Freedom Fighter David Lindsay to Appeal Assault Conviction

Individual (him/his/he) goes into a public building and was informed that his presence was not allowed. Someone presses up against him for a split second. He gets charged with assault. Copied below is his account of the incident and what shamefully occurred in court.

This individual, a private self-taught citizen, has successfully argued on behalf of himself, others,”the law”, and ultimately us, in courts across Canada. He deserves our respect & support  [the Kelowna court, arguing over an assault charge against him proven false by video recording requires him to obtain transcripts at outrageous costs].

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Falsified assault charge

Kelowna Courthouse

R v David Lindsay s. 266 Criminal Code Assault

So, Dec. 13, 2021 was D-day. Judgments in the falsified assault charges against me, were to be rendered by Judge Heinrichs on the following issues:

  1. The merits of the case of whether the Crown proved beyond a reasonable doubt that I assaulted two security guards;
  1. My RCMP Challenge – claiming that the RCMP Act was unconstitutional because only the Provinces can pass legislation in relation to policing in the Province, and,
  1. The Crown’s application to have me cited for contempt.

I anticipated #1 would go first, for if I won on the merits of the assault charge (ie: not guilty) the RCMP Challenge would not require a hearing, and if I lost (ie: guilty) only then it would have to be dealt with. This procedure was not to be. The alleged offence date was August. 19, 2021.

First – brief history. We were having a series of protests at the Interior Health building at 505 Doyle Ave. in Kelowna in 2021 as a result of new mask orders from the health officer Sue Pollock located in that building. This brought huge publicity in the public eye of what they were doing and our opposition to mask requirements. I was trying to talk to reception on Aug. 11, 2021 to arrange for an official to talk to us. I had been told on August 4, 2021 that an official would come out and talk to us but never did. Security manager Greg Smith (the Professional Liar) assaulted our video reporter Leo and physically forced him out of the building while I talked to reception. Then they forced me out. All of this is on video and we were peaceful at all times; the only violence was Greg Smith’s assault on Leo. Despite this, Greg Smith purported to issue a no trespass order to me for one month.

We came back on Aug. 19, 2021. The Professional Liar and two Paladin security officials were there to block my right of entry into the Interior Health reception area. Police later arrived and Greg Smith the Professional Liar lied to the police and told them that I had been banned from the building for a month because I was causing a disturbance inside the building that morning. As said, the videos confirm that no such disturbance was ever caused by me or anyone else. Another lie from the Professional Liar.

I tried to exercise my right to enter the building and security officials used their upper torso to physically block me from entering. We touched briefly for about 1.5 seconds. Make no mistake…the video clearly shows THEM pushing into ME to block my right of entry.

Notwithstanding their assault on me, one has to look at this video to see just how trivial this incident was – lasting as it did about 1.5 seconds, with no injuries. 8:20-8:48. Admittedly now, Interior Health may not be a Crown corporation, but they are a government body and subject to the Charter. Thank you for posting this Marcel!! Jason Davis is in the middle and Taj Smith on the end, from Paladin as well. Davis no longer works there.

See also 4:43-5:54 where Raymond Bacolod, a private security official, stomps on Leo’s hands as he attempts to plug the extension cords back into the generator that Bacolod unplugged to shut down Linda’s freedom of speech. We charged Bacolod with assault. The Crown told us directly that we had a very good case yet then stayed the charge!! This assault was much more violent than any alleged 1.5 second touching in my case, and with a lot more people around as well. Marcel follows up with other assaults that were allowed to go unpunished by the Crown.

Charges were laid of assault on Dec. 8, 2021. Mr. Grabavac for the Crown, wanted an endorsed warrant to bring me before a judge. He only got an unendorsed warrant, meaning the police could release me – and they did a couple of weeks later, because of an alleged communications error between himself and the Informant.

Here are Mr. Grabavac’s only words, when he applies to the Court to try and get this reversed two days later on Dec. 10, 2021:

So, it’s not the Crown’s intention to have Mr. Lindsay detained, however the Crown wants specific conditions put on, and specifically with respect to prohibiting his conduct at – potentially at these – there was a rally going on when the assaults occurred, so we would like an opportunity to make the submission to a judge on that.

That’s – yes, and the Crown is also seeking other no-go conditions that have no – that are less related to Interior Health than this. We’d also be asking for a condition that he not attend to any school district location – School District 23 property in Kelowna, and also not to attend any parks. So that’s the concern that really – that’s a little bit extensive…

Read what Grabavac is saying just two days after the charges were laid. As a condition of my release, he wants me banned from all schools and parks in Kelowna, even though he admits that they have nothing to do with the alleged (unproven) offences at an Interior Health (IH) building downtown!!!!

Why would a prosecutor ask for such draconian relief if not for improper purposes? Because they wanted me banned from all parks to prevent me from conducting the rallies, as Grabavac admits, which as the RCMP admit have all been peaceful. So, the fix was in from the beginning on what Grabavac’s true ulterior intentions and motives were. He knew there was no real assault, but it was the perfect opportunity to try and ban me from the rallies, falsely thinking they would stop without my presence. What does a park in Mission or by the airport in Kelowna have to do with the IH building in downtown Kelowna? Nothing.

There is your background to these falsified charges. And it gets worse when you realize the professional liars on the witness stand.

On Dec. 13, 2023, Judge Heinrichs first denied my application that she was biased. Can you imagine the consequences of a judge ruling him/her self to be biased? It is self-incrimination – an admission that you were breaking the law…no judge is going to do this.

Judge Heinrichs then began her next judgment by dismissing my RCMP challenge. Admittedly there was an error in my Challenge, asking the Judge to strike the legislation that she has no power to do. What she can do, is simply not apply it. So, by not applying the RCMP Act and agreements, the RCMP officers had no power to investigate and obtain evidence. This is an irregularity and is permitted to be amended at any time. Judge Heinrichs refused this simple amendment, on the following flawed and defective basis below.

Judge Heinrichs claimed the Challenge was manifestly frivolous as it would have no effect on the case, because the Informant could still lay the charge as a regular person (“any one”) under s. 504 of the Code.  That may be so, but “any one” did not lay a charge, an RCMP officer did, in that capacity. If the RCMP did not have the jurisdiction to exist, an RCMP officer could not use that capacity to lay charges. The charges would have to be re-sworn by him personally and by now they are well out of time to so do.

When asking me for my response after her decision, I told her she completely omitted the primary factor that I told her in my submissions, that if the RCMP have no jurisdiction to exist, they have no power to investigate criminal complaints and obtain the evidence in this case.  Once all evidence is struck for want of jurisdiction, the case fails, whether or not the Informant could still lay a charge as a private citizen or not. Further, absent evidence under s. 507 of the Criminal Code, the JP would have had no power to even issue a summons or warrant.

Judge Heinrichs’s analogy was that if someone is charged under the Criminal Code and applies to strike the Motor Vehicle Act, that it would not have any relevance. That may be, but not where it goes to the jurisdiction of the person or police force laying the charges, or if evidence was obtained illegally as it was here.

She looked at me after my comments about her omission for a few silent seconds, ignored me and said she was going to move to her next judgment.  This issue was intentionally omitted to get this BS judgment. The only place the RCMP should be is above the Arctic Circle – Constitutionally speaking.

This is similar to what the Court has done to me on several occasions, where there is incriminating evidence or arguments. The judges simply ignore them and says, “move on,” thus perpetuating an injustice and from exposing their errors or corruption.

Judge Heinrichs then moved on to the merits of the assault charge. I have maintained throughout the trial that the Crown and witnesses controlled the Judge, not the reverse and one had to be there to see it. Grabavac for the Crown answering my questions to the Judge, the Judge depending on the Crown for the law instead of knowing it herself, witnesses who refused to answer my direct questions, or would answer with circular, non-responsive answers and the Judge would refuse to compel them to answer. Virtually every discretionary decision was made in favour of the Crown, unless the Judge admitted that she would allow it because it made no difference anyway.

From the initial bail hearing two years ago, Grabavac for the Crown has tried to have me banned from all city parks and schools. This of course, was to prevent me from having our protest rallies.

During the initial bail hearing, and throughout disclosure and the trial, Grabavac insisted on advancing the evidence from all his witnesses that on Aug. 11, 2021 one week prior to the Aug. 19 alleged offence date, I was banned from entering Interior Health (IH) by Greg Smith the Professional Liar, security manager for IH. One witness, Taj Smith from Paladin Security, admitted without that no trespass order, they had no power to physically stop me from entering and would have had to allow me in.

