Sask. gov’t readies psychiatric hospital for Covid regulation refusniks

The old Soviet system made ample use of psychiatric hospitals to deal with ‘difficult individuals’ or refuseniks. [a person who refuses to follow orders or obey the law, especially as a protest.]

The official explanation was that no sane person would be against socialism [Covid mask/vax regulations].

Oct 12, 2021 | 3:17 PM

The Saskatchewan Health Authority now says it is putting together a COVID Enforcement Team. The group will be made up of mostly retired police officers who have special constable status. [deputised KGB or Cheka]?

The information was conveyed in the most recent Physicians Town Hall Meeting. Medical Health Officer Dr. Johnmark Opondo says the purpose of the CET is to enforce public health measures, in particular proof of vaccination non-compliance at businesses that are not typically regulated by public health inspectors. They will also be charged with enforcing masking public health measures.

In addition to a COVID Enforcement Team and an on-line form or phone number to report on fellow citizens [make snitching a patriotic duty?], the government is also setting up a secure isolation site [psychiatric prison hospital?] for those deemed needing to be isolated by a medical health officer.

“Public Health Inspectors and police, once the Medical Health Officer has signed a form for secure isolation, will be involved in assisting and transporting and moving people into the secure isolation site [psychiatric prison hospital?].”

This site, expected to be ready in the next three weeks, is going to be located at the Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford [this is the largest psychiatric hospital in the province].

They refer to those sent to the secure isolation site as clients, not detainees [or prisoners]. However they will be there under a detention order.

ref: COVID Enforcement Team and Secure Location for COVID Isolation

Dr. Johnmark Opondo, Architect of Incarcerating COVID Resisters to Nuthouses