EXCLUSIVE: Post-jail interview with Pastor Tobias Tissen

EXCLUSIVE: Post-jail interview with Pastor Tobias Tissen

Unfortunately for Pastor Tobias and The Church of God Restoration in Steinbach, they are still subject to a court appearance which should take place on November 4.

Pastor Tobias Tissen is amongst the many pastors recently arrested here in Canada. This disturbing trend can be seen coast to coast, from the recent arrest of Pastor Phil Hutchings in New Brunswick, to the arrests of pastors Tim StephensJames Coates and Artur Pawlowski in Alberta.

Luckily today we’re not here to bring you the story of a man behind bars, as Pastor Tobias Tissen has been released after spending roughly 45 hours in custody.https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?dnt=false&embedId=twitter-widget-x

Though this is good news for the Manitoba minister, it is not without any drawbacks.

Pastor Tobias was able to negotiate the conditions of his release, meaning while he’s not able to incite, organize, or invite anyone to an event that contravenes COVID-19 health regulations, he is able to perform regular church services alongside his duties as a pastor.

Unfortunately, Pastor Tobias and The Church of God Restoration in Steinbach are still subject to a court appearance, which is expected to take place on November 4. At that time, we will find out what happens in regards to the $1-million ticket that could be handed out.

Pastor Tobias is being represented by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

While Pastor Tobias is being defended by lawyers from the JCCF, a number of other pastors — and Canadians across the country — are being represented through FightTheFines.com, where Rebel News viewers can crowdfund the legal fees to help defend civil liberties — and get a charitable tax receipt while doing so, from our partners The Democracy Fund.


Canada’s Latest Political Prisoner & Pastor in Prison: New Brunswick Christian Pastor Jailed for Not Enforcing COVID Restrictions at Worship — Yes, in New Brunswick, Not North Korea http://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=6838

New Brunswick Christian Pastor Jailed for Not Enforcing COVID Restrictions at Worship — Yes, in New Brunswick, Not North Korea

How many more pastors have to be hauled off to jail and churches forcibly closed (or destroyed) before Canadians wake up to the religious persecution happening in their own backyard?

Pastor Phil Hutchings of His Tabernacle Family Church in Saint John, New Brunswick, was arrested on October 15 for disobeying a previous court order requiring him to enforce current public health mandates.Those mandates may prohibit unvaccinated individuals from entering the building, and if a church chooses not to check for vaccination status, the rules forbid singing and require congregants to wear masks, social distance, and contact trace inside the church.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees certain civil liberties to all Canadians, but Section 1 of the Charter also guarantees limitations on them.Is it reasonable to treat healthy Canadians as if they are sick and assume unvaccinated individuals are carriers of disease?

I was in Saint John, New Brunswick, last Friday at the Saint John Law Courts, where a group of church supporters gathered to pray for the incarcerated pastor.Click here to watch.Pastor Phil is expected to remain in jail until his hearing on October 22.We are currently helping Pastor Phil by fighting his fines through FightTheFines.com, and we have offered to support his family with his civil matters to lift this burden off of them and the church.We’ll have more to report after tomorrow’s hearing, but in the meantime, can you please sign our petition at SavePastorPhil.com to demand the government ends its persecution of the pastor.
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Rebel NewsP.S. Pastor Phil is currently being held for exercising his God-given and Charter-enshrined right to worship and gather with his congregants in direct contravention of New Brunswick’s COVID restrictions. His arrest is just the latest in the rapidly growing list of persecuted pastors and churches in Canada. If you would like to support Pastor Phil by signing our petition, please visit SavePastorPhil.com.