Hamilton Man Fired for Showing A Confederate Flag

Hamilton Man Fired for Showing A Confederate Flag

Canada is gripped with a Red Guard like fever of politically correct madness. People lose their jobs for flying a Confederate Battle Flag on their truck. Even more galling their politically correct employers chant the mantra of “diversity” and “inclusiveness” and declare support for free speech,” but …

With every passing day it should be clear that “diversity” is a code word for anti-White.



The CBC   (August 22, 2017) explained:  “A man who was seen proudly flying a Confederate flag from his truck at a downtown Hamilton construction site has been fired, his employer says. Keith Lipiec posed for pictures with the flag at a Yoke Group job site at Hamilton’s historic Treble Hall at the corner of King and John Streets yesterday.


Yoke Group owner and CEO Anthony Quattrociocchi told CBC News Monday evening that Lipiec has been fired.

“I have absolutely zero tolerance for this behaviour. He will no longer be working for Yoke Group,” Quattrociocchi said in an email.

evening, saying the company believes “strongly in diversity, inclusiveness and acceptance.”

“There is zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in our business and on our sites,” the statement reads. “We were deeply offended by the actions of the rogue temporary employee at our Treble Hall site today.

“We do not condone or support this individual’s actions. We encourage  freedom of speech but not when it evokes any form of hatred or discrimination.” So, freedom of speech to say “nice” or bland things. Keith Pipiec was only flying a flag; he wasn’t hating or discriminating against anybody!Hamilton Man Fired for Showing A Confederate Flag