Travesty of British Justice: Tommy Robinson – Guilty!

Travesty of British Justice: Tommy Robinson – Guilty!


For years, Tommy Robinson has worked to save English communities from the destructive effects of Islamization – the rape culture, religious bigotry, violence, intolerance, and suppression of free speech – and for years he has been defamed for it. His interviews and activism show him a passionate defender of British liberty and the rule of law, yet authorities treat him as a menace. Critics have unjustly called him a racist and an Islamophobe despite his good faith outreach to moderates of all racial and religious backgrounds.


On numerous occasions, he has been physically attacked, has received death threats, and has had his family menaced. Slander and verbal abuse follow him everywhere. The police have repeatedly arrested him on the thinnest of pretexts.


Tommy Robinson personifies moral courage in an age when such courage is an extremely rare commodity, the possession of which can threaten one’s life. He is one of the few who truly deserves the label of hero.  He is my personal hero and yet it must be said that all he has done to become heroic is something that we all can do, should do, and must do: he has spoken the truth.  And for speaking the truth, the British Government has turned him into “An Enemy of the State”.

One would think that the constant threats made against Tommy Robinson would wake people up to the true nature and lethal character of the enemy we face. Yet even as Tommy Robinson is defamed, vilified and marginalized, he is being proven right by the events of every day – and the light of the truth he tells shines more brightly all the time.

I travelled to London and spent 2 days at the Old Bailey at his trial. Friday afternoon, the verdict came down – guilty. Britain – the land of the Magna Carta – really has no future if this is now their sense of justice. The criminals – the grooming gang rapists – are afforded all the protection as the prosecutor was only concerned that Robinson “caused distress while overlooking the appalling nature of the crimes and had the temerity of filming them at a time of high anxiety for them” when Tommy asked them how they felt about the verdict at their trial. Tommy’s expenses are now over £150,000 – while the free legal services given to the rapists and paid by the taxpayer has exceeded £1 million. The only hope is that the Government will recognize the time he has already served (in solitary confinement breaking all the rules of the Geneva Convention) and bring it to an end (this way allowing the government to save face). As well, the cost of this trial and special Police protection has also exceeded £1 million.

At this announcement, Tommy Robinson’s friends and supporters across the world were shocked and disheartened to hear that he has been, for a second time, convicted of contempt of court for filming outside a courthouse where members of a Muslim rape gang were being tried. The party-line is that he imperilled the course of justice by breaking a poorly-publicized reporting ban (which actually he had taken pains not to do).

In fact, justice in Britain has been imperilled for decades by a corrupt establishment all too willing to overlook Muslim crimes in the interest of cultural appeasement. And Robinson’s conviction has been relentlessly pursued – he already spent 10 harrowing weeks in solitary confinement – because he has become the symbol of white, working-class British anger and a convenient target for elite moralizing about the so-called “far right.” I fear that if the Crown sends him back to prison, this will be the spark that ignites a class war and will be a defining moment in British history.

This monstrous travesty of justice must be immediately appealed. There are well-grounded fears that another stint in a British prison may end in Tommy’s permanent incapacity or even death. 

We MUST help Tommy because effectively Tommy has no voice. He can’t do what he did when he had one million Facebook followers and almost one million Twitter fans. They shut him down. Tommy has been de-personned. Tommy Robinson has all but been completely silenced by the mainstream platforms following pressure from the establishment not to mention a number of other pressure groups, with his removal from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Paypal and now YouTube in the hope that his voice is no longer heard by people who oppose the mainstream bias, the fake news perpetuation, the two-tier justice system, the mass censorship and the democratic betrayal of the Great British electorate.

Please consider donating to his legal appeal fund:

“In summation, Tommy Robinson’s QC urged the hearing not to convict his client on the basis of who he was rather than what he had done: routine for reporters across the land since time immemorial.

No journalist has been jailed, let alone to three months’ solitary since the 1940s, and many have collapsed trials receiving cursory fines — Tommy never did, commenting outside a courthouse in line with judicial guidelines, against the already convicted, and never risked doing so.

The “Reporting Restrictions” pretext is a sham to ensure the secrecy of nationwide horrors and institutional failures testified to in countless nationwide mass Muslim-implicating child rape trials.

Ask yourself why Mr Furlong pled that the judges not do the former — condemn the person based on who they were — as the judicial panel in fact did. Because they were perfectly free so to do.

