Maxime Bernier To Denounce Future Restrictions at Freedom Events in Vancouver & Victoria, October 7 & 8,

Maxime Bernier To Denounce Future Restrictions at Freedom Events in Vancouver & Victoria

A couple of weeks ago I let you know about a couple of upcoming events in BC, in Vancouver and Victoria.

Well today I am happy to follow up with the finalized details, times and locations.

I have included the details below: 

Vancouver Freedom Rally (Stand United Canada)
Friday October 7th, 1:00-4:00pm
College of Physicians and Surgeons
669 Howe St, Vancouver

Victoria Meet & Greet (We Unify Canada)
Saturday October 8th, 4:00-7:00pm
Oaklands Bible Chapel
2736 Fernwood Rd, Victoria

While most covid mandates are currently suspended, we do not know what they are planning for this fall.

We can not forget what the political establishment did to us over the last few years.

We must stand up and show them we will not accept their unnecessary and unscientific restrictions to be imposed on us any longer.

I hope you can join me, I would be proud to meet you in person!


-Maxime Bernier

Two-week trial underway today in Saskatoon against Maxime Bernier and the Saskatchewan 23 for peaceful protests


Two-week trial underway today in Saskatoon against Maxime Bernier and dozens of other protestors for peaceful protests

Posted On: September 12, 2022

SASKATOON: The Justice Centre announces that the trial of the Honourable Maxime Bernier, leader of the Federal People’s Party of Canada, and dozens of other protestors charged for attending an anti-lockdown rally in Saskatoon on May 9, 2021, started today in Saskatoon.

The trial is being held in Centennial Room ‘B’ at TCU Place, 35 22nd Street East, Saskatoon, and is scheduled to run for two weeks.

On May 9, 2021, a peaceful outdoor protest against government violations of Canadians’ constitutional rights and freedoms was held near the Vimy Memorial in Kiwanis Park. The Saskatoon Police Service aggressively targeted the protestors by posting images of many of them online, and subsequently issuing dozens of summons tickets, each with a $2800 fine. Later, Saskatchewan prosecutors also issued charges via Criminal Code Information against 46 individuals.

Justice Centre lawyers represent 23 of the defendants at this trial, including Mr. Bernier, a Saskatchewan freedom advocate Mark Friesen (known as the Grizzly Patriot), and Darrell Mills.  On behalf of Mr. Mills and a young mother who attended outdoor protests, Justice Centre lawyers argued a constitutional challenge in the Court of Queen’s Bench (now King’s Bench) to the Saskatchewan government’s strict restrictions on outdoor protests on June 29, 2022.  The Court’s decision in that matter is pending.

Meanwhile, Saskatchewan prosecutors are continuing to pursue charges against individuals who attended even small anti-lockdown protests.  No charges were issued to people who participated in protests for other causes that exceeded the 10 to 30 person limits the Saskatchewan Government imposed on outdoor gatherings.  In the next six months, Justice Centre lawyers are scheduled to defend protestors in more than a dozen other trials scheduled in Provincial Courts in Saskatchewan.

“There is no legal or medical justification for the strict numerical restrictions imposed on outdoor protests in Saskatchewan,” states Marty Moore, a lawyer with the Justice Centre.  “Yet, an incredible amount of public resources, including prosecution and court time, has been committed to prosecuting protestors. The targeting of these protestors is not on the basis that their protests were a health risk, but rather because they expressed opposition to the government’s unjustified restrictions on Canadians’ constitutional rights and freedoms. Not a single transmission of Covid has been associated with an outdoor protest in Saskatchewan, and yet the government continues to go after protestors for exercising their constitutionally-protected freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly.”

It’s Not A Vaccine! — Maxime Bernie

At first they said all you needed was two doses.

Then it was one booster…

Then they recommended another booster every 9 months…

But every 6 months might be better…

And then last week, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization suggested that Canadians get booster shots every 3 months!

When does it end?

I’m not “antivax.” I have all of my standard immunizations.

But are we just going to pretend these covid jabs are like the vaccines we grew up with?

We can’t forget that the CDC in the U.S. changed the definition of vaccine to help push the covid narrative.

