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Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director


July 6, 2019

The Hamilton Spectator,

44 Frid St.,

Hamilton, ON,

L8N 3G3

Letter-to-the-Editor: For Publication — Sent via e-mail letters@thespec.com

Dear Sir:

Reading Deirdre Pike’s Comment “To respond to hate, you need you be at the table” (Hamilton Spectator, July 6, 2019), I fear for freedom of speech in this city. Apparently, Pike who identifies herself as a lesbian is “to be a special adviser to Mayor Fred Eisenberger on 2SLGBTQ+ issues.”  It may take their first meeting just to clarify what that alphabet soup of letters means.

She writes that she wants “to chart the course on confronting fascism and ending homophobia, transphobia [and[ racism.” Firstly, it’s not the role of elected officials to confront people. They should seek to represent and reconcile the conflicting views within a community.

Not everyone agrees with the LGBTQ agenda. They have a right to speak, protest and be heard without being smeared with weaponized words or denounced as haters.

Similarly, many Hamiltonians and a majority of Canadians, according to recent polls, disapprove of the fact that the present government has lost control of the border in terms of illegals coming up from the U.S. A recent CBC News poll found that 57 per cent of Canadians believe Canada should not accept more refugees. That does not make them “racists” or “fascists”.

I worry about the sort of advice Mayor Eisenberger will get from Deirdre Pike. Hamilton needs more speech, not less. Let’s welcome “diversity” of opinion.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Fromm