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It Ain’t Over”

Where have all the men gone?

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”



Falsified assault charge

Kelowna Courthouse

R v David Lindsay s. 266 Criminal Code Assault

Court trial update:

Two days for final submissions were originally set for Dec. 13, 14, 2023. Apparently, the judge was not happy with this and forced a short hearing two weeks ago. At this hearing, she insisted upon a hearing date before then. This date has now been set for Sept. 12, 2023.

Further, she demanded that I provide all my submissions in writing to the Crown prior to that date. That is not going to happen.

Had a hearing taken place as schedule on Dec. 13, I would have simply showed up with my submissions.

I am not going to give my defence to the Crown months or even weeks in advance for Mr. Grabavac to start e-mailing every prosecutor in the country for Crown responses and help. That is neither fair nor just to me.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General filed her Motion to Strike my RCMP challenge and served me on Friday morning with it. Her claim is that it is moot (ie: the reason for it no longer exists) or would have no impact on the trial.

The Crown is dependent in my case upon all law enforcement by the RCMP, including investigation, interrogation of witnesses, and Crown Report. If the RCMP have no jurisdiction, because policing is a Provincial matter under s. 92 of the Constitution Act 1867, then all evidence obtained was obtained without jurisdiction to so do, and must be thrown out. Once that happens, the Crown has no evidence to rely upon, not that it has any to begin with.

The informant was an RCMP officer. The Crown is trying to claim that under s. 504 of the Criminal Code anyone can lay an information. That is true…but the informant did not lay the Information as a member of the public or ‘anyone’, he laid it in the capacity or as the person of an RCMP officer. Being so, again, once determined that the RCMP have no jurisdiction in B.C. then the Informant also had no power to lay the Information against me in that capacity.

Although a Provincial Court cannot strike down legislation, if the judge finds it to be unconstitutional, they simply cannot apply it pursuant to s. 52 of the Constitution Act 1982.

Thank you for all your support, despite having two enemies in the courtroom – the Crown and the Judge!

See you Sept. 12 9:30 a.m.!

In freedom



Update — Petition to ban Kelowna Protest/Rallies

David’s Documents now up on the website! The document titled “Response” is the legal argument David has filed.

The Response or legal argument, to the Petition is now up as well as all supporting affidavits. One affidavit needs to be corrected however as it is not appearing properly formatted for some reason on the site. That will be corrected shortly.

The City is attempting to rush this into a hearing the week of August 28, however as I told the City’s counsel, it is likely to take 5-8 days for hearing of my Constitutional Challenge and other defences. It is simply not possible for me to be ready in this time period in any event.

This has now been adjourned to the week of Oct. 10 (no specific date is given until Friday the week before). Shortly, I will be filing my SLAPP application. This is done under the Protection of Public Participation Act of B.C. Essentially, it was passed to prevent governments like the City of Kelowna, from trying to stop people exercising freedom of expression and criticizing these governments, exactly what is happening here.

Once I have filed this Application, I will let everyone know and post it online as well. It will likely take a full day to be heard, and I believe that this Oct. 10 date will also be adjourned as the legislation requires that no other steps in the case can take place until this is heard.

This is the biggest attempt to control our freedom of speech and assembly in history.

The media has already confirmed to me that they were instructed by the Gov’t not to print anything contrary to the Gov’t COVID-19 narrative. If they deny us our freedom to protest where it is most effective, then other cities will follow likewise by banning our protests, and without any media assistance, the Gov’t will be free to do whatever it wants with no public exposure. Pure Communism. This is the most critical time in our struggle for freedom….right now.

All City of Kelowna documents and pleadings are now placed on our website for public viewing: https://clearbc.org/city-of-kelowna/

Unfortunately, this case will have significant repercussions for every protest rally in British Columbia, and indeed, in Canada, as it is being heard in a superior court in this Province. This will be an incredibly complex case.

Donations would be very much appreciated as costs are now starting to come in.

E-transfers can be done to: clear2012@pm.me or cash donations can be mailed to: PO Box 21113 Cherry Lane Mall, Penticton BC V2A 8K8

Please stay tuned for more updates.


