Tanya Granic Allen on Who is a “Social Conservative”?


Dear Louis = Marika,

Lately, the media has give a lot of attention to a group of people that’s referred to as “social conservatives”.

From my observation, the media classifies social conservatives as anyone who is any or all of the following: pro-life, pro-parental rights, pro-free speech, a feminist not in agreement with gender theory- or a “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), anyone who is pro-traditional marriage (but could be OK with gay civil unions), opposed to legal marijuana, anti-euthanasia, opposed to gender theory, or for religious liberty.

Whether this term is a applied by the Toronto Star, CBC, the Toronto Sun or even the National Post, there’s always a certain sneer or negative connotation with this group.

Why? Why does the media label and dismiss out of hand, anyone with a difference of opinion from themselves, or Justin Trudeau, or the Liberals.

Since when has our country’s democracy been flattened so that there can be no difference of opinion on any issue, especially the social ones?

Why is is that Liberals speak of diversity as being a strength? And yet many Conservatives dismiss, what they view, as the inconvenient diversity of opinion within our party.

Look no further than many of the so-called “leading contenders” within the CPC leadership race who are as diverse from the Liberals as a loaf of Wonderbread; every slice is the same- mushy middle, crusty ends.

The solution for the Conservative party- or Canada- is not to replace Justin Trudeau with another slice from the loaf.

Us Conservatives need a leader who will embrace true diversity of opinion and protect our freedoms. It’s called democracy- not a one-party state.

Louis = Marika, in the next or the next several months, I will offer commentary and on various issues as they arise in this leadership. I also commit to you, to continue meeting with candidates as they reach out to me (several already have) and ask them important questions on policy, freedom, and democracy.

Hard questions need to be asked. I intend to ask them.

Stay tuned…


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