Ridiculous procedural excuse to boot Adamson case out of Court

Ridiculous procedural excuse to boot Adamson case out of Court

You mean to tell me that his team of topflight lawyers FORGOT ? to put in a Notice of Constitutional Question? !
I hardly think so.

This is only the beginning. The tyrants who have trampled our rights these last 15 months simply don’t want this case to see the light of day.

In November 2020, Skelly’s restaurant in west Toronto became a high-profile flashpoint when he defied orders to close indoor dining to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Anti-lockdown protesters clashed with police, who arrived in large numbers to enforce compliance.

Skelly became an early focus of anti-lockdown anger. He maintains the order and the government’s response were unjustified and unconstitutional.

The city sought a court order restraining Skelly and his company, Adamson Barbecue Limited, from contravening the Reopening Ontario Act, the province’s regulations on what can and cannot be done in the fight against the virus that causes COVID-19.

That restraining order, opposed by Skelly, is what brought the parties to court Monday, but for Skelly, it was about far more than his ability to serve food without government permission.

Supporters gather and barbecue outside Adamson Barbecue on Nov. 27, 2020.
Supporters gather and barbecue outside Adamson Barbecue on Nov. 27, 2020. Photo by Ernest Doroszuk/Postmedia

Leading up to Monday’s hearing, Adamson Barbeque’s website was pushing his legal case along with his brisket and short ribs, a court challenge branded the “the BBQ Rebellion.”

“My lawsuit has very little to do with my restaurant. It is a constitutional question of the Reopening Ontario Act, and the evidence (or lack thereof) used to justify it,” Skelly said in a written statement prior to the hearing’s start.

“If this challenge is successful, entrepreneurs can reopen their restaurants, bars, gyms and salons, children can go back to school, and everyone can gather together to celebrate, mourn and worship.”

He refers to it as Canada’s most important constitutional case.

“My lawyers tell me that the courts tend to rule with public opinion. While the tides are turning, the media won’t report any counter-narrative, so much of the public consciousness in Canada is still blanketed by fear. I’ve done the best I can to disseminate this information, the rest is up to us on the big day,” he wrote to supporters.

In response, his case attracted a rush of interest.

People logging in to watch the online hearing quickly exceeded the maximum capacity of 500 long before court started, meaning there wasn’t room for the judge or the province’s lead lawyer to be let into the hearing.

Most observers seemed to be Skelly supporters. One man was wearing a gas mask until the court asked cameras be turned off to reduce broadcast bandwidth. The online names of some observers included Open Ontario, Ontario Stands with Adam, WhoDoYouServe, GoAdamGo, Dr. Freedom, SeeThe Truth and Let’s Go Adam!!!!.

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A plea from the court registrar for some to volunteer to leave eventually allowed the judicial participants in, and for the hearing to convene.

Observers didn’t get the fireworks or debate they had hoped for. Instead, they got a muted argument over judicial jurisdiction.

Zachary Green, representing the province of Ontario, argued there was no procedural basis to entertain Skelly’s constitutional objections.

He said Skelly has not embarked on any court application claiming relief against the province, he has only contested Ontario’s motion against him and his restaurant. Green said that violates established rules of procedure.

In court materials, the province said Skelly’s wide objections about the COVID response — called “far-fetched grievances” — far exceed the scope of the government’s action against him, which is only to close his restaurant, when everyone is told to, for health reasons.

“Indeed, they are vexatious,” the government’s court filing says.

Michael Swinwood, representing Skelly, replied that the constitutional element of Skelly’s defence has been clear from the start. If the province objected to his constitutional questions, they should have asked a judge to strike them out of their reply to the court.

“It is straightforward, and we complied with what was asked of us,” Swinwood told court.

Pre-trial procedures, including judicial case management conferences and the examination and cross-examination of expert witnesses, went ahead arguing the wider constitutional issues without any complaint or objection from the province, he said.

“It was always understood to be a notice for constitutional relief,” Swinwood said.

In court materials, Swinwood said the government’s responses to COVID-19 were not based on scientific principles or respect for human rights and are more intrusive than available alternatives.

“The epidemic of fear has ruled people and governments, and not sound scientific analysis,” Skelly’s materials say.

Judge Jasmine Akbarali, of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, briefly adjourned court to deliberate before returning with her verdict.

“I regret to say, I do not think I have the jurisdiction to proceed to deal with these issues on their merits today,” she said.