Despite this, Judge Heinrichs repeatedly denied me the right to cross examine them on this issue and introduce video evidence to show that the no trespass order was unlawful and Greg Smith lied to the police, and sustaining Grabavac’s ongoing opposition that it had no relevance to whether an assault was committed. If that is so, why was he allowed to lead evidence of this from all witnesses on this point? And if it is relevant evidence to committing the assault, it is relevant for me to prove it was unlawful. Anything raised in evidence is entitled by law to be cross examined upon…including this, and Judge Heinrichs denied this to me, denying me full answer and defence in the process.

Judge Heinrichs allowed evidence from the Crown of being banned as a basis for the charges, but refused to allow me to cross examine and prove the no trespass order was unlawful, and to show my video to prove that Greg Smith was lying on the witness stand, when he told the police on Aug. 11, 2021 that I was banned for causing a disturbance. Just showing Greg Smith was a liar would have been beneficial just for credibility purposes. The video clearly shows that Greg Smith was a professional liar. When Greg Smith says on the stand:

I have about 30 years experience doing this…I know how to answer questions.”,

you know he means that he is saying he knows how to lie on the stand and get away with it.

On May 25, 2023, I filed a Charter Challenge that the no trespass order was a violation of my s. 2 Charter freedoms. Greg Smith was a gov’t official. Judge Heinrichs subsequently dismissed it without a hearing saying I should have filed this earlier in the year, without saying when of course. How can I file this earlier when I only just heard the evidence in court over the previous few days? Grabavac argued that is the standard for lawyers, and they applied this to me, claiming Charter challenges are usually filed at the beginning of case. But that certainly is not always true – many challenges are brought on during the middle or end of a trial depending on when the evidence gets on the record. It is not a hard rule and there is no law that says all Charter applications must be brought at the beginning of a case. Just read s. 24 of the Charter – it refers to evidence obtained illegally – in many cases this is unknown until a gov’t witness takes the witness stand.

Grabavac repeatedly told Judge Heinrichs, who repeatedly parroted his comments, that there were only four defences to a charge of assault – self defence, automatism, intoxication and accident. This limited my questions of course to only these issues. But there are other defences, and I was lied to by Grabavac and the Judge was ignorant enough to follow him.

Judge Heinrichs dealt with the duties of the Crown to prove its case and how he proved that my moving forward to enter the building was the assault, but failed to address the fact that I was denied full answer and defence because I could not cross-examine on this issue.

Section 265, 266 of the Criminal Code applies where there is an intentional application of force to someone else, without their consent. There is no requirement to prove harm. Legally, this section criminalizes every intentional touching including on buses, subways etc.

Judge Heinrichs relied upon the Crown’s mischaracterization of the incident as being me intentionally touching the security guards. In fact, as I showed in slow motion on the videos, when I attempted to exercise my right of access, they used their upper body torsos to push me back, including Greg Smith’s left arm.

The Judge relies in her decision that the Crown proved that I was not welcome, I knew I was not welcome and that whether this banning was lawful or not, was not part of her decision and she would not rule upon it. Of course not, as it would show THEY assaulted me.

Then she addressed my defence of di minimus which was unknown to me during the trial and which Grabavac lied to the Court by saying there were only four defences. This was the fifth. I provided dozens and dozens of case law that I spent over 100 hours researching, showing that if an assault is so minimal, or trivial, the court will not address it and will find people not guilty. I had case law of a husband assaulting his wife in the home, of people actually getting injuries, and many others that the court all claimed were pretty trivial and dismissed, and yet were much worse than this case.

As you can see in the video I linked to above, there is no violence, no hostility, and everyone including myself, is peaceful. A bit of sound from someone’s boom box and that is all. Police are present, but only because it is standard for these dumb-ass, wimpy security guards to call the police whenever they want. Police have shown up to dozens of our protests, without any problems. They show up at many other protests such as BLM and the LGBTQ protests as well. There is nothing unusual about their presence.

In fact, on Aug. 11, RCMP Corp. Lobb, after talking with Greg Smith, admitted in her evidence that she told me I had this right of access and I could use any time I wanted to talk to reception. I exercised my right of access in part because this senior cop told me I had a right of entry, after she discussed with Smith the Professional Liar. Then they charge me!!

Judge Heinrichs would not apply di mimimus because she claimed it would be a risk to the public interest – without defining that that actually is – as it would sanction an act of defiance to authority, and I could be a catalyst for others. Really?

Judge Heinrichs claimed that a police officer told me he would arrest me if I tried to enter, only because he believed that Greg Smith lawfully told him I was banned. Smith of course never verified this or that it was lawfully done. I am under no obligation to obey any police officer’s threats of arrest if I had not broken the law. Besides, he told me I would be arrested for entering the building (ie: trespass), not for an assault.

Think about this – the Crown’s entire case is based on the Crown’s evidence that Greg Smith the Professional Liar issued a no trespass warning a week earlier to support their actions to block my right of entry and lied to the police, I am prohibited from attacking and cross-examining on this, and Judge Heinrichs then rules that I am defying authority on this unlawful no trespass order as the basis for refusing to apply this applicable defence??? No judge can be this dumb. It can only be pure, 100% bias or compromise.

50+ middle aged peaceful protestors, most of whom were not even in this area, with a peaceful history of protesting for three years and somehow my action of exercising my right of access is going to be a catalyst for others to defy authority? This is a fiction – it is deeming. There was no evidence put to the court that anyone else was going to defy authority, or of any history of so doing. And who is authority? Greg Smith? He had no power to arbitrarily ban me for no reason at all, and the cops never did either.

Judge Heinrichs claims by analogy that this is not like jostling on a bus – where there is no intent. This is wrong – many people on buses and subways, intentionally push people out of the way in a rush to get on the transportation, or to get off. This happens every day. This really is a stupid and inapplicable analogy. But not surprisingly.

Judge Heinrichs ignored the defence of officially induced error in her judgment, by Corp. Lobb telling me on Aug. 11, that I had a right of entry and could do so even at the Aug. 19 protest. She told me this after she talked to witness Greg Smith, so he knew she would be telling me this too and never told me Smith, the Professional Liar, opposed it.

Importantly, Judge Heinrichs completely left out the fact that there was no evidence of any animus, or hostility on my part – another element of the offence that Grabavac intentionally left off the court record. I provided case law to the Judge that the Crown must provide evidence of some form of hostility or anger on my part to assault someone to get a conviction. The Judge admits that me and the security guards were having a calm discussion at this time. The videos all confirm that there was no evidence of hostility which is why Judge Heinrichs intentionally did not address this in her judgment. The Crown failed to prove this requirement – and even refused to bring it to the attention to the Judge during the trial. Grabavac thought I would not discover this, but I did.

Everything that could be done to convict, was done. The fix was in from the very beginning.

Mr. Grabavac repeatedly lied to the Judge and me, by claiming in court that there were only four defences to an assault charge. He lied by failing to let the Judge know he had to prove hostility as well. The Judge sanctioned this, sending the message to all prosecutors that lying in Court is acceptable by refusing to even hear my application to have Grabavac cited for contempt, and even refusing to read my Affidavit evidence to support this. I spent a lot of time preparing this, not for her to just dismiss it without even considering my evidence.

Sadly, it gets worse. In Jordan, the SCC ruled 18 months to judgment for a hearing on a summary conviction matter. Charges were laid Dec. 8, 2021, and 18 months ended June 8, 2023. The judgment was issued Dec. 13, 2023 or over 24 months later. Judge Heinrichs denied my Jordan s. 11(b) Charter delay application because she wanted me to pay almost $5 000.00 in transcripts, to the monopolistic J.C. Word Assist transcribers, who have an exclusive contract with the Province that only they can produce criminal transcripts. I have a friend who is a court accepted, certified transcriber and I could have done this for a tiny fraction of this cost and was denied this ability to so do. This is pure theft and selling justice, contrary to our common law and Constitution.

When I advised Judge Heinrichs I could not afford them, she wanted me to provide proof of my private and confidential, financial situation. That is not going to happen. This right to justice then becomes a qualified privilege and further then becomes part of the public record, open for all the world to see. Think about this in your life how you would feel if anyone, anyone, knew of your personal financial situation, especially people you didn’t know. Or other government agencies. This can haunt you for decades even if there is nothing to hide, so to speak.