The truth is, this jab is experimental. And it’s not working.

To put it simply, if you need to take it every three months, IT’S NOT A VACCINE.

Frederick, we need voices in Ottawa pushing back on this unscientific nonsense.

I can be that voice.

But I can’t do it without you.

Together, you and I can put an end to this craziness. Do your part with a $3, $6, or $9 donation today.


Baber, Bernier among politicians joining James Topp on Freedom March

Baber, Bernier among politicians joining James Topp on Freedom March

By Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Conservative leadership candidate Roman Baber and PPC leader Maxime Bernier have confirmed that they will be joining Canadian Armed Forces veteran James Topp on his nationwide march to Ottawa in protest of Covid-19 mandates. 

Baber tweeted on Monday that he would be meeting Topp on Jun. 15 before he reaches the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

On Tuesday, Bernier also said that he would be meeting Topp and walking with him on Jun. 30 for the last leg of his journey to Ottawa.

Topp’s 4,293 km march began at the tail end of February in Vancouver around the time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to quash peaceful Freedom Convoy protestors in Ottawa. 

“Everywhere I meet people, I hear their stories and the stories are amounting to an overwhelming amount of individuals suffering due to government overreach,” Topp told True North in March. “I am marching to carry these stories to Ottawa. I want to thank every person who has entrusted me with their story. It increases my resolve more and more each day.”

Legacy media outlets have refused to cover Topp’s historic journey and the CAF veteran has called the blackout a sign of how divisive the industry has become.  

“What we’re finding is pretty much a total corporate media blackout on this endeavour,” he said. “To that end, I would say, you know, folks who want to go out there and start banging the drum and shaming the CBC or CTV, because this is an amazing story of – 100 days in – a group of people who had never met each other before February 20.”

Before beginning the march, Topp was a civilian RCMP employee and a CAF member who lost both jobs because of the federal vaccine mandate. 

Topp has stated that he has spoken to at least 10 MPs from different parties and he hopes to secure a venue to hold a discussion about ending restrictions. Topp’s three priorities are repealing, reinstatement and restitution plus repair.

Justice Centre launches legal action on behalf of Maxime Bernier against Feds’ vaccine mandates

Justice Centre launches legal action on behalf of Maxime Bernier against Feds’ vaccine mandates

Posted On: February 10, 2022

OTTAWA: The Justice Centre will file today a legal application in Federal Court, for judicial review of federal mandates which prevent Canadians who are not “fully vaccinated” from travelling by air. The Honourable Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, is being prevented from fully participating in his political role by Orders issued by Transport Canada, under instructions of the Prime Minister.

With implementation of these Orders, Mr. Bernier is restricted in participating in democratic discussions and the electoral process. As the leader of the fifth largest political party in Canada, in 2021, Mr. Bernier flew more than 79,000 km for work purposes. As a party leader, Mr. Bernier is required to reach thousands of people each year and to participate in various political, intellectual and charitable activities in all regions of the country. Travel other than by air is only reasonably feasible within a relatively limited radius of his residence in Quebec.

On October 30, 2021, the federal government announced that anyone travelling by air, train, or ship, must have received two of the Covid shots. The travel vaccination mandate has prevented approximately six million unvaccinated Canadians (15% of Canada’s population) from travel within Canada, and prevents them from flying out of Canada. Canadians cannot travel to help sick loved ones, to get to work, to attend university, to visit family and friends, to take international vacations, and to live ordinary lives like other citizens.

The Interim Order Respecting Certain Requirements for Civil Aviation due to Covid-19, No. 53 was first implemented January 28, 2022. With few exceptions, the Order prohibits persons who are not “fully vaccinated” from travelling by air. In the opinion of the Justice Centre, this results in discrimination and a clear violation of the constitutionally protected rights of Canadians.

Besides the Charter providing mobility rights that allow Canadians to freely enter and leave the country, and travel unhindered between provinces, the Charter also guarantees citizens equal access to political institutions, public debate and the electoral process.

“The Covid-19 zealots are attempting to gag dissenting voices like mine by any means possible. One such tactic is to prevent people from meeting and organizing politically. The courts must put an end to this segregation,” says Mr. Bernier.

