The Exception to Tolerance and Diversity

by Lawrence Blanchard, ND, M.Div.
Did you see the two stories that appeared recently about a law student and law professor who challenged the tolerance and diversity program in America? The challenge exposed the glaring hypocritical exception of the high and mighty advocates pushing tolerance and diversity down our collective throats. “Truth be damned” should be their motto. The first story was about a law student at the Oklahoma City University of Law who “left some flyers”1 around the school with the phrase, “It’s Okay to Be White.”

The law school dean went ballistic, promising an “intentional and relentless” promotion of diversity to counter such a notion.  Police were called to investigate to see if “the flyers” and this “person’s actions amounted to a hate crime. They wanted to make sure this student was “not a threat to other students.”

“The OCU police department reportedly partnered with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force to locate and interrogate the student activist.” 1