoes rather than law enforcement.    One of them taking photos.

Ryan Kulbaba came on like gangbusters, delighted at the turnout… livening-up the audience with his trademark “Freedom is essential” chant … calling it “a celebration of rights and freedoms”.  Exactly !    He asked the crowd how many had been to the other rallies… half of us raised our hands.   

Every rally has had a moment when we sing the national anthem.  Particularly dear to me, is, that a bunch of ordinary folks can sing Oh Canada, acapella, on a moment’s notice. This time we weren’t as good as Christie Doerksen leading us in Vancouver, singing her heart out …  yet as ragged a chorus as we were, we proved “seeing is believing but hearing is belonging”.     Ryan congratulated us  “you are all amazing Canadian Patriots”

Then he launched in to excoriating the Pharma-shill   – namely Bonnie Henry – sending her the message that “she will not tell us what to do in our own homes. Those Orders restrictions are NOT the law! We need oxygen to breathe.  Keep protesting. Keep having your voices heard. We have the Charter right to assemble.”   best of all “WE DO NOT COMPLY!”   

He then went in to a quick explanation of how important it is to appreciate that our immune system is the best defence against the Covid case-demic.

I was delighted to hear him get right down to the nittygritty, ie.  “the whole purpose is to crush businesses then get them dependent on CRB” calling it “communism”  At every rally I’ve been to, witty signs are educating the nation that this thing is NOT about ‘health’. The fiat currency of the US of A is at the end of its use-ful-ness to the globalists. Spend time doing your own research =  you will learn that the SCAM-demic is only coverstory for the gigantic Re-set of the monetary system.

An important aspect of each of the 5 rallies, has been :  we are on good terms with the police.  The MC pointed out that, on the march, ‘we do not engage with opponents. This is a peaceful protest. The RCMP will take care of any trouble’  asking the crowd to thank them for being there.  Which got a good round of applause. So far, I’ve attended 4 major rallies since the Panic-demic was imposed.   Each time,  police were present, standing by calmly.  Dave Lindsay set the precedent back in August, in Kelowna.   There –  the local by-law officer and the Inland Health Authority minion attempted to shut down the C.L.E.A.R event in a public park but Dave talked them down from their high-horse. It went ahead with an audience of 200+.  The RCMP were exemplary … playing their proper role of directing traffic while Canadian citizens exercise our rights, unmolested by official-dumb

Witch Henry is on the idiot-tube, daily,  casting her spell upon British Columbia,  pronouncing the Central Party Line >>>  constriction unto death.

But the mere presence of people assembled in public, breathing freely,  undoes that curse.   Witnessing against her wickedness,  David Bentley boldly announced himself a ‘born-again Christian coming from a Christian perspective’… reminding us  “you’re in a war”.  The war he’s referring to, is : the perennial contest of the Ages, between Good and Evil for control of the Planet.  In that battle,  Jesus Christ said he “came that ye may have life, and have it more abundantly”. 

I most strongly urge everyone attend these gatherings while you can. It is not inevitable that the dark night descends upon us.     There is much good information to be had that does not come across a computer screen. The internet is a mile wide but a quarter of an inch deep …  no substitute for the fun of fellowshipping with likeminded folks. Quit worrying how powerful the adversaries are … tune out Doktor Henry droning-on with her fear porn. A smile of understanding shared briefly with someone whose name you may not even know,  remedies her Mesmer-izing. 

Humans go insane in herds : they come to their senses one at a time.  Us showing up at these events, voicing our criticism of the NON-sense tells officialdom everything they need to know, if they were a’listening.   I doubt they are. But your neighbours are. We are leading by example.    Comes to mind Churchill’s quote

 “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without blood shed, if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.”

In all seriousness : that is where we are today

The Freedom Rallies across the Country have created what is known in British jurisprudence, as = a good set of facts.   At the Duncan gathering, I spoke with the RCMP officer in charge, Corporal Pharis,  relating what happened in Vancouver, on September 13 when 1000 + people were gathering in front of the Art Gallery. Sgt. Roberts said

“We decided not to enforce the Order today because the Charter is higher than the Public Health Act” direct quote.   Then I asked Cpl. Pharis ‘how come you aren’t handing out tickets ( Violation notices ) under the Public Health Act, for us contravening the Order of the Chief Medical health officer?”  He politely told me “it’s a peaceful crowd”. And that they were “exercising their discretion’.  Meaning … to enforce the Order, or not.   Fine with me!  So we now have 5 instances where 4 police forces did their job condoning expression of our political opinion.  Would this be happening if there really was an emergency?      
The question answers itself. 

In our law, there is a concept known as  “officially-induced error / bureaucratic indifference”.  It is crucial that these gatherings of local dissident voices continue,   regardless of how many warm bodies show up time by time in the Canadian winter.    Money cannot buy advertising like this.   While the good little serfs cower in their dwellings, paralyzed with fear,   we’re stating our case where it matters, on the ground. The so-called “pan demic” is the greatest medical mistake in history.      One of the best signs yesterday, was just the words   “We’re not having it”       So very British !!

The rally had been scheduled to march away at 2 pm precisely. But it was delayed by the first speaker going off on a tangent about the Great Flood of Noah’s Day. So by the time the marchers got back, the sun was getting low in the sky. Realizing that time was tight,  Dr Malthouse kept his remarks concise.  His presence now on the front line of this movement, is brilliant. His letter to Bonnie Henry boiled down the confusion to make the issue understandable to ordinary people.  Let’s see her rationale for subjecting the province to Medico-Stalin-ism

I am a great fan of pamphleteering.  So it was good to see Linda Morken there with lots of literature.    The Free Press is is the People’s friend, the Tyrant’s foe  because you never know where it penetrates.  People take it home.  It lasts.

The VaccineChoice court case is underway in Ontario. What’s going on = challenging the fools installed in provincial Legislatures =  is  “lawfare” …  having an independent judge  test the constitutionality of what the fascisti have done.   Such public interest litigation is how we confront the powers-that-Be without it getting ugly.  

 Gordon S Watson