The War Zone in Jasper by Monika Schaefer (former political prisoner)

The War Zone in Jasper

by Monika Schaefer (former political prisoner)

I have often said that we are in a war, not a war of our choosing, but a war that has been foisted onto us by the self-declared enemy of humanity. In the absence of bombs, most people do not realize that we are in a war. It is a war of infiltration, subversion, contamination, demoralization, destruction from within. They conduct Psychological Warfare, by way of deception, political correctness, criminalization of speech, and ritual defamation of truth-tellers.

The Jews (and their minions) in Jasper seem to be ramping up their war against this truth-teller. Perhaps they cannot abide by the fact that I am having success, nor can they abide by the fact that I keep on talking. In fact, they are getting quite hysterical.

Two incidents happened just yesterday.

I posted an item for sale on the Jasper AB, Buy, Sell and Trade Facebook site. Immediately someone showed interest. Next came a comment by Jessica Gomes, “warning” people that this seller is the same person as…”convicted holocaust denier…” then she linked to an article all about me being jailed. Someone else commented back something to the effect of

hey, she may be fucked, but she is just selling a cheap bike. Let her sell the bike.

Jessica Gomes immediately responded with a pack of lies, about me stalking her, calling her the little Jewess, playing [the violin] in front of her shop for hours, harassing and threatening her. I responded with a comment asking her if she always just made up random stuff like that.

I had no idea what this woman even looked like! I do not know her – so all of that was simply fabricated out of her sick imagination. Once again, a Jew reveals herself to me – according to her own comment.

As an aside, I do recall that about two years ago she wrote a letter called Hate begins with Words to the editor of a newspaper called The Jasper Local. I wrote about it in an article called “Local Letters: an Inquisition”.

Wanting to take a screen shot I switched from the small pop-ups of these comments to the main screen, but just then the comment thread disappeared. The site’s admin must have noticed the inappropriate conversation.

Tired of being the punching bag, I decided to take action and went to the RCMP to make a complaint. The officer took my statement and listened to my story. Later that day I received a phone call from him telling me that “she won’t be doing THAT again!” She had been venting her anger, she told him. Well I was just selling a bicycle and she can take her anger and park it elsewhere. The officer agreed. The file was now put to rest, but she had been warned.

As if one daily adventure isn’t enough, my busking hour provided yet more entertainment – more than just music. The busking spot is in a small open square surrounded by shops on three sides and a passenger-pick-up zone in front. It has generally been an excellent spot for busking. On this day, I felt something was different. It felt strange. It felt as though there was an invisible hand at work, causing a state of unease. People walked by in zombie state, or veered away, evaded looking at me, as though I was not there. Except for children. They turned towards me, tugging at their parents hands. A few tourists crossed over from the other side of the street to greet me and chat, and those were absolutely normal and natural in their responses, just like any other day.

At the end of my hour, as I was packing up getting ready to leave, I spotted “the problem”. A very animated guy was talking to the tourists on the park bench near me, pointing at me, telling them

she is a convicted Nazi, she went to jail… bla bla bla


So this is how it is now! These Locals simply cannot stand it that I might be earning a penny or two – I have observed many a local leering at my open violin case full of money that the appreciative tourists have happily thrown in.

Mr. busy-body-animated-guy from yesterday unfortunately has no name – in my astonishment I forgot to ask him his name. A loud confrontation ensued. Many people stood transfixed; even the shop-keepers stepped out to see what the commotion was all about. The guy probably thought I would be embarrassed by what he was telling the tourists and that I would try to deny it and slink away. No such luck! I loudly questioned him,

is this the kind of world you want to live in, where people go to jail simply for speaking? Is this the kind of world you want to live in where we cannot talk about history, we cannot have discussion and debate, we cannot examine evidence, without risking incarceration? If so, we are all enslaved!

Then I marched right over to where he had sat down, and loudly challenged him to a debate. I asked him if he still believed the official story about 9/11 and the 19 Arabs with box-cutters. He blew up at that!

I have noticed this phenomenon recently that when you ask a Jew about 9/11 (I am assuming he is a Jew, or at the very least a Jew-helper – to put it mildly), they get really mad! It was the second time in two days that I encountered that anger when I brought up 9/11. Is it because they all KNOW that we ALL have that one figured out? And that we know that they know that we know…? ha ha, they just get angry!

He then shouted in my face,

Do you believe that 6 million Jews were gassed in the holocaust?

Laughing, I replied that there were not even 6 million Jews living in all of Europe at the time! He turned, as though victorious, to the crowd and screeched at them,

London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1907 Did six million Really Die? montage

See?! She doesn’t believe that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis!!!!!

He thought he had a “gotcha” moment, the way he was grandstanding hysterically. He pretended to win a big victory. Wow. It would be hilarious if it was not so serious. They paint me as the hater and the nutcase. If ever there was a demonstration of both those lovely characteristics, he certainly outdid himself yesterday. I think the last laugh was on him.

Germany using increasingly repressive measures against political opposition

Germany using increasingly repressive measures against political opposition

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2019-07-12 15:53

Germany’s Identitarian movement members are young and clean-cut, but the domestic intelligence agency has placed them under increased surveillance as a “verified extreme right movement.”

