Big Tech companies are at war with Social Media sites Gab and Parler!

Big Tech companies are at war with Social Media sites Gab and Parler!

The biggest ones are probably the removal of Gab from the App Store and Google Play store.  In addition to that, mainstream online financial services companies such as PayPal and Stripe curtailed all the access from their platforms to Gab.

Reason:  Gab joins other less restrictive social media platforms that have seen a surge in traffic since the November general election and recent blocks of accounts of Trump and his high-profile supporters.
In addition to Gab, these platforms include Parler (recently banned from Google Play and App Store as well), TheDonald, and MeWe.

This trend embodies a growing need of people to freely express themselves in the wake of pressures they experience regarding what they are allowed to say.

The restrictions to the freedom of speech that are happening these days are genuinely unprecedented in American history.

The President has not only received a permanent ban on his personal Twitter account but also saw some of his tweets from the official presidential Twitter account removed.It is understandable how more and more people each day are switching to alternative platforms such as Gab in order to be able to raise their voice.

Big Tech strikes again, Twitter in particular to Censor, Violating the First Amendment.

After the tech wide ban of Donald Trump, the inconsistencies of social media platforms remain laughable.Twitter and Facebook stated that permanently removing President Trump’s accounts was to protect people and stop the ever-growing incitement of violence.  Additionally, the vast majority of accounts also removed were US conservatives accounts, including Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell’s accounts.

However, Twitter was perfectly fine and happy to allow the disgusting phrase ‘Hang Mike Pence’ to remain on the trending page, culminating in over 14,000 tweets after Twitter purged a large majority of Conservative users on the site on Friday.The account of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei still remains active.

Twitter doesn’t care about users. If they did, accounts like Khamenei’s would have been terminated a long time ago and phrases like ‘Hang Mike Pence’ wouldn’t be allowed to trend.

Twitter’s selective use of their own Communist policies shows that they simply do not care, and by silencing the current leader of the free world, they wanted the rest of the world to know what kind of power they have–so let’s take it away by boycotting twitter–pass the word!
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