Speech Repression in Germany


Speech Repression in Germany

The bastards keep making the laws, mainly § 130 more strict. If you mention any Jew as a Jew critically that is now punishable. The BRD is full-fledged Marxist-Zionist dictatorship. One AfD politician was charged just for mentioning that Boris Becker’s son is a half-Negro. Actually, he is only a quarterbreed. (“Quadroon”)

We ought to issue traveler’s warnings at the airport. ONe Japanese couple gave the Roman salute in front of some building in München and were arrested and charged under § 86, which bans all NS symbols and forms of greeting. All communist and Zionist symbols are ALLOWED. Poland did ban the communist symbols.

The authorities in some places have taken this so extreme as to even ban license plates with “covert” NS symbolism like 88 for “Heil Hitler” or 18 for Adolf Hitler or HJ, SS, SA, etc.