No Much Free Speech in Swedish Multicultural School

Interview: Life at a multicultural Swedish school

By Editorial Staff – January 13, 2020

INTERVIEW. A refugee centre next to the school. Teachers fired for standing up for freedom of opinion. A majority of foreign pupils. What is life like at a Swedish high school? Nordfront interviews Filip from Gothenburg to find out.

Stock photo. Photo: Holger.Ellgaard (CC BY 4.0.)

In the middle of the Christmas festivities, a friendly high school pupil from Gothenburg takes time out of his holidays to meet for an interview.

“I’m a completely normal guy who likes books about subjects that aren’t always on the curriculum,” says Filip when he is asked to describe himself.

Filip is passionate about justice, the truth and morality. This becomes clear when he explains why he took a liking to these books. How did you develop this interest?

Social studies and history class started it all. Feminism and WWII sped up my interest in forming my own opinion about things because the lessons felt very left-wing-orientated. School left out a lot of information they didn’t want us knowing about.

Opinions cause complications

This interest has led to certain complications. Filip began his high school education at a school in Gothenburg where he was one of a dozen Swedes among 500 pupils. It was impossible to study in peace so he changed schools. Today he attends a school south of Gothenburg. He studies social and behavioural sciences.

“Originally I wanted to be a policeman, but I’ve changed my mind after having seen how the police treat dissidents like me and my friends.”

It’s clear pupils can’t hold whatever opinions they want to, especially not when they contradict the school’s core values. That’s when it gets complicated. What are your political views?

“I am openly National Socialist,” answers Filip proudly and says that he almost exclusively socialises with nationalists and preferably National Socialists. “There have been some discussions with the head teacher and SÄPO [the Swedish secret police] on account of my views.”

Thinking what you want in school is not allowed, not even for teachers.

“There was a teacher who was good, but he was fired for standing up for freedom of opinion.”

A majority of foreigners

Filip thinks the school he goes to today is somewhat better than his last one, but Swedes are still in a minority. How are things with the foreign pupils at the school?

“There are loads of f–king foreigners. The majority are foreigners. Grown men pretending to be children. There is a refugee centre right next to the school.

“My class is one of those with the most Swedes, but the foreigners create loads of problems.”

The environment in the classroom seems to be chaotic, to say the least. It isn’t surprising that school performance is plummeting. What’s it like during breaks?

“It’s very noisy and loud. There are hardly any places where you can have a quiet moment. The feminists and foreigners shout and scream. The feminists are probably the worst. They are always discussing sexuality and gender issues. They scream, ‘Rapist!’ at all the Swedish boys who aren’t feminists, but they’re also careful to avoid being called racists.”

The knifeman

Filip describes his school as generally similar to most other schools.

“The schools vary a little depending on where you live, and the topics of conversation can become more sensitive depending on the school’s demography.”

Filip comes across as mature for his age and expresses himself very well, using words that are quite uncommon at high school. But one or two expletives still slip through. Have there been any notable incidents worth mentioning?

“There was a dispute during a lunch break when foreigners called one of my friends a whore and threatened to f–k her mother. They were asked to leave the area, but they came back a few hours later with an older, very big immigrant who was armed with knuckledusters and a knife. His intention was clear: he wanted to kill us. By chance, a teacher managed to avert the incident and call the police.”

The incident happened in the school’s corridors. The teacher who fortunately came to the rescue escaped with just a couple of violent shoves. What are the teachers like at the school?

“They are good at teaching the system’s programme. Most of them are wimps and do everything they can to avoid being called racists. When it’s noisy during class, they say, ‘Stoppp it’,” Filip says in a wimpy voice, mimicking his teachers.

He says sometimes extra teachers are brought in, but that rarely helps. Do the teachers have any apparent political affiliation?

“Definitely!” he answers quickly. “Several teachers say things like, ‘The Sweden Democrats are real Nazis. I’m voting for Feminist Initiative!’”

And if they’re questioned, how do they react?

“They go into defence mode. They can’t justify it, but they still express their personal opinions in school.”

Gang rape

What are things like for the girls at school?

“Swedish girls are continually harassed and even groped. But the head teacher doesn’t care. They are called all the usual things like whore, c–t and bitch, but also sharmota and other Arabic names.”