So, she allowed the Crown to break the law because I won’t give up my privacy rights for the possibility (she could still refuse my request to order the Crown to pay for them anyway) of her ordering the Crown to pay for them, and agree that they can sell justice.

The judge are in on this too. The Supreme Court judges do not want to hear myriads of appeals from minor traffic tickets, or summary conviction Provincial offences matters. So, they rely upon these super high, thieving transcripts fees to deter people from appeal them to they don’t have to hear this minor stuff – but which of course is incredibly important to the accused. Who can afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for a lawyer on a traffic ticket, then more thousands for an appeal if they are screwed in trial court, plus thousands of dollars in transcripts, where the fine may only be less than $1000, but may have serious repercussions in others areas of one’s life? Judges bank on these transcripts fees (as does the Crown) to keep us out of the court system as much as possible.

The Crown got caught further lying here, by telling the Judge that a large part of the delay was my fault for refusing to be available for a June 22, 2022 trial date that was proposed in May, 2022. What Grabavac intentionally failed to mention, as I have the documents to prove and he admits he has a copy, was that on May 18, 2022, Judge MacParland ordered us to set trial dates, yes, but they had to be at least one month ahead of the hearing of my disclosure request to be set (see a copy of this below). So, we could not legally set a trial date for June 22, 2022 because another Judge ordered one month earlier that we could not do so. That was the true reason and Grabavac again got caught lying to the Judge and was allowed to get away with it. It was not possible on May 18 to set a disclosure review hearing to be heard within four days by May 22, to allow for a June 22 two day trial.

Grabavac tried to file new materials on Monday December 11, 2023, which the Judge did not allow because she had her ruling done in his favour anyway. But these submissions contained further lies that I have more documents to prove were false. There is no low that Grabavac will not stoop to, in order to convict and jail me. Because the Judge would not allow him to provide his written submissions, I was unable to show how and where Grabavac was lying to the Judge again.

The allegation of contempt of court, is being remedied by permitting me to purge the contempt by a written apology. I have done this. This is a catch-22 set up. If I don’t agree, they will sentence me to further time in jail. If I provide this apology, which must include comments that I will obey court orders in the future, then when the Crown applies at sentencing for a DNA sample and I refuse to provide one, they will lay further charges of failing to comply with a court order and possibly reinstitute the contempt charge again too. The trap is being set yet again.

Sentencing hearing will be April 12, 2024 at 9:30 at the Kelowna Law Courts. Sentencing may be that day or on a future date, but all submissions will be on this day. Crown wants an unspecified jail term, unspecified probation order (likely to ban me from all parks and schools so I can’t appear at the rallies), a no weapons order, and a DNA sample. Grabavac is seriously abusing his power and breaching the duties of his office for this non-offence which is completely, politically motivated.

We will see what happens in this new year. I simply join the ranks of Pastor Art, Tamara Lich, the Coutts boys, and many others who have been falsely attacked in the “just-us” system, for opposing the corruption in our governments. (George Carlin: “It’s a big club, and YOU ain’t in it!”) But if jailed, I will get out and continue in our quest for freedom against the tyrannical governments and just-us system participants.

An appeal is being filed this week to this conviction. Unsure about a sentencing appeal until the sentence is actually delivered.

Legal assistance

Despite my efforts, they are still demanding now $16 000.00 in transcripts fees for this appeal. Some of these fees are up to $1 800.00/day!!! I am fortunate that I do not have any lawyers involved and am able to do all this work on my own. Having lawyers on this stupid, falsified charge, for eight (8) days of trial and more appearances prior to trial, would have easily run another $20 000.00+. It does not appear yet that I can have these transcripts paid for by the Court/Government. Unfortunately, as a result, I will have no choice but to begin seeking assistance to help pay for these transcripts over the next few months. I am grateful we already have some gifts provided to assist with this. I will let everyone know once this is all set up. Believe me, no one hates paying for these transcripts to these glorified extortionists more than I do and I have fought them for 20+ years on this monopolistic, obstruction of justice tactic. However, I (we) must get justice and it can now only be done on appeal. The implications are astounding where in the future the Crown will charge everyone for merely touching someone, even if they are in the wrong.

They should have a law that upon any successful appeal, the Crown and Judge must bear all the costs. I suspect that there would not be as many appeals and more justice would happen in the court of first instance, as is our right.

We will also now begin to have some transcript production costs in response to the Petition to ban our rallies. So far we have kept costs to a bare minimum, again thanks to not having legal fees, but there will some associated costs in the new few months to begin to have our opposition heard.

Pastor Artur – A Free Man: Rising out of the Rubble of Injustice

Protecting Faith, Family and Freedom   View Email in Browser    

    After years of suffering harassment and persecution at the hands of the Alberta courts and top politicians, Pastor Artur is finally free.Pastor Artur Pawlowski was in a Lethbridge Courtroom on Monday September 18th, where he received a jail sentence of 61 days after he was found guilty related to a charge for delivering a sermon at the Coutts, Alberta border blockade in February of 2022.Pastor Artur is an innocent man who has been unlawfully harassed, threatened, detained, imprisoned, held in solitary confinement, tortured and falsely accused and now convicted of crimes that he did not commit. While Pastor Artur maintains his innocence, with plans to appeal his conviction, he felt Justice Gordon Krinke delivered a fair sentence which credited time-served in pre-trial custody allowing him to walk out of the courtroom a free man.Pastor Artur is coming out of this stronger then ever, determined to continue to expose evil, seek justice, love mercy, feed the homeless, serve his community, and to work at the political level to protect faith, family and freedom.We want to thank all those who responded to the Call to Action in July and signed the petition to support Pastor Artur, the Independent media for getting his story out there, and to everyone who prayed for him and his family through this trying time.

Though we rejoice that Pastor Artur is once again home with his family and free to continue serving the marginalized populations in his community, we continue to look to the true Just Judge, our Lord Jesus Christ, for the complete victory over the injustice in our land.We give God all the glory for sustaining Pastor Artur and for this positive outcome. A Powerful and Compelling Speech“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right,free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country.
 This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”
– John Diefenbaker
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Herald photo by Alejandra Pulido-Guzman Artur Pawlowski leaves the Lethbridge Courthouse on Monday. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail but will serve no actual time.

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For the most complete evidence that was intentionally and conveniently omitted from all Federal Gov’t studies/reports/committees.


Falsified assault charge

Kelowna Courthouse

R v David Lindsay s. 266 Criminal Code Assault

Court trial update:

Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023

I have always been a stickler for details. I hope you appreciate the details set out below to give you a clear picture of what is happening in this case, especially as it has been a while since I have had the time to send out an email with these updates.

At the previous trial dates in May, 2023, dates were reserved for Dec. 13, 14 for final submissions. Judge Heinrichs apparently wasn’t all too happy with that, and in June, arranged to set one further date for Sept. 12.

I was required to begin submissions. The first issue was judicial bias. The Crown and even its own witnesses controlled this Judge from the very beginning of the trial. I would ask questions, and the Crown would answer instead of the Judge. Witnesses would refuse to answer legitimate questions, and the Judge would refuse to compel them to do so. The Crown, Mr. Grabavac, repeatedly insisted to the Judge that there were only four (4) defences to an assault charge. The Judge then would keep repeated this to me and my questions if not relating to one of these defences were not allowed.

The Crown repeatedly questioned its witnesses, especially Interior Health (IH) chief security officer Greg Smith, to confirm that I was issued a No Trespass order the week prior to the date (Aug. 19, 2021) of the alleged offence and was not allowed into the IH building in Kelowna.

Despite this, I was prohibited from questioning the witness on this very point, and I was prohibited from introducing video evidence to show that I had done nothing to justify being banned. I lost 20 pages of questions to the witnesses on this legitimate issue that was put into evidence by the Crown. Remember, this was a gov’t building, or gov’t leased part of the building that I had a right of access to, and my Charter and common law rights and freedoms applied, including to Greg Smith, as these cases below illustrate and confirm that I cannot be banned from this government-controlled area without a legitimate reason for so doing. They knew that they had no such reason so the only thing that could be done, was to keep my questions and evidence off the record.

I observe that where a government issues a trespass notice relying on the common law power to expel persons from property, it is exercising a power that is subject to implied limitsIn a free and democratic society, it is no small matter to exclude a person from public property.

