The radicals have taken over: Academic extremism comes to Canada

I bet the poor guy never saw it coming.

Until recently, Henry Parada was director of the School of Social Work at Ryerson University, Toronto’s big downtown commuter school. His career was going well and he got major research grants. Now he has stepped aside after a handful of students calling themselves the Black Liberation Collective accused him of “a violent act of anti-Blackness, misogyny and misogynoir.” What was this act? It seems that he left a meeting where a black female speaker was giving a talk. No one knows why.

What happened next won’t surprise anyone who has been tracking the steady rise of authoritarian illiberalism on the left. The Black Liberation Collective at Ryerson (which has perhaps the most diverse student body in the nation) issued an escalating series of rants demanding immediate action to address his crimes, along with institutional racism in general. Students disrupted faculty meetings. The administration has issued the standard non-response: Basically it values diversity and inclusion, and is looking into the matter.

But really, it doesn’t matter what Prof. Parada did. He’s a white man, and therefore guilty.

Here’s a partial list of what’s been happening on campus lately. At the University of Toronto, psychology professor Jordan Peterson is under attack – not least by his own administration – for refusing to use invented pronouns for transgender people. (Last year, Kenneth Zucker, a renowned U of T psychiatry professor, was fired from his position at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health because his treatment of transgender kids was deemed not radical enough.)

At Queen’s, a good-natured off-campus costume party blew up into a crisis over racism. Queen’s principal Daniel Woolf denounced the event on his blogas “the unacceptable misappropriation and stereotyping of numerous cultures,” and solemnly vowed yet again to improve diversity and inclusion on campus. In other news from Queen’s, the head of a student theatre group was forced to grovel after announcing a plan to cast a white female as the lead in Othello. “There is absolutely no excuse for making a casting decision that was oppressive and caused people of colour to feel as though they were invalid,” she apologized. The production was cancelled.

At many campuses, students routinely try to shut down controversial speakers because they might make someone feel queasy. When Marie Henein, Jian Ghomeshi’s defence lawyer, was invited to speak at Bishop’s University early next year and have her lecture live-streamed to other schools, one women’s studies major at St. Francis Xavier said that Ms. Henein’s talk was a “disservice to students who are victims of sexual violence.” To his credit, Bishop’s principal Michael Goldbloom wrote a rebuttal – an unusual act of academic courage these days.

How did we get here? Here’s a very short answer.

University campuses have always leaned a little left. But in the 1990s, as the previous generation of academics was replaced by baby boomers, they began to lean dramatically left. The humanities and social sciences were colonized by an unholy alliance of poststructuralists and Marxists – people who believe that Western civilization is a corrupt patriarchy that must be dismantled.

According to studies of U.S. universities, 18 per cent of social-sciences professors say they’re Marxists. Only 7 to 9 per cent identify as conservative. Leftism in the academy is a positive feedback loop – and we’re now well past the point where the radicals have taken over. Those who don’t agree just shut up. “There’s no question there’s an atmosphere of terror,” one (older, white, male) professor told me.

According to classic Marxist ideology, people’s degree of oppression is determined by their ancestry and class. Today’s identity politics simply swaps in race and gender. But the anti-liberal thinking is the same. When your goal is revolution, dissent becomes intolerable, and you have a moral licence to shut down free speech. As the very liberal Jonathan Chait wrote in New York magazine: “Liberalism believes in political rights for everybody, regardless of the content of their ideas. Marxists believe political rights belong only to those arguing on behalf of the oppressed.”

Social sciences and humanities make up only part of universities, of course. Other disciplines – engineering, physics, B-schools – are relatively apolitical. So how is it that the radicals wound up running the show? Here’s Jordan Peterson’s answer: “Engineers and scientists are interested in things. They say, you guys are all insane, just leave us the hell alone.” And by the time they look up, the power positions have been taken over by the radicals.

Not so long ago, I thought this craziness would pass. Now I’m not so sure. When institutions cave in to radicals, their demands will only escalate. As for Prof. Parada, his is a cautionary tale. He believed in the revolution. And it devoured him.

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Dissident Musician and British Nationalist Alison Chabloz Arrested for a Song

Dissident Musician and British Nationalist Alison Chabloz Arrested for a Song

Published: 2016-11-20

To say that UK police handling of online abuse is inconsistent is something of an understatement. In particular, these inconsistencies are highlighted in the case of British musician, Alison Chabloz, who shot to fame after performing a “quenelle” salute at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2015. Chabloz was again in the news during this year’s Fringe after her show was pulled for being “too political”.

Alison Chabloz

Victim of targeted harassment and abuse from vicious, pro-Israel “advocates” as well as from a host of anonymous Hasbara “Ziotrolls” and assorted Leftist, liberal “social justice warriors”, Chabloz was recently informed by her local police force in Derbyshire that their investigation for malicious communications and harassment regarding this online abuse against Chabloz had been closed. The investigation began earlier this year after Chabloz had received several unwanted postal deliveries, including anonymous birthday and Christmas cards as well as several sales catalogues (e.g. for reinforced doors and blinds) addressed to her in a derogatory manner.

Ten days after receiving news of the now closed case, Chabloz was arrested by local police in an investigation involving two other forces. She was questioned and detained for six hours – more than two hours spent locked in a cell – learning on her release at midnight that during this time police had raided her domicile and seized her laptop.