He doesn’t know if anyone has been raped at the school yet but says he has a relative who was gang raped. Have you helped anyone who has been assaulted?

“Yes! Me and my friends have helped girls in the town who were harassed by immigrants.”

How did you become interested in politics?

“When I was younger, I was probably more of an ordinary racist, but after understanding the Jewish question, I became NS. I realised that immigration and immigrants are a symptom of a bigger problem.”

Strike back!

To conclude this interview, is there anything you’d like to say to young people in schools around Sweden?

“We Swedes have kept silent for far too long, and that is why we have the problems we do. A fitting message might be: Swedish youth, strike back!

Nordfront thanks Filip for his participation in this interview and hopes his words can inspire more people to start doing something to improve the situation for our schoolchildren.

Whatcott hate crime trial update

Whatcott hate crime trial update


by Bill Whatcott » Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:46 pm



(Picture left) The “hate crime” for which I am now slated to go on trial for this coming June 2020. Handing out 3500 zombie safe sex packages AKA known as life saving Gospel literature to naked sodomites and others at the 2016 Toronto homosexual pride parade. (Picture right) Bill Whatcott poses with two Toronto police officers while taking a break from handing out zombie safe sex packages at the unGodly pride parade.

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was my last day of court before my trial,

The Crown Prosecutor tried to argue quite forcefully that I had a “deep and complex hatred of homosexuals.” Multiple times during the hearing the prosecutor reiterated “Whatcott hates homosexuals” and at least once the Prosecutor asserted I have an “intense and ongoing hatred of homosexuals.”

For proof of this alleged intense (apparently selectively criminalized) emotion that I am carrying with me the Prosecutor wants to introduce social media posts and flyers that I have penned over the decades into evidence where they can pull words like “sodomite,” “freak,” and “homofascist” out of the paragraphs to establish my alleged hatred of homosexuals.


The Crown Prosecutor pulled the word “freak” out of a January 2019 post on this site where I referred to this guy walking around with a pride flag stuck out of his bum as a “freak.” Here is the post the Prosecutor cited as evidence of my “hatred of homosexuals:” viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10744&p=26366&hilit=pride+flag+bum#p26366

When you engage in behaviour worthy of ridicule what am I supposed to call you? In my world if you run around naked with a pride flag sticking out of your bum you are a freak…… For a Prosecutor to use my reality based assessment of a homosexual’s highly public behaviour as evidence of criminal intent worthy of 18 months incarceration is highly disturbing and I wonder when Canadians will wake up and forcefully demand their God given right to speak sanely once again?


While the word “sodomite” is a behaviour based word that is pejorative in the Bible, so are the words “adulturer,” “thieves,” and “sorcerers” pejorative in the Bible. In my circle of friends I have people who have stolen, who have committed adultery, and who have engaged in homosexual acts. In Canadian law we can quite correctly seperate acts of adultery and stealing from a person’s innate genetic make up. We know people may experience seemingly irresistable urges to steal or sleep with someone’s spouse, but we also know that people are morally responsible when they commit this behaviour and that people who engage in this behaviour will often change, especially when they seek moral guidance and desire to change these unhealthy behaviours in their lives. Sadly, with homosexual behaviour there is a huge disconnect with reality and it seems time tested rules that apply to other sexual behaviours are hysterically attacked and in some cases even criminalized when they are applied to homosexual behaviour. Truthfully critiquing homosexual behaviour and pointing out its harm is now simply called “hate” and is banned.

Of course Christians condemn stealing, but don’t hate people who steal and we will always condemn sodomy (even though the Prosecutor doesn’t like me saying it, sodomy does have significant economic and social costs that are being born by all Canadians) but that does not mean we hate sodomites. In fact we know thieves and sodomites (and all other sinners) can change.

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.
1 Corinthians 6:9-11

But heck now Bill S202 has passed first reading and it seems to me the homosexual activist media is pushing this bill with complete garbage stories of multitudes of homosexuals committing suicide after being told by some evil and crazy Christian therapist that they can change their sexual behaviour if they are motivated to do so, and now our homosexual activist Prime Minister is supporting the bill which will make such Christian counselling an indictable offense punishable by up to five years in prison.

