French Holocaust Skeptic Fined 9,000 Euros & Given 4 Months in Prison

French Holocaust Skeptic Fined 9,000 Euros & Given 4 Months in Prison
“Je suis Faurisson”? You have to be kidding!
In January, 2015, a cavalcade of Western leaders, including France’s President Francois Holland and Germany’s Angela Merkel (who preside over two of the most anti-free speech regimes in Europe) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose Zionist allies around the world lobby for prison, fines and unemployment for dissidents, paraded through Paris. The cause? To protest the Moslem terrorist attack and murder of employees of the largely Trostskyist, Jewish satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
Freedom lovers everywhere proclaimed: “Je suis Charlie.”
However, don’t mistake that protest with a real belief in free speech. France groans under the infamous Fabius-Gayssot “hate law”. It was the devil child of a French communist deputy Gayssot and a Jewish Socialist Laurent Fabius.
It’s latest victim in 88 year old French scholar and holocaust skeptic, Dr. Robert Faurisson who also assisted at Ernst Zundel’s “false news trials” in the 1980s. [Zundel won and got the law ruled unconstitutional by Canada’s Supreme Court in 1992.]

For questioning the new religion of holocaust, this brave old man, once beaten nearly to death by Jewish anti-racists, faces four months in prison (suspended) and 9,000 Euros [$13,300 Cnd.] in fines and “costs” to his anti-racist tormentors.
So much for the land of “liberte”!
His lawyer reports below.
Paul Fromm
On June 21, 2016 Professor Robert Faurisson was prosecuted, with regard to his 2006 talk in Tehran and his paper “The Victories of Revisionism“ [], for “disputing the existence of crimes against humanity“, and, because of his 60-word sentence alone, for “racial defamation“.
Here is the result of that trial as conveyed to us by the Professor’s barrister: B
On September 27, 2016, in the case of the talk given by Robert Faurisson in Tehran in 2006, the 17th chamber of the Paris correctional court ruled as follows:
Two charges of disputing the existence of crimes against humanity were declared null.
The third charge, that of racial defamation for the sentence of approximately 60 words [included in his talk], resulted in Robert Faurisson’s conviction and sentence to four months’ imprisonment (suspended) along with a fine of €4,000. The LICRA [Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme], plaintiff, obtained €3,000 in damages and €2,000 in legal costs. Thus, a judgment totalling €9,000.
Professor Faurisson immediately lodged an appeal against this decision.
Tomorrow, September 28, at 1.30 pm, Robert Faurisson will appear again before the same court for having spoken about the Nazi gas chambers on the website Meta TV [in June 2014:].
Damien Viguier