The Kelowna and Alberta Courts of Injustice

Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Pastor Artur Pawlowski Court change: Sept. 18



Our next protest/rally is set for:


September 2, 2023

Labour Day long weekend

12:00 pm Stuart Park, Kelowna


We are planning to spend time again on Hwy 97. If you have any sign ideas, please send them immediately to:


To give us time to make up some signs on new issues such as digital ID and currencies, and 15 min prison cities.

As we warned in the past: It Ain’t Over



Bring your signs on Freedom Issues and Concerns:

15 min prison cities

Digital ID

Digital Currency

Gov’t control over supplements


See Cash is King Poster for businesses below!!


Listen to Sarah deliver her urgent message here:


To follow my court case as a public member, you may email the CNO at HearingsAdministrationGroup@cnomail.org Reference my case: Sarah Anahid Choujounian Abulu and ask them for the links

Reminder this case is no longer under CFLN therefore the e-mail and links to donate are different. There are a few ways to donate, and I want to specify that this is more of an investment in the future of our children than just a simple donation. 

You can also help by connecting me with people who can interview me or host a fundraiser at which I can may be able to attend…and please share, share, share

As always, I am so grateful for all of you🙌🙌🙌

#canada #healthcare #nursing #freedomofspeech #freedom

Two Ways to Donate

Online at: https://www.givesendgo.com/sos_for_Sarah

Email: sarahscnocase@hotmail.com



Empower Hour

Every Wednesday Action4Canada hosts the Empower Hour, an online zoom meeting open to everyone. We have a special guest each week, who will educate, inform and answer your burning questions.

To be kept informed of these webinars sign up for our Email Updates so as to receive advance notification along with details on how to pre-register for each Empower Hour webinar.


Tanya Gaw will be showing on the Empower Hour on Aug. 23, 2023
Learn more 
4.45pm PST/7.45pm EST

Pre-Register Now for this Webinar |
Join us! Share this page and link with your friends and social media!


Know Your Rights: 

Guidelines for Peaceful Protesting/Gathering/Rallies and/or Attending Events (eg. Council Meetings, School Boards, Handing out Flyers)

Check out A4C for some of the most successful actions and strategies available to us!

And a big thank you to Tanya for all her hard work and dedication and support for the Christian principles that founded our nation!


Thank you to Bettina for all her dedication and hard work on this vital topic

Contact us:







Buy me a coffee:


Event Brite:



Contact Bettina

Email: geonegineeringfreecanada@proton.me

Geoengineering Free Canada | Facebook

This group is to educate people and try to put a stop to the geoengineering and poisonous chemtrails they spray in our skies.




Scientist admits the ‘overwhelming consensus’ on the climate change crisis is ‘manufactured’

Thank you, Nadia for all your hard work and dedication to freedom!!!

Subscribe now for freedom activities in the Kootenays!



B.C. Fire Update


Alta Premier Danielle Smith:

All I know is in my province we have 650 fires and 500 of them were human caused, so we have to make sure that when people know that when it’s dry out there and we get into forest fire season, that they’re being a lot more careful because anytime you end up with an ignition that happens, it can have devastating consequences. And so, that’s what I would hope that we can educate the public on, on that front as well.”

Combined with geoengineering issues detailed by Bettina and Nadia and others, it is readily clear that there is no climate change causing fires. The graph below shows that, if true, this year’s fires are man made – figures do not change to this extent in less than one year – especially after a year with record snowfalls!!!

Directed energy weapons?


Learn the truth on the false “97%” of scientists agree humans are driving climate change:


Direct from the BC Interior:

We need to get the story out about what’s happening in the Shuswap. Can you guys please post this everywhere. Send it to everyone you know. Please help us.

My name is Stef and my husband Jorne and I own a home at the end of Meadow Creek road in Celista BC. The fire department and forestry lit a back burn around 4pm on Thursday Aug 17th knowing there were 30km winds coming. No news outlet is talking out this. My husband has been monitoring the winds and the Adams creek fire for weeks. On Tuesday Aug 15th we knew the winds were coming. The fire was approx 15km away from us. We don’t know who decided to light a back burn knowing the wind forecast. They lit a 14km back burn right to our back door and never notified us. My dad who lives in Kelowna knew about a “out of control back burn” before we did. They didn’t even come to tell us. They notified the locals by posting it on a piece of paper at the gas station.

