British Man & Woman Jailed for Protesting Moslem Paedophiles

OUTRAGE AS BRITAIN FIRST LEADERS JAILED FOR A TOTAL 72 WEEKS!  Muslims gang rape a 16 year old but those who complain get JAILED!


Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen have been convicted for harassing convicted paedophiles. Paul has been unjustly sentenced to 16 weeks in prison and Jayda will be incarcerated for 36 weeks.

Today, our justice system lies in the gutter. When Christians are JAILD for DARING to complain about a gang of Muslims GANG RAPING a young vulnerable girl we really are in a libtard police state!

Christian, patriots are being jailed whilst members of grooming-gangs walk the streets of our once great country.

This is becoming common both in the UK and America but will NOT lie down to these rapist invaders even if the state backs them up. Of this please be assured !

To show your disgust please sign our petition and demand the immediate release of these Patriots locked up for defending our nation.


The key is unity, No Surrender!


Will you sign?



Deus Vult!

S. McBride

Grand Commander