“I do not think the hearing has been constituted in such a way to give me that jurisdiction, and it is in nobody’s interest to go ahead with the two-day hearing that is easily vulnerable on appeal on the basis that I didn’t have jurisdiction.”

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Written reasons were to be issued later.

Supporters of Skelly seemed upset with the ruling.

“Bullshit,” said one to the court. “This is injustice,” said another. The hearing was terminated just as many others were unmuting their microphones.

After court, Skelly’s lawyer expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome.

“The courts have no appetite for constitutional challenges to COVID-19 lockdowns and protocols,” Swinwood told National Post.

“Technical procedure is to rule over substance. Our freedoms are in peril and the court refused to take jurisdiction over the matter despite the rules that are designed to be flexible so that serious matters can be heard and not summarily dealt with.

“There is something deeply amiss,” he said.

Green deferred to the Ministry of the Attorney General’s spokesman for comment on the case. The ministry declined to comment, “as this matter is before the court,” said spokesman Brian Gray.

On Twitter, Adamson Barbecue’s branded account has been railing against COVID restrictions and related issues, including vaccinations, which they call “experimental gene therapy.”

The matter is expected to return to court at a later date, once a constitutional application is filed in the court.


Anti-Free Speech Leftists Try to Shut Down GoFundMe for Adam Skelly 70

Anti-Free Speech Leftists Try to Shut Down GoFundMe for Adam Skelly

Stop The GoFundMe for Adamson BBQ

Lindsay Fraser started this petition to GoFundMe

If you have been following the news you have most likely heard of this self-righteous bro who owns a bbq joint in Etobicoke that is going against the provincial government’s mandates to protect the people. Whether you agree with these mandates or not, he is putting the lives of others at risk and selfishly breaking the law in order to gain fame and attention. This has led to him being arrested and charged, as well as tax payers money being wasted in the fight against his nonsense.

Now a third party (who does not know this man) has gotten involved and set up a GoFundMe to raise money for him so that he can fight the charges against him – which is nearing a quarter of a million dollars!

This is not right and I am asking GoFundMe to reevaluate what it’s platform should and should not be used for and to remove this so called “fundraiser” immediately. It’s setting a bad precedent for others, and giving money to a “rich kid” instead of to people and small businesses who actually need it.

He has made decisions in which he knew there would be consequences – and he should pay for them himself!

It is important to also note that this guy is not the “small business working-class hero” that he is trying to portray himself as. He is a white privileged anti-masker conspiracy theorist who comes from money and is known in Toronto for being an “attention seeker”. Earlier this year he was called out by the media after he had a public meltdown on Twitter over the Covid-19 pandemic and repeatedly referred to others as the R word.

Please help by signing this petition to let GoFundMe know that you are not ok with this behaviour and that their platform should suspend this fundraiser immediately.Start a petition of your ownThis petition starter stood up and took action. Will you do the same?Start a petition


barbara-anne patterson

barbara-anne patterson signed this petition

Emile Jumean

Emile Jumean signed 3 minutes ago

Gavin Myles

Gavin Myles signed 3 minutes agoDisplay my name and comment on this petition

The Great Canadian Barbecue Rebellion — A Report by THE REBEL


On day three of what will now be known as “The Great Canadian BBQ Rebellion,” I returned to Adamson Barbecue to continue to cover the incredible anti-lockdown protest that was sparked by Adam Skelly’s civil disobedience.

Skelly reopened his little restaurant in defiance of the stage one lockdown that was imposed by in the Toronto region, drawing hundreds of hungry protesters who supported Skelly’s efforts to speak out against the lockdown madness. 

If you can believe it, Toronto police and public health enforcement officers changed the locks on Adamson Barbecue in an effort to prevent Skelly from opening his doors. Under the guise of ‘public safety,’ they attempted to prevent people from choosing to get a tasty meal at the family-owned establishment. 

And yet, I visited the Costco just down the road to find long lines and people packed into aisles like sardines in a can! Hypocrisy much?

In this video, I spoke to Adam Skelly about his flame-broiled defiance of the lockdown measures hurting small businesses just before he was arrested by Toronto police for trespassing on his own property! 

Take a look at our footage, and ask yourself the question: Is this really the direction we are headed as a county?

If you’re a small business owner like Adam who is choosing to open your doors in peaceful defiance of the lockdown, you can tell us your story at iWillOpen.com. You can also pitch in a donation to help us fight the fines of Canadians cited for breaking arbitrary COVID-19 violations on our FightTheFines.com page.