“The mainstream media give me almost no air time. I have to go and meet people all across Canada to keep my party growing and get the word out. If I have to travel the equivalent of fourteen times the distance from Victoria to St.John’s in a year, I’m certainly not going to do it by car or bike,” he adds.

Mtre Samuel Bachand, primary counsel for the Justice Centre in Québec, notes, “Democracy is not the property of the vaccinated, nor is it some kind of reward for well-behaved children. All Canadians, of all political affiliations, must be free to travel. Canada is the only country in the developed world that has banned vaccine-free travellers from air travel, and yet we are supposed to be one of the most democratic countries in the world,” concludes Mtre Bachand.


Covid restrictions are gone or will soon disappear in all provinces. They’re also gone in most countries.

But one government still keeps all its covid measures in place: The Trudeau government.

The totally unfair and unjustified vaccine mandates for federal employees and federally regulated industries are still in place.

And although the Liberals announced this week that they’re dropping the useless pre-arrival test for vaccinated travellers entering the country, the most important travel restriction will remain:

Unvaccinated Canadians still cannot board a plane, a boat or a train to travel in Canada or to other countries.

There is no indication the government is planning to drop this restriction any time soon.

Trudeau said we are racist and misogynistic. He despises us. He simply wants to persecute us, even if it has no effect on covid prevention whatsoever.

As the leader of a national party, I am not allowed to fly to meet Canadians in other provinces.

This is essential to do my job properly. In 2021, I flew 79,000 km to attend rallies all over the country.

That’s why I’m suing Ottawa, thanks to the help and support of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

This week, I filed my affidavit that explains why this restriction is particularly discriminatory in my case. You can read about it in this report in the Western Standard.

The virus is mostly gone, but the fight for our freedoms continues!

Please help us fight for the rights of all Canadians, vaccinated and unvaccinated, with a $5 donation today!

Many thanks,

People’s Party Censored YouTube Globalists, Moves to Rumble & Odyssey Channels

People’s Party Censored YouTube Globalists, Moves to Rumble & Odyssey Channels

Since our founding, the People’s Party has been on YouTube, and I’ve been posting to it for over a decade, back when I was a Cabinet Minister. YouTube is a great way to reach people.

But they’ve gone too far with their censorship.

In the past month, we’ve received two strikes to our channel for promoting what YouTube calls “covid misinformation,” in two videos that were recorded last year.

These were the episodes of the Max Bernier Show where I interviewed Dr. Roger Hodgkinson and Dr. Julie Ponesse. Two serious persons with an interesting viewpoint.

But YouTube simply doesn’t want us to discuss anything that covid fanatics find controversial. So our account has again been frozen for two weeks.

The promise of social media and the internet was that it would give us, the people, freedom to communicate and free access to all types of information.

But now, we seem to be going in the exact opposite direction. Information and knowledge, discussion and debate, these things are being more and more restricted by Big Tech companies.

Viewpoints that threatens the globalist elites’ narrative are actively removed, and dissidents are cancelled.

I’m not going to put up with it anymore. That’s why we’ve decided to move to other platforms.

We will continue to post on YouTube until they decide to cancel us permanently. But we’re moving our main video operations to Rumble.

We’ve removed all of our videos from YouTube. They are now available on our Rumble channel and our Odysee channel.

So I strongly encourage you to follow us on these platforms. They are free-speech alternatives to YouTube.

Rumble is also a Canadian company based in Toronto. So, we’re not only leaving behind censorship; we’re also adopting a homegrown Canadian solution.

Frederick, we constantly need to find new ways to reach out to Canadians with our message of freedom and truth. We also have to pay for ads. — Maxime Bernier


Paul Fromm on Canada’s Truckers’ Freedom Rally & It’s Slide to Dictatorship Under Justin Trudeau

Paul Fromm on Canada’s Truckers’ Freedom Rally & It’s Slide to Dictatorship Under Justin Trudeau

Paul Fromm is in Osoyoos, British Columbia, in the Okanagan Valley, supporting the Freedom Convoy!Does the Convoy set the stage for a Canadian Uprising like Budapest 1956? Is there a modern Canadian leader like the Convoy set the stage for a Canadian Uprising like Budapest 1956? Is there a modern Canadian leader like Cardinal József Mindszenty? How about the Canadian People’s Party’s Maxime Bernier? Why are the freedom fighters 60% women? Is it because Justin Trudeau is condescendingly treating the people like frightened women? Is Trudeau trying to assert dictatorial powers and suspend constitutional process? Does Trudeau hate the truckers because they are overwhelmingly White?