Chabloz’ hate crime, allegedly, concerns both her 15-month old ” quenelle” as well as songs performed at London’s Grosvenor Hotel last September during a meeting of The London Forum.

Asides the allegation of incitement, Chabloz was also arrested and questioned on suspicion of online harassment of two of her critics.

Chabloz’ solicitor said no evidence of any such harassment was presented during the interview.

In fact, as early as 2014, Chabloz had been advised by the Musicians’ Union to report to police after being fired by Carnival Group for a satirical tweet posted six months before she began working for the company.

Both in the above case along with several other subsequent incidents of online harassment, including death threats and further attempts to prevent Chabloz from performing, Derbyshire police failed to take appropriate action against the perpetrators.

With her laptop now in police hands, Chabloz’ gigs are on hold because the device contains all her sheet music, backing tracks and software vital for her performances. Chabloz’ solicitor has submitted a legal request to try and recuperate the device and a mobile phone also seized.

Chabloz has been bailed till January 12 pending a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service.

As well, November 19, Chabloz received a court summons to appear in front of Westminster Magistrates Court in a private prosecution brought against her by Gideon Falter, director of UK registered “charity” Campaign Against Antisemitism. Falter accuses Chabloz of using social media to cause offense in breach of the 2003 Communications Act after Chabloz posted a video of her song (((Survivors))) on YouTube. The song has gained over six million – sorry, six thousand views views so far.

The hearing will take place at 10am on December 15


Canada’s great free speech champion, the late Doug Christie, explained the vile method of prosecuting freethinkers thus:  “Demonize, isolate, then criminalize.” It works like this:An individual is targetted usually by the Zionist lobby or the radical homosexual lobby. The conformist mainstream media moves in like piranas on steroids. The victim is demonized in a series of  hyperventilating articles of “news” (actually opinion rants) reports filled with weaponized words or defamation: “neo-Nazi”, “racist,” “White supremacist”, “holocaust denier.” The public may not fully understand these words and the victim may not identify himself as such, but the public knows the words mean he’s “bad”.
Now demonized, the victim is isolated. Former friends slink away or distance themselves. Co-workers or employers  grow afraid and disown the victim or, often, fire him. People are afraid to support the victim let they too be demonized.
Now, virtually alone and isolated, publicly defamed and trashed, the victim can be safely prosecuted.
We see this evil pattern in the ongoing persecution of the satirical East End Toronto tabloid YOU WARD NEWS, It is proudly anti-ZioMarxist and most politically incorrect. It’s enemies have tried to shut if down by demanding that the Toronto Police thought police, “the hate squad”, charge it under Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, Canada’s notorious “hate law”. Thus far, that hasn’t worked. In another move, advertisers were targetted with abuse and threats.Sleazy anti-racists striking by night have repeatedly smashed the windows of YOUR WARD NEWS and ruined its door locks. Leftist postal workers refused to deliver it but were compelled to by their employers, 
Champion Ottawa complainer Richard Warman then demanded that Canada Post cease delivering the newspaper as he disapproved of its contents — “racist, sexist” blah, blah, blah,
That didn’t work. So, off he went to the Canadian Human Rights Commission with a complaint against the Government of Canada and Canada Post for distributing YOUR WARD NEWS.
Then, in June, Public Services Minister Judy Foote arbitrarily cancelled the mailing rights of editor Dr. James Sears and publisher Leroy St. Germaine. Jackbooting English Common Law which does not inflict punishment until there has been a charge, followed by a trial, with evidence and argumentation, and then, and only then, if there is a finding of guilt. The minister asserted that she had reason to believe YOUR WARD NEWS was violating Sec. 319 (“the hate law”) and the law of criminal libel, although no charges have been laid and no conviction registered.
Part of the “isolate” tactic is to strip the victim of supporters. Should a friend or supporter prove recalcitrant, threats are now directed against him. That’s what is happening to one of the loyal advertisers in YOUR WARD NEWS. That infernal busybody Richard Warman is now seeking to damage one of the loyal advertisers professionally.

On his website, Warman reports: “Your Ward News update – There is a Toronto lawyer named David FAED who has been advertising for some time in the bigotry-filled tabloid called Your Ward News. Mr. Faed has chosen to continue advertising in this publication despite knowing of its contents given that I (and others apparently) have raised concerns with him directly.

The latest edition of Your Ward News includes material counselling the obstruction of justice by counselling male jurors to acquit men charged with sexual offences against women and girls without regard to the evidence before them.

I have expressed my concerns about a lawyer like Mr. Faed advertising alongside open bigotry to the Law Society of Upper Canada given my belief this constitutes unprofessional conduct and have asked that this latest information be added to the file.” (

Notice the admission that Warman has contacted advertisers seeking to get them to drop their ads and, thus, to inflict harm on YOUR WARD NEWS. As advertiser and lawyer Mr. David Faed has stuck with YOUR WARD NEWS, Warman now seeks to cause him professional harm with a complaint to the Law Society of Upper Canada, 
Could it really be that in constipated, Puritanical politically correct Canada advertising in a politically incorrect publication could actually constitute unprofessional conduct?
We’ll have to wait and see.
Paul Fromm