And yet the Prosecutor pulled the word “homofascist” out of my writings and acted like this particular word is a made up delusion and more evidence of my “intense and ongoing hatred of homosexuals.”

Is it possible that this word might actually apply when referring to Canadian politicians and LGBT activists who want to see Christian counsellors put in prison for 5 years or Christian activists jailed for 18 months who hand out “zombie safe sex” packages on the streets of Toronto during “Pride” month?

Please pray for truth and true justice to prevail in this hate crime case.

It looks like my trial is definitely going forward for June 2019. The trial will last a month and I will need to be in Toronto for two weeks before the trial begins to work with my lawyer.

No money is needed for legal expenses as that is covered by legal aid now, but I will need some donations to survive for the 6 weeks that I will be forced to reside in Toronto for my trial.

At this point in time there is no news on my appeal in Whatcott vs Oger where I (as predicted) lost in the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) the case that Mr. Ronan Oger prosecuted me for saying he was a man and that God did not want Vancouver-False Creek residents to vote for him during the last provincial election. The penalty for refusing to call him a woman during my hearing and for participating in the provincial election by advancing a reality based perspective, based on an orthodox Christian perspective, was a whopping $55,000 fine.

No news yet on when my trial date is coming in the Jonathan Yaniv vs Whatcott case either. In this case Mr. Yaniv is seeking over $35,000 in compensation from me because I refered to him as a man and criticized his prosecution of 16 female estheticians who he dragged to the BCHRT for refusing to wax his balls.

As Canada moves further away from the God who created us and who desires Lordship over our lives, it seems we are inventing ever stranger notions of what justice and human rights looks like. Please pray for God to deliver Canada from this darkness that is gripping our land and that He will have mercy and heal this land so that we can have leaders capable of discerning real justice and pray the Canadian people will see their need to repent and turn to the Living God so they can be reconciled with their Lord and the Saviour of their souls once again.

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:14

Jim and Diane Present
by Horst Mahler
Other Political Prisoners  Sylvia Stolz, Ursula Haverbeck, Alfred Schaefer
Dec 7, 2019  
Jim and Diane Present
by Horst Mahler
Other Political Prisoners  Sylvia Stolz, Ursula Haverbeck, Alfred Schaefer
Dec 7, 2019

It occurs to me that while both Horst Mahler and Sylvia Stolz are currently in prison, this old film I made called “Jailing the Lawyers” has ongoing currency and evermore pressing relevance for public awareness of the plight of attorneys and even judges who must ignore normal courtroom practice or face long jail terms.  Horst describes the situation for attorneys and the little known legal achievement of Attorney Stolz.  

This unique interview with Horst took place in Sylvia’s home during the period of her earlier three years of incarceration for defending Ernst Zündel “too well”.  Since then, she has been returned to jail for her speech in Switzerland which concerned only a recounting of her prison sentences; while Horst who has severe diabetes has had both legs amputated yet must remain behind bars possibly for the remainder of his life for the “crime” of expressing his peaceful philosophical opinions and for defending his clients “too well”:

There are two other films I have made concerning Horst Mahler:

1. About the demonstration against Horst’s imprisonment in Brandenburg where Ursula Haverbeck and the attorney Wolfram Nahrath address the March.
2. The other is a further interview in a Munich restaurant during the brief period when Horst was not behind bars.  He speaks about spirituality.

I am uploading these on Bitchute and will send you the urls in case you might like to release all three.  Rather important that these two veteran attorneys and their grotesque plights are brought to the attention of the public.

I believe you both will enjoy, as well, his opinions on National Socialism!

Cheers, Michèle

Sylvia Stolz
Münchener Str. 33
86551 Aichach


Write to Ursula Haverbeck at the following address:

JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede
z. Hd. Ursula Haverbeck
Umlostraße 100
33649 Bielefeld

Write to Alfred Schaefer:

Alfred Erhard Schaefer
Stadelheimer Str. 12
81549 Munich


Justivollzugsanstalt Brandenburg A.D. Havel,
Inhaftierter: Horst Mahler,
Anton-Saefkow-Allee 22,
14772 Brandenburg,

The Exception to Tolerance and Diversity

by Lawrence Blanchard, ND, M.Div.
Did you see the two stories that appeared recently about a law student and law professor who challenged the tolerance and diversity program in America? The challenge exposed the glaring hypocritical exception of the high and mighty advocates pushing tolerance and diversity down our collective throats. “Truth be damned” should be their motto. The first story was about a law student at the Oklahoma City University of Law who “left some flyers”1 around the school with the phrase, “It’s Okay to Be White.”

