UBC instructor says it’s “casual racism” to lay wreaths on Remembrance Day!

An economics instructor at the University of British Columbia thinks it’s “casual racism” for fraternity members to be allowed to lay wreaths at the school’s Remembrance Day ceremony.

CTV News broke the news with the headline,

“Economics instructor Maria Adshade took to Twitter to ask UBC president Santa Ono why fraternity members were allowed to lay wreaths at the school’s Remembrance Day ceremony.”

At 11:22 am, during the University’s Remembrance Day ceremonies, she tweeted at the President “wondering why frat boys are laying wreaths at the Remembrance (sic) Day Ceremony at UBC. Surely there are other more representative groups on campus to play this role?”

Adshade followed up her thoughtless and poorly timed tirade with accusations of bigotry, tweeting:

“Regardless of how any of you feel about me, you should not be supporting this casual racism.”

Racism? For allowing young men to honour the young men who died for their freedom?

CTV News reached out to her for comment and Adshade doubled down, saying:

“I stand by what I said. UBC prides itself on being an inclusive and diverse campus. That was not reflected today by the student representation at the ceremony today.”

Adshade, apparently not one to quit when she is behind, then made herself the victim of mean sexist frat boys and not her own bigoted public remarks, tweeting:

“The UBC Fraternity members who are commenting here are entirely free to voice their opinions. But know that your members who are emailing me threatening me with sexual violence are doing nothing to help your cause.”

However, she never produced any of these emailed “threats.”

UBC’s own website affirms the high cost their student body paid for freedom during World War 2, noting that 1,600 UBC trainees enlisted to serve in the war and 10% of those would not make it back home alive. UBC also became a school of choice for returning veterans.

Professor Woke-Scold doesn’t know the history of her own university.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. John McCrae wrote his poem In Flanders Field during World War 1, the very same war that claimed his life. If he were alive today, Adshade would want him banned from laying a wreath too.

He was a Theta Xi member at the University of Toronto.

How the heck did “Grapes” — a Canadian icon and national treasure — lose his job when this scold gets to keep hers?