Brad Love’s Ten Years Punishment By the Courts for Writing Non-Violent

Brad Love’s Ten Years Punishment By the Courts for Writing Non-Violent
Letters Continues


TORONTO. April 25, 2012. “The thousands of dollars I spent to fly back here, to  take 10 days off work, to  rent a car, to fund other expenses are down the drain,” an angry Brad Love told the monthly meeting of the Alternative Forum here tonight. Mr. Love had just learned that his appeal against a brutal 18 month sentence for breach of probation and a further three year political gag order had been postponed. The appeal was to be heard Monday.


1.     “The system is sucking me dry,” the Alberta-based oil worker explained. “I was charged four years ago for breach of probation – for sending a package of critical commentary to four Jewish groups, who had given me their permission.” Mr. Love was then under parole conditions stemming from a 2003 conviction, under Canada’s notorious “hate law” (Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code)  for writing non-violent letters to some 20 MPs and other public officials. He had received an 18-month jail sentence and Ontario Judge Hogg had imposed conditions under which he was forbidden to write to “anybody” without their express permission. [Those conditions, incidentally, were imposed in Ontario, not in the Congo or Burma.]








“The average black crack dealer would get legal aid for free, spend 20 minutes in court and get maybe 60 days in prison,” Mr. Love charged. This marks at least a dozen trips back to Ontario for this simple breach of probation charge.



“I was abandoned by my pervious lawyer as soon as I was sentenced to prison, last July,” Mr. Love recounted.” After six weeks his new lawyer effected his release.


“I am still working at Fort McMurray. All I make now seems to go to my lawyer. I wrote these letters These were my opinions. Let the cards fall where they may. Growing up, I was told by my parents: ‘If you don’t like something, speak up. The politicians work for you,’” he recalled.


Well, “the ;politicians waste billions of dollars on foreign aid, aid to Haiti, aid to Mali – I don’t even know where Mali is, training Costa Rica’s police force. I  am 54 years old. I work 84 hours a week and the government takes half. I don’t pay taxes; they take them from me,” he charged.


Africa, he argued, “produces children faster than we can print foreign aid money. It seems every time I write about immigration, it’s eight White cops who arrest me, not Blacks,. I hate my own government, not Blacks.”


Canada’s business and political establishment “want cheap labour. Every immigrant they bring in means a wage cut. A Somali cab driver in Fort Mac said he came from Toronto to Fort Mac ‘because there are too many fucking immigrants in Toronto for me to make any money.’”


Mr. Love is an impassioned and highly entertaining speaker. “I hear to the developing world,” he said. “What ‘developing’? Africa has been there for 100,000 years. They should be sending us money.”


He predicts that the trend of bringing in cheap foreign labour – despite high unemployment in Canada – will continue in Fort McMurray. Wages will go down and the good times will be gone.”

Mr. Love seems to be a special target of Ontario’s police. “My lawyer told me: ‘You’re on the police radar. Any contact with the police, contact us.’” On Tuesday, on a noon visit to the liquor store in Mississauga’s Applewood Mall, Mt. Love saw he was being surveilled by a police cruiser. He was questioned and asked had he been drinking. [No.] His ID was carefully scrutinized and he was asked where he was staying.


“Everything in this country is a joke, just a fumblebutt system,” Mr. Love said. “the police want an incident, to provoke me to react so that they can seize the bail my parents help put up. “This was the day after cops arrested two black bank robbers who jumped a counter and shot two people and some other blacks who robbed people on the subway.” Despite this real crime, “they still have time to watch Brad Love, who is not even from this province.”


Despite efforts by Mr. Love and CAFÉ, the Canadian media seems studiously uninterested in Mr. Love’s battering and gagging by the courts. Discussing these costly and prolonged proceedings, Mr. Love noted that no lawyer or judge has ever asked: “Brad, how are you coping?”


Some years ago, he recalled, he wrote letters to the Minister of Immigration critical of Haitians. “Four cops showed up and told me: ‘We don’t like the tone of your letters.”