The law school dean went ballistic, promising an “intentional and relentless” promotion of diversity to counter such a notion.  Police were called to investigate to see if “the flyers” and this “person’s actions amounted to a hate crime. They wanted to make sure this student was “not a threat to other students.”

“The OCU police department reportedly partnered with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force to locate and interrogate the student activist.” 1

Free speech victory as Court rules against University of Alberta $17,500 security fee

Free speech victory as Court rules against University of Alberta $17,500 security fee

Posted on Jan 6, 2020 in Featured, Justice Update, Latest Updates, News Releases

EDMONTON:  The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms ( is pleased with the January 6, 2020 decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal, which rejects the University of Alberta’s imposition of a $17,500 security fee on UAlberta Pro-Life. Demanded by the University in 2016, this security fee had prevented the small student club from hosting educational displays on campus. Analysis of the decision is ongoing.

The case arose in March of 2015, when the University of Alberta condoned the behaviour of a mob that physically obstructed a peaceful, stationary pro-life display on campus, which had been authorized and approved by the University. The mob used sheets, towels, banners, and mega-phones, making it impossible for passers-by to view the signs. The mob effectively silenced intellectual discussion and inquiry, in violation of the Code of Student Behaviour. Prior to this physical obstruction and disruption of a university-approved campus event, the University’s president had stated publicly that the pro-life group was entitled to express its opinions on campus. Then-president Indira Samarasekera stated the University must facilitate and protect the peaceful expression of all views, regardless of popularity.

Dr. Samarasekera’s statement was not taken seriously by campus security or by the students who violated the Code of Student Behaviour. The University’s campus security repeatedly told members of the obstructing mob that they were violating the Code of Student Behaviour, which expressly prohibits interrupting and obstructing university-related activities and events. Yet campus security took no action to stop the obstruction, or to discipline the students who identified themselves publicly and boasted on social media about their success in silencing a message they disagreed with.

In 2016, UAlberta Pro-Life applied again for a two-day campus event with a stationary display. The University then demanded a $17,500 security fee as a condition for going ahead with this campus event.

In an email, the University demanded that pro-life students pay for the wages of security guards and police, and costs of barricading the venue, and pay for the potential misconduct of people violating the University’s Code of Student Behaviour by obstructing and disrupting the display. Rather than render an invoice to the self-identified and self-confessed rule-breakers, the University instead told the small pro-life club that it could no longer set up a display on campus unless it first paid $17,500 in security fees. Unable to pay $17,500, UAlberta Pro-Life was forced to cancel the event that was planned for February 2016.

“In issuing this demand, the University of Alberta ignored the fact that any threat to safety and security that may have existed on campus came uniquely from those who physically obstructed and loudly interrupted a university-approved event,” stated lawyer John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which represents the students in their court action.

In its court application, filed in April of 2016, UAlberta Pro-Life sought a declaration that the University’s imposition of the $17,500 security fee on the club was illegal and unjustifiably violated the fundamental Canadian value of freedom of expression, protected by section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The court application asked for an order prohibiting the University from imposing such financial burdens on law-abiding students in future.

The court application also sought a ruling that the University made an unreasonable and therefore illegal decision in March of 2015 to condone the conduct of students who disrupted and blockaded the University-authorized UAlberta Pro-Life campus event, in violation of the Code of Student Behaviour. Although the University had advance notice that a mob was being organized to obstruct the display, and although Dr. Samarasekera had warned that any misbehaviour would be investigated and prosecuted, the University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) did nothing to stop the blockading and physical obstruction. UAPS also did not photograph or seek to identify any blockading student, even though the Code clearly prohibits students from disrupting or obstructing University-related functions.