This is exactly why the Magna Carta insisted on the invention of jury trials, and why too the Attorney General did his utmost to ensure a lengthy incarceration by means that would guarantee no jury would ever be empanelled.

It was the perfect fix, that no legal mind as astute as Geoffrey Cox MP’s could ever pass up.

The already un-personned Tommy Robinson, whose blood parliament had been baying for for months, would never plead guilty, and could be locked up for years, to die: with no panel of twelve Englishmen and true to ever stand in the way of the orchestrated coup de grâce.”


Tommy Robinson, Embattled Hero

The hero Tommy Robinson has been reconvicted of contempt of court, after his previous conviction was overturned and he was released from prison, but the door was left open for the attorney general to relitigate if he so chose.  He duly did, leading to Robinson’s trial at the Old Bailey on July 5. There were only two judges and no jury at Tommy’s trial at the Old Bailey.  One was Rt. Hon. Dame Victoria Sharp, DBE, president of the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of England and Wales, the other Justice Warby, two executioners acting on behalf of the establishment.  It’s time for British citizens to tear down the Old Bailey as French citizens tore down the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 1789.


This Tommy Robinson Verdict Is a Travesty of Justice

With what might strike some observers as the most extraordinary double standards, the prosecution lawyer laid into Robinson for causing distress to the rape gang trial defendants — while pointedly overlooking the appalling nature of the crimes which had landed them in court in the first place. Caldecott the prosecutor is deeply concerned about the rapists. He just complained that Tommy had the temerity of filming them “at a time of high anxiety for them”. I haven’t heard a word from Caldecott about the high anxiety of the dozens of little girls raped by these men.

Subjective Recklessness


Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC saw fit to bring charges against Tommy again. The first round of political persecution failed miserably, not of course without a cost. Tommy already served pretty much three months in solitary confinement and came out of prison a different man; he now needs medication to control mental health issues.

Tommy talks about those issues HERE.


The Inside Of A Solitary Confinement Cell


Verdict Tension Diffused by Tommy Robinson’s Men at Old Bailey Court


After Tommy Robinsons 2-day Trial at the Old Bailey, judges found him guilty on 3 counts, and tensions rose quickly with the police. Thanks to Danni, Kev and Richard for diffusing the situation.


In contrast, when Tommy was recently campaigning for the European Parliament, he held a perfectly legal, peaceful and family friendly election rally in Oldham. When hundreds of masked and tooled up Muslim thugs arrived (escorted there by police) and began pelting women and children with bricks and bottles, not one police baton was drawn against them in defence of these women and children. In fact, the police can clearly be seen standing around chatting amongst themselves, as missiles flew over their heads, utterly indifferent to the fact that citizens might be killed or injured. In contrast, at the Old Bailey, it only took unarmed civilians pointing and chanting, ‘Shame on you’ to have the whole line of police swiftly drawing their batons and brandishing them in a menacing way. Clearly the police are much more sensitive to their own safety than they are of the general public. Missiles thrown at families is not important enough to warrant police intervention, but pointing and chanting at the police is very frightening indeed.




I am Prepared to Die for Freedom of Speech

Tommy Robinson has been found guilty by a U.K. court for “violating a reporting ban”. Tommy joins Alex Jones to discuss the precedent now set against freedom of speech in the U.K.; his reaction to the verdict and how far he is prepared to go. This is a powerful interview and must be watched to understand the essence of Tommy Robinson.


Tommy Robinson Found Guilty!


David Wood and Robert Spencer discuss Tommy Robinson’s conviction for reporting in the UK.

Tommy Robinson Guilty with Dr. Steve Turley


Populism is fueled by a pervasive and deeply held anti-elite sentiment.  The whole world is watching now. The populist genie is out of the bottle and nothing fuels a movement like a martyr!

Tommy Tries to Explain His Corruption Charge

Lucy Manning of the BBC was not interested in what the ruling means for journalism because she works for a biased Broadcasting Corporation. One of the charges laid against Tommy was for “aggressively confronting and filming” Muslim paedophile groomers.




Remembering – July 7, 2005

Fourteen years ago, four Islamist terrorist suicide bombers with rucksacks full

of explosives attacked central London, killing 52 people and injuring hundreds

more. It was the worst single terrorist atrocity on British soil.