Worldwide Freedom Rally Victoria, November 20,

Nov 20 2021

The EVENT started off well.     Then we were treated to a short sharp lesson in how spiritual warfare plays out on the carnal plane. 
John Randall Phipps and the crew had done an excellent job, preparing.   I was amazed then overjoyed to hear him say he would lead us saying the Lord’s Prayer.      
When’s the last time we saw such a thing in public?   I can tell you … Dominion Day 2020, when Tanya Gaw preached her heart out on the steps of the Leg.

Randall pronounced the GATHERING was to be peaceful saying,  pointedly,  “if you have anger, please leave now”.  Shortly after,  a man behind the stage erupted … lashing out verbally at the organizers / everyone close by.      He attempted to commandeer the microphone but the sound guy fended him off.     On the little platform,  moments earlier,  the man who does his ‘Christian Rap” thing had pronounced that the occasion was for ‘peace love and good vibes’ [  my paraphrase. ]  And here we had 3 men wrestling down on the muddy grass!!  The instigator grabbed the microphone.  The sound man – whose property it was – yelled  “get off the stage!!!”.     I wasn’t ready to mix it up with someone obviously demon-possessed.

The troublemaker =  Jeff Harris  = is small potatoes in the big picture, yet it’s worth talking about what happened : it demonstrated the contest for leadership of this movement.  The audience was not sympathetic to him crashing the party.   A few boo-ed but for the most part, they were silent, appalled.     M.C. Sandy took charge.      With great presence of mind, she said   “we’re libertarians. We believe in free speech”.   Indicating –  even though not scheduled –  he would speak.   The sound guy turned off the microphone.   Humiliated, Harris  put it down and turned to leave.     A couple of armslengths from him,  I shouted : “you don’t need a microphone.  if you have something to say, say it.”     Provoked by my heckling, he launched a tirade.

I got the impression people were worried we were in for an hour’s worth of sanctimony like Oct 31,  when the Indians usurped.    But he lasted only 3 minutes of  ‘all about Jeff’.  Ie. : ‘I’ve been out on the street for 18 months … no-one cares about me. God is not going to save us. We have to save ourselves.’  Condemning everyone for not doing enough / not doing it his way.  I was tempted to needle him “so what do you have to show for it?”  but didn’t. 

Afterwards, there were 7 cops standing by.   If you have anything worthwhile to contribute the incident # is 2021-45941.    3 people came up to me, asking if we can get a Peace Bond against him.   At first I said ‘yes.  I’ll show you how to do it.”   Thinking some more, I now wonder if it’s worthwhile entangling me-self in the thickets of the law, wasting time on someone who’s  “sent to wear out the saints”.

Half a lifetime ago – after conviction for aggravated assault – a seasoned Corrections Officer told me, kindly. “In gaol, guys have monkeys on their backs … demons. You let someone else’s monkey’s climb your frame”.    Stuck in his own personal trauma,  Mr Harris is completely self-centred.  He has done more harm than good for this movement.   For instance: when CHEK tv arrived to get footage for their hit-piece on us, he literally got in their faces.  When he came near me I rebuked him = “you managed to disgrace all of us”.   With a big smirk on his face, he said “I don’t care”  direct quote.   His version of success, is – same as the bozo on steroids known as THE REAL CHRIS SKY (c) =  having the police show up for his own aggrandizement.

Reason I spend even this much time on the incident on Saturday, is ;    the enormous power of righteous indignation swirling in the so called Freedom Movement,  up for grabs,  attracts false prophets +  opportunists + conmen + predators + parasites + outright IN-sane individuals  + bad actors of all stripes, who run out ahead of the crowd, positioning demselves as “leaders”. 

A year ago when he was out in the middle of the street, screaming at a police van “Nazis!!!”   I tried to help Jeff Harris … warning he is on his way to gaol. 
His performance at the WW5 rally was the last straw … only a matter of time, before he’s off to the psych. ward.     Some problems resolve themselves

Last May, I told the assembly at Centennial Square “the police are not the enemy”.  Afterwards, I asked people who came up to talk to me,  “what do you think will happen next?”  One lady said   “we are going to go through a national near-death experience”   

 Beyond argument now >  the office holders in high places are fools, or deliberate Traitors.    Either way > they’ve got to be removed.  Christians are called to step in to the gap.  One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is : government. Another is, discernment.   Spare me the mewlings about  ‘not involving ourselves in politics’.    Long ago, a wise man said “if you won’t participate in politics, you allow yourself to be ruled by those more stupid than you’.

We are privileged to have top notch speakers locally.  Here’s a few observations from Jackie R

Today at the anti-mandate rally, about 450 people.  I was surprised at how moved I felt by the various speakers.  One was Kam, the organizer of our Tuesday Thursday church group, very clear and inspiring. Then a wonderful woman, Karine, reminding us that the biggest threat to all of us, no matter where we stood, was fear and to be patient with ourselves and others going through stages of grief including rage and depression.  Because we are all dealing with deaths, death of how we wanted our futures to be, how we trusted in some of our institutions and leaders, death of certainty and safety …

And the last was Dr Malthouse who was another channel of balm and light in this sometimes bleak time.    Lots of courage and resilience and even laughter and celebration.    A good day

Dr Malthouse and Dr Hoffe are on tour,  speaking publicly re >  EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE. They will be in Victoria on the evening of December 9th 2021

As well > Common Ground magazine is convening an EVENT at 3pm December 9th  on the grounds of the Legislature. With a candlelight vigil later. 
Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland is scheduled to speak.     I expect this to be an historic moment

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

November 23 2021 A. D.

Metchosin    British Columbia

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