Ford/Tory’s Medico-Stalinist Police State Changes the Lock on A Businessman’s Door, Hauls Him of n Handcuffs & Cops Illegally Block a Road for Hours to Prevent Supporters from Rallying to His Defence


LIVE UPDATES: Adamson Barbecue owner put in handcuffs

Nov 26, 2020  •  Last Updated 6 minutes ago  •  2 minute read

Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly is led away from his restaurant by Toronto Police as supporters tried to wrestle him away on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun


Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly, who has been refusing to follow a provincial lockdown order, has been arrested after officials locked him out of his restaurant Thursday.

Skelly had told the Sun that police told him if he messed with the door that had its locks changed he would be charged with obstruction of justice. He was taken away in handcuffs.

Toronto Police confirm that arrests have been made and officers remain at the scene. “We continue to ask for calm and cooperation,” the force tweeted.

Cops say a second man was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly is led away from his restaurant by Toronto Police on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun

More to come…

Mayor John Tory appeared on CNN Thursday morning, making it clear Adamson Barbecue will not be serving its slow-cooked beef on this day.

“He won’t be opening today, I can assure you that,” Toronto’s mayor told the American network on that country’s Thanksgiving.

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Not long after that quote started to move around Toronto media came word that the city had raided the Queen Elizabeth Boulevard restaurant with hired locksmiths.

The city told reporters on the scene that under order of public health they had changed the locks on the restaurant.

Skelly was joined by a crowd of supporters outside his restaurant. “Need locksmith & other hands at Etobicoke asap,” he had posted in an Instagram story earlier.

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On Wednesday, he told the Toronto Sun he not only fully intended to open today but would bring “five times” the amount of food to serve everybody.

He said this despite receiving nine tickets for various alleged (non criminal code) violations under several jurisdictions.

Skelly was ignoring earlier rulings from the province and then a closure order from Toronto’s medical officer of health Dr. Eileen De Villa.

Toronto Polcie officers block the side door outside Adamson Barbecue on Queen Elizabeth Blvd. Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun

Meanwhile, a man named Barry McNamar has started a GoFundMe account to help Skelly with his legal costs.

“I don’t know him but I do know that guys like him are in short supply during this overblown COVID nonsense and he deserves our support.”

Skelly has been a major big thorn in the side of Premier Doug Ford and Mayor John Tory this week.

Supporters and Toronto Police outside Adamson Barbecue on Queen Elizabeth Blvd. on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun

“I was nice to the guy yesterday, but buddy, let me tell you something, you’re putting people’s lives in jeopardy,” Ford said Wednesday.

Tory’s frustration abut the situation was highlighted in a news release late Wednesday that said, “Neither Mayor John Tory nor city council direct enforcement of any kind,” however, “following (Tuesday’s) confusing series of events, caused in part by the fact the regulations are brand new, the mayor indicated he was dissatisfied with the outcome of the Adamson matter, asked repeated questions, and was assured at this morning’s COVID-19 Strategic Command Table meeting that there was alignment and that the various authorities were ready for an anticipated repeat opening.”

This occurred Thursday morning with the changing of the locks of Adamson Barbecue.

Mainstream media cries foul over Adamson Barbecue opening

Mainstream media cries foul over Adamson Barbecue opening

By Cosmin Dzsurdzsa – November 25, 2020 Share

A number of Canadian journalists and pundits are not happy about a Toronto small business defying Ontario’s lockdown orders.

On Wednesday, the owner of Adamson Barbecue Adam Skelly opened his doors a second time for indoor dining in defiance of the province’s latest coronavirus restrictions. 

Although Skelly received a lot of support from Canadians, a few journalists expressed their unhappiness with his business re-opening. 

CTV pundit tells business owner to “get bent” calls for restaurant to be chained up

On Tuesday afternoon, CTV News correspondent Scott Reid tweeted in response to Adamson Barbecue’s re-opening by saying that authorities to “chain the joint” and for Skelly to “get bent.” 

According to Reid’s LinkedIn, he has been a correspondent with the national news agency since 2011 and he was once the Director of Communications for Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin from 2003 to 2006. 

CP24 editor gloats about small business getting shut down

While local officials were notifying Skelly that his business had been ordered to close, CP24 Managing Editor Stephanie Smyth commemorated the event by taking a jab at the small business owner on Twitter.

The tweet which has since been deleted shows Smyth telling Skelly “you’re getting shut down.” 

Nora Loreto accuses business owner of “extreme white guy energy” and cries racism

Controversial freelance writer and commentator Nora Loreto took the opportunity to lecture fellow journalists for not making the Adamson Barbecue story about race.