Bracken v Fort Erie (Town) 2017 ONCA 668

CanLII para. 75-77, 79, 80

Although the expressive activity took place on government property, the government cannot have complete discretion to treat its property as would a private citizen….Under the Civil Code of Quebec (or the common law of other provinces) the Crown as property owner is entitled to withdraw permission from an invitee to be present on its property, subject always to the Charter. “

Committee for the Commonwealth of Canada v Canada

1991 CanLII 119 SCC McLachlin J.

So, I requested a mistrial and that the Judge recuse herself for bias. This of course was reserved for later decision meaning on this issue, the Judge is not going to agree. That’s fine – there are appeal courts to go to if the Judge screws me in this court.

Then trial defences followed. The Judge walked into court and without notice to me, suddenly informed me that I had only one (1) hour to present my submissions. This was wrong…I required a full morning to so do. As it turned out, her demands did in fact cut off my submissions and force me to rush my entire submissions to her, as she intended to do.

I began by informing the Judge that the Crown lied to her when he stated that there were only four defences and her mindless repetition of same. I had spent weeks researching this issue and there was not only another defence available, there was another essential element required as well.

For anyone who has seen the video in this case, you can see that the ‘touching’ took about one second. Further, it can be seen that all three (3) security guards pushed forward into me to stop me from entering the building, thereby showing an intention to assault me, not the other way around.

Even if this was an assault, which is denied, this was so trivial it should never have been brought to court, and could not have happened unless the Crown Grabavac was politically motivated. There was simply no assault by me at all.

I provided dozens of case law from B.C. and all over Canada confirming that this defence of di minimus applied. Finally, half way through my submissions, the Judge finally had to admit that yes, this defence did apply, thereby admitted she gave me false information about available defences.

The next issue was whether it applied in the facts of this case. I then began to provide case law where people were actually injured, in a minor way from an assault yet the judges in those cases, still found the accused innocent because it was so trivial the charges should never have been brought to court.

Greg Smith, the poor he-man security guard, complained he had a small scratch on his fat abdomen. Ahhhhhh. And the sympathy in the courtroom was visibly absent! Mr. Smith admits he has been in court many times over 30 years. He knows that he is required to give evidence and to support his claims. He knows he is required to preserve evidence, and keep records. In this context, Mr. Smith, inter alia:

  1. filed no incident report with his superiors, Worker’s Compensation, or anyone else;
  2. did not tell anyone else of any alleged injuries he sustained, including other security guards;
  3. took no pictures of his abdomen as documentation, despite knowing he told the police to criminally charge me and this was likely to happen;
  4. could not say or describe how this alleged surface scratch occurred, it just happened;
  5. did not describe just what this scratch looked like and there is no evidence of bleeding;
  6. showed no display of pain on Mr. Smith’s face from the alleged scratch, as the videos confirm;
  7. did not at any time, pull his abdomen back as would be expected from any injury or scratch;
  8. lost no time from work as a result of any alleged incident and continued to work on that day; and,
  9. did not tell or show this alleged scratch to any police officer despite the fact that there were at least three of them in attendance at that time.

In short, it was pure fabricated, bald-faced and unsupported lies.

No one sustained any injuries, nor as I pointed out to the Judge, could anyone. I was standing less then three (3) feet away from these guards. I could not have mustered up enough speed in that little distance to injure anyone, especially as both my hands were holding a sheet of paper in front of me.

This case, with no injuries, was much less severe than many other cases where there were injuries and the charges were still thrown out as being too trivial. Even if Greg the Deceiver had a scratch, which is denied, it was less severe than some of the cases I put forward to the Judge.

The last point, was the essential elements of the offence. Assault under s. 265 of the Criminal Code is extremely broad and encompasses virtually any unwanted touching. Now clearly this could not have been the case or every parent disciplining their children would be up on assault charges, as would every push in a subway station.

I found a large number of cases ruling that there had to be “…anger, revengefulness, rudeness, or insolence, or at least some like behaviour to the touching performed before it can be said that there is the ‘force’ which completes the legal definition of assault”. “That offence is broadly constructed but also needs an element of aggressiveness to be complete.”There are many more cases out there than just these ones that I provided to the Judge.

Again, the Crown lied to the Judge who then just parroted the Crown and misrepresented the law to me. The Crown has to prove more than just unwanted touching, he has to prove some form of anger or hostility on my part, at the time of the incident. All the Crown could do was allege that I said something an hour after the incident that I hoped to see one security guard (not Greg Smith with the alleged abdomen cut) the following week. This of course, shows no anger or hostility on my part when the incident occurred, which fortunately thanks to Leo our cameraman, I have video evidence to confirm I was polite and respectful at all times.

We are back in court on Nov. 14 for ongoing final submissions on two other issues.

In May, I advanced a Charter challenge that banning me from the IH offices violated my s. 2 Charter freedoms. I agreed at that time to waive all Jordan (delay) rights, so that I would not raise any delay arguments to have the charges dismissed on that basis, to permit my Challenge to be heard. The Crown was visibly happy but still opposed my Challenge. The Judge to no surprise, said I should have filed it earlier and dismissed it without hearing it.

Now I have filed a Jordan application for delay as it is now 22 months since the charges were laid, and the SCC ruled 18 months is the max. The 18 month limit occurred about June 7, 2023. The Crown is going to falsely allege that I caused some of this delay to try and reduce the time of course.

Shortly after my submissions on Sept. 12, the Crown informed the Judge that he was now also applying to have me cited for contempt of court for allegedly failing to comply with a court order to file my submissions with the Crown prior to me receiving his submissions for final arguments.

This will also be argued on the 14th of Nov. I cannot at this time release my position of course, but I will after this hearing takes place. Some interesting surprises are going to happen at this hearing for sure.

That folks is where the falsified assault charges stand at present. This almost seems like something out of an American court case, where Conrad Black’s former lawyer Ed Greenspan once said about the U.S. court system, to paraphrase: They’re crazy down there. Well, to unfortunate surprise, they are crazy up here too…just in a more respectful manner.

Thank you for all your support, despite having two enemies in the courtroom – the Crown and the Judge!

See you November 14, 9:30 a.m. at the Kelowna Courthouse

Kelowna Petition to ban rallies

And the legal stupidity does not end there.

The City is trying to rush its case to be heard in the courts here in Kelowna. The original hearing was set for the week of August 28. But once the B.C. Supreme Court agreed that I had an arguable case with merit, the City’s council agreed to put this over to the week of October 10, 2023, at 9:45 a.m.

As part of my defence, I have filed a Constitutional Challenge, advancing that the RCMP have no jurisdiction in B.C. as only the provinces have jurisdiction over policing, and that the impugned Kelowna Bylaws that the City relies upon are unconstitutional as well, for a variety of reasons.

In addition, I have advanced the SLAPP defence (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.) This legislation was first passed in Ontario and is now here in B.C. Basically, it is designed to permit defendants (like me) to challenge claims made that are trying to shut down our freedom of expression, from wealthy or powerful people, corporations or governments, as is the situation in this case.

Once I file the actual Notice of Application to dismiss the Petition based on this SLAPP defence, all proceedings in the case come to an immediate halt. The City will have an opportunity to file its defence and supporting affidavits, which I have no doubt that they are presently working on. Then we are each allowed up to seven (7) hours to cross examine each other’s witnesses. At this time, I do not know who the City’s proposed witness(es) will be.

I expect to file my Application shortly and once filed, I will immediately post it on our website for everyone to keep updated on what is actually happening.

I have warned everyone of the dangers of this case if the City were to succeed. They will be used by every City in B.C. to stop all protest rallies, and using amplified sound. Try talking to 500-10 000 people without a sound system. It is not possible and it is an indirect way of the Governments to shut down public assemblies and protests.

This is the biggest attempt to control our freedom of speech and assembly in history.

Already, this past Thursday at the Vernon B.C. protest, Vernon Bylaw Officers were instructing organizers that they could not use sound equipment in the park and to take it down. You can see the dangers already as I predicted.

This is a massively important case that we need to be successful upon.

I will have more to report on this case once my Application is filed, which I continue to work on daily. Legal research is extremely time consuming, especially upon such important issues that involve so many areas of law, Constitutional, statutory, bylaws, and municipal law.

David’s Documents now up on the website! The document titled “Response” is the legal argument David has filed.

All City of Kelowna documents and pleadings are now placed on our website for public viewing:

The media has already confirmed to me that they were instructed by the Gov’t not to print anything contrary to the Gov’t COVID-19 narrative. If they deny us our freedom to protest where it is most effective, then other cities will follow likewise by banning our protests, and without any media assistance, the Gov’t will be free to do whatever it wants with no public exposure. Pure Communism. This is the most critical time in our struggle for freedom….right now.