“With what they’ve spent persecuting me they could have built a large home for seniors and done something for this country,” he said.


Still, Brad Love is a happy warrior: “I am still smiling. I go to work every day. I drink my beer. I snub the government and look at this country as a joke. Sodomy is legal. Gay marriage is legal,” but free speech is illegal.”


“People know I’m right, but they are afraid. They say: ‘I don’t want to be you, Brad.’ People fear losing their house, their bank account, their job. If you’re a dissident, there’s no safety net for you. The government wants to see you broke and living in a ditch.”


“It’s hard to believe in my own country,” he added. The decade-long persecution has affected my friends and my family,” he added. “I am not a skinhead, I am not a neo-Nazi. I am not a racist. But I do not like what the government is doing with my money.” – Paul Fromm

Free Speech & Privacy Sacrificed in Nova Scotia Anti-bullying Law

Free Speech &   Privacy Sacrificed in Nova Scotia Anti-bullying Law
In November, 2011, a then 15-year old teenager in Nova Scotia Rehtaeh Parsons went with a girlfriend to a party with  four teenage boys. There was a lot of drinking. [Where were the parents?] At one point, the girlfriend saw Rehtaeh naked and laughing with two of the boys on the bed. She urged her to leave. Later, she returned with her mother and they both failed tro persuade the now drunk girl to leave. She later had sex with two of the boys and vomited out the window,. One of the boys circulated a cellphone photo of a half naked male pressing up against the bottom of a girl .Word got around that Rehtaeh was a “slut”. She became the object of numerous caustic remarks. Was it rape? This April, a despondent Rehtaeh hanged herself. The accusation of cyberbullying went viral.
Christie Blatchford reported: “But Postmedia sources point to huge problems with the case that made it virtually impossible to take to court, chiefly the shifting accounts from Rehtaeh herself and independent evidence, including retrieved online messages, that supported the suggestion the sex that took place was consensual. Even the notorious cell phone picture, first sent by one of the alleged assailants and re-circulated thereafter, shows virtually nothing that would stand up in court. The photo is of a male naked from the waist down, giving a thumbs-up sign, pressing into the bare behind of another person who is leaning out a window. What the picture doesn’t reveal, however, is a recognizable face, if there even was a sexual assault going on, or if the second person was a female.” (National Post, April 26, 2013)
A panicking Nova Scotia socialist government brought in the Cyber-safety Act which poses huge threats to privacy and free speech. What is it about so many Canadians that their commitment to free speech is a mile wide and half an inch deep. The proposed law might make persistent tweets or Facebook messages that Stephen Harper is a “control freak” actionable as an electronic communication that could reasonably be expected to cause” harm to another person’s health, emotional well-being, self-esteem or reputation.” “Self-esdteem” “reputation” — even truthful criticisms of others could have the Nova Scotia goon squad descending on your dwelling without a warrant to seize your computer or cellphone.
The Globe and Mail (May 8,. 2013) wisely editorialized: “But the proposed Cyber-safety Act has draconian search-and-seizure elements with major implications for freedom of speech – accused bullies would in effect be silenced by the state. The government could obtain ex parte court orders against alleged bullies, and a five-member investigative squad would have the power (again without notice to the alleged bullies) to enter homes and remove computers and cellphones. Investigators could obtain records of everything an individual has done on the Internet. They could obtain all texts that a purported bully sent and received. 

It’s tough stuff. The act would impose liability on the parents of children accused of engaging in cyberbullying. Are parents to be required to spy on their children, to pore over their cellphone texts, to peer at every message sent on Facebook?

Provincial legislators … no doubt wish to deliver a strong blow against cyberbullying. Online bullying has a destructive power that no one should underestimate, and the Criminal Code’s many tools, including anti-harassment provisions, have for some reason barely been used to combat this form of bullying. But Nova Scotia lawmakers should ask themselves some tough questions as they head down a very new road in Canadian law. Perhaps they believe that only the most extreme cases would be taken up. The proposed law is, however, incredibly broad. Cyberbullying is defined as any electronic communication intended to, or that could reasonably have been expected to, “cause fear, intimidation, humiliation, distress or other damage or harm to another person’s health, emotional well-being, self-esteem or reputation.” And it applies to bullying of adults, too.