By Carolyn Yeager

IN THE WAKE OF THE GROWING SUCCESS of anti-migration parties and their demand for protection of the national populations in Europe, the establishmentarians that remain in power are cracking down harshly and ramping up their anti-right rhetoric against any and all they see as threats to their control. In Germany we’ve seen the treatment of Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West – founded in 2014), hit with bad press, frivolous lawsuits and intrusive investigation by domestic intelligence agencies. The founder of Pegida has been sidelined by Facebook in ways that make it difficult to find and read his content.

The Alternative for Germany nationalist, anti-immigrant party has also been demonized in the media and put under surveillance by the BfV, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, and ostracized in Parliament by the group will of the other political parties. Rumors about campaign finance irregularities are circulated to impugn the honesty of the party leaders and suggest irresponsibility and corruption before it can be cleared up.

Another telling incident: Only two months ahead of the September state parliamentary election in Saxony, the election eommittee banned most of the AfD candidates because they were picked during two party congresses instead of one. Only the 18 who were selected at the first congress are eligible out of their 61 total, even though both meetings took place in Markneukirchen, which the party says should be considered as one “interrupted” party congress. The state chairman of the AfD, Joerg Urban, called it a “conspiracy” by the establishment – an effort to “weaken the strongest political competitor in the regional elections in Saxony”, where the AfD had been widely expected to do very well. The committee that made the decision was staffed entirely by the AfD’s direct competitors.

Urban said it can be difficult to find professionals to stand for the AfD because their social and professional lives are jeopardized if they do. He cited the case of Uwe Vertterlein who resigned as head of the Saxon Handball Association following controversy over his decision to stand as an AfD candidate in Dresden.

The latest victim of this reactionary pushback by the still-governing authorities is Germany’s small Identitarian movement, launched in 2012.Yesterday (Thursday) the BfV announced it was stepping up observation of the group, after designating it a far-right extremist organization. This ‘assessment’ allows the security agency to utilize ‘enhanced surveillance powers’ against the group. In a formal statement, BfV President Thomas Haldenwang said the group:

“ultimately aims to exclude people of non-European origin from democratic participation and to discriminate against them in a way that infringes their human dignity.”

“These verbal fire-raisers question people’s equality and dignity, they speak of foreign infiltration, boost their own identity to denigrate others and stoke hostile feelings towards perceived enemies.”

The German Identitarian movement is known to be very well behaved, is not associated with any sort of street violence, is estimated to have only about 600 members (at most), yet is is deemed a problem for the authorities overseeing the “most free Germany ever.”

Thomas Haldenwang, a hardliner against the political right, recently replaced the more centrist BfV president Hans-Georg Maassen over the trumped up criticism of Maassen’s handling of the misreported “riot” that took place in Chemnitz in August 2018. Since Haldenwang took over the office, the scrutiny of right-wing groups has been given priority to the point of harrassment.

Blut und Boden”

This anti-Right sentiment is part and parcel of the post-war battle againstthe idea that people are genetically linked to their ancestral homelands, have a historical right to those homelands, and can keep out foreigners who disrupt the peace and tranquility of that homeland. The contemporary idea being pushed is that migration is a right for all people – if they don’t like it where they are they cannot be stopped from forcing their way into a wealthier location and demanding support from the people there based on “humanitarian” rights.

Another giant error made is that everyone today insists they are not “racist,” but their objection to migration is based solely on preventing abuse of the migrants themselves because there are too many of them for the first-world economies to absorb. The validity of ancestral homelands for a unique people is compromised by such caving in to popular, media-approved sentiments that are destroying our European way of life. The question we should all be asking is “Why is an ancestral homeland for a unique people accepted as a right for Jews/Israelis, but not as a right for Europeans, who certainly have far more claim to their land? I think the answer is that our leaders don’t claim it for us, and listen to them!

Tony Gerber, an Identitarian spokesperson said in 2017:

“We’re not racists. We believe in equality: People may be different but they are equal. No Identitarian would say that someone else is a less worthy person because he is from a different culture, or a Muslim or refugee.”

This is thoroughly modern, but dangerous, language. If people are different, they are not equal. If they are truly equal, their differences shouldn’t matter. People can all be worthy without being equal. We have to be able to emphasize the differences.

*     *     *     *

In the USA, the World Jewish Congress supports recycled, previously failed Holocaust Education bill

‘The Never Again Education Act’ was reintroduced in January by Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) after failing to be enacted at a previous session of Congress. I wrote about it herejust last year.

The bill would federally mandate and fund a holocaust education grant program run by the Department of Education to provide teachers with training and tools to teach students about “the repercussions that hate and intolerance can have on our society.”

The World Jewish Congress has called on the US Congress to make Holocaust education mandatory in all US schools. The WJC started a petition late last week following recently released statistics that found 49% of millennials polled are unable to name one Nazi death camp, while 41% believed that the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust was significantly less than six million.

“The horrors of the Holocaust are fading from our collective memory, especially among millennials,” WJC explained, adding (the lie) that there has also been an “alarming rise” in antisemitism in the US over the last few years.

What’s alarming is that this education act would create a federal law covering all K-12 schools in the United States—no schools or states can opt out!

If this isn’t Jewish domination of the citizens of the United States, I don’t know what is. Enforcing learning by young children of one small religious group’s self-serving mythology, NOT BACKED BY SCIENCE OR FORENSICS, and historically controversial, is an insane thing for Americans to do. Let your congressman or congresswoman know that you’re against this anti-American bill and you want to see it soundly defeated once and for all.