At 845 pm we saw the fire just over the ridge. And by 12pm it had reached meadow creek road and was in back yard. Without the back burn we could have had a whole day to prepare. We did have sprinklers up, water tanks loaded and generators ready to go. We knew we were pretty much on our own and would not receive much help. The fire department did come down the road and were there briefly. Once they deemed the fire out of control they left. When the fire came into the valley we watched it burn up the sides of the mountain due to the humidity dome created with all the sprinkler and water. The fire department abandoned us. About 2 hours had passed when some locals came down our valley with resources and help. I was notified the fire department was sitting in a field having coffee so I went t to get them. When I got there I asked them to come help us, told them the situation.

One of the firemen told me they wanted to help but had orders to sit. I yelled at them to get in their trucks and come help us. They said they would. I went back down the road to notify our crew they were coming. I sat and waited but no one came. About 15 minutes had gone by so I went back up the road and found them sitting about 1km away. They told me they were assessing the situation. I asked how they could assess if they couldn’t see it? I again asked them to come help and they finally did. Everyone ran around putting hot spots out. We wore water packs and half masks with headlamps for the next 3 days making sure our houses made it through.

In the initial days after the “superfire” the locals were able to get water, gas and supplies but now there is a heavy police presence. They have the roads blocked off saying they are preventing looting. The locals are being told to return to their homes. They are not allowed to be helping at all. There are spike strips on the roads. Police blocks everywhere. There are people trying to get essential supplies in such as water, gas and food by boat. They are being turned away. Police are patrolling the roads and water. They have the gas stations blocked off.

We need the real story to get out so we can get help.

We are more than equipped to help put this fire out but are being stopped. We need resources such as gas, diesel to keep us going. They’re trying to starve us out so they can let it burn.

My number is 250-509-0400 Please feel free to post my number. I’m willing to talk to anyone who can help us.

NOTE: Similar incidents occurred in the 2003 Okanagan fire. It appears that the management prefer to let these fires get out of control rather than stop them at source, in the hopes they will burn out. They rarely do and get out of control, then they all pat themselves on the back for all the dedication to put them out.

Now no doubt there are tons of committed firefighters doing their best – it appears this is a top management and financial issue.

The original reason CLEAR was founded was to expose the fraudulent usury (interest) based banking system. You should obtain a copy of the short book, USURY by Hilaire Belloc, as was as Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People by Joe Thaughberger. Understanding the fraudulent banking system is the fundamental key to opening up the knowledge of freedom.

Every single problem in societies the world over, is traceable back to the fraudulent money system.


An incredible examination into the reasons people blindly obey even tyrants. A must read for everyone who believes in peaceful civil disobedience.


Thanks Kim – Civil disobedience is the answer the de la Boetie discussed centuries ago


Smart Cities

First, they will promote them as being convenient.

Then they will promote them as supporting the environment.

Then they will promote them as being voluntary.

Then they will become mandatory with fines.

Then you will be prohibited from traveling unless you comply with gov’t legislation and orders.

Then you’ll be prohibited from traveling unless you are part of the gov’t.

Even your dogs will not be allowed more than 15 min from home


Samantha Edwards Report –

Unmasking the Smart City Agenda




Fundraising and


In the absence of rallies every Saturday, we don’t get the funding we used to that allowed us to print all the resources we provide at the CLEAR booth, as well as the inserts that go into the Druthers newspapers for our Sunday paper deliveries. Thanks to your past donations, we have delivered over 8000 copies of Druthers, plus various inserts, in Kelowna and W. Kelowna, with lots more to go!

Future protests are being strategically planned right now for City Hall, the courthouse, and other locations.

Many people believe that the COVID-19 issue is over – and it is not. Freedom is a multi-generational struggle, where we hope to leave a better place for our children. Other serious issues are lurking ominously in the near future that we will need to focus on: 15 min cities; legal actions; digital ID and digital currencies to start. These will require ongoing research and production of signs and materials for public education. The digital ID and currency issues are two of the most critical and going to involve significant amounts of education for people.

Please give generously by e-transfer to: clear2012@pm.me or our endeavours

to educate the public we will not be able to educate people as effective as we are doing now. You can also mail cash (this remains safe) by Expresspost to: P.O. Box 21113 Cherry Lane Mall, Penticton, BC, V2A 8K8. Cash of course, would be the preferred method to protect everyone’s privacy.