The Crown has argued that the courts have required on this s. 11(b) Charter/Jordan hearing, that I am required to provide all transcripts of our hearings in support of it. Initial transcripts estimates were an amazing $12 000.00 for all hearing and trial dates, and about $4-5 000.00 if I can get by without the trial dates.

Putting aside the pure theft and selling of justice at this time, I am hoping that I can continue to lower these costs significantly. Fortunately, there are significantly less legal costs in this case then if I was required to have a lawyer, as is the case with the rallies. But there are costs for sure and we would be much grateful for any financial donations and assistance you can provide.

There will also be upcoming costs for production of transcripts from cross examinations in the Kelowna Rally case, and other legal costs as well.

Unfortunately, this case will have significant repercussions for every protest rally in British Columbia, and indeed, in Canada, as it is being heard in a superior court in this Province. This will be an incredibly complex case.

Donations would be very much appreciated as costs are now starting to come in.

E-transfers can be done to: or cash donations can be mailed to: PO Box 21113 Cherry Lane Mall, Penticton BC V2A 8K8.

In freedom



The Kelowna and Alberta Courts of Injustice

Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Recently on Sept. 18 Pastor Artur was required to face sentencing from a mischief charge for having a sermon in the Coutts area of Alberta.

The Crown was seeking 8-10 months in jail.

Judge Gordon Krinke in Lethbridge, determined that probation would not do any good because Pastor Artur does not believe he did anything wrong. Which is correct – he did not. Good for Pastor Artur for sticking to his beliefs.

What surprised me however, is that his lawyer also made a recommendation for incarceration in the sentence. Defence counsel sought time served. The Judge agreed to this and Pastor Artur was released the same day. I would have argued for no jail at all, and that the time served should never have happened. Had Pastor Artur been released on arrest, I doubt jail would have been ordered in this past sentencing hearing.

Everyone’s prayers were successfully answered that he did not have to spend any further time in jail for a crime he did not commit.

Fortunately, an appeal has already been filed in this case and let’s hope and pray he is successful in the Court of Queen’s Bench on his appeal. He should never have been convicted for simply giving a sermon and the Judge’s findings that because of the tone of his voice etc., that he intended to commit mischief, are pure political infestation into the judiciary. As is the case here in B.C.


A class action lawsuit has been filed in Alta recently by Rebecca Ingram and Chris Scott, both small business owners. You will remember Rebecca Ingram was the person who just had the judge declare all COVID-19 orders in Alta unlawful simply because the Gov’t was telling the Health Minister what to do, contrary to statute.

Now she is part of a class action on behalf of small business owners against the Alta Gov’t for their losses during the COVID-19 false crisis.



Our next protest/rally is set for:


October 7, 2023

12:00 pm Stuart Park, Kelowna


We are planning to spend highway time again! October 21 2023, at Hwy 97 & Cooper St. If you have any sign or banner ideas, please send them immediately to:

To give us time to make up some signs on new issues such as digital ID and currencies, Gov’t control over supplements, and 15 min prison cities.


As we warned in the past: It Ain’t Over


See Cash is King Poster for businesses below!!



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Geoengineering Free Canada | Facebook

This group is to educate people and try to put a stop to the geoengineering and poisonous chemtrails they spray in our skies.


Scientist admits the ‘overwhelming consensus’ on the climate change crisis is ‘manufactured’

Thank you, Nadia for all your hard work and dedication to freedom!!!


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The original reason CLEAR was founded was to expose the fraudulent usury (interest) based banking system. You should obtain a copy of the short book, USURY by Hilaire Belloc, as was as Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People by Joe Thaughberger. Understanding the fraudulent banking system is the fundamental key to opening up the knowledge of freedom.

Every single problem in societies the world over, is traceable back to the fraudulent money system.


An incredible examination into the basis for our law.

Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.

  • Frederick Bastiat


This short 60 page book is a must read for anyone who truly believes in freedom.




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August 27, 2023

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Future protests are being strategically planned right now for City Hall, the courthouse, and other locations.

Many people believe that the COVID-19 issue is over – and it is not. Freedom is a multi-generational struggle, where we hope to leave a better place for our children. Other serious issues are lurking ominously in the near future that we will need to focus on: 15 min cities; legal actions; digital ID and digital currencies to start. These will require ongoing research and production of signs and materials for public education. The digital ID and currency issues are two of the most critical and going to involve significant amounts of education for people.

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Canada Sentences Pastor to Prison for Speech in Which He Called Freedom Convoy Truckers ‘Heroes’

Canada Sentences Pastor to Prison for Speech in Which He Called Freedom Convoy Truckers ‘Heroes’


Artur Pawlowski in Calgary, Alberta
Facebook/March for Jesus

Frances Martel19 Sep 2023294 6:48

A court in Alberta, Canada, sentenced Pastor Artur Pawlowski on Monday to 60 days in prison for a speech to Freedom Convoy truckers in February 2022 in which he supported their protests against repressive lockdown, vaccine, and other mandates related to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Pawlowski, who first rose to prominence for expelling Canadian police from his church for trying to shut down an Easter service in 2021, faced multiple charges, including “mischief,” a crime in Canada, and violating the Critical Infrastructure Defense Act (CIDA). The latter charge suggested that Pawlowski’s speaking to protesters on the Alberta-Montana border was an attack on the province’s road infrastructure, as he encouraged them to continue an ongoing blockade demanding the lifting of coronavirus-related mandates. Prosecutors were demanding up to ten months in prison for the pastor on the grounds that he has publicly and repeatedly denied having any remorse for his vocal opposition to lockdowns.

“I’m not ashamed of what I did. If I had a chance to do it again, I would do it again, gladly,” Pawlowski told a crowd of supporters after his conviction on Monday.

Judge Gordon Krinke reserved a conviction on the charges of attacking infrastructure, as Pawlowski’s defense had challenged the CIDA as unconstitutional, and proceedings regarding that law are ongoing. He found Pawlowski guilty of “mischief” and breaching a release order in May. The 60-day sentence handed down on Monday includes time served, so Pawlowski walked out of the court free – but with a criminal conviction on his record.

“A period of incarceration is required in order to achieve the objectives of denunciation and deterrence,” Krinke said at the sentencing, according to the CBC.

Prior to the sentencing, prosecutor Steven Johnston argued that the case, in which Pawlowski faced charges for delivering a sermon, was “not about freedom of religion and it is not about free speech.”

“In this case, the accused comes before the court with no sense of remorse,” Johnston said. “The lack of remorse, the lack of introspection is important in this case because of the fact he is likely a high risk to redo this.”

Pawlowski appeared to agree in remarks to the 200 supporters who convened to celebrate his release on Monday.

“For the past 18 months they’ve done everything in their power to force me to say that I am guilty, that I am sorry. They were forcing me to apologize, but I have nothing to apologize for,” the pastor said.

“I hope that my oppressors are listening because this is not over. This is just the beginning,” Pawlowski added, also stating that he would “gladly” repeat the actions that resulted in his arrest if he deemed it necessary:

Hundreds of supporters similarly rallied in support of the pastor following his initial conviction in May.

Canada faced a wave of protests in early 2022 that later came to be known as the “Freedom Convoy” due to the large presence of truckers using their vehicles to occupy space throughout the country in protest. Many convened in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, where they blocked the streets with their trucks, honked loudly for extended periods of time, and built a peaceful tent camp with a festival atmosphere to which many brought their children.Robert Kraychik / Breitbart News Robert Kraychik / Breitbart News

The objective of the Freedom Convoy protests was to pressure radical leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the provincial governments to end vaccine mandates – which disproportionately hurt truckers attempting to regularly travel between provinces – as well as the suspension of freedoms of assembly and religion. Protesters also demanded the full reopening of all schools, an end to mask mandates, and other restrictions.

Pawlowski was charged with criminal actions for his speech to a Freedom Convoy group that convened on the border between Alberta and Montana in early 2022, causing major disruptions in regional commerce by shutting down the road. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney ended the vaccine passport system and mask mandate for schoolchildren in place at the time during the ongoing blockade.

Pawlowski told the protesters during a sermon at the local Smuggler’s Saloon in February 2022 that they were “heroes” and encouraged them not to “go breaking the line.”

