The Vengeful Grinding of the Ontario “Justice” System: Ontario Court of Appeal orders Bill Whatcott to go on trial again for Gospel flyer delivered at Toronto Homosexual Parade 7 years ago

The Vengeful Grinding of the Ontario “Justice” System: Ontario Court of Appeal orders Bill Whatcott to go on trial again for Gospel flyer delivered at Toronto Homosexual Parade 7 years ago

Naked Sodomite is delighted as he receives one of Bill Whatcott’s “Zombie Safe Sex Packages” from a courageous Christian Truth Activist who had to disguise herself as a “Gay Zombie Cannabis Consumer” to march in the 2016 Toronto Homosexual Pride Parade and deliver this much needed Gospel and accurate health information to this poor lost soul.

To read the unanimous three judge decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal written by the Justice who doesn’t assume you know he is a male and wants to help you out by letting you know he is Lorne Sossin he/him go here:

Justice Lorne Sossin he/him reasoned I needed to be retried because Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Goldstein didn’t properly consider the “expert” contributions queer liberationist Professor Nick Mule could make in determining whether or not my Gospel flyer is “hate speech.” From R vs Whatcott:

[43]       Professor Mulé testified about how the identifiable group would perceive the flyer. Professor Mulé explained how the tropes of anti-gay discrimination, present in the flyer, impact the community. The perspective of the target community is not only relevant per se in an analysis of hate speech, but it is critically important to an assessment of whether the challenged speech causes “emotional distress” to the members of that community: see Ward v. Quebec (Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse), 2021 SCC 43, 463 D.L.R. (4th) 567, at paras. 62, 75, 83-84. The perspective of the gay male community as it relates to the tropes present in the flyer might strengthen (or diminish) the hatefulness of Mr. Whatcott’s communication.

[44]       Emotional distress caused to individual members of the group is one of the pressing harms that anti-hate speech laws aim to address. The second, identified in KeegstraTaylor, and Whatcott (SCC) is the social impact of hateful speech against a targeted group. “If a group of people can be considered inferior, subhuman, or lawless, it is easier to justify denying the group and its members equal rights or status”: Whatcott (SCC), at para. 74. Professor Mulé’s evidence aimed to help the trier of fact situate Mr. Whatcott’s communication via the flyer in its social and historical context.

[45]       In sum, the trial judge failed to address whether situating the flyer in its social and historical context was necessary for the trier of fact to determine whether the text, images, and the flyer as a whole, relied on stereotypes and tropes about gay men that expose them to feelings of detestation and vilification in the eyes of the reasonable member of society.

If you want to know more about “expert” Nick Mule’ and his valuable “academic” contributions on important subjects, such as kink, BDSM, doing sodomy while high on meth, the importance of legalizing the doing of sodomy in public parks, and queering social work, go here:

No doubt Lorne Sossin he/him is on to something when he wants the next trial judge to consider the “expert” wisdom of Nick Mule’ in figuring out whether my flyer is “hate speech” for which the Ontario Attorney General is on record for putting out a Canada Wide Arrest Warrant and is seeking 18 months incarceration.

By the way what does this flyer say that is so complicated and serious that it needs Nick Mule’s wisdom; one acquittal, and more than seven years after the fact, to help a judge determine whether or not my flyer is criminal “hate speech?”

To see the flyer for yourself go here:

Interestingly, a Russian group by the name of “Foundation for the Fight against Repressions” inquired about my court battles and persecutions. I looked into them a little and discovered their founder is Yevgeny Prigozhin, the owner of Wagner mercenary group. Anyways, I gave them an interview and they wrote an article with what might be quite a few spelling errors (English is not their first language), or maybe the spelling and grammatical errors are from Google translate, as I had to translate this article from Cryllic to English. There are also some factual errors regarding my numerous cases over the years, but the gist of my journey and the consequences of speaking out against abortion and homosexuality in Canada is clear enough in this Russian article.

For a prayer item, and just so you know, I am currently in eastern Europe and seeking political/religious asylum. While I had and continue to have a lot of confidence in my lawyer John Rosen; I have no confidence in Canada’s legal system, especially our Supreme Court of Canada which would be my next step. And at age 55, I don’t really feel like sitting in an Ontario Correctional Centre for the next 18 months and then starting over when I get out with a so-called “hate crime” conviction on my criminal record. Twenty years ago, this flyer would never have resulted in a hate crime investigation in Canada, never mind a charge for an indictable offence that would lead to a Canada wide arrest warrant and an unfavourable ruling from an appeals court. No police force would have laid such a charge, and no Attorney General would have issued an arrest warrant, as freedom of speech was actually a thing in Canada. Now the state of freedom of speech and religious freedom in Canada is such, that a conviction is highly likely and the conviction will likely be upheld in the higher courts.

My name Whatcott is already cited in a dreadful Supreme Court of Canada ruling which was unequivocal that truth was not a defense against prosecutions conducted by Human Rights Tribunals, see Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission vs Whatcott.

Since the dreadul Whatcott decision in 2013, the two Trudeau appointees to the Supreme Court have insured the court will be even less sympathetic to Christian speech on moral issues in the public square. I don’t believe I would be doing Canadian Christians and others who value freedom any favour by taking this flyer to the Supreme Court of Canada and setting an even worse precedent, in the area of criminal law no less.

In Christ’s Service, Bill Whatcott

But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, 1 Peter 3:14,15