These are unfortunately the only methods available right now to accept donations outside of the monthly rallies. Everything we do is on a volunteer basis and if you are not able to volunteer, your cash donation is what keeps the freedom wheel turning.

We do need volunteers to join our Fundraising Focus Group. If you are good at event planning and have some time to devote to organize regular fundraising occasions, please come see Linda at the CLEAR booth this Saturday or contact CLEAR.Linda@proton.me.

We need volunteers who are:


Can work independently

Able to collaborate with others

Responsible and Dependable






If you possess these qualities and want to make a difference right now as a Freedom Activist, please add your name to the Volunteer List at the CLEAR booth this Saturday or contact CLEAR.Linda@proton.me to get more information.

Freedom requires time, energy or money. Thank you all for your help, in any form you are able to assist with. Everything you do for the sake of freedom is a seed planted. And although you may not see where it lands, trust that it will grow and bear fruit! Otherwise, why have the City, Province and Feds continually tried to shut us down?!! We are effective with one of the lowest vaccination rates in BC and Canada – thanks to YOU!

Sunday Paper Deliveries

Next delivery day:
August 27, 2023

(Weather Permitting)

Add your name to the delivery list and make sure to check your email on Sunday mornings for confirmation that our paper delivery will take place that day

Make sure you arrive before the designated time so we can all get going ASAP!

Every Sunday at 11:30 am

August 27, 2023

Sign-up on the Newspaper Delivery list so that you get an email confirming the deliveries for each Sunday. With winter in mind, we will only do this if roads are bare and it’s not snowing. The advantage of delivering this time of year is that nobody is hanging out in their front yards except for the odd snowman.

We meet at the Capri parking lot between A&W and De Dutch Pannekoek House

Bring a large bag for carrying the papers if you want

Grab a free small Kelowna mapbook that can help you get situated. Your cell phone will be tracking and tracing you. Learn how to read maps again

You will be provided with a printed google map of the area you will be delivering to. Bring a yellow marker to indicate which streets you completed. You may run out of papers or you may end up with extra

We ask that with every paper you deliver, you remove the inserts and place them in the mailbox in front or behind the paper. That way, someone who may hastily throw out the paper will still be forced to see each individual flyer

Please deliver only one paper per mailbox, regardless if you have different papers (we usually have a combination of different papers and editions). Some houses may have up to 4 mailboxes; put one paper in each as they are for different tenants

Sign up as a Volunteer to participate in one of the many focus groups we are working to organize. Most people are too busy to commit to fighting for freedom. I guarantee you will have plenty of extra time after Canada becomes a full-fledged communist country and your jobs & businesses are gone. Time to add freedom-fighting to your list of priorities. Much of the help needed can be done at home and even one hour per week will be helpful. Even if you don’t want to join a specific group, maybe you have something you can offer to help out. Let us know!

Contact Linda at CLEAR.Linda@proton.me

3 Simple Things Freedom Activists can do to WIN this War:

Spread the Word by delivering papers and flyers everywhere:

1 Knowledge is power!

2. Replace your cell phone with a flip phone:

Think of your apps as TRAPS!

3. Use CASH:

Hand out the “Use cash cards” and “pay cash” business posters



New Credit Card Fees & Lack of Privacy

It is starting – Use cash as much as possible – use credit cards or digital only if there is no other alternative.

Companies will not use digital currency if we are not using digital currency! It will cost them too much in lost business.

Here is an awesome poster you can distribute to all businesses to put on their entrance doors, advocating for the use of cash. Print on 8 1/2 x 11 glossy hard stock for best results.

For Business owners:

The dangers of digital gov’t ID and currencies are here… you need to use cash as much as possible. As recognized by Freedom Rising, there are many inherent dangers of using digital currency. What do you do, not if, but when:

The internet is down

There is a power outage

The card reader malfunctions

Your phone battery dies or doesn’t work for other reasons


Your phone is stolen

Your passwords are co-opted

Your credit/debit card strip is damaged – needs replacing

There are errors in relation to the quantum of $$ on your card

Gov’t limits your purchases/CRA liens the balance on your card


CLEAR has promoted the non-use of digital currencies and credit/debit cards as much as possible, for years.