Before taking court action, UAlberta Pro-Life first filed a formal complaint in March 2015 with UAPS against the disruptive students who had violated the Code of Student Behaviour. It took UAPS over eight months to release a decision. On November 30, 2015 UAPS confirmed that the University would not charge or prosecute students who had disrupted, blocked and obstructed the March 2015 display on campus. This decision came in spite of UAPS possessing ample photographic and video evidence as to which students had violated the Code of Student Behaviour, in addition to social media posts in which these blockading students publicly boasted about their own behaviour.

The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench ruled in favour of the University in October 2017. The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) intervened before the Alberta Court of Appeal, in support of freedom of expression. The students appealed, and now have a decision from the Alberta Court of Appeal.

UBC instructor says it’s “casual racism” to lay wreaths on Remembrance Day!

An economics instructor at the University of British Columbia thinks it’s “casual racism” for fraternity members to be allowed to lay wreaths at the school’s Remembrance Day ceremony.

CTV News broke the news with the headline,

“Economics instructor Maria Adshade took to Twitter to ask UBC president Santa Ono why fraternity members were allowed to lay wreaths at the school’s Remembrance Day ceremony.”

At 11:22 am, during the University’s Remembrance Day ceremonies, she tweeted at the President “wondering why frat boys are laying wreaths at the Remembrance (sic) Day Ceremony at UBC. Surely there are other more representative groups on campus to play this role?”

Adshade followed up her thoughtless and poorly timed tirade with accusations of bigotry, tweeting:

“Regardless of how any of you feel about me, you should not be supporting this casual racism.”

Racism? For allowing young men to honour the young men who died for their freedom?

CTV News reached out to her for comment and Adshade doubled down, saying:

“I stand by what I said. UBC prides itself on being an inclusive and diverse campus. That was not reflected today by the student representation at the ceremony today.”

Adshade, apparently not one to quit when she is behind, then made herself the victim of mean sexist frat boys and not her own bigoted public remarks, tweeting:

“The UBC Fraternity members who are commenting here are entirely free to voice their opinions. But know that your members who are emailing me threatening me with sexual violence are doing nothing to help your cause.”

However, she never produced any of these emailed “threats.”

UBC’s own website affirms the high cost their student body paid for freedom during World War 2, noting that 1,600 UBC trainees enlisted to serve in the war and 10% of those would not make it back home alive. UBC also became a school of choice for returning veterans.

Professor Woke-Scold doesn’t know the history of her own university.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. John McCrae wrote his poem In Flanders Field during World War 1, the very same war that claimed his life. If he were alive today, Adshade would want him banned from laying a wreath too.

He was a Theta Xi member at the University of Toronto.

How the heck did “Grapes” — a Canadian icon and national treasure — lose his job when this scold gets to keep hers?

Jim and Diane Present Alison Chabloz’ Second Arrest and Update, Jan 15, 2020 (Text, Not a Video)

Jim and Diane Present
Alison Chabloz’
Second Arrest and Update, Jan 15, 2020
(Text, Not a Video)
Dear All,

Apologies for the lack of recent updates. First of all, some positive news. Last Friday, January 10th (full moon), I was again in the dock for my appeal against the National Probation Service (NPS), this time at Derby Crown Court. To recap, the NPS had brought a retroactive breach trial against me for publishing on my personal website during the year-long Prohibited Activity Order which required me not to post or participate on “social media outlets”. Once again, there were slight procedural errors: the Crown’s barrister, Mr. Christopher Jeyes, had not received the appropriate skeleton argument in good time, apparently preventing the Crown and NPS from providing disclosure on how the decision to breach me had been reached. The main issue here is Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) applying political pressure and meddling in my case – a fact they have freely admitted on several occasions. Sitting with two magistrates, HHJ Egbuna told the court that it would be wrong to listen to the evidence and submissions without first establishing whether or not the decision to breach me constituted abuse of process. I agreed to an adjournment. A two-day re-trial has been scheduled for June 26th and 27th.

