GoGetFunding Url for Arthur Topham Legal Defence: CORRECTED URL

 GoGetFunding Url for Arthur Topham Legal Defence: CORRECTED URL
Dear Friends and Associates,
Warm Greetings to you all!
As many of you will already know I’ve been laying low since August 6th, 2018 when the BC Hate Crime Team arrested me (again) and charged me with breaching my bail conditions (which are in effect until September 12th, 2019).
Given the nature of the charge, the potential of possible jail time should I be found guilty, plus the fact that the arrest
occurred right when I was preparing to take my wife down to Vancouver for a serious surgical operation, I felt it best to
cease all my online work and provide the necessary care for my wife who will require at least a three month recuperation
period following her operation. As well I must prepare for my upcoming defence.
I will be self-representing when it comes to responding to the charge but of course I’ll also be receiving sound legal
assistance from a lawyer who I trust who knows all the ins and outs of these types of “thought” crimes. It’s for this
reason that I’ve started a GoGetFunding campaign in order to hopefully cover the potential costs involved in further
litigation. If you read the information contained in the funding appeal all of this will be self-explanatory.
Because of the nature of my bail conditions, specifically Condition #6 which forbids publishing anything on the
Internet that makes mention of, or contains information about, those responsible for all this ongoing legal harassment
of myself and my family; and because of the reality that the Internet is crawling with trolls, I would ask that anyone receiving
this email who may be willing to pass it on, either to their own list or via their website, PLEASE JUST SEND OUT THE 
FOLLOWING NOTICE along with the Url to the site (which you can simply copy and paste from this letter) and use the same
Subject line that I’ve used in this email, and PLEASE REFRAIN from adding any additional commentary that mentions the
unmentionables which the thought police might then attempt to use against me.
GoGetFunding Url for Arthur Topham Legal Defence: Please Read
Former Editor & Publisher of RadicalPress.com, Arthur Topham, was arrested
and charged with breach of his bail conditions on August 6th, 2018. He needs
your help in order to defend himself against these false charges. Please click
on the following Url below to read the details and assist Arthur in his defence.
Your cooperation and assistance in this matter would be most gratefully appreciated.
One final word regarding all this nonsense. It’s clearly evident to me that the thought police have me fixed in their sights
and will fabricate whatever “evidence” is necessary in order to keep arresting me and stealing my computers and files in order
to glean whatever information they can. This, unfortunately, includes a lot of private email communications between myself and
many of you on this list. I apologize if any of this should bring misfortune down upon any of you as a result.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at the email address contained in this message, i.e.,
info@quesnelcariboosentinel.com  Also, if you experience any difficulty in receiving the full message I would
appreciate hearing from you and will attempt to send it on a one-to-one basis.
Again, thanks for any help you can provide.
Arthur Topham