“I believe that the eyes of the world are fixed on this place right here. That’s right — this little pitiful piece of land,” Pawlowski said. “The eyes of the world are fixed right here on you guys. You are the heroes. Don’t you dare go breaking the line. … For the first time in two years, you have the power. You pack your stuff, you go to Edmonton and you will be lost.”

Pawlowski posted an extended recording of his speech on Rumble on Monday.

Pawlowski has faced a barrage of other criminal charges for his opposition to restrictions on freedom of assembly and other civil rights violations by the Trudeau government during the pandemic.

Pawlowski first faced police trouble for holding an “illegal” Easter service in April 2021, attracting six police officers who tried to shut it down. Pawlowski forced them out of his church, disparaging them as “Gestapo Nazi communist fascists” and “psychopaths,” and continued his service. Police arrested him a month later for continuing to serve his faithful, contrary to the religious restrictions imposed by Canadian officials:

In addition to fines, travel restrictions, and imprisonment, the Canadian government attempted to force Pawlowski to read a government statement every time he condemned civil rights violations in the name of the pandemic, which stated in part, “The majority of medical experts favour social distancing, mask wearing, and avoiding large crowds to reduce the spread of COVID-19 [sic].”

Pawlowski appealed the many charges against him for performing the responsibilities of a pastor, and in July 2022, an Alberta court of appeals agreed, ruling that his arrest and many fines and other punishments were illegal.

Trudeau, who memorably confessed in 2019 that he had worn blackface so often he did not remember every instance in which he did so, has condemned those who opposed his civil rights violations, calling them “racist, misogynistic … anti-vaxxer mobs,” accusing Freedom Convoy supporters of “hateful rhetoric” and mocking them as “tinfoil hat”-wearers and “a few people shouting and waving swastikas.”

FREEDOM EVENTS IN THE OKANAGAN, July 29 – August 15, 2023


Penticton 4 Freedom Weekly Newsletter


–      Rallies and local events

–      Geoengineering July 29th Kelowna 10 am – 5 pm

–      Withdraw Crown’s Incarceration Sentencing of Pastor Artur Pawlowski- Petition

–      The Unvaccinated Are the Heroes

–  New, exciting & informative website for Mama Bears Project

–  News from Dr. Trozzi’s Lawyer – Important Cause to Support

– Shawn Buckley at BC Rising – Bill 47 – endangering the Natural Health Products Industry

–      NCI Virtual Testimony

–      Freedom Rising Newsletter –Issue 52 – Digital Freedom Canada

–      Druthers The June and July editions at our rallies! Donations are always appreciated.

——————————- o0o————————————-

In case you missed events this past week …

Laureen has become quite excited about the potential for adult learning in Tuttle Twins books and shared an overview of volume 1 “The Law” at last week’s rally.  She intends to keep bringing her set of books to each rally so everyone has a chance to flip through them on their own. Mary Lou purchased a few sets of these books during that last super sale of Tuttle Twins books and will bring a few sets to this Sunday’s rally for those who wish to have their own sets.

Shawn Buckley was a guest speaker on BC Rising the week before talking about the dangers of Bill C47, concerning regulation of the Natural Health Products and what needs to be done to protect that industry. You will find further on in this email, Laureen’s brief recap of that Zoom call and links to the full session for those who want to learn more. Bill C47 is another piece of legislation to fit the political agenda of making sure that big pharma holds on to its Intellectual Property (patent protection), and they have buried in the Bill, clauses that attack the Natural Health Products you rely on regularly.

Meanwhile, on the subject of politics, check out the Independent BC initiative here.

FAMILY FREEDOM EVENTS – Penticton4Freedom – every Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.


More wisdom from Connor Boyack’s Tuttle Twins series.  This week – the miracle of the free market. There will also be updates on provincial and national initiatives and how you can participate if you wish. As usual, watch for local reports and actions, open mic, and… (who knows what surprise speakers will show up). 😉

Now being held at Lakawanna Park during the summer months

Moving to Lakawanna Park for the summer gives our events a more family-friendly name and environment as part of reaching out to the community around us. Lots of families at the beach. Lots of folks are out strolling.

Laureen’s table with important information and a petition to end BCs Bill 36.

Elsie’s table with Druthers and Crazy Times newspapers, Vaccine Choice Canada handouts and more, for parents and curious others.

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And hopefully, Derrick’s mobile freedom billboard.


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Please arrive early (12:30) to help set up the stage and the tables, and to invite passers-by to join us.

Miss a week and you miss a lot! Fighting for freedom is more fun with friends. Bring a few.  Suggest a topic or a speaker, and we’ll be happy to find someone to share their knowledge with us.   ——————————- o0o————————————-  OTHERS’ EVENTS   ·      Kelowna CLEAR Rallies – 1st Saturday of each month at noon – Stuart Park, Kelowna         ·       
Oliver Rally – in front of city hall – Saturdays at 12:30 p.m.         ·       
Local A4C – Every Tuesday at Noon Protesting with Purpose: Richard Cannings 301 Main Street Penticton                    – Next Planning Meeting August 1st and 15th at 4:30 p.m. – Winepress Church ~ ·        Check online for school board meetings and city council meetings in your area. They’ve been changing dates lately. ——————————————- o0o————————————————-   EVENTS   For carpooling, please call a friend or two to make arrangements.   July 29th Kelowna – GeoEngineeringFreeCanada Event 10AM – 5PM PST (DOORS 9:30AM) Geoengineering Free Canada is putting on the biggest event ever.   WE ARE THRILLED! We found the most amazing expert speakers talking about the TRUTH about Geoengineering. (More speakers TBA). Join us for a day filled with information, entertainment and food.   Tickets are on sale now at either EventbriteBuyMeACoffee, e-transfer or certainly cash.   NOTE: If you plan on coming out and do not wish to do the electronic ticket purchase, kindly let us know in advance so we can better plan on the amount of food we need to order for you.   Please fill out the CASH REGISTRATION form, then scan and email it to   Your speakers: Nikki Florio:   Reinette Senum: former mayor and governor candidate in California US   Dr. Ross Anderson: Naturopathic Doctor Prof. Magda Havas: expert witness at the NCI Hearing in Saskatoon and environmental toxicologist   image.png

——————————- o0o————————————-   ACTIONS OF THE WEEK   We Need to Show Up! Wednesday, August 9 – 11am – Lethbridge, AB Pastor Artur has been subjected to unprecedented attacks and infringements on his unalienable Constitutional and Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a result of the COVID-19 fraudulent Provincial Emergency Orders. Pastor Artur has been criminally charged with inciting mischief and eco-terrorism, and his sentencing date is August 9th.   ALL who are able, please show up and fight for Pastor Artur because if he goes down, everyone that speaks against the totalitarian regime could be charged with inciting. Ultimately, if Pastor Artur is charged, the courts may use this as a test case to target FREEDOM of expression, FREEDOM of religion and FREEDOM of association.   Withdraw Crown’s Incarceration Sentencing of Pastor Artur Pawlowski Sign this PETITION and share it widely    Attend the Sentencing Hearing August 9th @ 11am Court of King’s Bench, 320 4 St S, Lethbridge, AB   ——————————- o0o————————————-
WORTH A LOOK     The Unvaccinated Are the Heroes Del Bigtree – “The unvaccinated are the heroes of the last two years, as they allowed us all to have a control group in the great experiment and highlight the shortcoming of the COVID vaccines.” (4:19) WATCH    ——————————- o0o————————————-   Mama Bears New Website and an Evolving Change of Focus   The Mama Bears Project was originally all about COVID-19, and the group has taken on a new focus – to become a complete resource for Canadian parents. Their new website is a great start and worth a look. Their process includes a call-out to other child-focused organizations to reach out and provide links to their materials as well.