The most interesting revelation was the admission by the opposition that the decision to breach me had not been taken by my probation officer’s superior, but by someone “from the level above”. And now for the not-so-good news. As I walked out of court, I was arrested under Section 127 of the 2003 Communications Act by one of four plainclothes policemen – two of whom had been sitting in court. I had half-expected it, having ignored another request for an interview under caution. Still, I was annoyed. Ex-Britain First Intel Officer, half-Jewish Paul Besser, was there to represent Joe Glasman’s Maccabees, Third Division. As we reached the station, the officer who was driving (who I later discovered was local and just helping out with a colleague) radioed the desk. He announced that they were bringing in a woman “under the Public Order Act”. Police lie to each other, as well as to the general public: a nest of vipers. Of course, in hindsight, if I had resisted and these officers had been caught on film using violence against me to drag me into an unmarked car… I was interviewed about an Internet podcast, the link to which had been shared on my GAB account. Replying mostly no comment to their questions, it lasted an hour and a half and was utterly Orwellian. No surprises for guessing the name of the “victim” – Stephen Silverman, CAA Director of Investigations and Enforcement. Most questions came directly from Silverman’s own witness statement. Others were no doubt the result of police (combined with the intelligence services?) seeking information, as well as a deliberate attempt to have me incriminate myself. Apparently, because “most people” believe in the gas chamber narrative, anyone who doesn’t believe is not “the norm”. I couldn’t help laughing at the irony of being interrogated by police detectives who unquestioningly believe every aspect of the mainstream “Holocaust” narrative – and more: there were, according to DC E. of Lincolnshire Police, homicidal gas chambers at Belsen. The entire two-hour-long Internet podcast had been transcribed, and the offending passages highlighted in yellow. At one point, when my solicitor was absent from the room and the recording was halted with the tape still running, I asked the detectives if they had any actual crime to investigate, for example, child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, still free to travel the world at leisure. They told me they were unable to answer… I wondered why both of these men were “good cops” and where the “bad cop” might be. I soon found out. When the interview was over and I was taken back to the lobby, I noticed sitting behind the desk sergeant a dark-skinned, uniformed man with large brown eyes, long hair and a black bandanna. His expression was not friendly. I was led back to the custody cell and, twenty minutes or so later, this same man unlocked my door. Standing behind him were both interviewing officers. He was introduced as Detective Sergeant B… This man then proceeded to verbally abuse me, stating he didn’t like my attitude and if he was going to let me out of “his station”, then I would be forced to live and sleep at a declared address. By the time they released me, it was already too late to return home. I noted drily that police were releasing me – a single woman – without any means of transport to the address I was supposed to sleep at. That wasn’t all. My other police bail condition is “not to post on line anything” – an unwarranted restriction of my right to free speech and probably unlawful. The Crown will now have to make a decision whether or not to charge me for “grossly offending” a man who has a restraining order against me but who nevertheless sees fit to stalk my every move in the hope of seeing me once again clamped in irons for my views. Despite the presence of one journalist in court – who refused to disclose who she works for (my educated guess would be Isabella Nikolic For Mailonline) – and Besser’s silly tweets, there has been no media coverage whatsoever. Likewise, silence from CAA. Other usual stasi suspects, permanently ensconced in the Twitter echo chamber, are unable to hide their glee that “a vile anti-Semitic Holocaust denier” is once again being punished for peacefully expressing her own opinions. CAA, a registered “charity”, faces further embarrassment following Friday’s publication of Joe Glasman’s “Christmukah” video by The Electronic Intifada, (see also December, in my recent Review of 2019). Glasman’s copyright claims were a case of closing the stable doors after the horse had bolted.

Thank you to all who sent supportive messages and especially to my barrister, Adrian Davies, my solicitor, Kevin Lowry-Mullins, the solicitor who represented me on Friday, Mr Raja, and to all four loyal friends who made the effort to be beside me in court. Thanks also to Sargon of Akkad who finally, after all this time, has spoken out about my case and called for S. 127 to be repealed. Sargon is (wilfully?) ignorant about the controversy surrounding the official narrative, but he is nevertheless correct in stating that S. 127 is being abused in order to criminalise opinions. My case is exposing the extent to which this bad law is being used by the System to stifle peaceful protest, historical debate and, most sinister of all, silence a musician for her satirical songs and for her beliefs. Alison Chabloz. January 13th, 2020.

