John Tory’s Anti-END THE LOCKDOWN Rally Goon Squad — “It Felt like Tienamen Square, Not Toronto”

John Tory’s Anti-END THE LOCKDOWN Rally Goon Squad — “It Felt like Tienamen Square, Not Toronto”

This past Saturday, police were out in full force at Yonge-Dundas Square yet again to violently shut down Toronto’s weekly anti-lockdown protest. 

As one protester succinctly put it, Yonge-Dundas Square was more reminiscent of Tiananmen Square than the bustling downtown plaza we’ve come to know and love.

Unlike the week before, however, protesters weren’t even able to enter the area, as police had it completely cordoned off — forcing the crowd to peacefully assemble across the street where they were picked off, one by one, for exercising their right to protest. There seems to be a whole new litany of things citizens cannot do in the vicinity of Yonge-Dundas Square. These include (and we’re not making this up): Standing alone on the sidewalk Waving a Canadian flag Chanting anti-lockdown rhetoric Painting anti-lockdown messages on one’s minivan 

The police also made sure to harass, shove, and bully Rebel News reporters who were there to do what the mainstream media was unwilling to do — cover and report on the rally.

Where was this reaction during the Black Lives Matter protests this summer?If you recall, Toronto police refused to condemn those protests, choosing to capitulate and take a knee instead. I made sure to ask every police officer I talked to about that, but unsurprisingly, they had little to say about the matter.In any event, the protesters remained defiant and continued with their plans to march around the city. 

You can watch my entire report right hereMore than 100 police officers greeted the protesters who were brave enough to return to Yonge-Dundas Square. And just like at the start of the protest, officers continued with their pugilistic enforcement tactics.

Toronto police have reached a new low and have obliterated whatever public trust still remained. They’re no longer upholding their oath to serve and protect the people, preferring to do the bidding of our political elites instead.  What were they trying to accomplish with this disgraceful abuse of power and how much did this farce cost the taxpayers? To what end exactly? 

More importantly, what do Mayor Tory’s thugs have in store for us this weekend?  We’ll be back this Saturday to find out. Stay tuned. Yours truly, David Menzies