In addition to articles and videos on specific subjects, there is a simple, yet remarkable tool to help young children move from the fear and anxiety of the past three years to become adept at not only bringing themselves to a happier, more cheerful state of mind but to help others, including the adults around them to do the same. See the #SameHere video here:   You may recall that the project is an offshoot of Police on Guard, and with the scientific support of the Covid Care Alliance team, provides independent, science-based evidence and tools to empower Canadians.   ——————————- o0o————————————-
Michael Alexander is Breaking New Ground as Dr. Trozzi’s Lawyer   The Ontario School of Physicians and Surgeons in its case against Dr. Mark Trozzi, has run into a big snag. His lawyer, Michael Alexander has been doing a phenomenal job getting witnesses like Dr. Peter McCullough on the stand as an expert witness. Dr. McCullough also tore apart any of the studies presented by the prosecutors’ expert witnesses, by using the same data their studies used, but saying that he has come to an entirely different conclusion from the data.   Lawyer Michael Alexander also won major points on Freedom of Expression Rights and the lack of any description of “standards of practice” in the rules of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, effectively tackling either of those reasons for punishing Doctors for expressing their own opinions.   This is high drama and crucial to the potential success when these cases reach the Supreme Court. The results could affect every medical professional and potentially every other case where a professional has spoken out against any government overreach.   We recommend following Dr. Trozzi through his website and emails and in particular supporting these and similar cases through . Their Mission Statement says it all.   ——————————- o0o————————————-
Shawn Buckley – The Attack on Natural Health Products   Laureen shared some of her notes with us on the recent BC Rising Zoom call featuring Shawn Buckley. We paraphrase Laureen’s notes here:   Natural Health Products Protection Association NHPPA – has three videos in which Shawn Buckley / Constitutional Lawyer talks in depth about Federal Bill C47 / The Budget Bill and how sections 500 to 504 will have a devastating impact on all Naturopathic Doctors and Natural Health Products.   As a guest speaker in the BC Rising Zoom meeting on July 19, 2023, Shawn talked about how Canada’s drug laws are there to protect “Intellectual Property” and not the people. With Bill C47, the Government is trying to do the same. Bill C47 is not about ensuring that Natural Health Products are safe, it is about making changes so that the Government can protect the Intellectual Property (patents) of the Big Pharma.   For instance, White Willow Bark is a natural pain killer. Bayer wanted to be able to somehow patent this, so they isolated one specific part of White Willow bark, then added other things to the part they isolated which they then called the finished product “Aspirin”. In so doing, they were then able to Patent it.    Bill C47 sections 500 to 504 are also about creative ways to collect fees from Natural Health Providers and Health food stores etc.  Those same fees they will be collecting will be used to help fund Health Canada in controlling Natural Health Products in the manner that best protects Intellectual Property. Most of Health Canada’s budget comes from fees. This is a conflict of interest and Bottom Line Health Canada is basically a Trade Association which deals in “Rent Seeking”. “Rent” in rent-seeking is based on the economic definition of the term, which is defined as economic wealth obtained through shrewd or potentially manipulative use of resources.   Shawn also criticizes the Bill C47 SOS Postcard campaign, which does not talk about the fees which are the real issue of Bill C47. He also says that the SOS postcards don’t ask to repeal this bill and other than sending these postcards to MP’s, they don’t ask for any other actions to be taken. Shawn also said that because the SOS postcards don’t mention the real problem with bill C47, MP’s are receiving them and looking into the matter only to find that what the postcards are saying is not what is actually taking place. Shawn calls the SOS postcards an ineffective campaign as it misses the real problems and it makes people think they are taking real action when they aren’t.    In addition, the Canadian Health Food Association, which sponsors the SOS campaign also gets funding from the Federal Government.  (Editor Note: The CHFA is a membership organization with both very large and very small businesses as members, with the larger organizations providing most of the membership dues. This makes it a helpful tool for supporting the larger corporations which could benefit the smaller players out of the market.)   Health Canada has tried twice before to get complete control over Natural Health Products.  First in 1997 then again in 2004. I remember signing a petition in 2004 against this. The NHPPA fought back hard on this and won. However, out of that came the regulation of Natural Health Products. Fast forward to today. The Government is using a new tactic by including the control of Natural Health Products in the Budget Bill as their other attempts to do so by separate Bills, failed. They think people won’t notice if it is included in the Budget Bill along with other unrelated items.   I highly recommend everyone go to the NHPPA website and watch the 3 videos with Shawn Buckley.  (Laureen)   Here is the full session with Shawn Buckley at the BC Rising meeting:    ——————————- o0o————————————-    NCI Virtual Testimony Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the potential link between COVID-19 and death. (59:35) WATCH   ——————————- o0o————————————-   Action-Packed Freedom Rising Newsletter Issue 52 – Digital Freedom Canada  HERE This newsletter is now delivered every 2 weeks~ Life is meant to be enjoyed and summer is the time to do it!   ——————————- o0o————————————-    image.png

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Calgary Pastor Derek Reimer Charged for Protesting Drag Queen Story Time at Public Library

Calgary Pastor Derek Reimer was charged with mischief and disturbing the peace after being physically thrown out of a drag queen story time event at a public library this past weekend.

He has been cited numerous times for feeding the homeless and horrid crimes like ministering to people.

Mission 7 serves the homeless in Calgary’s downtown core.

Reimer was the second client of The Democracy Fund’s (TDF) “Fight The Fines” program after he was ticketed for illegal public gatherings during COVID when ministering to the vulnerable in the city centre.

Over the past two years, amid stiff competition, the province of Alberta has earned the dubious distinction of having arrested the most Christian pastors in all of Canada. 

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Pastor James Coates, and Pastor Tim Stephens have all been behind bars for refusing to bend the knee to the litany of COVID restrictions forcing them to close their churches when people needed them most. 

Premier Jason Kenney put more pastors in jail over the past two years than Communist China. (We even put a billboard up reminding Albertans of that.) 

There’s also Pastor Derek Reimer. A Fight The Fines alumnus who received multiple fines for carrying on his pastoral duties when the state considered that a “high-risk” activity. He beat those fines with the stellar legal help he received thanks to our viewers’ generous donations towards his legal fees.

This weekend, Pastor Derek found himself in trouble with the law once again.

He allegedly violated an injunction issued to the City of Calgary, which banned honking and loudspeakers. A move clearly meant to stifle the city’s weekly freedom rallies.

We covered the rally this weekend and obtained footage of the arrest from one of Derek’s congregants shortly after it happened

Freedom Events in the Okanagan, August 27 & 28 — Mega Freedom Rallies & Ocean2Ocean : Kamloops, Castlegar, Kelowna, Penticton, OK Falls, Oliver, & Osoyoos

Rally’s and Events

“It Ain’t Over”


Thank you to Dr. Malthouse for his wonderful presentation this past Saturday in Kelowna and all his dedication and sacrifices!


August 27, 2022







Saturday, August 27, 2022

Zoom call info:

David Lindsay is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: CLEAR Meeting – Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Time: Aug 27, 2022 1:00 PM PST (BC)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 833 797 6721

Passcode: FREEDOM


Thank you to The Resistance for their incredible support for freedom in Kelowna!


From Vaccine Choice Canada

With over 150 people in attendance for this past opening preview, we are grateful for their support of this VCC incredible documentary.

Please obtain a copy from Tom on Saturday and pass along to informed and uninformed alike!


The Brave

With knowledge comes responsibility. And for most of us who recognized the fraud that was officially launched in March 2020, we never imagined that it would still be going strong 2 1/2 years later. But we underestimated the power of Mainstream Media. The most filthy, corrupt entity on earth has our loved ones under its spell. To date, no one has figured out how to neutralize MSM, so they continue to hold the world hostage. But, just like people in the health field, government employees, educators etc., media is comprised of human beings who possess free will. The Soul Test taking place is exposing these peoples’ materialistic priorities and lack of faith.

Everybody just wants this to end “presto pronto,” but listening to an expert speak about the Book of Revelations the other night was a reminder that we all need to buckle up for a very long and bumpy ride. The “great awakening” that Ted Kuntz keeps referring to is happening in very slow motion. We will need lots of popcorn to see this movie through to the end. That is, of course, if all you are doing is sitting and watching this gong show.

Many people did not sit on their laurels once the PLANdemic was announced by various demons throughout the world. Many took immediate action; writing letters to various officials, organizing rallies to bring awareness to the public, posting truth bombs online etc. Many of these Canadians were outspoken enough to merit recognition in The Brave book series by Lani Gelera. So far, there are three books in this series and the second edition (Speaking Truth to Power) features several of our local heroes including Ted Kuntz, Mitch Murphy and our very own David Lindsay.

Everyone who sees the corruption taking place has a duty to resist it and expose it. It’s been an ever-changing landscape that has seen us go from warning that COVID-19 was as harmful as a cold/ flu to warning about the dangers of the jab to now trying to educate people about vax injuries and all the other wonderful plans the Globalists have in store for us. We can never stop educating people. And these days, although many are offended at the mention of God, I predict that Jesus Christ will become a Superstar again once people are faced with their own mortality as truth is exposed in the cold, hard light of day. In time, the MSM spell will lose its potency and many will realize they have not been standing on solid ground.