The Legal Establishment is Just Not Serious About Prosecuting Antifa Violence

Activist acquitted because Quebec City prosecutors were incapable of holding trial in English

Basem Boshra Supervising Producer, CTV News Montreal

@BasemBoshra Contact Published Wednesday, January 15, 2020 2:55PM EST Last Updated Wednesday, January 15, 2020 5:59PM EST

Jaggi Singh

Activist Jaggi Singh is arrested during an anti-racism demonstration, in Quebec City on Sunday, August 20, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot



MONTREAL — Activist Jaggi Singh, who has been facing charges stemming from his arrest at an anti-fascist protest held in 2017, walked out of Quebec City court a free man on Wednesday after prosecutors announced they were incapable of proceeding with Singh’s trial in English.

According to Le Journal du Quebec, Steve Marquis, the chief Crown prosecutor for Quebec City, told Judge Pierre Bordeleau that neither he nor any of his available colleagues were capable of presenting the prosecution’s arguments in English. (Singh, who is fluently bilingual, had requested a trial in English.)

Marquis – who told the judge that the original prosecutor in the case, who could proceed in English, was on maternity leave – asked for a delay in the proceedings, which Bordeleau denied. The judge then acquitted Singh on the two charges, obstruction of justice and impersonation, that he was facing.

Related Stories

Singh, 49, a veteran activist, was arrested Aug. 20, 2017, at an anti-fascist counter-protest to an alt-right gathering. When arrested, Singh told police his name was Michel Goulet (the name of an old Quebec Nordiques player) and said he resided in La Colisee (the Nordiques’ old arena).

Singh told Le Journal du Quebec on his way out of court that he felt the prosecution sabotaged its own case rather than lose the trial, which had been scheduled to run today through Friday.

A Serial Pedophile Got 2 Years Less A Day; Yet, a Judge Wanted to Give a Satirist 36 Months for “Hate” — Telling Jokes About Women & Jews

A Serial Pedophile Got 2 Years Less A Day; Yet, a Judge Wanted to Give a Satirist 36 Months for “Hate” — Telling Jokes About Women & Jews

In 1997, pedophile Gordon Stuckless pleaded guilty to 27 counts of molesting boys some as young as 10. He worked as an equipment manager at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens. He got two years less a day. Last year, a judge wanted to sentence satirical writer Dr. James Sears to 36 months for National Lampoon style jokes about women and Jews. In cultural Marxist Canada, it’s worse to screw politically correct ideas than to bugger little boys.

Oh, yes, he’s now in a halfway house in my new home city of Hamilton.1Marcie RobinsLikeCommentShare

Jonathan Yaniv PUNCHED ME in the head for reporting on his court case — WATCH IT HERE!

Jonathan Yaniv PUNCHED ME in the head for reporting on his court case — WATCH IT HERE!

Jonathan Yaniv PUNCHED ME in the head for reporting on his court case — WATCH IT HERE! 

Being punched by Jessica Yaniv is a weird kind of mark of credibility.

      Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv punched me in the head for reporting on his court appearance over two counts of possessing a prohibited weapon! Yaniv waited inside the courthouse until the moment it closed — and as he left, I gently approached him to ask him about it. But instead of answering my questions, Yaniv charged into a vicious, testosterone-fuelled rage — check out my exclusive footage at Do you agree that this man is a danger to society?  Not only has he tried to extort several aestheticians after they refused to wax his testicles, but he has also been responsible for a number of violent assaults and has been charged with two counts of possessing a prohibited weapon — and yet, he is still free to roam the streets of British Columbia! (To see all of our exclusive reporting on Yaniv — including our documentary on him — please visit It takes a lot to expose Yaniv’s abuse of the system — hours of court research, dozens of interactions with lawyers, thousands of dollars in travel expenses, and today, a savage beating. So, if you believe in our efforts to expose this menace with our original, full-contact journalism, please pitch in to help me keep reporting on this story — click here, or visit to help us out. Yours truly, Keean Bexte P.S. This isn’t the first beating we’ve taken at the man mitts of Yaniv. My Rebel News colleague David Menzies was struck — several times (!) — on the head with a cane by Yaniv last year. (You can see that assault at And yet, as I mentioned earlier, he remains at large and free to live without consequences.

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