Will fair comment be protected? What about satire of public figures such as the famous and legally acceptable editorial cartoon of premier William Vander Zalm pulling the wings off a fly? Would an animal-rights group be able to campaign against the owner of a factory farm, or anti-abortionists against an abortion provider? Is it worth the risks to free speech to create a new, intrusive (and expensive) state bureaucracy?”

“Low Grade Racial Terrorism” in Oregon –Words Have No Meaning

“Low Grade Racial Terrorism” in Oregon –Words Have No Meaning

The following story needs some analysis. It’s a good example of the useof propaganda to muddy serious discussion of racial issues. Be very careful andskeptical next time you read a heavy breathing report fuming about terrorismand White supremacy.
The facts:
·       Someone leafletted cars on a street in Milwaukie, Oregon with leafletsin Spanish and English opposing White genocide and adding that anti-racism means anti-White. ·      Some busybody White – it’salways a self-hating White who will do us in – one Dinah Davis decided towaddle along and take the flyers off car windshields. [So much for freedom ofspeech.] ·      For reasons not explainedDavis concluded the flyers were “White supremacist literature.” ·       A racism “expert” Prof. Randy Blazak proclaimed: “Thisis a form of low-grade terrorism, and this is meant to terrorize people whohave been victims of violence,”
The Reality:
1.   Watch the video. It is clearthat the leaflets say very little beyond what the story quoted.

2.   Note that opposing the destruction of your own people, if you are White, means you are a White supremacist and “low-grade” terrorist.

3.   The leaflet does not suggest that other races should be exterminated or ruled, only that White genocide should be opposed. Would a call to stop the genocide of a small Indian tribe in the Amazon be “Indian Supremacy”? Of course not.

4.    To most people terrorism means acts of violence – bombing, beating,

murder, kidnapping, arson – against innocent people, against civilians. These are leaflets, not bombs, saying no more than Whites don’t want to be exterminated.

5.   Note also that neither busybody Davis, who claims to speak for the neighbourhood, nor expert Blazak deals with the  flyers’ accusation:  “”Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” Ironically, their words and actions prove the point. If they are anti-racists, they are clearly anti-White in that they think calls for White survival are evil

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – A neighborhood was blanketed with racist fliers on Thursday and people there say they won’t tolerate the hateful propaganda.
The group handing out the fliers has a very specific target since they’re only partially in English and are mostly in Spanish. The only two words in English: “white genocide.”
Many people who park along Southeast International Way got one on their windshield.
Dinah Davis, who works on the street, took action after reading the flier.
Davis drives on the street every day to get to work and on Thursday she noticed something out of the ordinary.
“I know enough Spanish to recognize that it is white supremacist literature. I was horrified,” she said.
Someone left them on nearly every parked car.
“Perhaps they think this is a suitable neighborhood. I’m here to tell them, no, it’s not,” Davis said.
She spent the rest of her morning walk going up and down the road picking up the fliers off windshields. She collected a stack of them.
Racism expert Randy Blazak, a professor at Portland State University, translated the words. The letters in red: “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”
“This is a form of low-grade terrorism, and this is meant to terrorize people who have been victims of violence,” he said.
The fliers trace to a website called the White Genocide Project.
Blazak said the web has become a popular place to spread intolerance.
“There’s sort of a 24-hour Klan rally happening on the Internet,” he said.
Davis knows this country’s history with hatred has lessened but it hasn’t gone away.
Her main question about the fliers: “Why have it in Spanish? I don’t understand that,” she said.
Blazak explained: “In the 1920s the Ku Klux Klan in Portland was primarily against Catholic immigrants. So this is just another version of targeting the immigrant population.”
He said it’s targeting by intimidation.
Blazak said he was familiar with the White Genocide Project website, but he’s never seen that group active in the Portland area.
He said even though it’s a hate message on paper, it’s still hate and not something to take lightly.