Hate Cop Tries to get Topham’s U.S. Server to Drop Him

Hate Cop Tries to get Topham’s U.S. Server to Drop Him
Hate Cop Tries to get Topham's U.S. Server to Drop Him-arthur-topham2.jpg
We try not to oversell our case. However, when we label police “hate squads” as the thought police, we are being precise and accurate. In an undated letter, Detective-Constable Terry Wilson, who self-importantly identified himself as “Detective Terry Wilson of the BC Hate Crime Team of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police E-Division Major Crime” wrote to pressure Canadian dissident Arthur Topham’s U.S. Internet Service Provider to drop him.
True, Mr. Topham has been charged under Canada’s notorious Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code for wilfully promoting hate against privileged groups. Det. Wilson asserts  that Mr.Topham is using his radicalpress website for “Hate Speech or other offensive speech or content.”
The New World Order thought cops clearly know nothing of our Anglo-Saxon legal tradition. Mr. Topham is a victim of a minority-instigated charge. That’s all it is — an accusation. In our system, the accused is still INNOCENT until proven guilty in court.
Police are supposed to investigate “crime” not write to other countries to try to inflict punishment on a man who has not even been tried yet.
What a country! This thought cop is actually a member of the Mounties’ “Major Crime Division.” For a frightened politically correct Establishment, maybe “thought crimes” and dissent really are “major crimes.”
Arthur Topham asks that you write in decent terms to Zach P at legal@netfirms-inc.com  — doesn’t anyone give a full name anymore? — and urge him not to give in to Wilson’s bullying and attempt at state censorship.
We note that during Prime Minister Harper’s recent visit to India, he was challenged about the Canadian government’s toleration of Sikh radicalism and support for Khalistan — an independent Punjab. “I’t may be a political position that both the government of Canada and the  government of India disagree with. We can’t interfere with the right of  political freedom of expression,'” the Vancouver Sun (Nov.9, 2012) reported him as saying. We hope Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh laughed in  his face and whispered: “What about Arthur Topham?”
Paul Fromm
Email from Netfirms.com regarding Det-Cst Terry Wilson’s letter to them.

Subject:  [P10300383000000000] Radical Press.com

Date:  21 November, 2012 12:11:12 PM PST

To:  Arthur Topham <radical@radicalpress.com>
Hello Arthur,
We have been advised by a visitor to your web site radicalpress.com that such web site contains content that is alleged to be untrue, offensive, slanderous, harassing or controversial in nature.
Accordingly, please remove such content within 48 hours of this notice. Failure to delete such content within such period will result in termination of your website.  The notice we received is below.
As you may know, we are a web hosting company. We are not responsible for the content or links posted by our customers who create and place content on websites that we host. We further do not “monitor” the websites that we host or prescreen the content placed by customers on their sites. However, when we become aware of allegations of improper activity by one of our customers using a hosted site, which would be a violation of our Terms of Service (TOS) governing the web sites, we take such situations seriously, investigate promptly, and take appropriate action.
Should you have further questions, please contact us.
Regards, Zach P Corporate Support
Here’s the bullying letter from Thought Cop Det-Cst Terry Wilson to Netfirms.com
This letter is undated.
Dear Sir or Madame, I am Detective Terry Wilson of the BC Hate Crime Team of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police E-Division Major Crime. I am the lead investigator into a Hate Propaganda investigation involving the above internet site.
I understand that on May 31, 12 we have requested, through the US Department of Justice, to preserve this website as we were working on a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT). I wish to confirm that this website is still being persevered as the MLAT process has taken longer than anticipated.
Secondly I would like to advise you that the administrator/owner of the website Mr Roy Arthur Topham has been now charged criminally with Section 319(2) of the Canadian Criminal Code of Canada for Wilful Promoting Hatred, over his website
www.radicalpress.comI see by your website policy that this may in fact contravene you policy, section 4 (b)(i) by using the website for “Hate Speech or other offensive speech or content”. 
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at the above email or at
Detective Constable Terry WILSON
B.C. Hate Crime Team t.wilson@rcmp-grc.gc.ca 604-543-4903