We are all brave for standing firmly in truth. Every time you speak the truth during this era of oppression, you are being brave. Please continue to exercise your power using you own special gifts and abilities to combat the blanket of deceit that evil is trying to bury us under. Sign up as a Volunteer at the booth, join us when we organize a newspaper delivery day, use the Notices of Liability to educate people and hand out brochures wherever you can. Don’t worry about those who won’t listen, focus on those who will. If you need inspiration, come get a copy of the “Speaking Truth to Power” book at the CLEAR booth on Saturdays and find out how ordinary citizens accomplished extra-ordinary things.

As David has mentioned many times, there are three ways a person can contribute to a worthwhile cause: you can offer your time, energy or money (or any combination!)



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Please join us each Sunday by signing the CLEAR Newspaper Delivery Sign Up Sheet at the CLEAR table & providing your EMAIL address, with Linda & Nikki

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Each Sunday we will meet in a specified location to be announced by email on Saturday night. Start times will be 11:00 a.m.

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Public Emergencies Act Hearings

Date: Sept. 19 – Oct. 28

Location: Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa

Live streaming

Commissioner Paul Rouleau said in a statement that he intends to hold the government to account and wants the inquiry to be as “open and transparent” as possible.

Hearings will be livestreamed online and members of the public will have opportunities to share their views, with a final report expected early next year.

NOTE: See if you can contact Paul Rouleau and determine how you can make submissions to this inquiry, especially if you have new or important information to share that has been kept from Canadians by our corrupt Gov’ts and media.



More Canadians are challenging the unconstitutional travel apps and restrictions.

Chinese database with 2.5 million user info, including addresses, IDs, birthdays, and movement history, was leaked in 2019, leaving everyone open to hackers determining their location.



Freedom Rallies

It ain’t over till it’s over”

Kelowna, BC

August 27, 2022

+25° – Cloudy  (subject to change without notice!!! lol)

12:00 noon

+ The CLEAR Information Table

Stuart Park

Because It Ain’t Over!

Includes the CLEAR



August 27, 2022 12:00 noon

Vernon Freedom Rally

New time for August 27

11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. @ Polson Park

Join Darren for the Largest rally in the North Okanagan, and growing weekly!

North Okanagan Shuswap Freedom Radio


August 27, 2022 11:30 a.m.

OK Falls Freedom Rally

11:30 a.m. Across from Esso Station

Join the OK Falls freedom activists continuing their local Freedom Rallies!


August 27, 2022 12:00 noon

Oliver Freedom Rally

12:00 p.m. Town Hall

Join the Oliver freedom activists who are continuing their local Freedom Rallies!


August 27, 2022  11:00 a.m.

Osoyoos Freedom Gathering

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Town Hall


Kamloops Freedom Gathering

August 27, 2022 10:00 – 12:00 Noon

Valleyview Centennial Park


August 28, 2022 1:00 p.m.

Penticton Freedom Rally

1:00 p.m. Warren & Main St. in N.E. lot

Join Mary Lou for the largest rally in the South Okanagan, and growing weekly!

How Can Jason Kenney Be Considered a Christian or Populist When Yet Another Christian Pastor Derek Reimer, Arrested For Violating Injunction on Loudspeakers?

Watch    Listen    Take Action Shop   Donate  

How Can Jason Kenney Be Considered a Christian or Populist When Yet Another Christian Pastor Derek Reimer, Arrested For Violating Injunction on Loudspeakers

Over the past two years, amid stiff competition, the province of Alberta has earned the dubious distinction of having arrested the most Christian pastors in all of Canada.  Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Pastor James Coates, and Pastor Tim Stephens have all been behind bars for refusing to bend the knee to the litany of COVID restrictions forcing them to close their churches when people needed them most.  Premier Jason Kenney put more pastors in jail over the past two years than Communist China. (We even put a billboard up reminding Albertans of that.) 

There’s also Pastor Derek Reimer. A Fight The Fines alumnus who received multiple fines for carrying on his pastoral duties when the state considered that a “high-risk” activity. He beat those fines with the stellar legal help he received thanks to our viewers’ generous donations towards his legal fees. This weekend, Pastor Derek found himself in trouble with the law once again. He allegedly violated an injunction issued to the City of Calgary, which banned honking and loudspeakers. A move clearly meant to stifle the city’s weekly freedom rallies. We covered the rally this weekend and obtained footage of the arrest from one of Derek’s congregants shortly after it happened.

The attempts by Alberta’s political class to silence religious leaders and COVID dissidents from voicing their concerns against government overreach have been a blight on the province. Details are still short on the legal implications of Pastor Derek’s arrest, but we will be speaking with him soon for his personal account of what happened.  And while we turn our attention to Pastor Derek’s plight, Pastor Artur sits under strict house arrest conditions with the legal fight of a lifetime ahead of him.  To learn more about his case and to donate towards his legal fees, please click here or visit

Yours truly,  Adam Soos 

P.S. The mainstream media has turned a blind eye to the egregious assaults on our freedom of speech and religious liberty. Only Rebel News covers the crackdown on Canadian Christian pastors fairly and accurately. If you think that’s important, please consider donating right here so we can keep telling the other side of the story when others won’t.

New Billboard: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has put more pastors in jail than China during the pandemic

New Billboard: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has put more pastors in jail than China during the pandemic

Things are reopening in Alberta. The economy is picking back up. But we should not forget what was done to civil liberties in the name of public health in Alberta.

It’s awful. But it’s true.

Calgary Pastor Tim Stephens was arrested in front of his crying children for refusing to force his congregation to comply with government COVID rules on places of worship. He was held for weeks. His congregation held services in secret away from the prying eyes of police and health bureaucrats.

Edmonton area Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church turned himself in and spent 35 days in jail when he ran afoul of public health regulations on places of worship that he said violated the religious freedom of this congregation. The church building itself was confiscated by the province for nearly 3 months and the congregation was forced underground to avoid fines and harassment.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been arrested five times. His trouble started when he was feeding the homeless in downtown Calgary and was fined for holding an illegal public gathering. That initial contact with police set off a cascade of events that has seen him slapped with a compelled speech order, a travel ban and serious fines for not limiting church services and allowing inspectors to interrupt prayers.

Artur is currently in jail, the only person ever charged under a law designed to target pipeline bombers and wellhead saboteurs. His crime was offering a sermon to truckers who were blockading the Coutts border.

Things are reopening in Alberta. The economy is picking back up. But we should not forget what was done to civil liberties in the name of public health in Alberta.

That’s why Rebel News has put up a brand new billboard along the side of Highway 2 south of Leduc, Alberta where it will receive 1.3 million monthly impressions. The billboard bears the faces of these arrested pastors.

Our billboard is expensive to maintain, but we think it’s important to not let what happened to these men at the hands of the Alberta government be forgotten.

EXCLUSIVE: Post-jail interview with Pastor Tobias Tissen

EXCLUSIVE: Post-jail interview with Pastor Tobias Tissen

Unfortunately for Pastor Tobias and The Church of God Restoration in Steinbach, they are still subject to a court appearance which should take place on November 4.

Pastor Tobias Tissen is amongst the many pastors recently arrested here in Canada. This disturbing trend can be seen coast to coast, from the recent arrest of Pastor Phil Hutchings in New Brunswick, to the arrests of pastors Tim StephensJames Coates and Artur Pawlowski in Alberta.

Luckily today we’re not here to bring you the story of a man behind bars, as Pastor Tobias Tissen has been released after spending roughly 45 hours in custody.

Though this is good news for the Manitoba minister, it is not without any drawbacks.

Pastor Tobias was able to negotiate the conditions of his release, meaning while he’s not able to incite, organize, or invite anyone to an event that contravenes COVID-19 health regulations, he is able to perform regular church services alongside his duties as a pastor.

Unfortunately, Pastor Tobias and The Church of God Restoration in Steinbach are still subject to a court appearance, which is expected to take place on November 4. At that time, we will find out what happens in regards to the $1-million ticket that could be handed out.

Pastor Tobias is being represented by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

While Pastor Tobias is being defended by lawyers from the JCCF, a number of other pastors — and Canadians across the country — are being represented through, where Rebel News viewers can crowdfund the legal fees to help defend civil liberties — and get a charitable tax receipt while doing so, from our partners The Democracy Fund.