Loreto then went on to say that “it’s just extreme white guy energy to pull of [sic] what he’s trying in Etobicoke…” 

Far-left journalist and editor says business owner is trying to make “more of a profit” 

Journalist and editor of the far-left publication, Passage, Davide Mastracci suggested in a tweet on Wednesday that Skelly was violating lockdown orders to try and make a profit for his business. 

Earlier this month, Mastracci was advocating for TV journalists to be banned from wearing a Remembrance Day poppy while on air. 

Toronto Star journalist complains about Trump hats and children eating inside

Toronto Star reporter Jennifer Pagliaro, who was on scene for Adamson BBQ’s opening on Wednesday live-tweeted a thread in which she complained about restaurant patrons wearing Trump hats and a family with children enjoying their dine-in meal. 

In an opinion article published that day, Pagliaro was also quoted as saying that being at the restaurant “felt the way I imagine it felt like at Trump rallies.” 

We’ve been asked to stay off the property so I can’t see what enforcement is up to but @rlautens tells me one possible patron has a Trump hat on— Jennifer Pagliaro (@jpags) November 24, 2020

A family with small children continues to enjoy their food at a windowside table as a country tune plays— Jennifer Pagliaro (@jpags) November 24, 2020

Columnist accuses business owner of having a “child’s selfishness”

In a column published on Wednesday, Toronto Star columnist Bruce Arthur referred to Skelly’s actions as “a child’s selfishness” and of having “misinformation brain.”  

“This is misinformation brain, in action,” wrote Arthur. 

“We shouldn’t join the people who confuse a child’s selfishness with freedom; instead, we should support our local businesses as best we can without endangering one another, and governments should add to that support, as soon as it can.”

Adamson Barbecue in Etobicoke to Defy Lockdown Today

Eat & Drink Lauren O’Neil Posted 5 minutes ago Report Inaccuracy

adamson bbq toronto

A Toronto restaurant is reopening for indoor dining to defy lockdown orders

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The owner of Toronto’s popular Adamson Barbecue restaurant is kicking up COVID-related controversy once again this week in what might be his boldest (and riskiest) move to date: Opening up for indoor dining while the region is under lockdown.

“Hello Adamson Barbecue fans!” said outspoken restaurateur Adam Skelly in a video posted to his brand’s Instagram account Monday evening.

“I’m coming on here today to let you guys know that our Etobicoke location, tomorrow — that’s Tuesday — will be opening for in-restaurant dining against provincial orders at eleven o’clock.”

Adamson Barbecue Etobicoke, which opened as the brand’s third location earlier this fall, is expected to resume full operations today at 11:00 a.m. at 7 Queen Elizabeth Blvd., just off Royal York Road near the Gardiner Expressway.

This is, of course, forbidden by both the City of Toronto and the provincial government, which moved Toronto and Peel into the “grey zone” lockdown level of its new COVID-19 restriction framework system on Monday.

Any restaurant found to be in contravention of public health orders currently faces fines of up to $25,000 per day from the municipal government alone. Individuals, such as Skelly, would be personally liable for another $5,000 per day on top of that under City rules.

Bolstered by the support of his fans, Skelly doesn’t seem to care.

“For those of you who have eyes to see why I’m doing this, thank you guys so much. Thank you for the messages of support, thank you for filling out my little polls, thank you for letting me know that we have people in our corner,” he said in his Instagram dispatch Monday night.

“This is a risky move and you guys gave me the gas to do this, so I just want to thank you guys so much.”

Judging by the number of views on his video — more than 100,000 in less than 24 hours — and the hundreds of comments, Skelly does indeed have many supporters — as well as detractors.

The controversial businessman, who opened the first of his wildly-popular Texas-style BBQ joints in Leaside four years ago, explained in his video why he was taking such a bold stance.

“Top to bottom, this thing stinks — it reeks of corruption,” said Skelly of the lockdown, noting that he didn’t have enough time to lay out everything in detail.

“I’m going to start with just one point: We’re using PCR tests with a cycle threshold of over 40 to drive hysteria around case counts,” he continued.

“If you guys understand what’s going on with these PCR tests and their cycle thresholds, you know that they’re picking up all sorts of other stuff that’s not COVID — bacterial infections, other coronaviruses including the common cold, fragments from the flu shot… If you know that, then you know we’re going to be about 2.5 per cent positivity rate until the end of spring.”

“How many businesses — how many people — are going to lose everything?” said Skelly. “Enough is enough.”