Language Dissidents Kicked Out Of Gov’t Symposium on Official Languages

Language Dissidents Kicked Out Of Gov’t Symposium on Official Languages



May 31, 2019 


For Immediate Release




Donna Andrew (from Shawville, QC) and Gordon Miller (from Ottawa, ON) were sent packing at registration last Monday at the above-noted Symposium marking the 50th Anniversary of the Official Languages Act (OLA).  Both were told that they had not been invited to attend the event despite the fact that both had pre-registered and were able to point to the event’s guest list which included their names.  Both people are supporters of Canadians For Language Fairness (CLF) which presumably led to their “disqualification” to enter the symposium.  


Ottawa Citizen reporter, Tom Spears, picked up the story which went viral right across the country.


Kim McConnell, President of CLF, has reported that since the article, (found in the Citizen and the Ottawa Sun of May 28), Canadians from across Canada have inundated our web site, requesting more information about the group and have sent along their best wishes for our cause.


Although so many were shocked to see this treatment given to fellow Canadians, we have seen such shenanigans before on the part of official Ottawa that demonstrates these sham get-togethers (“love fests”) are little more than OLA stakeholders coming together to pat one another on the back, while enjoying meals and refreshments at taxpayers expense.


Ms. McConnell herself was allowed into the Symposium after showing the letter from Sarah Boily (Sr. Director, Modernization of the OLA) indicating she could attend.  During the workshop she heard one speaker proudly state that over 82% of Canadians support Official Bilingualism to great applause.  In the face of this, McConnell would like to point out that even the Quebec government has designated the entire Province unilingual-French, enforced by its own language police.  Outside the province of Quebec support is meager at best.  


Why not put the question to the Canadian people outside of Quebec in a Referendum and see how popular the program really is?  

Canadians for Language Fairness was incorporated in 2004 with its Mandate to educate the public on how the Official Languages Act and its amendments down through the years, severely discriminates against the vast majority of Canadians.

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