Withdraw money on Saturday/Sunday from the bank or bank machine, and then leave your money at home if you are scared to carry it with you, and just carry the amounts of cash for each day’s purchases for the week.


USE CASH $$$$$$$$$

Do you want to be the next person to be “unbanked” because of your political beliefs????

Get these cards below at the CLEAR booth to give out everytime you use cash – or print your own to hand out!

Make Business sized cards to hand out at all your cash purchases!

Thanks Nadia for this link:

Find out which
institutions near you
Support Digital ID

The Digital ID System is being
supported by a rapidly growing number
of provincial and federal governments,
financial institutions, networks for
payments and for identity verification,
technology service providers, strategy
and integration experts to name a few…



New signs???

Even though COVID-19 restrictions are, for the most part, no longer in effect, other freedom issues have arisen as gov’ts use the cover of COVID-19 to introduce other more formidable liberty restrictions, including privacy violations.

Freedom is a multi-generational struggle – our legacy is to leave a better place for our children, not simply to quit after an issue appears to be over and anger diminishes; and of course, it rarely is truly over.

We urge you to provide designs (clear2012@pm.me) and/or your own signs for upcoming threats, including Digital ID

Digital currency and no cash

Climate change fraud

Further health, property, rights and freedoms restrictions


Ed Kallio



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Compose: LATE BREAKING NEWS: Ex-Political Prisoner Brad Love Arrested for Harassing Phone Calls & LetterMinimizePop-outClose

Freedom Rallies in the Okanagan, June 11 & 12 — Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Osoyoos & Oliver

Rally’s and Events

Please share

It Ain’t Over

At this time, it cannot be forgotten that the COVID-19 Communist takeover scam continues. Criminals in our gov’ts appear to have given us a break – all the while admitting that they will be back in the fall.

This break has not prohibited these Gov’ts from continuing to falsify charges against and prosecute innocent people who simply refuse to comply. These criminals continue to promote masks/vaccinations at various locations such as hospitals as well. Our goal for the absolute return of our rights and freedoms, will and must continue. Do not be led to believe that it is all over. It is not – far from it.

We urge everyone to obtain a copy of the book, “The Politics of Obedience” by Etienne de la Boetie, written over 400 years ago to obtain an excellent understanding of the power we have by simply exercising our Constitutional right/power to peaceful civil disobedience.

This Constitutional right/power originates from the breach of the Coronation Oath contract with the Monarch.


The majority of the world’s population remains unvaccinated!

Bonnie Henry’s stats are lies!


Teresa Tam recently warned that there would be a 7th wave of the non-isolated COVID-19 virus.

Despite the well-known medical fact that subsequent variants of a virus may spread quicker but are much less of a threat, she is issuing the warning for the fall.

She admits that they can’t predict when nor how big it will be, nor any other medical facts.

I emphasize our ongoing Rally / Protest Message that our efforts must continue:

Because – It Ain’t Over



Freedom Rallies

It ain’t over till it’s over”

Back to Normal

June 11, 2022

Next CLEAR Freedom Rally

+23 ° – Sunny

(subject to change without notice!!! lol)

12:00 noon

+ The CLEAR Information Table

Stuart Park

Because It Ain’t Over!


June 11, 2022 12:00 noon

Vernon Freedom Rally

12:00 Noon Polson Park

Join Darren for the Largest rally in the North Okanagan, and growing weekly!

North Okanagan Shuswap Freedom Radio



June 11, 2022 11:30 a.m.

OK Falls Freedom Rally

11:30 a.m. Across from Esso Station

Join the OK Falls freedom activists who are now just beginning their local Freedom Rallies!


June 11, 2022 12:00 noon

Oliver Freedom Rally

12:00 p.m. Town Hall

Join the Oliver freedom activists who are now just beginning their local Freedom Rallies!


June 11, 2022  11:00 a.m.

Osoyoos Freedom Gathering

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Town Hall


June 12, 2022 1:00 p.m.

Penticton Freedom Rally

1:00 p.m. Warren & Main St. in N.E. lot

Join Mary Lou for the largest rally in the South Okanagan, and growing weekly!