It’s A Dark Day for Canada — Maxime Bernier

It’s A Dark Day for Canada — Maxime Bernier

There is violence in the streets of Ottawa.

The police, armed with riot gear, are brutalizing and arresting peaceful demonstrators from the truckers’ convoy.

Meanwhile, Parliament is not sitting today because of this police operation. All parties agreed to stay away while the regime cracks down on dissidents.

Just like in a banana republic.

They should have been debating Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act.

The Emergencies Act replaced the War Measures Act in 1988. The only other times in Canadian history that it was invoked were during the First and Second World Wars, and during the October Crisis in 1970.

There is no emergency in Canada. No war, no insurrection, no terrorist attack, no sanitary or environmental catastrophe that justifies invoking this law.

It’s outright illegal, undemocratic, and unconstitutional for this government to give itself exceptional powers to deal with peaceful demonstrators.

It’s a power grab on Trudeau’s part to crush dissidence, that’s all it is.

Trudeau and his Finance minister Chrystia Freeland have given themselves the power to freeze the bank accounts not only of the organizers of the Freedom Convoy, but of anyone who is suspected of helping and funding them.

And we’re supposed to believe that a government that has violated our Constitution and our rights and freedoms for two year will not abuse these new powers?

Frederick, it’s a dark day for Canada.

But it’s not over. We will continue to fight this authoritarian government, and bring back freedom, respect and justice to this country.

Don’t despair. Stay strong and free.

Join Maxime Bernier in Two Rallies in Toronto & Mississauga, January 22 as Part of Worldwide Freedom Day

The freedom fighters are back!

This Saturday, January 22nd I will be at Queen’s Park in Toronto with Dr. Rochangné Kilian, lawyer Knia Singh, Greg Hill from Free2Fly, and independent MPP Randy Hillier.

I am excited to be back in Toronto to speak out against the corrupt political establishment and champion our rights and freedoms. 

We will start with a rally at  Queen’s Park, then march to CBC HQ where there will be additional speeches in neighbouring Simcoe Park. Later in the day, I will also be making an appearance at Port Credit Memorial Park in Mississauga.

Join me this weekend at Queen’s Park to make your voice heard!


Where: Queen’s Park, by the King Edward VII Equestrian Statue

110 Wellesley St W, Toronto, ON M7A 1A2

When: Saturday, January 22 @ 12pm (Noon)


Where: Port Credit Memorial Park

40 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1S4

When: Saturday, January 22 @ 5pm

I hope to see you there!



People’s Party Rally Cancelled After Antifa Terror Threats: Where are the Cops?

People’s Party Rally Cancelled After Antifa Terror Threats: Where are the Cops?

[The People’s Party of Canada was to hold its Ryerson Freedom Rally outside Ryerson University from 1:30 t0 3:00, Saturday. December 18. “This Saturday, December 18th I will be in Toronto with my friend Randy Hillier and former Trump advisor Dr. Paul Elias Alexander to make some important announcements about provincial politics.” — Maxime Bernier. However, organizers cancelled it Friday after terror threats fromAntifa

A memo from People’s Party of Canada National Headquarters

I regret to inform you that the Ryerson Freedom Rally has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, the organizers of the Ryerson event made the decision yesterday to cancel in light of threats from Antifa and other activist groups. 

I am disappointed in the organizers caving to the woke mob, though ultimately agree that the safety of our supporters is a top priority. The PPC does not promote nor endorse violent demonstrations at events and refuses to subject our supporters to that type of environment. 

The Ryerson Freedom Rally was intended to be a peaceful family-friendly event to speak out about vaccine mandates and unlawful lockdowns. 

I am still eager to get out and connect with my supporters and look forward to the next opportunity of having an event with everybody as we move forward in our fight for freedom against the corrupt globalist establishment.