Every day, all over the world, Amazon delivers Prime packages. Millions of people rely on Amazon’s wide online selection and speedy delivery. Amazon users, by checking out through (instead of the can choose a charity to receive 0.5 % of the proceeds from their purchase.

However, Amazon is not a neutral company. Rather, Amazon, and in particular Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is on a mission to promote the sexual revolution. In fact, cities competing for Amazon’s new headquarters are being screened based on “progressivism” and “inclusivity” – aka cities that forcefully promote LGBTQ lifestyles and silence dissenters.

It would appear that Amazon’s latest effort to advance the sexual revolution and silence Christian voices is by removing pro-family groups from the list of eligible Amazon Smile charities.

So essentially, when Amazon says that users can support the charity of their choice, what they really mean is that users can select only charities that fall in line with the prevailing sexual ethic of our age.

This intolerance (in the name of tolerance!) and exclusivity (in the name of inclusivity!) must be called out for what it is – discrimination against people of faith.

Please sign this petition to Amazon saying that you strongly oppose their discriminatory practices towards pro-family charities.

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In order to justify their discrimination against Christian pro-family groups, Amazon claims that their decision to remove these Christian groups is based on the recommendation of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Several months ago, the SPLC published a list of hate groups across the country. This list did include some actual hate groups. However, the SPLC lumped Christian groups such as the Family Research Council, the Ruth Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom in with racist and pro-Nazi groups.

In recent years the SPLC has been completely discredited as a legit arbiter of information. They attack and defame anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Even the FBI and the U.S. Army have “deleted the [SPLC] from the[ir] lists of legitimate ‘hate crime’ resources” because it is so politically motivated.

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Now, all three of those Christian groups, Family Research Council, the Ruth Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom, have been removed from the list of eligible charities for the Amazon Smile program,ch Ccil

Amazon is discriminating against Christian pro-family groups because of their Christian beliefs. This is wrong. Please use your voice to stand up to corporate America and tell Amazon that their discrimination and intolerance is unacceptable.


Kira Nelson and the entire CitizenGO team

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